The pony looked at the flames that danced before her and with a great flap of her wings took off. That was great just great. She knew how to make potions but didn't bother to make one for herself to be brave and daring in these situations. Riku turned back to what was in front of him. He darted forward taking several slashes at the heartless eliminating all six of them. He needed to get Savitri and alert her before the smoke did. Birds and other animals were already fleeing in the direction that he had last seen Ghoststriker's clan and Federation ally's. Deer, Squirrels, bares, and other various types of animals could be seen running through the trees. Many birds chirped loudly taking to the air. Seeming to alert others that were incapable of flight down below.

Riku was going in the opposite direction he needed to stay ahead of the flames. Only hoping he could keep it that way. This whole planet was made of mostly forests. If this fire managed to touch another of said environments. It was going to be a nightmare trying to put it out. The helmet kept him from inhaling the smoke. Riku could feel the heat from the fire radiating off of him. No, he had to stay ahead of the danger. He had dare not trying flying after what had happened days earlier. He'd have to just keep running.

Even as the smoke blocked his vision. He could make out the blurry shimmering imagery of trees. He stumbled backward letting out a small grunt as something slammed into him. It let out a bleating cry of pain. As Riku regained his composure he saw that it was a young fawn. Quickly rising to its feet again it bounded away from the flames. Towards a heard of bucks and does running through the trees. Now he felt the radiating heat from behind him catch up as the flames grabbed on to his cape. He quickly untied the double knot that kept it over his shoulders.

Allowing the now burning article to be dropped to the floor. The fire was moving to fast at this point for him to stay in front any longer. A tree in front of him suddenly burst into flames by flying sparks that came into contact. It quickly collapsed to the ground sending hot sparks that landed on Riku's armor. The danger of him being encircled by the flames meant it was do or die. Riku flew into the air as his jetpack sent him flying violently upwards. Now he was spiraling passed the trees and not even a minute later. Sent downward being thrown right into the lake.

The flame at the end of the jetpack sputtered out when Riku became submerged underwater. The water pressure slowed him down to allow Riku to readjust and swim upward. The armor once again had its uses he didn't need to worry about air even under the water. Making it a quick and easy swim to the surface. As Riku had almost finished forcing himself up to the top. A hand reached into the water from above. Riku grabbed the hand that was offered to him. He was pulled upward to the land itself. This was reviled to be Sunflare who had reached in to help him.

"Are you alright?" The expression on Sunfire's face was one of worry and concern. "One moment the three of us ran out her because we saw the smoke from the forest. The next I see you flying in an uncomfortable way before being though into the water."

"Yeah I'm fine just got nervous I've only flown using a jetpack once and well…" Riku paused for a moment embarrassed. "Let's just say an expert like you at flying one of these would have had a good laugh if you saw what happened." He said pointing with a thumb to the machine on his back. Sunflare gave a small chuckle and turned to focus on the direction of the smoke. Savitri was on her keens appearing to be in a meditative state. Ghoststriker was in the air flying in place looking in all directions. Sunflare flew over to join him.

The forest was burning and the family was just waiting. What were they waiting for exactly? It didn't seem that anyone was coming to assist. To make matters worse he spotted several more red nocturn heartless appearing just then. Hovering in front of healthy trees ready to burn them to the ground. Riku jumped in front of the creatures calling his Keyblade to him. A couple of spin slashes with his weapon landed hits on two of the four destroying them instantly. He spun around quickly trying to find the other ones he missed the roaring of blaster fire filled his ears.

He looked to the sky seeing Ghoststriker and Sunflare firing at their enemy's. Their foes dodged each blast quickly and retaliating by clocking their bodies in the fire. The first one missed its charge as Ghoststriker simply glided out of the way. Sunflare wasn't so lucky however as the one nocturn that missed Ghoststriker ran straight into him. The contact set his armor ablaze for only a few seconds. Being covered head to toe in the armor made the flames dissipate. Only a small burn on the chest plant could be seen.

Sunflare turned quickly around continuing to fire both twin blasters. Now landing hits on the red nocturne that had just tackled him. One down and one to go. The two family members faced the final enemy. The heartless let out a jiggled sound. Then sent several fireballs flying in the direction of the foe's it faced. Both fired their twin blasters as the heartless failed to dodge the oncoming blasts and was destroyed. The two were struck by the oncoming attack. Several fireballs collided into Sunflare and Ghoststriker sending them crashing to the ground.

Riku felt helpless the enemy was too high up and his jetpack had been damaged by the water. He ran over to check on his two allies. As he went to help Sunflare to his feet. Sunflare responded by rising a hand calmly indicating that he was fine. He caught sight of Ghoststriker staring around. Not at the fire that continued to burn and not the heartless that continued to hover in the air staring down at them. "Where is your mother?" Ghoststriker asked as he blasted the last heartless into oblivion.

"Where's the Pegasus that was with us?" Sunflare asked looking around.

"We've got bigger problems," Riku said raising his voice over the roaring flames. "We need help putting out these flames." That's when it was as if his call for help had been answered. Hearing the sound of wingbeats and familiar buzzing noises. Through the thick smoke appeared the Pegasus pony. Soaring right behind her were warriors from different clans. Like a flock of birds, they all were information. Hundreds of thousands all from around the planet. They all carried buckets that they then filled said containers with water from the lake. Making sharp turns back towards the fire and throwing more of the liquid onto the flames.

More problems came there way as even with a large portion of the fire being put out. Red nocturnes would appear to relight the already burnt trees to combust into flames once more. Ghoststriker, Sunflare, and Riku were going to have to take the heartless on the ground. Hacking and blasting didn't seem to do much good. As the trio rid themselves of one group more would just appear. "We can't win like this," Sunflare growled seeing the new foes in front of them.

"We just need to buy them more time," Ghoststriker said not so much as flinching at there foes before them. Both of them were executing the heartless as fast as possible. Riku was slicing down the heartless on his end though this wasn't doing much good either. That's when he heard some murmurs from above him. Staring up he saw all of the clan members air bound as if they had been frozen. They were looking at the lake that now had an eerie white glow to it. The water burst upward like that of a hot spring. What shot up in the air from it was fast and swift.

Twirling in the air and not stopping until it was floating several feet high above the water. This new beast stretched out its teal-colored wings. They caught the sun's rays and radiated brightly. Allowing the light through its wings to cover the whole area around them. Decimating that of the fire that still loomed in the trees. As well as the heartless on the land. With it as they watched what appeared a miracle before them. The burnt trees became covered in brown again. There branches and leaves revived and restored to their healthy natural state. Everyone stared in awe and wonder at what was happing before them.

Sunflare whispered one word that rang true to the three of them. "Mother."