Our Home Galaxy

The Milky Way

It takes over 200 million years for our Sun to loop around once. And within the Solar System just 3 planets from the the sun, is the only known planet to support life.

Planet Earth.

The earth if 4.6 billion years old. The first life forms appeared 1.1 billion years later as single celled organisms. Billions of years later Earth started to be home for many strange creatures. At that time Earth was at a Era called the Paleozoic. At that time millions of creatures have appeared. Even our earliest ancestors and eventually they crawled out on to dry land. Over a hundred million years later the largest mass extinct happen on planet earth. A huge volcanic eruption followed by many more have wipe out 95% of all life on earth. 20 million years Earth has recovered but a new group of reptiles have appeared something revolutionary. Creatures that soon ruled the planet for 165 million years. And they are called the Dinosaurs. And a Era has dawned The Mesozoic era.

Over the course of over 30 million years, Dinosaurs got more and more successful until they were the biggest, fiercest, and most amazing animals on the planet. Whatever the climate, whatever the habitat dinosaurs made it their own. Their strength was their ability to adapt. They grew to gigantic sizes and eventually became the largest land animals of all time. They evolved into powerful predators, like the famous T Rex and raptors. And their distant relatives the Pterosaurs, even laid claimed to the skies.

But sadly, as the saying goes. All good things must come to an end.

65 million years ago. A meteor the size of Mt. Everest 6 miles wide, crashed into the planet in the Gulf of Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula near Chixulub. With the force of 100 million Atomic bombs. Over 70% of all life on earth died out, including the dinosaurs.

But Life finds a way.

Deep in the forest of the magical land of Equestria, a deer has been cornered by a lone Timberwolf and just when the wooden was about to strike an unfamiliar roar was heard. As the Timberwolf looked around he saw some movements in the darkness, and then an unfamiliar set of eyes shining in the night appeared. And then a flash of teeth charged.

In the castle of Canterlot, the ruler of Equestria, Princess Celestia suddenly woke up almost as if she seen a ghost or was dreaming that very moment.

Her younger sister, Princess Luna went to check on her. But then something unexpected happen, when the ground begins to shake when a 4.5 earthquake on the richter scale strikes the land. A earthquake of that magnitude can only be felt within a few miles, but this is striking the whole land. But as quickly as it started, it was over within seconds, and Celestia and Luna sense that something big is coming to their land.

Planet Earth - 65 million B.C. - In the forest of what will become South Dakota, a trio of small raptors called Dromaeosaurus were beginning to feed on their kill a lone Edmontosaurus. But as begin to eat the ground begins to vibrate, the source was a large predator, The Scourge of American West Tyrannosaurus Rex. A living monster that very few scared it. The 7 ton predator roared at the 6 foot long raptors and it was enough to drive them off. The raptors were force to wait their as the King of dinosaurs feeds.

Meanwhile haftway around the world on the island of Madagascar, a male Majungathlous is fighting a female. The reason for that is the male wanted to mate with the female, but she is actually a mother protecting her infant. But eventually the male was force to give up and leaves, and the female of the T Rex of the east roars in triumph.

152 million B.C. - In the land that will become Colorado a young female Diplodocus was feeding on the edge of the herd. But unaware she is being watched. A hunting pair of the lions of the Jurassic Allosaurus are stalking her, waiting till shes far enough from the herd. Then the young sauropod spotted and begins to flees one of the Allosaurus charges and leapt on her side almost knocking her off her feet. The predator falls off and the Diplodocus ran as fast her legs can take her. But being faster the allosaur got in front of her and the sauropod rears back on her hind legs keeping her throat out of leaping range of the predator. While he was focus the tail of a large adult slams him to the ground. The Allosaurus got up and was force to leave hungry. And the female Diplodocus rejoins the herd even though she is wounded, but will recover.

80 million B.C. - In the desert of Mongolia a pack of Velociraptors were attacking a herd of Protoceratops. Those 2 dinosaurs are natural deadly enemies, one of them leaps on to one was now in a fighting frenzy. Then the ceratopsian slips to it's side as the raptor sinks it's killing claw into it's stomach, as the Protoceratops claps it's beak on the raptors arm. As the 2 raptors watch waiting for their moment for strike, the sand dune behind them collapse's and bury's them under with only 1 raptor remaining.

No matter what time or place of the Mesozoic Era, eventually these amazing creatures faced extinction. whether it is climate change or the meteor strike, life bounce back and sometimes they can end up in a new world.

So what if Equestria had visitors unlike any other or anything they ever faced before?

In a castle next to Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle the Princess of Frienship, was sleeping and was having the strangest dream she could think of. And heard a voice.

Repress by this swift killers, our ancestors are reduced to small creatures hiding in the shadows. Their time will come. But for the next 170 million years, the world belongs to the Dinosaurs.