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(Last Time)

At the head of this horde dozens of black armoured creatures rode upon the backs of undead horses. The creatures had desiccated skin as white as snow, glowing blue eyes and wispy white hair. Each of them, male and female, were clad in black armour, reminiscent of the kind worn by the Night's Watch in the ages past, and held in their hands were spears and swords that looked to be forged of pure ice.

Leading these white skin creatures was another of their kin, only this one rode upon the back of a colossal white spider, a crown of horns protruding from his skull as he stood on his mount, controlling the army of the dead with his will and terrifying magic, as they made their way toward the great Wall.

A blizzard of ice and snow forever following behind the legion, bringing with them a winter that would never end.

( - )

Chapter 16

( - )

(In Essos, with Daenerys Targaryen)

There was a desolate expression on Daenerys Targaryen's face as she watched the funeral pyre burning, her violet eyes quite glassy as she watched the flickering of the flames and black smoke rising into the air, the sickeningly sweet smell of burning flesh filling her nose as she looked on at the corpse, one which was now completely concealed by fire, forever lost to her sight.

From beside her she felt a large rough hand rest heavily on her shoulder for a moment.

In response to that, Daenerys grimaced as she felt the warmth and rough texture of the callused hand, she knew he was only trying to be comforting, or at least comforting in his own way, but honestly it wasn't helping.

Despite that though, she still turned her violet gaze upon the large man just behind her, her gaze meeting the cold, dark eyes of her husband, Khal Drogo, as he gave her a nod. A few moments later though, he took his hand off of her, after which he then turned and walked away, his handful of Blood Riders eagerly following him, none of them having been all that keen on being out here in the first place Especially since the spot they had chosen did not have much cover, and was therefore open to the elements on the plains.

With Drogo and his men leaving, this left Daenerys alone, save of course for her two Dothraki guards and two of her handmaidens, her gaze sad as she watched the armoured body of her friend, companion and advisor, Ser Jorah Mormont burn to ash. The wounds her brother Viserys had inflicted when he fled Vaes Dothrak, and their hard journey south, having both taken their toll on the older man.

The wounds he had received, having quickly become infected, and his fever having just as quickly burned through him a she passed away in his sleep, his last few fevered comments about his regrets and dreams of home, having gone unheard to all but Daenerys who had stayed with him whilst he passed.

A sigh left Daenerys mouth at that thought, after all she truly was alone now. Without the Jorah around, or her brother, she was now the only Westerosi in the entire Khalasar, which made her isolation only harder on her, especially considering the cultural differences between the barbaric Horse Lords and herself.

A hand moved down to her extended stomach at that thought, her violet eyes leaving the fire as she instead looked down at her baby bump, one which had grown even large ever since they left Vaes Dothrak.

"Khaleesi?" One of her handmaidens muttered, a pretty, dark haired girl from Lys said gently, touching Daenerys on the arm as she did so and getting the silver haired woman's attention.

"What Doreah?" Daenerys asked, looking over to the darker skinned girl as she did so, before she glanced to the other anxiously waiting Dothraki girl behind Doreah, anxiously wringing her hands as she glanced from Daenerys and then over to the waiting Khal Drogo.

"We will need to go soon, the Khal is already getting impatient." The slightly older girl said, also looking over Daenerys shoulder now and over at the impatiently waiting Khal Drogo, her brown eyes then flickering back to Daenerys as she gently gripped the silver haired girl's arm. "It's time."

Daenerys turned around at that before she nodded her head, giving one last look over at Jorah's funeral pyre as she did so, before she then turned and walked over to where her mounted husband and his Blood Riders were waiting, not looking back, as she instead just looked forward.

That being said she was already dreading the journey to come, after all her husband had got it in his head that her foul brother, Viserys, was in hiding somewhere in the area, and that to appease his Horse God, or whatever it was he worshipped, he had to track her brother down and kill him for spilling blood in Vaes Dothrak. Which of course considering the death of Jorah and the theft of one of her precious petrified dragon eggs, she wasn't necessarily against.

