I opened my eyes, the rays from the sun greeting me as I got up from my bed.

As I opened the wardrobe to look for clothes to wear, I noticed two wigs, lying on the top shelf of my wardrobe.

One was pink,

And the other was blue.

A wave of realization hit me.

Those two wigs...

Are what determines my identity.

When I wear the pink wig, my name would be Fine.

When I wear the blue wig, my name would be Rein.

What funny though, is that those two identities have completely different personalities.

Fine is more tomboyish, while Rein is more girly.

Fine is more into sports, while Rein is more into dresses and jewellery.

Quite different, aren't they?

I quickly picked out a top and trousers, then I turned to my drawer.

This was where I put my contact lenses whenever I switched identities.

When I was Fine, I would put on the ruby ones, when I was Rein I would put on the blue ones.

My real name...

I no longer remember.

All I remember is my age and birthday.

Those were the only things that was on my birth certificate, everything else, was for some strange reason, all crossed out.

I don't mind though.

At least I'm still living.

Even if I don't have a proper identity.

I brushed my teeth, and ate my breakfast.

Then I ran up to my room and looked for my phone.

I had received a text.

Grabbing the pink wig, I got a few hair pins, securing the wig, and preventing any of my own hair from sticking out.

I got a pink hair pin with a heart and put it on the fringe of my wig.

I put in the ruby contact lenses.

Then I left my house, locking it as I left.

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