-Sleepy buns-

It sometimes surprised Judy that even with such a small apartment how tiring cleaning up could be.

After returning from the 10-7 bar and taking a quick shower Judy busied herself with a little tidying up.

She changed out her sheets, made a few runs to the laundry room in the basement of her apartment, and even took some time to organize the mound of plushies she had collected and proudly displayed on her bed.

When it was all said and done Judy finally took a moment to lay down on her bed, a large carrot plushie in her arms as she let her eyes flutter closed.

The day had been rather draining and while one may blame it on the housework it was a more emotionally exhausting day.

Judy had woken up to a concerning message from Nick and thanks to a single word had been thrown through a loop.

It wasn't until the intervention of her newest bubbly friend that Judy finally realized how innocent the word "interesting" could really be.

While unconventional Judy did appreciate Trisha's brashness when it came to finding an answer.

Judy had been a little worried that Nick may message her throughout the day, as he normally did, only now the focus would be on how Judy had been stressing over the night before.

Instead, the messages from her foxy partner were rather amusing, though a little concerning.

Messages like:

"Trisha has been asking if you have allergies" or "Trisha wants to know your opinion on monster truck rallies," had been coming in throughout the day, each of them making Judy giggle with amusement.

This wasn't to say that Nick was the only one texting Judy.

Throughout the day Judy received messages from her newest barmaid friend.

Trisha sent the occasional message or picture to Judy who couldn't help but smirk.

She especially enjoyed the one of Trisha and Taco smiling, the does posing for a selfie as they beamed at the camera.

Judy was always quick to respond with a message of her own and even braved a selfie herself, taking one with her meter maid cap she hadn't worn for ages but had needed to move aside for her cleaning.

Her chat with Trisha exploded with responses, some of which made the bunny blush as she read over the many messages of how cute she looked.

As Judy lay on her bed with her carrot plushie, recouping from a long day, her phone suddenly vibrated as a video call came in.

The bunny groaned at first before plucking the phone in her paws and raising it so her half-lidded gaze could look up at the screen.

Trisha's name was in the center of the screen as the request for a call came in.

Judy in her tired state answered, only to realize as the screen filled with the image of a certain brown-furred cutie that the request was for a video call.

"So they kicked me out early, you still up for-" Trisha began before her bright gaze turned into one of concern. "Looks like someone is sleepy."

Judy blinked a few times before adjusting herself on the bed and opening her eyes a little more.

"Oh sorry, was just taking a nap, been cleaning up my apartment."

"Expecting company?" Trisha asked, her lovely lips curling playfully.

"Wh…oh gosh no...I mean…I just rarely get the chance you know?"

Trisha scrunched her nose and closed her eyes as she continued walking on the video call.

"Listen Cutie I would love to exchange stories about how annoying your fox is but I don't mind rain-checking."

"What? Oh no, I wasn't saying that," Judy said sincerely before yawning.

"Sweetie you are falling asleep on me already, you need your rest," Trisha said and while she had a smile on her face Judy could tell she was a little disappointed.

Judy smacked her lips before letting out a yawn, "No no…I know how much you have been wanting to hang out-"

"And I can tell how much you want to go to sleep," Trisha shot back with a smile. "So unless this is a slumber party."

"Only if you bring dinner," Judy chuckled.

"Don't tempt me, Hopps."

Judy thought for a moment and an interesting idea formed in her mind.

Sure she had only just met Trisha but hadn't she heard all about her before?

While she did seem to playfully annoy Nick the fox had been very eager for them to meet.

She was close friends with Em who Judy had come to adore.

While at the bar earlier that day Trisha had shown Judy a picture of her and Bogo out at a fundraiser, so even her boss who she respected knew her.

Trisha wasn't just some stranger, she was Judy's newest friend so….

"Why not?" Judy asked, a little surprised at her own brashness.

If Judy was surprised it was nothing compared to Trisha who blinked and even stopped midstep on the call.

"Wait really?" Trisha asked, her ears rising up to reveal a rosy blush.

Judy blushed as well, glancing to the side before smiling up at Trisha, "It was really fun talking to you today and if I am honest I don't have it in me to go out right now so a quiet night in would be nice."

"Who said anything about quiet?" Trisha said with a mischievous smirk that made Judy's cheeks warm.

"I uh oh…umm…-" Judy began but was cut off by Trisha.

"Pizza ok with you?"

Judy smiled sweetly and nodded, "Pizza is always good."