Still, following on from that decision, Drogo had since been raiding every settlement he came across in his search for her brother, but to no avail. In fact the entire thing was getting depressing and tiring for Daenerys, as day after day they travelled, the monotony only broken when they raided the occasional small village or settlement, killing most and enslaving the others, with Daenerys doing what she could to curtail the worst habits of the Dothraki, with very limited success.

Despite that though, another sigh left her lips as she knew she would have to once again do the same at the next village they attacked, though maybe this time she would appeal to Drogo directly. The fact that she was carrying his child had to account for something didn't it?

She could only hope he would listen to her appeals for restraint, after all at the moment her life in the Khalasar was strained, as she had no real companions or friends, not now Jorah had passed on, and the isolation was beginning to take its toll on her. In fact she even starting to miss her abusive and murderous older brother, which probably said something about her current mental health.

Letting out another sigh at that, Daenerys then obediently walked over to the impatiently waiting Drogo, Doreah and her other handmaiden following behind her, she could only hope things got better from here, because at present things were not looking good.

( - )

(In King's Landing)

Walking through the Red Keep's dungeon, deep below the earth, Tytan, now clad in a red leather jerkin, brown breeches and black boots, with his nameless Valyrian steel sword and long knife sheathed on his belt, slowly made his way to the noble cell in which he knew Ned Stark was staying, one of the nicer ones that were slightly separated from the others.

Pausing at the iron clad door, the King paused only long enough to knock once before he opened it, a slight smile on his face as he looked around the brightly lit and furnished cell.

Noticing as he did so, that there was fiery brazier in one corner of the room, and a writing desk and small wooden bed in the other. The place wasn't luxurious by any stretch of the imagination, but it was warm, it had a barred window with a view, and simple, but functional furniture. It probably wasn't what the Northern Lord was used to either in the Tower of the Hand or in Winterfell, but it was a lot better than the conditions the majority of the commonfolk lived in, including those not in prison.

"Prince Tytan, or I suppose it is King Tytan now isn't it?" Ned Stark asked from where he was sat at the desk, putting aside the book he was reading as he instead turned to frown up at Tytan, his stern grey eyes meeting Tytan's placid, sea green ones.

"Yes, it's officially King now, the coronation was the other day after all." Tytan replied dryly, as he stepped into the room, Jamie and Ubba following after him, the two of them holding the hilts of their weapons and standing by the wall behind Tytan as they did so. "Not that you missed much, it wasn't a big event, just the Faith and the Lords of the Court, about two hundred in total. Though there was a decent enough feast."

"Really, I would have thought your mother would have wanted something a lot grander?" Ned ask calmly, hiding his surprise about how soon Tytan had had himself coroneted, after all for there to only be two hundred Lord present meant that many weren't' in attendance.

"She did, but I said no. After all I didn't see the point in waiting around, nor in wasting that much gold. Instead I had the ceremony gave a little speech and, well you know the rest. Still I have had to organise another feast for those who were not able to attend, both so I can receive their well wishes and their oaths." Tytan replied, waving away the rest as unimportant, after all the rest of the day had involved meeting and greeting the different nobles, and then retiring to his chambers, all in all it was just an average day really. "The good thing is though that the lockdown has now been ended and traffic in and out of the city is moving again. Though of course my men do have orders to keep an eye out for certain people."

"So then why has the new King of the Seven Kingdoms deigned to visit me?" Ned then asked, deciding to get the reason behind Tytan's impromptu visit, after all eh doubted it was to update Ned on the day to day goings on of his life.

"A few reason really, for one to tell you that your son, Robb, from what my soldiers on the King's Road have said, will be arriving in the capital for your trial early tomorrow morning, after which he will then be expected to give me his oath of fealty, and then return back to Winterfell, hopefully with his sisters." Tytan replied with a shrug, before he grabbed the other chair in the room and sat down opposite Ned, his gaze not faltering for a moment as he meet the Stark Lord's scowl evenly. "And speaking of your trial that is another thing I wanted to discuss with you."

Ned stiffened as he heard Tytan's words, an uncomfortable feeling building within him at the thought of his son and Heir being in King's Landing, old memories of the last time a Lord of Winterfell and his Heir visited King's Landing filling his mind as he sat before the Baratheon King. After all it had been a visit that had ended up with both of them being burned alive in the middle of the throne room, which had been one of the sparks that had caused a civil war.

