Kylo stared blankly across the table. He vaguely heard the officers around him bleakly discussing the future plans of the First Order. To his right, Hux was seated and intently listening to the various reports being given. Kylo didn't care to be at these meetings. The meaningless drabble the were discussing was of little importance to him, but he knew it was important to remain appearing like what they were saying mattered so they wouldn't get the idea that they could do whatever they wanted when he wasn't present.

"We've made no contact with any of our spies regarding the Resistance." one of them said. His attention quickly snapped to them at the mere mention of them. The room shifted as the officers took note of the Supreme Leader's sudden interest. "It seems that they have kept very quiet and have found a reasonable place to hide, although I imagine it will take quite some time for them to rebuild their forces large enough for us to take notice. I believe there were less than 30 that were able to escape." the officer finished.

"Do not underestimate them." Kylo said calmly with his brow lowered. "Just because there are few left doesn't mean we disregard them. Keep looking, I will expect there to be news of them at our next meeting." He said gravely and felt the heart rate of the officer increase with worry. "Pathetic" he thought. "Enough of this. Continue the meeting in my absence." he nodded to Hux who had a small smirk appear on his otherwise bland face as he strode out of the door.

Continuing to his main chamber he stepped inside and let the door lock behind him. Meetings and more meetings. Worthless words with little action. Without knowing the location of the Resistance there was little he was interested in. The First Order had suffered many losses in the past few months. They were currently trying to lick their wounds without letting the rest of the galaxy know just how far they had fallen. Within the upper leveled officers and generals, Kylo was attempting to prove to be a capable Supreme Leader. He felt their doubts when they were near. They were all weak-minded and easily manipulated. Hux decidedly less so, but he had still proved to be a valuable asset when it came to the massive reorganization of the Order, so he continued to live, despite his constant thoughts of murdering Kylo.

Walking up to the window and gazing out at the stars he stared past into the blackness of space. He felt the familiar twinge of regret that had so easily greeted him whenever he was alone. Angry and hurt as he was, he found himself missing her in these moments. "No." He mentally scolded himself. He would not allow himself to think of her. Instead he took whatever he had felt for her and turned it into fuel for his anger and hatred. Pushing her from his mind, he took off his uniform and settled into a softer shirt and pant combination so he could meditate.

Leaning into the dark side of the Force he felt his heart rate calm and meld into the mix of emotions. Heat, passion, hatred, lust. He felt it all, and let himself get lost in it.

He didn't know how long he had been meditating when his thoughts turned to her again. Desperately he tried to focus on something else, anything else. His consciousness reaching out into the Force, but feeling nothing. "It is strange." He thought to himself. The bond between him and Rey had obviously not been broken since he was able to see her on Crait, but since then he hasn't been able to make contact with her, willingly or not. Which was odd, considering before that they would appear to each other every day, sometimes multiple times a day. But since then nothing.

He found it intriguing and used it as an excuse to reach out to her, but only felt the vast void of space. "If she were blocking it, I'd know. Maybe seeing her last time was just the dying effect of Snoke and now the bond is truly broken." he surmised. He set his jaw and tried to swallow the disappointment that he felt. "It's better this way." he decided. His annoyance with himself overtook his feelings of disappointment.

"Pathetic. She used you. She betrayed you. She left you. She is no one to you. Let it go." He repeated the mantra a few times before he decided to quit meditating altogether. Readying himself for bed earlier than he usually would he sat staring at his lightly furnished room. He used to enjoy the simplicity of it. The quiet, dark, space where he could be in peace alone. Now it was different. The dark looked uninviting, cold even, and the quiet hum of the ship strangled him. He messaged his face in his hands for a few moments before taking a small black pill that eased him into a deep, dreamless state.

Rey awoke feeling more refreshed than she could have imagined. She breathed a sigh of relief having survived without any dreams, or meetings. Gingerly sitting up she looked at the time and realized it was well before anyone else would be awake for the normal morning shift. Attempting to settle back down she felt her stomach grumble loudly and decided to get up any way.

The dimly lit halls led her down to the make-shift cafeteria where a few people were sitting quietly. She quickly went and grabbed a breakfast ration before slipping back out into the halls. She decided to explore some of the area's of the base she hadn't seen before. She knew very little of the planet they were on Shi'Kesh. Other than the jungle climate and obvious old Rebellion hideout. It had taken a lot of man-hours just to get the basic wings powered up, but there was still quite a bit that no one had ventured to. She reached a hall that didn't have any lighting, but decided to head down it anyway- allowing herself to use the Force to see what was around her. The narrow hall curved downward until she reached a relatively large room. She felt no other openings, but various boxes and debris around her. "Maybe this would be a good place to train?" She thought and made a mental note to ask about powering the room later on.

Returning down the hallway she decided to head into the main control room to see who was on shift. There were only a few people around the room. Monitoring the local area and attempting to fix some of the consoles. She eyed Poe in the corner of the room and made her way to meet him. "Well hey there sleepyhead, I'm surprised your up. Leia gave explicit orders for you to be left alone and off duty so everyone assumed you were pretty sick." he said lightheartedly nudging her in the shoulder. She laughed and returned the nudge. "I just needed to catch up on some sleep. Leia wants to make sure I'm taking the time to train and become as strong as I can for the Resistance." She said feeling bad about the slight lie she had to tell him.

"Well I can't blame her for that, you're pretty amazing already and you'd be pretty unstoppable given more training." He said with a smirk and watched her cheeks burn. She didn't like talking about her abilities. Especially with non-force users, only because they had the tendency to think she was some sort of god. She abruptly changed the subject, mentioning the room she had found. Poe grabbed a nearby map and she showed him the one she refereed to. It appeared just to be some sort of storage room. "I'll see if I can't get some power diverted over there for you, sweetheart." he said lightheartedly with a wink. With that she gave a small smile and withdrew back to her quarters.

The small plain room had very little in it aside from the makeshift bed she had made. As with many of the rooms in the base, she was curious what the room was used for, or meant to be used for. For now, it was her own private space. She settled cross legged on the bed and in the quiet hours of the morning tried to meditate the best she could.

She slowed her breathing. Taking note of all around her on this strange planted. The life, death, and force between. She breathed deep and let it flow through her, the edged of her mouth curling up into a smile. She'd missed this. The feeling of the Force flowing freely through her. Connecting her to everything around her. Pulling her out of herself she floated there within her mind. Balanced.

She felt strong, so she delved deeper, unaware of what she might find. She reached out through the Force as it flowed through her every vein, filling her very being being to heal. She had forgotten what it had felt like to be connected to everything. To feel as her and the Force were one. Basking in the glow she reigned it back in, careful not to extend too far from herself.


She stopped. Her concentration broken, she felt herself collapse back onto the bed. But she couldn't help recognize his voice. Internally she chastised herself for delving too deep, too fast into the Force. But she was also confused. He sounded shocked, like he couldn't explain why he could feel her. There was no anger either. She shook it off and vowed to be more careful in the future. He knew he could connect to her now, and it was only a matter of time before he came back to her, stronger than before.