Better not to Know

Vampire Knight

By: Hino Matsuri

Better not to Know

By: Kawaihana

What is this pain?

What is this red colored liquid?

Why is my brother lying down and didn't move? My body also feels difficult to move.

I felt pain in my neck like two sharp needles are being pierced into it. The longer it gets me weak.

As I remember, I go to a little forest not far from my home to looking some berries for my Brother. But why... it became like this.

Chapter 1

Berries and Vampires

My name is Yuri Shirayuki. I have an older Brother named Yoichi Shirayuri. I just live alone with my Brother who is 8 years older than me. My parents die when I was seven, and my brother was fifteen. From then on I lived with my Brother In the house that used to be inhabited by the four of us.

Seven years have passed since my parents died. Until now I'm still living In the same house I used to live with my brother.

Tomorrow is my 14th birthday. Since a week ago my Brother left because of his job. He never told me clearly what his job was. He just said his job was to hunt. When going to work, my brother always carries a long rifle and never to go home on the same day. I think it's a bear or wolf hunt for sale or something. Every time I ask about the details of his job, my Brother always tries to change the subject. Therefore even now I still think my brother is an animal hunter.

Two days ago I got a letter from my Brother. In his letter, my Brother is going home on my birthday and spend the whole week at home. Of course, I am very happy. My Brother rarely spends a whole week At home.

Right now I'm back and forth tidying and cleaning the whole house. Can be bad if brother goes home And find this house messy. My Brother's least like it when the house is a mess. The last time I remembered my brother caught me letting my books scattered on the bed, I got his lecture lasting about 10 minutes.

The clock already shows at 5 pm. The whole house was neat and clean to welcome my brother. I hope no part is left behind. Now just prepare dinner for me, eat, wash dishes, brush my teeth and sleep. I can not wait for tomorrow.

The next morning...

As usual, I wake up at six-thirty in the morning, and this time I wake up cheerier than usual. Of course, because it's my birthday today. After tidying up the bed, I showered and prepared for my brother's return. In his letter, brother will come home this afternoon.

I had intended to make my Brother's favorite dish. Berries Pancake is his favorite. No matter for breakfast, lunch or dinner, my Brother loves to eat it. So I intend to go to the forest near the house to find the main ingredient. Berries. Our house is a bit far from the city, and there's the small forest not far from the house.

Arriving at my destination, there were some berries I was looking for. While humming, I picked the berries, looked for a good, ripe fruit and then ticked it into a basket that I carried. I imagine the smile of my brother who likes to eat my homemade pancakes. I wondered what present my Brother would give me. Every year, my brother never missed giving me a birthday present.

When the basket I was holding was half full, I suddenly heard a gunshot. I was surprised to almost drop the basket of berries. Although I'm used to the sound of gunfire because my brother often practiced shooting at the back of the house, still the sudden sound of shooting really surprised me. 'Maybe somebody was hunting ... 'so I thought. In this forest, there are many deer, rabbits, and other animals. Bears are also there but they are usually in the deeper part of the forest.

When I think my basket is full enough with berries, I intend to go back home. But when I turned around, it was seen among the trees of someone who looked like a man. I intend to approach and greet him. I was just approaching two steps, suddenly seen six more people appear. They were with the man I had seen now approaching slowly. With their approach, I now realize that their condition was strange. Their clothes have a few rips in various places, and their eyes... Are glowing red.

"Miss ... Are you alone?" Ask one of them. I can only answer with a shaky nod. Then now a woman who talks "Can we drink your blood ..?". Her words gave me the creeps. They all try to approach me with bright red eyes and expose their teeth that... Has a pair of sharp fangs. "Vam...pire," I said softly with the sound of the basket falling out of my hand from trembling.

I spontaneously ran and kept running trying to get away from the people who seemed to be the vampire until finally from behind the trees I can see my home even though it is still far. Like being enchanted, I ran faster, but it seemed not quite fast enough yet. I felt a hand pulled my arm. One of the vampires caught me. Automatically I shouted for help, I called my Brother out of fear.


Chapter 1 Completed

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