"And what is it you want to discuss about my trial?" Ned finally asked, his grey eyes locking onto Tytan's placid green eyes, as he refused to take the bait about his son, instead wanting to get down to the real meat of the conversation.

"Well, for one it is happening on the morrow, which is why I want to sort things out now, pre-emptively finalise the outcome now, so to speak." Tytan began, leaning back in his chair as he did so. "Though I am hopeful we will be able to wrap up this conversation quickly, after all I do have another noble prisoner to visit today."

"Another noble prisoner?" Ned asked, an icy feeling building in his gut as he heard that, an icy feeling running down his spine as he looked into Tytan's green eyes.

"Oh relax, it is no one you know." Tytan then laughed, waving away Ned's concerns when he saw the constipated look on the Stark's face. "No, the other prisoner is merely young Viserys Targaryen. Our newest prisoner who a crew of… 'Merchants' dropped off at the keep just the other day."

"Viserys Targaryen, as in the last remaining son of the Mad King?" Ned then ask, a frown on his face at the sheer unexpectedness of this news. "You have him?"

"That I do, apparently the boy pissed off his Dothraki allies and had to flee their camp. Unfortunately though he made the grave error in trusting pirates when he paid them to get him to Slaver's Bay." Tytan replied with a shrug, still processing his own good fortune as he did so, after all the boy had practically fallen into his lap.

"I though you said they were merchants?" Ned then asked, his eyes narrowed.

"Hmm, oh well, let's not spilt hairs here." Tytan dismissed with a wave of his hand. "The important thing is they delivered Viserys Targaryen to me, and the petrified dragon egg he had had in his possession. Not that they knew what it was, no, they just thought it was some shiny rock when they handed it over to me for a comparative pittance."

"I'm guessing you didn't tell them what it actually was before you bought it off them?" Ned asked dryly, his expression relaxing at that, even as he repressed a frown at the thought of the King of the Seven Kingdoms dealing with pirates, in his mind it was hardly the actions of an honourable King.

"Of course I didn't. Still they got a good reward for bringing me Viserys, so I doubt they'll be too unhappy." Tytan replied easily. "But this is of course not what I came to you talk about today."

Ned shook his head at that. "No, you came to discuss my trial."

"That I did." Tytan said with a nod, before he leant forward in his seat. "For you see, there are three ways in which your trial can go tomorrow. You can allow myself and the three Great Lord's to judge you, and with the overwhelming evidence against you they, or rather we, will find you guilty and have you beheaded. Or you can ask for a trial by combat, which I will be duty bound to take you up on as the aggrieved party, unless I want to lose face so early on in my reign, and that would of course end with you dying as well."

Ned nodded at that, knowing as he did that even if his prime he wouldn't have been able to beat the Blessed King, even if he didn't use his magic. The man had not gained the title as the greatest swordsman in Westeros for no reason after all.

"Now I personally, don't want either of those options." Tytan then continued his tone still pleasant as he absentmindedly drummed his fingers on the desk, "After all you are, despite my distaste for you, a good man, a man of duty, and a man of ability. Your death would be waste of an asset, and I like to see myself as a pragmatic man, one who doesn't like wasting things."

"Ok," Ned acknowledged, not surprised that the King so openly admitted that he wasn't fond of Ned. After all even Ned had known that much, though the exact reason behind the King's dislike had always confused him, not that he was about to open the matter up for discussion now.

"Good, so for that reason I am giving you an offer here and now." Tytan then began, turning to Jamie as he did so, who in turn pulled out a rolled up scroll of parchment and offered it to him, a slight frown on the blonde man's face as Tytan took the scroll from his grasp.

Ned frowned as he saw this, but didn't reply, instead wondering what the King was up to.

"The offer is, that you admit you committed treason and that your claims were baseless lies, more than that you also admit that Lord Varys, Lord Baelish and Arch Maester Pycelle manipulated you into your treasonous claims, which will absolve you of at least some of the guilt, plus it is also partially true if you think about it. After which you will then take the Black and go to the Wall for the rest of your life, where upon I will give orders that Jeor Mormont is to train you up as the future Lord Commander." Tytan began, ignoring Ned's frown as he outlined what he wanted from this deal.

