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Chapter 1:

"Dad! Dad!" Harry raced through the sand towards where his father's palace resided. He knew Anubis wasn't his real father, but he had raised him and so Harry called him dad. Currently though, the boy, who had a talent for visions, had seen a very bad omen. He'd seen a world covered in darkness, people dying left and right, and a pale man at the head of it all. He'd seen only himself able to stand up to the powerful man that had destroyed the world, him and his father's amulet. Anubis had to know.

He reached the palace and Anubis looked down at him from his throne in surprise, "Yes, young one?"

Harry stopped, panting at his long run, and then spoke, "Omen...bad...only me."

Anubis stopped him, "Catch your breath, kid, then tell me."

Harry took a deep breath, "Alright. I saw a vision, a bad omen. The wizards, they need my help. Voldemort has taken over Britain, or he will soon, and in the vision, only I was able to stand up to him."

Anubis sighed, "I had hoped this day would never come. You know of the prophecy?"

Harry nodded, "Now is the time?"

"Yes it is. Let's get you prepared, son of Anubis."

Harry nodded and followed the God through the halls.


Over the past fifteen years, Harry had been with Anubis in his palace in the afterlife. For being a morbid God of Funerals and the Dead, he was actually a surprisingly good father. He was strict, yes, but he was fair. He had spent the time training the soon to be sixteen year old so that, one, he could defend himself, and two, he could defend the amulet that still refused to part from him, making him a true son of Anubis.

Harry knew of the prophecy and he knew of Voldemort, had since his eighth birthday, when Anubis had deemed him old enough to accept the information and think about it rationally. Since then, he'd only trained harder in the hopes that it would be enough to defeat Voldemort, who had escaped Anubis when Harry's birth parents had been killed.

Harry was a tough boy, but he was also kind and had a genuinely good soul. He never left someone in need and he had defeated many egyptian monsters to save both tourists and natives. There was actually a legend of the Prophet of Anubis going through Egypt from what people had seen him in his fights, where he would use powers of the dead and wore Anubis' amulet and symbol upon his body. He actually had a tattoo across his back of Anubis' symbol that he'd gotten on his twelfth birthday as a present from his father.

He was also extremely powerful, so much so that his father would give him his final power on his sixteenth birthday, the ability to summon an army of the dead. He was a good fighter, especially with the curved Egyptian sword he'd been gifted. It was made of the sands of time, forged in the fires of the underworld to turn to metal. If he so wished, it could turn anything to dust that he touched, aging them until they disintegrated.

He could also access the majority of his father's powers at will with the amulet that was hooked to the gold collar around his neck, which had grown with him. He could turn into a rather large jackal. He could disintegrate into sand and reform somewhere else. He could judge souls, though he didn't do that often. He could exude godly aura to scare weaker opponents. He could summon his father's scepter, which was unbreakable and an extremely good magic conductor, and after his sixteenth birthday, it could help him summon and control an undead army.

His form had changed as well. In Britain, where barely anyone kept in shape or worked out, he would have been scrawny or fat, one of the two. He wouldn't have any muscles and he would be physically weak. Since it was barely ever sunny and warm in the wet country of Britain, he would have been pale as well. Now though, from years of training and living in Egypt, he was entirely different.

He was tall and had a lean body. He had well-disguised muscles on his arms and legs. His chest was firm and his stomach had firm abs on it. He was about six foot with nicely tanned skin, an olive tone. His hair was long, reaching his belly button, though he usually kept it in a high ponytail. His eyes were bright green with slitted irises and silver specks that glowed at night. He had a few scars from his fights, though not very visible, and his voice was deep. He spoke mainly Egyptian, but he'd learned English, as a second language so he had an accent, and he instinctively knew Ancient Egyptian with the amulet.

Currently his father was getting him what he'd been working on for while. Harry didn't know what it was, just that it was his present for when he went to Britain. He had his eyes closed and his arms wide in a 'T' shape.

He felt something rest on his chest, over his shoulders and slightly heavy. Bracelets of some sort went up his arms to rest on his upper arms and wrap around them. He felt his fingers spread and then rings went on his right middle finger and his right ring finger. His pants were baggy and black, tucked into black boots made of basilisk skin from a basilisk he had taken down a while back. Over his waist, he felt something heavy wrap around his hips and hang down to rest over his thighs, something cold and metal feeling.

His father stepped away, "You may open your eyes now."

