He didn't remember it happening. But he knew it had. One day he was alone, he never did remember. He hardly remembered his mother bringing in his first sibling.

Not his mother's kid, or his father's. But he accepted the kid as his own. So did his two sisters born years later.

Little Ichigo looked at the small bundle in his mother's arm. A blanket swaddled in blue. His chubby two year old hands patting the blanket.

His mother gently grabbed his hand to stop the patting.

"Ichigo, would you like to meet your baby brother?" she said softly. She let go of his hand and pulled the blanket back a bit to reveal a soft and squishy faced infant with a red face. A tuft of dark hair contrasting Ichigo's bright orange. Bright blue eyes opened and looked into Ichigo's dark eyes. Tiny hands reaching out and clasping air. One of them with a blue band around his wrist. Ichigo placed his hand near the baby and felt the warm digits wrap around his own.

"Wa's 'is name?"

"His name is," she paused for a moment, "his name is Rin."

He never thought much of it. How his mother had found such an infant and taking it in so quickly. The baby was a part of the family.

As far as he was concerned, he was a Kurosaki. Just like them.

Even his eyes weren't too different. He had been able to see just like Karin and his older brother. He even guided Yuzu, helping her notice spirits more.

"I can feel it!" Yuzu proclaimed happily, "Where is it?"

"A little to the left," Rin said standing behind his youngest sister. He placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her slightly, the blue band on his wrist lightly brushing her shoulder.

Isshin pouted as he saw his younger son and younger daughter bonding over finding spirits.

"Why doesn't she want to spend time with me?"

"Oh Isshin dear, you know how Rin likes to spend time sharing his gift with Yuzu."

"But Masaki-"


"Karin!" Isshin cried out, his personality doing a 180 as he picked up his dark haired daughter. Ichigo ran up to his mother and hugged her as they sat on a blanket.

"Rin, Yuzu. Come here. It's time for lunch."

"Coming mommy," Rin called back with a smile. He grabbed Yuzu by the hand and began leading her up to their picnic.

"Aw. But I wanted to see Mr. Ghost."

"I don't think the ghost is going anywhere. But the ghost isn't a mister. It's a girl," Rin corrected.

Their dad wasn't all too pleased. Their mother thought it was adorable. Up until her death.

"So Rin, did you get in?"

Rin glanced up at the elder high school student. His steely gaze boring down at the much shorter Rin. Rin gave a wide and wicked grin with slightly pointed canines.

"What do you think Senpai-nii?"


"Ichigo, don't be so rude. I got in didn't I?"

"Only because I made you study."

Rin cringed. Ichigo went out of his way to prove he wasn't a delinquent, so much so he wouldn't let Rin get by with even subpar grades.

"You act like I'm going to stop making you study now that you're in."

Rin's jaw dropped in horror and he took a step back from his elder adopted brother.

"Wh- But I-"

"Keep good grades and I won't force you to study with me."

Rin crossed his arms and grumbled.

Rin grew up knowing he was loved. He knew he had love from his brother and sisters, his father and mother. He never knew his blood family. But to him, it was all he needed.

He didn't know, that miles away there was another boy growing up with in a world with creatures most humans couldn't even see, a boy being raised to one day combat creatures from hell. A boy who had learned, he was the son of Satan.

So... What if Rin had ended up in the care of the Kurosaki family?

Cute being raised by spiritual strong individuals. Yukio, probably being fairly normal and being a page with what would be Rin's class. Both ignorant.

Just another mad idea from my mad imagination. Including the "blue band"on his wrist hiding his demon traits.

Completely adoptable. Just another of my, no plan stories. I swear, one of these days, a story that has me post one chapter is going to get me in trouble.