"The forest has been restored." Said one of those in the flock expression shocked. Now having made their face visible. Along with many others.

"How is this possible? By this one dragon alone?" Said another. She looked from the forest and to Savitri.

"It could be a bird?" Piped up a third curiously tilling his head. Riku noticed that The Queen of Heaven looked so elegant, calm, and brave. The pony gently shook her head in wonderment at there guesses. Before flying over to join the Queen's side. She introduced Savitri to all those in the crowd. In the same manner that Sunflare had given an earlier introduction. Explaining that she was the dragon sun goddess giving a bow at the end. Savitri flew down to greet her family members.

There was the talk of confusion sounding out now among the people. That didn't stop Savitri, Ghoststriker, and Sunflare from running around the lake like little kids. Happy as can be and Riku found himself smiling at this. The Dragon Queen was twice the size of her son and brother-in-law. Ghoststriker and Sunflare gave each other a knowing smile. Then charged forward tackling Savitri onto the grass below. Playfully scrambling on her back as she turned over on her stomach from her side.

The trio continued this playful banter for some time. Not seeming bothered that hundreds were watching them from the sky above. Riku in the face had been so busy watching the happy family. He was just now noticing that all of the warrior's feet had touched the ground. The pony had landed and was now speaking to Savitri. Using her hoof to indicate the rest of those around them. Those in the crowd were now giving them strange looks. Witch Riku guessed made the miniature Pegasus nervous. More so then she was already feeling. Ghost striker and Sunflare got off of Savitri's back standing up now. Hands behind there back and chests out. The Queen floated in-between them.

The Queen of Heaven gave a nod. The Pegasus turned to the crowd as she began to speak. "This realm and all others were created by her majesty." She said indicating Savitri with an incline of her head. "This was the first of many realms to be born into the galaxy. What used to be known as The Planet of the First People. Today the galaxy knows this place by the name of Kyler. This warrior cultured being named by your ancestors as the Kyndeyrn." There were whispering and chatter of confusion once more amidst the crowd.

As she took a breath continuing so that she was heard. The talking quieted. "This planet and the society in it has changed over time. So, has the leadership. Each clan having their respective rulers. All of that is about to change soon." The pony said looking towards the trio with confidence.

"How is changing our leadership going to stop the wars between the clans?" Someone said in a voice that hinted irritation.

The pony stood straight and tall as she spoke. "Your ancestors were once peaceful. Not the warriors that we see today. Clans along with many other things that this world has would cease to exist in those times. Back then the people prided themselves on making sure the forests were treated as sacred. Such as per the teaching of the Queen of Heaven." Then with all the confidence in her voice, she finished. "She once ruled this planet." She took a keen before Savitri. Some in the crowd repeated this action.

Along with Riku, Ghoststriker, and Sunflare. Many still stood refusing to kneel shaking their heads posing herself straight as did the rest of those that had given homage. One in the crowd asked a question. "So, what your saying is that if we let Lady Savitri unite the clans. Then we shall have peace?"

The pony gave a nod and a small smile pierced her lips. "It's possible."

There was a yelp from another. "Possible? What do you mean possible?"

Before the pony could respond to the question. Someone angrily spoke up. "I'm not comfortable knowing that a dragon once ruled this world. Let alone the whole galaxy."

Then another from the crowd put in their thoughts. "But that's a good thing, right? Dragons are said to be wise. Even more so than the most intelligent of species." Riku noticed that this was the woman who supported Savitri. Not just by her words but by the fact that she was one of the first to keel.

The one that had spoken before the girl was shaking his head in disbelief. "The Goddess being born a dragon just proves that dragons are superior to every other species."

"That's not what it means in the slightest." The Pegasus spread her wings in an intimidating fashion. Some looked like they were ready to attack. Others seemed nervous wanted to take a few steps back. No one drew any weapons and not a single one moved back. She slowly closed them when everyone's attention was on her once more. Savitri was looking at her with sympathy. Along with her two family members. The pony regained her composure and taking a breath to calm herself she continued.

"As I was about to say before I was interrupted." She shot a glare at the soldier who had cut her off. In response, the man just crossed his arms and turned his head away from her. "There are others available for the throne." She turned to the possible choice inclining her head to Ghoststriker. He took a step forward. "This is Count Ghoststriker." She said. "He is the younger brother of Seacretkeeper. Since tragedy has befallen her majesty first husband. You all are aware of what must happen to keep the family together."

"The Count is betrothed to his sister-in-law now." Replied one knowingly.

"So, will have a human and dragon leading all of the clans?" asked a second tilting their head in confusion.

"When the two marry I hope it's just Ghoststriker leading us. I'm still not comfortable with a dragon leader." Replied a third scratching their neck unsure of the choices being presented before them. The three family members looked at each other sadly. Riku looked at the crowd intently now. How can they doubt the leadership of one who had just saved the forest? Right before there eyes no less. Everyone is afraid of what they don't understand. They think their rights will be lost as sentient beings.

"A Queen dethroned in century's past." The words replayed in Riku's head. Maybe the people of this world knew that their ancestors had removed Savitri from the throne. Figuring she was out for revenge. Riku shook his head. No, this couldn't be the case. He wouldn't be standing here right now. No one would be. From scanning the crowd of faces a lot of them looked shocked, confused, displeased, happy or excited. It was like they had never seen her before and didn't know what to think.

That's because no one knew she was even real. Outside of those that had seen the trees like he had in the forest earlier that day. The only memory of her written on several sliced down trees. Riku thought of the words written on the trees. The ones about the stars beginning anew. According to what had been written on the trees in the woods. She would only decimate the galaxy if there was too much violence. Even if there was too much violence. Even if this whole planet population was at war.

Riku could only guess that the said world or galaxy would have to be in a battle for a good amount of time. Before the goddess's soul would join as one and the stars would begin again. However, her soul was one because she could now take her dragon form. So, she had rejoined the two halves, not because of warfare but to save the flames that burned the trees. Thus, the first planet she had created. The Planet of the First People now known as Kyler.