After all Ned's testimony would be useful in justifying the purge of Tytan's enemies as he could use the uncovered conspiracy as he liked, and also keeping Ned alive would stop North/ South relations from breaking down any further, and maybe even help Tytan endear himself to Robb so he could potentially strength the relationship.

On top of which Tytan would also have a strong and able man heading the Night's Watch, which considering the news Leaf had mentioned, of a new King Beyond the Wall, and the re-emergence of the White Walkers, would be certainly be useful. The repeating dream still recurring every now and then, warning him of what could be, and what had been.

"And what would I get from this?" Ned asked, his eyes narrowed as he took the scroll of parchment and began to read what he would be agreeing too.

"Well you get to live for one." Tytan replied with a shrug. "You'll also ensure a war doesn't start between the North and the rest of the Kingdom, thus sparing your family from being wiped out. On top of which Robb, after swearing his oath to me, will be allowed to take his sisters back home with him. After all, although I am sure they are enjoying living in the Tower of the Hand, I am equally as sure that they would like to go home too."

Ned froze at that, understanding as he did what Tytan actually meant. Which was that both Arya and Sansa may both be kept in King's Landing as hostages if Ned didn't agree to the terms, or Robb didn't swear his oath, all in order to ensure Robb and the North didn't try anything.

"So do we have a deal?" Tytan asked with a smile, an expectant look on his face as he gestured for Ned to take up his quill and sign the contract, after which he would then be expected to use his signet ring to seal it. "Hell, I will even pass along orders allowing you to visit Winterfell on 'recruiting missions' every now and then if you want."

Ned narrowed his eye as he heard that, before he shot Tytan a cold look. "And what do you get out of all of this?"

Tytan paused at that, the smile fading off his face and soon getting replaced by a look that was completely alien to Ned. His sea green eyes darkening, and suddenly looking far older than Ned thought possible, as he let out a slight sigh, before a more earnest smile passed across his face.

"I'll be getting peace." Tytan replied simply, being genuine now as he just gazed at Ned. "Now will you take my offer?"

Ned glanced down at the parchment as he heard that, before looking up at Tytan and nodding stiffly.

( - )

(Sometime later)

A few minutes later, after his brief but successful conversation with Ned Stark, Tytan began to head to some of the lower dungeons, past the noble's cells and down to the cells that were meant for commoners and the like.

It was as he was doing this that Jamie decided to speak up. "Why did you make that offer to Ned Stark? Surely it would have been easier to just kill him and be done with it?"

"Killing him would have been a waste." Tytan replied easily, his hand absentmindedly resting on the hilt of his sword as he walked through the dark and enclosed halls deep beneath the palace, contemplating as he did so whether he should visit Varys.

Before he quickly decided against it, after all Tytan had Ivar with the man at the moment, and a new Maester, one that was currently in his mother's favour called Cressen, or something like that. With the two of them both being under orders to extract as much information about the spymaster's spy network and the goings on both home and abroad from the eunuch as they can.

Either way the man would not be in a fit state to have visitors. Nor did Tytan really have any words to say to the backstabber, the man literally meant that little to him.

"But he spread sedition." Jamie replied, "It would be more convenient if he were to disappear."

"Sedition?" Tytan replied dryly, pausing as he gave Jamie a flat stare. "Do you really want to get into this with me?"

Jamie flinched at that, his gaze shifting away immediately, after all, although he was not entirely disgusted by Jamie's relationship with Cersei, Tytan had in no way condoned it, nor had he ever mentioned it again to Jamie since the strained conversation in the rose garden. In fact Tytan skirted over the topic entirely, more often than not pretending it didn't exist, which was something Cersei and Jamie were both glad about.

"Besides, Ned Stark is a capable commander, is loyal to his oaths, and has many friends. Sending him to the Wall will be a boon to the Kingdom, and will open the way for his son, Robb, to take up his Lordship, and Robb is the kind of man I can work with." Tytan then continued, his mind going back to the young Stark who even now was probably riding for King's Landing, with an escort of five hundred men, including dozens of other Northern Lords.