"Cool, I'll grab us a pie and then swing by your place."

"You need the address?"

"Nah, already got it from stalking you."


"Ok cya soon bye!" Trisha said excitedly as she gave Judy a wink before ending the call.

Judy couldn't help but let out a nervous laugh only for a message to fill the screen seconds later.

"Seriously text me your address because I have no idea where you even live in the city."

Judy rolled her eyes at her bunny friend's message before sending Trisha the address to her apartment.

Half an hour later there was a light knocking at Judy's apartment door.

The bunny beamed as she skipped over and answered to see a familiar pair of bright blue eyes gazing in her direction.

Trisha was still in her bar outfit, a backpack slung over her shoulders as she held a pizza box in one paw and a 6 pack of beer in the other.

The brown bunny stood in the threshold to Judy's apartment before striking a sexy pose with her hips as her ears drooped.

"I have something hot and tasty for a Judy Hopps," The bunny said huskily which caused Judy to roll her eyes. "Oh, and a pizza too."

"Oh my gosh, Trisha!" Judy snorted as she reached over and pulled her mischievous friend into the apartment.

Trisha made herself right at home, plopping her backpack beside the door and sauntering over to Judy's desk where she slid the pizza box.

Since Judy's return to Zootopia, she had taken the time to spruce up her apartment.

It was still a tiny space but it had a few new amenities like a mini fridge which Trisha put the cans of beer in except for two which she placed on Judy's desk.

Trisha popped open one of the cans and turned to Judy, grinning as she held out the refreshment that Judy took before enjoying a healthy swig.

"So how was the rest of work?" Judy asked as she walked over to her desk and opened the pizza box, the delicious smell of freshly baked cheese wafting from the pie.

"Taco and I had a coaster flinging competition against some hose draggers from Tundra Town."

"Oh gosh," Judy chuckled as she scooped up a slice of pizza and took a bite before retrieving a paper plate Trisha had brought. "Did you win?"

"Oh honey I always win," Trisha said confidently as she cracked open her own can of beer and took a swig.

She then turned to see Judy taking a seat on her bed, a mountain of plushies laying just behind her.

Trisha's ears went up as did her eyebrows which caught Judy's attention as she looked in the direction of Trisha's gaze before immediately blushing.

"Don't…" Judy mumbled. "They are from home and I just-"

"You have more plushies than me," Trisha said in an awe-struck kind of way. "I will just have to go out and buy more."

Judy let out a sigh of relief.

The first time Nick had seen her apartment there had been nonstop ribbing from the fox over Judy's collection of plushies which she slept with every night.

It wasn't just because they were soft though, it reminded her of home.

Sure Judy had her own room back at the burrow but it wasn't uncommon for her to be snuggled up with one of her siblings on the couch or even have an impromptu slumber party with some of her nieces and nephews where she would find herself snuggled up with a kerfluffle of fluff.

She missed that type of contact and while Nick was a nice substitute Judy found herself missing the softness of another bunny on occasion.

Trisha sauntered over with her own plate of pizza and beer, setting the plate down before reaching over and plucking up one of Judy's plushies which she placed in her lap as she sat across from Judy on the bunny's bed.

Judy couldn't help but giggle at the adorable sight of her plushie lying on Trisha's lap as the brown bunny dived into her slice of pizza.

As Trisha munched on the pizza in her mouth she slowly looked around Judy's room.

"Place looks bigger than it does through the hidden cameras I had Nick install."

Judy snorted into her beer as Trisha gave her a playful wink.

"Is that what all that buzzing from the ceiling was?" Judy chimed in.

Trisha beamed at Judy before taking another bite of pizza.

As they enjoyed their pizza and beer the conversation grew more and more casual.

They had already spoken a lot at the 10-7 and from the sounds of it, Trisha already knew quite a bit about Judy from the news and articles about the first bunny cop.

Judy was a little embarrassed at first but found herself smiling as she listened to her guest.

She couldn't explain why but she just felt content around this goofy bunny.

The way Trisha spoke was playful and sweet, how she seemed to see the world was fascinating, and how she gently rubbed Judy's fur as they held paws was-

Judy suddenly realized that her paw was grasped in Trisha's but oddly enough she didn't seem to mind.

The two carried on their chat until they were both full of pizza and beer.

Judy glanced at her phone and was shocked to see that the time was already in the double digits.

"So is it too late to start a movie?" Trisha asked as she wiggled her shoulders.

"I may fall asleep," Judy admitted as she yawned.