Harry opened his eyes to find a mirror in front of him, showing him in what his father had made him. He had a skin tight shirt on, which he always wore, made of back material with no sleeves. Over this was a golden breastplate like his father wore, hanging just low enough to cover the top of his chest. It was inlaid with red rubies to match his amulet, making the amulet itself look like just decoration, which was rather smart. Over his baggy black pants was an armored skirt orf sorts. It hung down over his thighs, golden with rubies inlaid and Egyptian hieroglyphs carved into it for protection. Sheathed at his hip was his sword and on his upper arms were two golden bracelets that had jackal heads with glowing green eyes on them. He saw golden boot covers over his boots, inlaid with rubies with hieroglyphics for speed and agility and there was a gold piece resting over the very top of his ponytail with golden feathers like Ma'at, the feather of Truth.

He smiled and looked at his dad, "When did you make this?"

"In my spare time, little jackal. They are all made personally by me, inlaid with rubies to hide the importance of the amulet and carved with hieroglyphics for protection, speed, strength, agility, and power magnification." Anubis put his hands on Harry's shoulders, "Because of your return to England my plans have been pushed forward. Instead of on your birthday in a week, you shall get the power to control my army now." He tapped Harry's amulet and Harry felt a rush of power go through him as the God of Death continued, "I am proud of you. If you ever need my help, simply summon me. If you want to have control over my army and you're afraid, call me and I will pull you through it."

Harry felt his emotions surface. He would be leaving his father for an undetermined amount of time, "Can I call you...just to see you?"

Anubis smiled, "Of course. You know, when I was first tasked with watching over you, I didn't know what to think, a mortal babe with no special powers, but now I'm glad that I took you in. You make me proud."

Harry couldn't stop the tears that welled up as he hugged the man, "Thank you, dad."

"Now go save the world, my little jackal."


The Order was meeting. Voldemort had managed to come back and Neville Longbottom had died tragically, trying to protect his fellow Champion in the Triwizard Tournament. It had been a year and a half since then and things had gone terribly wrong. Fudge had preached lies about how Voldemort hadn't come back, allowing time for the Dark Lord to recuperate. People had started disappearing. Hogwarts and the Black ancestral home were the only safe places left.

After the first year of silence, Voldemort had come back full force and dozens died by the day. The Order had been trying to make a headway in this war, but it seemed severely one-sided. They just weren't fit to fight all of Voldemort's forces, there were too many. They so far had stood no chance. Fudge had been fired and replaced with Rufus Scrimgeour, but it hadn't helped much and the Ministry was in chaos.

So, now, any who were willing to fight were gathered, even the underage friends of the once Neville Longbottom, simply because they had no choice with the numbers they were pressed against. The Weasleys were there, excluding Ron, who had turned to save his hide. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black were there. A few aurors like Kingsley Shacklebolt and Nymphadora Tonks were there. Mundungus Fletcher had turned on them to save his hide. Draco Malfoy, a surprise friend of Neville's, was there along with Luna Lovegood, another surprise friend. The Professors from Hogwarts were there as well as some others that had joined in at some point, though at this point, many were losing hope.

Dumbledore had started talking when there was a whispering sound. They stopped and looked around and Bill was the one that caught it. There was black sand gathering in one of the corners. His eyes widened and he spoke in a whispered voice, "Not him."

Charlie looked at him in concern, "What's wrong, Bill?"

"Do you know how I told you the legend of the Prophet of Anubis, the really powerful demigod that protects those in Egypt with ancient magic of the Underworld?"

"Yeah, the legend. What is it?"

"He always arrives with black sand, which is said to be the dust of the deceased." At this, everyone stepped back as the sand go taller. Bill's eyes widened, "It is him." He looked at the others, "Treat him with respect. He could turn all of us to dust if angered."

They all shuddered and nodded and the sand took on a form, that of a sixteen or seventeen year old male with gleaming black hair and eyes the color of the killing curse. The boy was dressed in Egyptian clothes and had the regalia of pharaohs or Gods on him, pure gold with gleaming rubies inlaid. The gem on the skin tight, golden collar on his neck gleamed and pulsed lightly, as if it was beating with his heart. He was definitely one of the finer specimens of the male race. An ancient Egyptian scimitar rested on his hip in a pure black scabbard and two gleaming rings adorned his right hand, one with a pure black stone and one with a deep emerald. Two bands were on his upper arm, jackal heads on them with gleaming emerald eyes.