"You barely know the boy." Jamie replied, not bothering to contest Ned Stark's pedigree as a commander, after all the man had proven his skill both in Robert's rebellion and during the sack of the Pyke, the seat of Balon Greyjoy, during the Greyjoy Rebellion.

"I'm a good judge of character, or at least I like to think so." Tytan replied dismissively before he came to a stop before another door, this one much deeper in the dungeons, and leading to a cell far less pleasant that the one Ned Stark was currently residing in.

"Wait here." Tytan then said, before he opened the door, both Ubba and Jamie nodding in response, before they went to stand on either side of the door as he entered the cell, both of them trusting that Tytan knew what he was doing.

( - )

A few moments later found Tytan in the small, dank, dingy and dirty cell, a look of distaste prominent on his features as he looked down at an emaciated, lank haired young man who was currently chained to the wall. His clothes little more than filthy rags now, as he looked up at Tytan through his long, dirty, silver coloured hair, his violet eyes glinting madly as he glared hatefully at the finely dressed King in front of him.

"Viserys," Tytan said pleasantly, before he waved his hand banishing the damp feeling of the cell as he absentmindedly manipulated the moisture in the air, small puddles now forming on the floor around him. "How has your stay been so far?"

"You filthy mongrel usurper!" Viserys spat at him, his voice hoarse and croaky. "How dare you hold me down here, in the cells of my own castle, like some kind of filthy peasant!"

"I'll take that to mean you aren't enjoying it." Tytan replied dryly.

In response Viserys spat at him, only for Tytan to flick his fingers and send the blob of spittle flying back at him.

"So I find myself in a bit of a predicament with you Viserys. You see, you've been in Essos for years now, plotting to overthrow my family with help from Varys and his many power hungry friends." Tytan began easily, his tone still mild. "I mean hell, you even sold your sister to some Dothraki Horse Lord in order to gain an army."

"And yet here I am!" Viserys sneered in response. "In chains, betrayed by my filthy, whore of a sister, and those treacherous scum who purport to help me!"

"Indeed." Tytan replied.

"So what is it you plan on doing with me, oh benevolent King?" Viserys continued to sneer, his tone mocking despite the situation he was in. "Do you plan to have me whipped through the streets, showing off that you captured the last dragon? Or will it be a simple beheading, as you wipe out my family line."

"Oh nothing so dramatic, if anything it will be a knife in the darkness, quick and silent. After all, despite being few and far between, there are still some Houses who might prefer a Targaryen King to a Baratheon one." Tytan replied casually. "There's no point in advertising your presence."

"Hn, so Illyrio wasn't completely full of shit, there are still those in Westeros loyal to the true King!" Viserys replied, sending Tytan a yellow toothed grin as he did so.

Tytan smiled at that, holding back his retort about just how much of a true King Viserys was, as he instead decided to get down to the reason behind his visit.

"You're entitled to your delusions." Tytan instead replied, before he decided to cut out the banter and instead focus on the topic at hand. "So, there is a reason I came down here today, and it isn't to just mock you."

"Then what is it you want?" Viserys sighed his tone suddenly tired.

"Information, information about your sister, her Dothraki allies, there overall plans, and just where you came across a petrified dragon egg, and whether there is a way to, well de-petrify it?" Tytan asked, his tone steady and unrelenting.

"I'll tell you about my traitor sister and those horse fucking Dothraki." Viserys replied with a nod, "In return for you not killing me!"

"Only if the information you provide me with is good." Tytan responded, being careful not to promise anything. Not that it would matter as this conversation would never leave this room. "What of the dragon egg?"

"Illyrio Mopatis acquired it from some trader from Asshai and then gave it and two others to my bitch sister for a wedding present, where the trader got it from I know not." Viserys replied with a shrug. "As for awakening the egg." And here a mocking expression once again crossed Viserys face. "Do you really think I would be here if that were possible? No, you and this city would be little more than a pile of ash by now if it was!"

"Lovely." Tytan replied dryly with a nod, holding back his disappointment as he did so.