Trisha looked hesitantly at the floor then back at her host.

"So seeing as I brought dinner.." Trisha began, letting her words trail away as she bit her lower lip.

Judy was confused at first until she remembered how she had said if Trisha brought dinner then they could have a slumber party.

She had been slightly joking about the offer but Trisha had held up her end of the bargain.

"Did you happen to pack your pajamas?" Judy asked with a giggle as she glanced over at Trisha's backpack only to turn back and gasp as a pair of bright blue eyes filled her vision.

Trisha was leaning forward, her face just an inch away from Judy's.

"Lucky for you," Trisha began in a low sensual whisper. "I sleep in just my fur."

Judy felt her mouth hanging open as she stuttered and stumbled over her words.

"It's just so freeing you know…" Trisha whispered as she leaned closer to Judy, her eyelids drooping into a half-lidded stare.

The brown bunny then did something that made Judy's heart rate spike, she gently rubbed her cheek against Judy's, letting out the softest of purrs.

Judy sat rigid on her bed, staring straight ahead as her ears shot up, filling with a warm blush.

Trisha sat back on the bed before bursting into laughter.

"Oh wow! You look cute when you're embarrassed!" The brown bunny cackled as she wiggled on the bed.

Judy let out a long sigh as she tried to get control of her heart rate.

Trisha meanwhile had her eyes closed as she laughed, which meant she never saw it coming when Judy lobbed a large carrot plushie at her.

As it turned out Trisha had brought some sleep clothes in her bag, apparently the bunny always came prepared since she would sleep over at Em's or Taco's place after work on occasion.

After cleaning up the pizza boxes and getting changed Judy sat on her bed, scrolling through her phone as she waited for Trisha to return to watch a movie.

While she waited Judy smiled at her photo files, pictures from last night filled the screen.

Ember and Ace sitting by the bar laughing as they chatted, Judy pushing her cheek against Nick's as they took what must have been their 100th selfie together that night, and finally a fun group picture.

Judy rested her head against Nick's shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her, Ember sat on Ace's lap looking comfortable and sticking out her tongue as Ace tried his best to keep from blushing.

Judy had heard that the teams you train together were normally some of the closest mammals you would keep and so far it had rung true with her new work family.

Ember was like a sister to her, Ace a kind soul who kept Judy's spirits up, and Nick was…well..that was still hard to say.

Judy felt her heartache as she stared at Nick's smug smile.

It was such a conflicting feeling having emotions like this for someone, only to know they didn't fully return them but still cared.

The bunny on the bed let out a sigh as she stared at the screen only to realize she was being watched.

Trisha had returned, a towel wrapped over her shoulder which she used to dry the fur on her head.

The bunny looks rather..well… if Judy was conflicted about her emotions before Trisha sure wasn't helping.

Clad in a pair of short pajama shorts and a baggy shirt that stopped just above her stomach Trisha looked comfortable but also rather adorable.

Her coffee brown fur and cream stomach looked very appealing and the outfit she wore seemed to accent her hourglass figure nicely.

Though not as fit and toned as Judy, Trisha still had a very appealing figure.

Her bright blue eyes stared at Judy, a look of concerned contemplation on the barkeep's face.

"That was a heavy sigh," Trisha said as she hung her towel on the back of the chair at Judy's desk.

"Just work stuff.."

Trisha turned to face Judy as she put a paw on her hip.

"That was not a work stuff sigh cutie," The bunny said confidently. "Trust me, I hear a lot of sighs at the 10-7 and that was not work-related."

Judy raised a brow and giggled, "You know you would make a pretty good cop."

"Oh no I would make a terrible cop," Trisha said proudly as she turned and reached for something on Judy's desk.

The bunny on the bed watched as Trisha placed Judy's police cap on her head, tilting it down slightly and giving the gray doe a toothy grin.

"But I would look super cute in the uniform."

Judy chuckled and rolled her eyes before locking her phone's screen and placing it down on the bed.

She laid on her side and watched as Trisha struck a pose or two, making shooting noises as she fired invisible guns in the air.

When Trisha was done she tossed the cap back on the desk before grinning at Judy, wiggling in place before sauntering over to the bed.

Judy watched, her heartbeat picking up, as Trisha slowly leaned down and climbed onto Judy's bed, her blue gaze on the gray bunny before her.

Trisha got on all fours, which caused her shirt to hang, showing off a rather appetizing sight that Judy couldn't help but glance at.

