-Wanting more-

"So does all the food bunnies order smell like lawn mower clippings or is it just the stuff you get us?" Nick asked as he made a playful gagging sound as he eyed the veggie wrap currently held in his paws.

"I mean I didn't hear you offering to pay for lunch today," Judy shot back, her words somewhat muffled thanks to the large bite of wrap currently being chewed in her mouth.

"Today is Thursday," Nick pointed out as he leaned forward and took a sniff of the food that Judy had gotten the fox for lunch. "Thursday is Judy's day to pay."

Nick had a point. To keep things interesting while at work Nick and Judy had come up with a neat idea when it came to lunch. Once a week one of them would pay for lunch after finding a new and interesting restaurant they wanted to try.

It had led them to some rather interesting adventures throughout the metropolis. There was the time Nick tricked Judy into a Beatle burger saying it was veggie. Or the time Judy managed to sneak in some tofu to Nick's diet by telling him the little cubes in the soup was a kind of cheese.

Today had been Judy's turn and she had picked a new wrap place that specialized in healthy options. Something the candy crunching and coffee chugging duo desperately needed. Sure they were in shape but every little bit helps. Especially when it came to vegetables.

Nick finally braved the green wrap and opened his maw. Judy watched with an odd interest as the fox brought his canines down on the wrap and took a bite.

She felt her heart skip a beat and she needed to look away for a moment. She didn't want to admit it but she had been fighting these strange feelings recently. All of them revolving around her partner.

"Mmmm," Came a surprising noise from Nick.

Judy chanced a glance over at the fox who gave his bunny partner a paws up as he munched on the mouthful of veggies in his mouth.

"What was that slick?" Judy asked with a smug smirk as she scooted over in her seat and raised an ear upward. "Did I hear a happy little fox noise?"

"It ain't too bad Carrots," Nick admitted. He swallowed what was in his mouth and gave Judy a toothy grin.

Judy couldn't help but let out a snort as she looked at the fox, a large strand of a carrot slice was stuck on the side of his face, clinging to the russet fur that covered his body.

"What?" Nick asked as he noticed how the bunny was giggling and staring at part of his muzzle.

"You have something," Judy began as she pointed at her own face.

Nick reached up and began to brush his fur. Only he had the sides wrong. He tried again only to have Judy shake her head as she continued to giggle.

Nick put the wrap down in his lap and maneuvered the rearview mirror so he could see what was causing the trouble. His eyelids dropped as he saw what was so funny.

"You planned that," The fox grumbled playfully.

Judy rolled her eyes, "Yes Nick, I told them two veggie wraps, one with clingy carrots."

"You're a clingy carrot," Nick shot back mockingly.

"Am not!"

Nick gave Judy a look which caused the doe's cheeks to warm.

"That was one time. I fell asleep and just needed to hold onto something."

"You held on for a long time."

"Oh hush," Judy shot back. "Last time I checked you were the one stroking my ears."

Nick smirked and remained silent. Judy did have a point. Not long ago during one of their after shift movie nights, Judy had managed to fall asleep on Nick's couch, her tiny paws grabbing Nick's tail as she slept. Judy was woken up by the fox who was gently rubbing her ears which had felt so wonderful.

She didn't know if that was the first time she had begun to wonder about her and Nick's relationship or not. She sure had given it a lot thought after that night though. Judy had never thought she would have these kinds of feelings for one of her coworkers. A fox too to boot.

Nick, however, wasn't just some fox coworker. He was her best friend. He had done so much for her through these past few months. They had been very close during Nick's time at the academy. When he had returned to the city as a full-fledged officer their friendship had strengthened into something so strong that Judy doubted anything could break it. At first, she thought this was the kind of bond two close mammals shared when they were best friends. Soon though her thoughts changed.

Gone were the days of looking at Nick as a good friend. Now her glances held something more in them. The way he walked, how he spoke, and those bright green eyes. All of it was almost intoxicating for the bunny. She had never had such strong feelings for someone before so when it hit her it hit hard.

Judy was brought back into reality by Nick who was wiggling his muzzle slightly which caused the carrot slice to flail about.

The gray doe snorted at her partner's antics. After having enough she reached towards Nick.

"Here Slick," Judy began as she put a paw gently under Nick's muzzle and pulled him close.

Nick smiled as he leaned down, his head angled so the bunny could pluck the carrot piece from his fur.

Judy began to reach out, her paw opening up slowly as she aimed for the carrot. Something though began to happen in her mind.

What if…what if she tried it now? A quick peck? Would he stop us? Would he want more? Oh please want more!

Judy began to think quickly as her paw stopped just above the carrot slice. Her eyes went to the vegetable and then to Nick's muzzle. His lips were so close it would just take her leaning in.

Would it be that easy? After all this time of wanting to see what they could be could she find out in this moment?

Images of their lips pressed against one another filled the young bunnies mind. Nick leaning down as his eyes closed. His large arms wrapping her up in a passionate embrace as their partnership evolved into something more.

Judy was not the type to back down from a challenge. It was now or never.

She put her paw on Nick's cheek while the other pressed against Nick's fur and turned the Fox's head.

They were now level with one another. Her purple eyes looking straight ahead to Nick's emerald ones.

She gave him a confident grin and then leaned forward, her lips forming into the shape of a kiss. She was so close now.

Judy felt her heart fall into the pit of her stomach. Nick's eyes widened in panic and he moved away from Judy. Had he remained still for just a second longer their lips would have met. The fox was just quick enough though to get away.

The gray fur all over Judy's body suddenly stood up as she realized what she had just tried to do and what it had gotten her.

Nick leaned back in his seat, a stern look on his face as he shook his head.

"Nick…i…i.."Judy stammered, the embarrassment was obvious as her voice quivered.

"Let's…lets..not talk about it ok?" Nick asked as he wiped the carrot from his muzzle. He didn't look back at Judy.


There was a sudden loud chirping noise that filled the car. The sound didn't phase Nick at all. The fox seemed oblivious to the sound.

As Judy listened she soon realized what the noise was and what is signaled.

The doe opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling above her. The bunny's bed sheets were moist with sweat.

Slowly and steadily Judy rose up in bed and scooted back so she could rest her back against her carrot covered pillows. She reached over to her bedside table and hit the alarm button on her phone. As she rubbed the sleep from her eyes she let out a grown. Images of what she had just seen played over and over again.

Nick's handsome face. His muzzle in her paws. Then the look of panic in his eyes.

She hated those images. She hated how they weren't just a dream though….they were a memory.

A memory from one of the most embarrassing days of her life. It was from her shift yesterday. A shift that had remained quiet for the next few hours. A shift that had ended with Nick pulling their squad car into the ZPD garage. A shift that had ended with her…walking home alone.

Judy looked at her phone and her eyes widened in surprise.

She scooped up the device in her paws and unlocked the screen as she began to read a message waiting for her.

"Wait till ya see what place I am dragging you for lunch today! Hope you like food on a stick!"

The message from Nick carried more weight with the bunny than the fox probably knew. It was a sign. That while they weren't an item. They were still friends.

Maybe that's all we will ever be.

If only she knew how wrong she was.

This is not a We Just call them Nighthowlers sequel.

This story was originally planned to be its replacement. However, after some changes, it will now become its own story while Nighthowlers remains up for everyones...enjoyment?

Nighthowlers was my very first story and foray into this fandom. It had its problems, its ups and downs, and its odd moments.

While this story will have those too I hope it will be a better story in the long run.

We will see familiar characters like Trisha, Delta, and Atom return. We will also meet new OCs that help mold Judy and Nick into a new kind of team.