( - )

(In the Godswood, later that day)

It was a few hours later, after Eddard Stark had agreed to take the Black, that found Tytan once again found himself wandering through the city's godswood, his guards at the entrance to the woods now, stopping anyone else from entering.

"So Perseus, you're back." A soft voice asked as Percy/ Tytan once again came to a stop in front of the stump of the weirwood tree, noticing as he did so that he woodland looked a lot more vibrant than before, and that there was a small white shoot with a couple of red leaves on it, some five or so feet from the stump.

Smiling slightly as he heard the voice, looking away from the tree and over to the source of the voice as he did so.

As he did this though, his eyes widened slightly, when instead of the small, but mature looking elf he was expecting to see, he instead found himself looking at a six and a half foot tall woman, with waist length, glossy bronze hair, with bits and pieces of ivy and leafs woven through her locks, and a pair of pointed ears extending from her tresses. Other than her size, though, she otherwise retained her nut brown skin, delicate features and golden eyes, only now she was a lot taller, and her body although still very lithe was a lot more, obviously, womanly than the one she had before.

"Ermm Leaf?" Percy asked in confusion, his eyes widening as they traced up and down this goddess like being in front of him.

Leaf hummed in response to that, her golden eyes twinkling with amusement at his reaction, before she looked down at her new form. "So what do you think? I thought I would have a bit of fun with my shapeshifting, though I can't say I'm all that fond of being this big? It makes me a larger target, and limits which branches I can now walk on."

Percy's lips quirked at that, rather straight forward answer. "It's certainly different."

"Good different or bad different?" Leaf asked easily, before she looked down at Percy, the elf now amusingly standing a few inches taller than him.

"Well I like how you look either way." Percy replied diplomatically, unsure what else to say, or whether the capricious elf would take offence if he decided he like one form over another.

Leaf tilted her head in amusement at that, before she shrugged and stayed in her taller form for the moment, her golden eyes instead shifting down to the green stone Percy had in his hands, her eyes widening slightly as she took it in, before she tilted her head and gave the younger man a curious look.

"Why do you have a dragon egg?" Leaf asked simply.

"Because I have some questions about it." Percy replied easily, before he passed the egg over to her. With Leaf taking it in her hands and idly expecting it, her golden eyes running over its ridged edges. "I bought it off some pirates thinking it was an actual egg, not that they knew that. Unfortunately though it's petrified, so although it is still worth a lot more than I paid for it, ideally I had wanted to hatch it. As you seem like you've been around for a… while, and know a lot about the world, I thought I would ask to see if you know anything about dragons?"

"The egg, it is not petrified." Leaf replied simply, holding the ridged object in her hands and turning it this way and that, her sharp golden eyes gleaming slightly as she looked up from it and instead over to Percy. "It is merely dormant."

"Dormant?" Percy asked in interest, his gaze now on the egg.

"Yes, dragon eggs can remain in this state for centuries, waiting until the climate is optimal for its survival." Leaf replied simply, her gaze running over the egg. "Then when the conditions are right, it is awakened by fire, usually by its mother's fire, or another magical anomaly if necessary."

"So I just need to put it in a fire?" Percy asked with a frown, suspecting as he did, that that sounded too easy.

"Not a normal fire." Leaf replied, her lips quirking upwards in amusement as she saw the eagerness of the much younger man. He may be old by the standards of man, but by elven standards he was barely out of adolescence. "Dragons are creatures of magic, as is their fire, and so to awaken this egg you must bathe it in magical fire."

Percy nodded at that, curious about where he would get magical fire. After all, if it was water then he'd be sorted, but fire, for the son off a Sea God that was a bit more difficult.

"What about alchemical fire?" Percy suddenly asked, his gaze locked on Leaf, his thoughts on the eldritch green flames of Wildfire.

"Alchemical?" Leaf asked curiously.

"A man made fire, one which was created by manipulating different ingredients, to create a potent fire, one which is said to rival dragon fire in its intensity." Percy continued, taking the egg back from Leaf when she handed it over.

"No," Leaf replied shaking her head, "The only way to make normal fire, magical in nature, is if you make it sacrificial."

"You mean if I burn someone alive in?" Percy asked dryly, his mind now mulling over the Targaryen words, 'Blood and fire', wondering as he did so whether that was a clue as to how they hatched the dragons.