The boy looked around, silent, and then rested on Bill and spoke in a deep, accented voice, "You feel of Egyptian Magic. Are you an archaeologist?"

Bill bowed, "No, Lord Prophet. I am a curse breaker. I am hired by the archaeologists to protect them and help them get deeper into the tombs."

"I see." He looked at everyone else with his glowing eyes, "I have come to help with the foul being known as Voldemort. He has escaped my father far too long and his soul must be weighed."

Bill gasped, "Lord Prophet, are you saying that you're the son of the Great God Anubis?"

"I am."

Bill's eyes widened in shock, "I'm sorry, My Lord. I had heard of your battle prowess and overwhelming power, but I did not know of you being a half-God."

"That is acceptable."

Dumbledore stepped forward and spoke in a polite voice, "I apologize for my forwardness, but why have you come to help us, Lord Prophet?"

The boy's eyes hardened, "Besides Voldemort, that filth, I would think you would know, Albus Dumbledore, of why I would be here of all people." At the looks of confusion, the boy clarified, "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives …"

Dumbledore's eyes widened in shock and he fell back in his chair, "Harry Potter?"

The boy smirked delightedly, "Indeed. Where do you think I've been? Dead? No, father wouldn't allow that. I have been with father, training, getting better, so that I can destroy the usurper who thinks to escape the scales."

Everyone in the room gasped and Dumbledore spoke in a faint voice, "You-You were the prophecy child all along?"

"I was." Harry looked at Augusta, who had joined at her grandson's death, "I am sorry for your loss, ma'am. If it is any comfort, he was judged and sent to paradise to eventually be reborn."

Augusta's eyes widened, "Thank you, Lord Prophet."

Harry waved his hand, "While I may see visions of the future, I do not claim to be a prophet. You may call me Harry. I find it best to know your allies closely, don't you?"

Everyone gasped again and Bill spoke, "Are you sure, My Lord?"

"Of course I am sure."

Bill rose from his bow, "Thank you for the honor."

Harry nodded and swept over the room, before catching on Luna, "You. You are a prophet. Tell me, what do you see of me?"

She startled and then her face became dreamy, "Let me see. You're very powerful, a dark force in the shadows that kills without question or hesitation. You are undefeated. You're strong. You are a prophet like me, but only omens of death, not of life."

He nodded, "Correct. You have talent. Anything else?"

"You are truly the son of Anubis."

Bill gasped in shock and Harry nodded, "That is all. I simply wanted everyone to get an overview of me from one of their own." He looked around, "I do not mind jokes, pranks, or attempts to lighten the mood, but if there is an attack on my person not of a joking nature, everything will be reduced to dust." He pulled out his scimitar and touched the table and it crumbled away to nothingness, "Is that understood?" Everyone looked at the missing table in shock and then nodded and he sheathed his weapon, "Then we will get along well, I believe."


Bill knocked on Harry's door nervously. He wanted to talk to the demigod, but he didn't want to be turned to dust. There was silence a moment, then the door opened to reveal the boy standing there, "Yes?"

Bill shuffled his foot. He really didn't want to die. He took a deep breath and spoke, "I am very interested in Egyptian Culture and I was wondering if, since we have time, you will tell me some legends that you know?"

The boy was silent a moment, then he smiled warmly, "Of course. I am not a cold person by nature, but some people in that room needed intimidation. Please come in. I won't disintegrate you."

Bill sighed in relief and stepped inside, only to gasp. The room was beautiful and it was obvious Harry had redecorated, using magic to do so. The floor was black marble, smooth enough to see your reflection. The walls were a cream color, but also held a marble tint to them. The trim and window sills were gold and there was a built in kitchen with a sink, small stove, ice box, and counter. There was a door that led to a golden bathroom and the ceiling looked to be stars, like in Egypt. In the center of the room was a white bed with curtains around it that were partially see through. Small statues of black and gold jackals lined the walls and the boy's armor was set to the side, though he still had the golden choker on, along with his tight shirt and loose pants. His boots were also to the side.

He gestured to a nice black couch that was in front of a magicked in fireplace, "Please sit. I was making coffee. Would you like some?"

Bill nodded, "If you have spares. It was a late night."

"Of course. Any additives?"

"If you have milk and a cube of sugar."

Harry nodded and shuffled around silently, before carrying two cups over and setting one down in front of the curse breaker with a smile, "Now what do you want to know?"


