Chapter 4 ~ First Birthday

About a week later, Edward and Bella wake up Renesmee and tell her they have a surprise for her, but she has to keep her eyes closed until she's told to open them. She agrees and within seconds she feels Edward pick her up and then the wind whip through her hair. When they get to the front porch of the big house, Edward moves Renesmee to his back and uses his hands to cover Bella's eyes.

"Edward, what are you doing?"

Edward whispers to Bella to "keep quiet."

"Alice we're here." Edward whispers.

Alice comes running, and takes Bella by the hand while keeping her eyes covered. Edward shifts Renesmee in his arms and makes sure her eyes are covered.

They walk into the living room where they smell something that's different from the norm. Edward stands Renesmee on the floor but keeps her eyes covered. Bella decides the smell must be cake.

"Ok Bella and Renesmee, open your eyes." Alice says.

They open their eyes and are shocked.

"Happy Birthday Bella and Nessie!" Everyone shouts.

"But it's Nessie's birthday, not mine. Plus I stopped aging."

"Bella love, it's Nessie's first birthday, but it's also the first anniversary of your new life. That's something worth celebrating."

Nessie tugs on Edward's arm and then raises her hand to his face.

"Yes Nessie, those are for you." Edward says seeing the pile of presents in his daughters thoughts.