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Lily Potter rushed through the ritual she had planned in a rush. James was already killed downstairs, but she had to save Harry even if this would kill her. Her family was tied to an ancient God that handled the dead. Hopefully, this ritual would summon him and he would protect Harry from being dead. It was really her only hope.

She finished the runes and then set Harry in the middle and grabbed the dagger she had prepared for this. She slashed her wrists and blood poured onto the runes, which immediately started to glow a deep red.

There was a flash of light and then a tall man with a jackal head, wearing Egyptian clothes, with a talisman around his neck appeared, speaking in a echoey voice, "What have you summoned me for, mortal?"

Lily looked up at him weakly, the blood loss was getting to her, "I ask you...to protect...my son...Harry."

The jackal headed man looked at the small babe, "This is your request that you will spend on this summoning? Not saving yourself?"

"No, protect...Harry."

The man nodded and transformed into a more human appearance, an Egyptian man in his mid-twenties. He knelt down and picked up the child in his arms and Lily smiled before she was gone.


Anubis picked up the small mortal child with an interested look. He'd never managed a baby before and he was always looking for something to occupy the time that he wasn't weighing souls.

The baby blinked open his bright green eyes and looked up at the Egyptian God of Death, before he smiled and reached up with his chubby hands. He grabbed the God's golden collar that held his amulet, but he didn't yank it, instead, his other hand reached up and he giggled as he patted the glowing red ruby there, "Paddy! Woof!"

Anubis sighed. Why did everyone think he was a dog? He tapped the child's forehead and drew out his memories to see them clearly. Paddy, hmm, the grim animagus mortal. He supposed if it was a grim, he wouldn't disintegrate the child, grims symbolizing death and all that.

He heard the door smash open and he turned to see a snake-like man and he sneered. Voldemort had been eluding him for years. That troublesome soul didn't know when to give up and he would most certainly go to the underworld instead of paradise. Right now though, he was a problem to deal with.

Voldemort spoke in a raspy hiss, "I don't know who you are, but give me the child and I'll let you live."

Anubis scoffed, "You can't kill me, mortal, and you won't have the child. I do not fail my tasks."

Voldemort sneered, "I can and will kill you! I am immortal!"

Anubis' eyebrow arched, "Immortal, no. Ripped your soul to pieces for me to collect, yes."

Voldemort's eyes widened, "How do you know that?!"

"I am the God of Death. I know everything about you, Tom Riddle. You won't escape me in the end." Voldemort fired a green spell and it hit the boy. Immediately, Harry's eyes teared up as a cut appeared on his forehead and he let out a small cry, sniffling and sobbing. Anubis growled at the man, "Dammit! Another one?!" He lunged forward and slashed the man's chest, "More problems for me!"

Voldemort exploded and his spirit raced away, but Anubis glowered at his ashes and turned to the babe, who was still crying softly. It wasn't loud wails, but it was a steady stream of tears. Anubis sighed and took his amulet off, handing it to the child. He really shouldn't. That was extremely dangerous because of the power it wielded, but it worked. The child took it and his tears stopped as he looked at the glowing stone with wide eyes.

The amulet pulsed and Anubis watched in interest. This had never happened before. The boy touched the stone with his chubby fingers and then there was a flash of red and Anubis blinked to clear his vision. Now the boy was giggling and his amulet was...around the boy's neck? What the? Only he could wear it without getting killed.

The boy 'oohed' and touched it before he sat up in Anubis' arms and touched the god's golden chestplate. He clapped his hands, but he wasn't dead. Anubis inspected the boy closely to see the amulet lightly pulsing. He'd just had his amulet stolen by a child. That might be bad. That amulet controlled him. It was literally his life. However, unless he wished to decapitate a small child, it would have to stay and he didn't break a promise. He'd promised to protect the child.

So he sighed and they both vanished with a swirl of black. If the child had his amulet, he would need to be trained in its uses and powers as well as how to defend himself. Anubis sure as Hell didn't want to get killed.