"Yes." Leaf replied blandly, her gaze now no longer on the egg, and instead on Percy, her hand ideally reaching up and tracing down his chest, her golden eyes locking with his sea green ones as the palm of her hand came to rest of his slowly beating heart.

Percy grimaced as he heard her answer, before he nodded. "It won't be pleasant but I can do it, I just need to find someone who deserves it."

"Most of your kind would balk if I told them they would need to burn someone alive, yet you do not?" Leaf said, not a hint of judgement in her voice, only curiousity as she gazed at Percy.

Percy cracked a smile as he heard that. "I have lived for over five hundred years, most of which was in a place many people consider to be worse than hell. I learned long ago that you sometimes have to be ruthless if you want to both survive and thrive. I also learned that even the noblest of souls can be corrupted and made indifferent by the relentless march of time. I long ago gained the resolve to do what was necessary, even if it wasn't easy."

Leaf's lips quirked upwards at that, her golden eyes gleaming in amusement. "So you are starting to learn then, the curse of all those who live too long."

"I am guess you elves have a similar problem?" Percy asked, now interested himself in the strange, beautiful creature in front of him, his hand moving up to rest to her hand, even as it remained on his chest. The delicate hand feeling unusually warm and soft under his own.

"Well I wouldn't call it a problem for us, after all we are not like humans, we naturally live extremely long lives and so instinctively have a different way of seeing the world than humans." Leaf replied simply, a slight smile on her own face as she saw Percy wanted to ask something, even as he was holding himself back. "You want to know just how old I am don't you."

"Am I that transparent?" Percy replied easily, his sea green eyes twinkling slightly as he let go of her hand and absentmindedly moved a lock of her bronze hair behind one of her pointed ears.

Leaf's lips twitched upwards at that, truly glad that she had made the journey south to meet this strange man, this long-lived Demi human, he truly was an interesting individual. "By the standards of man and how they measure time, I am over eight thousand years old."

Percy let out a breath of surprise at that, his eyes widening in shock as he looked at the still youthful and beautiful looking creature in front of him. After all he had thought himself old, but this girl, this girl was ancient in comparison, and if anything he was the child in their friendship/ relationship, it was certainly a novel experience for him.

"In fact I lived before you humans raised your great wall of ice in the north, and was there before the White Walkers came into existence. In fact I was alive when men were little more than animals scraping a living of rocks." Leaf continued, her golden eyes diming slightly as she said that, as the true weight of her age entered her gaze as she looked past Percy and out into the distance, momentarily lost in the memories of her past.

"Well shit." Percy replied, unsure what else he could say to that.

Either way it seemed to do the trick as Leaf suddenly smiled, "Though it would see that mankind have not changed much since then."

"Well that's just rude." Percy grinned, before he looked down at the dormant egg in his hands.

Following his gaze Leaf let out a slightly sigh, before she reached over her hand and placed it upon the egg in his hands, leaving behind a glowing golden hand print as she did so, one which slowly faded as she took her hand away a slight smile on her lips as she did so.

Percy cocked an eyebrow at that action, before he looked down at the petrified egg in his hands and back at Leaf.

"There are other ways to awaken a dragon egg." Leaf replied easily, before she looked down at the egg, which even as she looked at it began to shake, tiny cracks beginning to form in its green shell. "After all dragons aren't the only magical beings in the world."

"So all that talk about magical fire?" Percy asked, as he too looked at the hatching egg.

"I was just curious to see what you would say." Leaf shrug, before she smiled, widely this time, revealing her slightly sharp white teeth as she saw a tiny head protrude from the egg, one which was covered in tiny, sea green scales.

Percy smiled at that too, not at all pissed off, as he instead just gazed down at the baby dragon in his arms.

( - )

(With Stannis Baratheon)

"Are your visions true?" Stannis asked bluntly as he looked out over the sea, his body swaying slightly with the motion of the large ship beneath him as it crashed through the unsettled waters of the Narrow Sea, the wind rustling the sails overhead as he continued to look out in the direction of Essos, the shoreline not quite visible yet.

