She forcefully closed the door and watched his hollow face fade. Letting out a breath she hadn't known she was holding, her eyes closed trying to block out the feelings she had just been receiving from him. He was angry, she knew. He always was. But she hadn't expected to feel the waves of regret and hurt he was feeling as they locked eyes.

But they needed to move on. With the Resistance confined to the small space of the Falcon barely able to escape as it was, Rey needed to focus on the people before her. She knew even after their bond closed that he was feeling the sting of her rejection. Pushing forward, she ran to the cockpit to help aid their escape.

He watched her slam her arm into the button to close the door. From his kneeling position he gazed upwards one last time into her hazel eyes. He hadn't expected any of this when landing on the planet. His rage seething through him, unable to focus on anything but destroying what was left of the Resistance that had taken so much from him. But here he was, defeated. His uncle gone, the Resistance fleeing, and the one person he truly felt connected to in years abandoning him for the same thing everyone else did. He should be more angry at his losses, but for that brief moment with her standing above him, he could only feel the pain of everything he had lost that day, including her.

Feeling their connection sever he raised to his full height, swallowed his pathetic emotions, and let his anger flow freely through him once more as he surveyed his surroundings. She was gone, like everyone else in his life. He offered her the galaxy and she didn't want it. She didn't want him. Now it was his turn to close the door on her and move on with his life.