"Like what you see?" Trisha asked huskily, remaining still as the hole in the shirt left nothing to the imagination.

Judy blushed and looked up at Trisha.

The brown bunny then plopped down next to Judy, but not just beside her, oh no.

There was probably barrel an inch of space between the two bunnies which caught Judt off guard at first.

Trisha then did something that surprised Judy.

The brown doe reached up and placed a small soft brown paw on Judy's cheeks.

Judy let out a breath and let her eyes flutter closed.

It felt so wonderful to just be touched like this, to have an intimate moment with someone.

Judy couldn't help but nuzzle against Trisha's paw before opening her eyes once more.

Trisha smiled sweetly, her bright blue eyes shimmering with compassion before she spoke.

"So what was that sigh about?" Trisha asked in a whisper.

Judy looked down, her eyebrow scrunching as she thought about what to say.

As she wracked her brain for what to say her mind went back to earlier that day.

How she had panicked about a simple message from Nick.

She then remembered how Trisha's bluntness, though embarrassing at first, had really helped her.

Judy took a deep breath before looking back at Trisha who had somehow snuggled closer, her paw still on Judy's cheek as she gently rubbed the doe's soft fur.

"I tried to kiss Nick…"

As it turned out Trisha was just full of surprises.

While some mammals would gasp, or maybe laugh, Trisha did….nothing.

If anything it looked as if she had not even heard Judy.

A second or two went by, Trisha still stroking Judy's fur before she finally broke the silence with a whisper.

"Tried…which means he stopped you?"

Judy blushed and nodded.

"He looked…scared."

"Of course he was," Trisha said sweetly which caused Judy to raise a brow.

Trisha's lips curled into a knowing smile as her eyelids drooped.

"Did he ever use that 'I know everybody' line on you?"

Judy smirked and nodded.

"Well," Trisha let out a sigh as she rolled her eyes. "While a slight exaggeration he does know a lot of mammals…like…a lot.."

Trisha adjusted herself on the bed, getting a little more comfortable. She tried to remove her paw from Judy's cheek but much to her joy, Judy stopped her, placing a gray paw upon the small brown one and holding it there.

The bubbly brown bunny smiled sweetly before rubbing Judy's cheek with her thumb.

"I met him when I was in college," Trisha began. "He would set up this pawpsicle stand up on the quad during summer classes and made a fortune."

Judy giggled as she listened to the story, finding it amusing how Nick seemed to be very adept when it came to the sale of ice cream.

"He was just as smug then as he is now," Trisha continued which made Judy giggle. "But he was also just as smart…"

Trisha sighed as she continued her story.

"A few of us tried to change him ya know?"

Judy opened her eyes in surprise.

"Nothing worked, signed him up for classes and he wouldn't come, offered to help him study, nothing, he was always hesitant to let others help him."

Trisha then gave Judy's cheek a gentle squeeze.

"Then you came along."

Judy tried to hold back the tears but one escaped, rolling down her gray fur.

"You not only got him out of hustling but made him a cop? Judy that is…I mean…"

The two sat in silence for a moment or two before Trisha spoke once more.

"Listen I don't pretend to know what is going on in that fox's small small brain," Trisha began which had Judy snorting with laughter.

The brown bunny turned her paw on Judy's cheek and grasped the gray doe's paw, giving it a squeeze and guiding it down so it rested between them, though she refused to release it.

"I just think he is scared which is not something he will never admit which also scares him because I feel if he had to he would admit it to you," Trisha whispered. "And let's face it, that's…kinda a big deal, to realize there is someone you are willing to be vulnerable with."

Judy remained silent as she contemplated Trisha's words.

"You showed him he could be something better, then you made him better," Trisha continued. "And then you show him that someone amazing like you is willing to give him love in ways he never thought possible."

Judy sniffled as she reached up and wiped a tear from her eyes.

She then looked ahead at Trisha and sighed.

"I can't promise he will ever get it into his thick skull that you two would make an awesome couple," Trisha said with a smirk. "But I can tell you this. He loves you and for now, that may be it, but it's still amazing if you ask me."

Judy closed her eyes and took a deep breath before finally speaking.

"Was your major in therapy, because that was…" Judy couldn't put it all into words just how much this new bunny's words had meant to her. "Thank's Trish…"

"No problem cutie," Trisha said sweetly before her eyes brightened. "And if you must know I majored in Quantum Mechanics with a minor in Bagpipe studies."

Judy stared at Trisha with a stunned look, unsure if the bunny was serious or not.