Harry was doing his morning stretches when there was a knock on his door. He sighed, "Just a minute." His conversation with Bill had been pleasant, and that was a few hours ago. Now there was someone else. He expected it, being new and missing for fifteen years, but it was still annoying.

He stood up, not bothering with his shirt, and went to the door, opening it to reveal the blonde, Draco. His eyebrow rose and he stepped back, "Come in. What do you need?"

Draco glanced around nervously, "I, well, I just wanted to welcome you. You've been somewhere else for fifteen years and I wanted to see if you needed any knowledge on Britain."

Harry nodded, "If you wish. Come in. I don't bite."

Draco stepped in and gasped just like Bill had, "It's beautiful."

"It's what my room looks like back at Anubis' palace."

"Well it's very nice."

Harry led Draco to the couch and sat down himself, "Now, you mentioned information?"

"Yeah, whatever you want to know. If I can answer it, then I will."

"Alright, what do you think of this war? I know your father is a Death Eater and yet you're here."

Draco nodded, rubbing his left forearm, "I honestly hope that we can win. The Dark Lord is a horrible person. He tortures for fun, congratulates rape and torture. He is immortal though, or so they say. I don't know if we can win, but I can hope, for Luna's sake and everyone else's."

"Luna? You feel romantic feelings for her?"

Draco blushed and spoke in a mumble, "Yeah."

Harry smirked, "I knew it. You smell of pheromones."

Draco's blush grew, "W-What?"

"I've got enhanced senses. Don't worry. No one else but Remus and Sirius could even get close to guessing from just that."

Draco relaxed, "Alright. You won't tell? I want to try on my own."

"Of course. Now, let me see your arm."

Draco stiffened, "What?"

"The Dark Mark branded into your skin, let me see it. I can tell that it was forced. Don't worry." Draco hesitated and then nodded and held his arm out. Harry lifted the sleeve, "How did you get it?"

Draco winced, "I was friends with Neville before he...well. My father wasn't happy about that and he told me I had to get the Mark. I refused of course. They had killed my friend. But then he locked me in the castle dungeons for a long time. The Dark Lord would visit me every once in a while to see if I had changed my mind, but I never did and so he always tortured me for it. After a year of this, they finally just branded it into my skin and they send energy through it every once in a while to torment me. It causes pain. They're trying to get me to reveal the location of Headquarters."

Harry nodded and traced the Mark, closing his eyes as he delved into the Dark Lord's mind, "Tommy, oh Tommy!"

He felt shock and then anger, "How are you in my head?!"

He laughed darkly, "You think you can refuse a God? Don't tell me you forgot me already, Tommy. I'm after your soul after all."

Shock coursed through again and then fear and then more disbelief, "Yeah right! You're no God! You're a sham pretending to be a God! I am a God!"

Harry laughed uproariously at this, "You?! A God?! You're just a shattered soul that will dwell in my deepest pits when your soul is finally mine! You amuse me!"

"What are you?! Why can't I push you out?! Get out!"

"I told you that I am a God, Anubis, the God of the Dead. I'm here to pass a warning. My armies are coming for you. My son hunts your soul. You know him, Harry Potter, correct? He's coming and I am coming with him. Watch yourself, Tom Riddle."

With this, he withdrew and pressed his power into the Mark, hissing in Parseltongue. The Mark slithered and hissed back and then faded away with a flash of light ad a yelp from the boy. He pulled his fingers away with a smile of satisfaction, "And you are now freed."

Draco looked at it in shock and then at him, "Thank you. I can never repay this."

"Just don't betray me in battle if we are ever to fight together. That's all I ask."

"I would never do that, not with Luna in danger." Harry nodded in acceptance and Draco looked at him, "What were you doing before? You were still for like five minutes, no moving or anything."

"Oh, I was threatening old Voldie. He wasn't too happy, but right now he thinks I'm my father, Anubis."

Draco's eyes widened and then he nodded, "Alright." He was silent a moment, then, "Can you get rid of Uncle Sev's too? The Dark Lord doesn't share anything important with him anymore and he isn't a spy anymore. He was discovered."

"I can if he asks me politely. He was giving me rather rude looks when I got here and introduced my name."

Draco nodded, "I'll tell him. Thank you again."

"No problem." He smirked, "Now go show your girl."

"She's not my girl!"

"Not yet."

Draco huffed and left Harry behind, chuckling in amusement.