"A servant of the Great Other has infected the heart of Westeros. The Prince, he who is purported to be Blessed by 'Gods', is little more than a vessel of the Dark One! Even now his corruptive influence is spreading." A red haired woman replied passionately, the beautiful woman standing beside Stannis as he looked out to sea, her gaze shifting from the small fleet of ships behind their flagship, each of which displayed a crest of a stag within a burning heart on their sails, and instead over in the direction of Essos.

"Then why are we leaving, if my nephew Tytan is as corrupt as you say, should we not be amassing an army to dethrone him?" Stannis asked fiercely, his gaze now locking with the red haired woman's dark violet eyes. The woman in question being a High Priestess of R'Hllor, Melisandre, and a close confidant to Stannis and his wife.

"His power is too great and influence too strong at present, already your brother, Renly, and many of the other Lords of the Land have given him their oath, and that power is only growing as he tightens his grip on the Kingdom. No, if we want to defeat the Dark One and his servant, then we must go to Essos and forge an army of our own, one that's dedicated to the Lord of Light." Melisandre replied, her voice still filled with passion. "You are the Azor Ahai, Stannis Baratheon, and so it is your destiny!"

"But allying with a Targaryen?" Stannis suddenly said, a look of distaste on his face.

"She is the 'Prince that was Promised', the one destined to help you, I have seen it in the fire." Melisandre shot back at him, her tone unwavering as she spoke of her visions, visions that had been becoming more and more powerful for years now.

Stannis nodded as he heard that, trusting in her visions, after all he had done so, so far and they hadn't led him wrong yet.

Melisandre smiled in satisfaction as she saw his faith, before suddenly her eyes widened as she felt a change in the air, her violet eyes flicking upwards to the darkening sky above, only for them to then lock on a red comet, one that was tracing across the sky even as she watched.

"And if you want proof, then look up into the sky!" Melisandre muttered, her violet eyes reflecting the light from the burning red comet as she did so. Even as Stannis too turned and looked up at this 'sign' of Melisandre's, his stern face quickly breaking into a smile of satisfaction as he did so.

( - )

(With Lysa Arryn)

In the Eyrie, a loud shriek of rage and grief could be heard echoing through the great citadels cavernous halls, the terrible sound issuing forth from the lips of one Lysa Arryn, as she looked down at the missive in her hands. Her pale, claw like hands trembling and her thin bony face contorting as she read the words of the message again, her bloodshot eyes widening further.

Petyr Baelish was dead, her beloved Petyr, he had been taken from her, murdered, supposedly by the Eunuch, Varys. She let out another shriek of anger at that, flipping her writing table and throwing her goblet at a nearby wall as she did so, splashing blood red wine across the wall.

He was dead, her one true love, the light of her life, and the father of her son, Petyr Baelish was dead.

More than that though, she knew in her heart that some filthy Eunuch couldn't be responsible for his death. No this was the responsibility of that Baratheon King, the one who had imprisoned her beloved Petyr in King's Landing, stopping him from being with her, or his family.

It was the fault of that man, Tytan Baratheon.

Another scream of rage erupted from her thin lips at the thought of that vile man's name, even as she picked up her chair and threw it at the door. Her mind already filled with thoughts of revenge, as she decided that that man will pay for this crime.

Already she had been secretly calling her banners, hiring mercenaries and gathering her forces. Originally this was to free Petyr from the Tytan's clutches, but now, now she would use it to bring him down.

The King should have known not to scorn a woman, and certainly not Lysa Arryn, after all, as far as she was concerned, in doing so he had sealed his fate!

( - )

(Back in King's Landing)

Riding into the city, just before the city gates were closed for the night, a small column of silver armoured horsemen, and several richly decorated carriages trundled along the cobblestone streets, their passing catching the attention of both the patrolling Gold Cloaks and watch commonfolk, as they idly watched these obviously wealthy newcomers late entrance into the capital.

All eyes moving to the crest of a golden rose that was flying from the columns flags and emblazoned on the carriages.

To those in the know, it quickly became apparent what this meant. The Tyrells had arrived at King's Landing, no doubt including the future Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, and wife of the King Tytan Baratheon the First of his Name, Margery Tyrell.

( - )

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