Trisha however just wiggled in place and beamed proudly.

"So what movie are we watching?"

Judy let out a pleased sigh as she stared at her new friend, a sudden look of concern crossing her lovely face.

"Well I do have a lot of streaming services but umm…." The doe looked down her legs to the end of the bed and then back at Trisha before raising her phone. "Still haven't gotten a TV."

Trisha raised a brow before her eyelids drooped, a sultry smirk gracing her lips.

"So what you are saying is we have to get close?"

Judy blushed and nodded.

It was no surprise what happened next.

Trisha scooted over on the bed, wriggling against Judy as she cuddled up to the bun.

Judy couldn't help but smile, her tail wiggling excitedly as she felt the smaller bunny press her body against her.

Trisha let out the softest of excited squeaks as she nuzzled right against Judy, resting her head on the other doe's shoulder, her arm immediately wrapping around Judy's waist.

"Comfy?" Judy asked.

Trisha simply nodded as she closed her eyes and nuzzled against her bunny pillow.

"Ok, so what are we watching?" Judy asked as she raised her phone up.

"Don't care, too happy," Trisha responded.

Before Judy could say anything her phone vibrated.

The doe blinked in surprise as the familiar face of a certain handsome fox appeared.

While Judy couldn't see Trisha's face the brown bunny must have opened her eyes to look up at the screen.

Before Judy could react Trisha reached up and pressed the button to answer the video call.

Nick's handsome muzzle filled the screen, at first it looked like he was about to say something but the image filling his screen must have been quite the shock.

Judy suddenly realized how this probably looked and felt her cheeks warm.

Here she was lying in bed with a bunny she had just met and they were both in their pajamas!

"Fast.." Nick said simply.

"You know me," Trisha cooed as she nuzzled into Judy's shoulder.

"Hey now!" Judy blurted out before both Trisha and Nick let out a laugh.

"So bunny slumber party?" Nick asked smugly.

"Yes and you aren't invited," Trisha shot back.

"It's ok, I had a slumber party with her and Ember last night."

"Mmmm, Judy gets around," Trisha chuckled.

"Cheese and crackers really?" Judy groaned before looking down at Trisha. "I thought you were on my side!"

"No, I am just in your bed."

Nick snorted at Trisha's comment as Judy began to poke at the brown bunny's sides.

"Nick will you excuse me as I torture the pest in my bed," Judy grumbled as Trisha began to squirm and giggle.

"Ack! Noooo! I am an adorable bed bug," Trisha wined as she tried to escape Judy's wrath.

Judy spent a few seconds tickling Trisha which was harder than it sounds given that she was still holding her phone up.

Nick watched in mild amusement but there was also the slightest look of concern in his eyes as he listened to Trisha's cackling laughter.

"So I see Trisha has made herself right at home," Nick commented once Judy had finished her attack, a certain brown bunny breathing heavily as she caught her breath before slowly snuggling back up to Judy.

"Yes, and she brought pizza," Judy pointed out with a smirk.

Nick raised a brow as he stared at his partner, picking up her teasing tone.

"My company is worth far more than pizza."

Trisha snorted into Judy's shoulder as she nuzzled into the doe.

Judy meanwhile gave Nick a questioning stare before she too burst into laughter.

When they both calmed down Judy couldn't resist nuzzling into the top of Trisha's head, taking a moment to appreciate the softness of the doe's fur before continuing her chat with Nick.

"So how is Fin?"

"Fin? Finnick still puts up with you?" Trisha chuckled, her eyes still closed but her ear rising up slightly.

"Oh har har," Nick responded as he sat back on his screen. "Fin is good, he had another seminar today."

"How is the public speaking gig?"

Trisha suddenly lifted her head and looked at Judy, blinking rapidly before looking at Nick.

"He does public speaking?" The brown bunny asked excitedly. "Oh, Nick you gotta get me tickets."

"Sure thing Petals," Nick said with a sly smile.

"Oh my gosh I hate that nickname," Trisha groaned before laying her head on Judy's shoulder once more, the bunny nuzzling her face into her friend's shirt.

Judy chittered with delight as she closed her eyes.

The sensation of being cuddled again by a bunny just felt so wonderful.

The small paws on her body, the familiar species scent, the softness of her friend's fur.

Nick was fun to cuddle and she enjoyed it when he let her nap on his big floofy tail, but there was something to be said about curling up with this new brown ball of fluff.

"I think Petals is a cute nickname," Judy said sweetly to Trisha who grumbled.

"Thank you Carrots," Nick said through the phone.

Trisha's ears raised up and so did her paw which glided up and booped Judy right on the nose.

"Carrots is a cute nickname," Trisha pointed out. "Why can't I have a cute nickname like that Nick?"

Trisha rested her paw back down, gently holding onto Judy's other shoulder as she nuzzled into the gray bunny.

Judy blushed and smiled down at Trisha before looking at Nick who had a smug smirk across his lips.

"So spoke to Ember, by the way, heard you two got to try Em's hangover cure," Nick said as Trisha yawned into Judy's shoulder.

Judy let out a sigh, the memory of the taste of whatever Em had given them making her gag.

"Oh gosh that was….wow.."

"It worked though right?"

"Yeah, have you ever had it?"

"Once or twice," Nick admitted.

"Wait! When have you ever gotten that drunk?"

"Oh trust me Carrots, I know how to let loose and go crazy sometimes."

"Really? Because last I checked you only got like 2 dance moves and are a bit of a sipper."

"Mmmmm, tell him cutie…zzzzz" Trisha mumbled with a smirk.

"You're right Carrots, maybe I should watch some of the videos I have of you and take some notes."

Judy's ears immediately dropped as she looked at Nick with panic in her eyes.

"Wait…what videos?" Trisha asked as she lifted her head, looking at Judy through glazed and sleepy eyes.

"Nothing…he said nothing," Judy said rather quickly as she tried to use her free paw to press Trisha's head back on her shoulder. "Shhhh, go to sleep Trish."

"Nick," Trisha began as she looked at the screen. "I will clear your tab for those videos."

"Oh, so we have an opening bid I see," Nick chuckled before looking at Judy. "Care to counter."

"I will allow you to live if you delete those videos."

"Sold to the bunny from the ZPD," Nick said with a wink.

"Booooo…I wanna see Judy's dance moves," Trisha grumbled.

"It is a thing of beauty that's for sure," Nick chuckled.

"I do not like either of you right now…" Judy groaned before yawning.

Judy's eyes fluttered closed as she tried to hold her phone up.

Had she been looking at the screen she probably would have noticed something a little strange.

Nick's expression changed as he stared at Judy.

While he still looked rather smug at first when he glanced at Trisha, all curled up and resting on Judy so comfortably, his expression became concerned.

When Judy opened her eyes once more though Nick simply smiled.

"Think it's time to call it a night Carrots."

"Yeah…we still need to pick a movie to watch," Judy said with a yawn.

"Oh, sure," Nick said with a laugh.

Nick had been over enough times to know that Judy was the type to constantly fall asleep when trying to find just the right movie.

With Trisha there all curled up and sharing the warmth of her body as well Nick knew that Judy was most likely seconds away from drifting into a deep sleep.

"Have fun Carrots, I'll call you tomorrow."

"Mhmmm…" Judy mumbled.

"Night Trisha," Nick said as he looked at the brown bunny who appeared to have already drifted off.

"Night…Nick…" Trisha mumbled.

"Goodnight Carrots."

"Night Slick," Judy said as she let her eyelids fall closed once more.

Judy had just enough energy to hang up the phone and place it next to her on the bed.

Maybe it was her drowsy state or maybe it was just her giving in to her cuddly needs.

Whatever the reason Judy reached down and wrapped her arms around Trisha, pulling the bunny in close as she nuzzled the top of her head.

Trisha coed as she too began to cuddle against Judy.



"I know he's your partner…" Trisha grumbled. "But that fox is an idiot for stopping you…"

Judy blushed and let out the softest of giggles before she drifted off into sleep.

The next morning Judy was woken up by the sun which even with it being so far away seemed to have sniper-like accuracy.

A sunbeam had made its way between the small slivers in Judy's blinds and landed right on the doe's closed eyes.

Judy groaned in response and shifted slightly as her eyes slowly opened.

Something was lying on top of Judy which made moving a little difficult.

As she blinked the sleep from her eyes and her brain finally booted up Judy remembered the night before and how Trisha had come over for a sleepover.

It was still surprising though to wake up with a small brown bunny laying on top of her.

As Judy shifted and made herself comfortable Trisha let out the softest of groans.

Judy froze and let out a pleased sigh, smiling down at the brown ball of fluff currently nuzzled against her.

While a little strange Judy had to admit that it was actually kind of nice to wake up like this, curled up against Trisha whose warm body was so soft to the touch.

"Hey…" Judy whispered softly.

"Mmmm…5 more hours…" Trisha mumbled as she nuzzled against the bottom of Judy's chin.

Judy laughed softly as she reached up and gently stroked the doe's ears.

How did this even happen?

She had only just met Trisha and already was curled up in bed with the bunny, not that anything had happened.

To some this may have been a little odd but to Judy, it felt like a medicine she didn't know she had needed for so long.

She had the chance to embrace her inner cuddle bug and while it would have been nice if it was with a certain smug fox, Trisha was a very fun alternative.

Judy doubted that Nick would be so snuggly in return as well.

The gray bunny let out a pleased sigh and gave in to her urges, wrapping Trisha up in a hug before rubbing her cheek against the top of Trisha's head.

A soft purr came from the brown bunny who then let out a soft snore.

Judy yawned and while the sun had woken her it wasn't like she had anywhere to be right away.

It was her day off before returning to her next week of training.

They had all been warned that when training was done they would probably not have a lot of time off since the K-9 unit was currently dangerously low on coverage.

With this in mind, Judy decided that sleeping in on what might be her last day off for a bit couldn't hurt, especially with such a warm pillow currently nuzzling into her.

It was a full hour before Judy finally roused from her slumber once more.

Trisha was still lying on top of her but had adjusted slightly, laying more to Judy's side as she wrapped an arm around the gray bunny's waist.

"Hey…" Judy whispered once more.

"Mmmmm…5 more hours…" Trisha responded with a groan.

"Wish I could but we have to get ready for the day."

"What time is it…" Trisha mumbled as her ears began to stiffen.

"Around nine."

"Didn't you say it was your day off?" Trisha groaned. "Days off are 11 am minimum."

Judy began to chuckle as she stroked the doe's ears before shifting in bed.

"Tell you what, you rest up while I go clean up then it can be your turn."

"Or," Trisha began as her bright blue eyes fluttered open, looking right up at Judy. "We could conserve water and shower together."

Judy closed her eyes and began to shake as she held in her laughter.

"Nice try," Judy chuckled as she managed to wriggle from under Trisha and scoot off the bed.

"Can you blame a girl for trying?" Trisha grumbled as she reached over her head to the top of the bed and scooped up a small three-legged Cyclops monster plush which she wrapped in her arms and snuggled.

While Judy could be cleaned up and out the door at a moment's notice she did take it slow this morning.

When it came to getting Trisha ready though….well that was easier said than done.

Judy was washed, dried, and in a cute green button-up blouse and jean shorts while Trisha had barely moved from her spot on the bed.

If anything she had burrowed under the covers along with several of Judy's plushies.

Rousing the brown sleep monster from her slumber was a somewhat tedious task but when Judy suggested they keep their little party going with a quick lunch date Trisha rocketed out of bed and stripped off her top as she hurried to the shower.

Judy blushed at the sight of Trisha's bare back, the brown bunny turning to give Judy not just a wink but a glance at the doe's rounded chest before hurrying off to clean up.

After Trisha was showered and dressed the two bunnies headed out for a quick meal at a local sandwich shop Tammy from the ZPD had recommended.

The cheetah was known for her obsession with finding the best sandwich in the city and raved about the little shop nestled in the central district by one of the major ramps to the Sahraha Square highway ramp.

As it turned out Trisha had another reason for wanting to sleep in, she was going to be working that evening.

At first, Judy felt bad, wondering if she should have let her friend sleep in but Trisha insisted that she could always nap at work.

"Wouldn't Echo get mad?" Judy asked hesitantly as they waited in line to order their sandwiches behind a large rhino who was pursuing the menu board.

"She might," Trisha began as she adjusted her backpack before smirking at Judy. "Or she might just join me. I can't tell you how many times I have caught her curled up with Taco on the couch we have in the locker room."

Judy smirked at the thought of the cute bunny barmaid from the 10-7 splayed out on top of the painted dog owner as they both snoozed on the couch.

The rhino ahead of them took a large step forward as he approached the counter, creating a gap that required several steps from Trisha and Judy to close.

Tammy's secret sandwich shop wasn't exactly a secret, the small bistro was packed with mammals of all shapes and sizes happily munching on the many different sandwiches the shop had to offer.

This meant that they would probably be waiting a minute or two before even ordering.

Which was plenty of time to chat.

Even though they had spent the night together it seemed the two bunnies still had a lot to catch up on.

Judy talked about her days in the academy.

Trisha about her time at the 10-7.

Judy was especially interested to know how Trisha knew Bogo so well.

"Oh Chief?" Trisha asked with a smile. "Met him when I first started at the 10-7. Sweet buffalo, always made time to come round and say hi even if he wasn't in my section."

Judy was a little caught off guard by this revelation, especially given Bogo's coldness towards her when she first arrived at the ZPD.

Before Judy could respond the rhino had finished with their order and stepped to the side.

The counter itself was rather high up which meant the giraffe at the register had to bend over to hear the doe's orders.

There was a little scuffle between the two bunnies as to who was paying, Trisha tried to get her wallet from her backpack but Judy was too quick and managed to get her card into the giraffe's hooves.

"You bought pizza and beer last night," Judy pointed out with a smug smirk as she got her receipt.

Trisha blushed slightly and rolled her eyes before the two stepped to the side and waited for their order to be ready.

"Hey umm…about last night," Trisha began as she rung the straps of her backpack and looked nervously at her friend.

Judy raised her ears as she tilted her head questioningly.

"That was very...interesting."

Judy watched as Trisha's lips curled into a very smug smirk.

"I am gonna go tell them to put beetles in your sandwich," Judy said as she began to turn toward the counter.

"Ack! No wait!" Trisha said as she grabbed Judy's paw and tugged. "I kit I kit."

Judy relented and turned to look at Trisha, giving her mischievous friend a smile.

"But seriously…" Trisha said, still holding Judy's paw which she stared at for a moment before looking up. "It was really fun."

"It was," Judy said as she squeezed her friend's paw.

"It…it wasn't a one-time thing right?"

"Of course not," Judy said with a sweet smile. "I really enjoyed hanging out with you Trisha. It was…well… refreshing."

Trisha stood up a little straighter and blinked a few times as she processed Judy's words.

"I have been called a lot of things but never refreshing."

Judy laughed softly, her paw still in Trisha's.

A short while later they finally got their food and after traversing the shop managed to find a table that was made for mammals their size.

Trisha immediately dug into her sandwich, a bit of lettuce hanging from her lips as she smirked at Judy.

Before Judy could speak up though someone approached their table.

Judy detected them before they arrived, her ears going up as she turned to face a handsome-looking rabbit buck who gave the doe a little wave.

"So sorry to bother you," The buck said as he stopped at the edge of the table. "But are you Officer Judy Hopps?"

Trisha raised an ear as she eyed the buck, her mouth still full of sandwich.

Judy smiled kindly at the new arrival and nodded.

"So sorry to bother you and your friend's lunch but," The buck began as he nodded his head back and forth. He seemed rather animated which was amusing given the fact he was dressed up in a business suit. "I have been following your career very closely and I guess you could say I am a big fan."

"Aw, well thank you, mister…?" Judy began as she extended a paw.

"Jim," The buck said as he took Judy's paw and gave it a firm shake.

"Nice to meet you, Jim."

"Likewise Officer Hopps."

"Please it's just Judy."

Jim beamed, "So humble. I hate to be that buck but would you mind if I got a picture?"

Judy smiled as she looked at Trisha who had a concerned look on her face.

"Not at all Jim," Judy said as she gave Trisha a sweet smile.

"Would you mind?" Jim asked as he pulled a phone out and held it out to Trisha.

The brown bunny smirked before setting down her sandwich and wiping her paws.

"Anything for Officer Hopps," Trisha said teasingly.

Judy let out a sigh as she stared at her friend who she knew would be teasing her about this later.

It wasn't uncommon for rabbits throughout the city to recognize Judy and ask for her picture.

She was after all the first bunny police officer which had proven to many mammals that in Zootopia anyone could truly be anything, especially bunnies.

Judy had grown accustomed to this and had even embraced the role, even if she got teased by Nick for it.

Jim leaned down and got closer to Judy who smiled at the camera as Trisha snapped a picture.

Trisha then held the phone back out to Jim who scooped it up.

"Thanks, Trisha," The buck said excitedly before looking down at Judy. "And thank you Officer Hopps for proving to everyone that bunnies are a real force to be reckoned with."

Judy chuckled at Jim who gave the bunny a thumbs up before hurrying off into the crowd.

Once the buck was gone Judy blinked before slowly looking over at Trisha who was munching on her sandwich once more.

"Did you know him?" Judy asked as she raised a brow.

Trisha, whose mouth was full looked confused and shook her head.

Judy felt the fur on the back of her neck go up.

"Then how did he know your name?"

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