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Chapter 3: Welcome to Beacon!

"…Blake, I'm still not entirely sure that this is a good idea…"

Ben shakes a little as he looks out the window of the giant airship that the two, as well as many other individuals were currently riding.

This particular model of Airship was used for transport of passengers, in which case were applicants trying to become students at Beacon. They are very slow-moving and each ship had four huge, moving 'wings' that most likely couldn't support aerodynamic lift. Near the wings were stairs leading up to what may be the main part of the ship, most likely for boarding purposes. Airships are also seen with three clusters of three glowing nozzles each at the back, with another two below. Dust surely powered this vessel.

Blake and Ben were currently standing inside one of the viewing galleries, to which the youngster commentated at first while looking out the giant window.

Putting down a black suitcase, Blake giggles. "Nonsense. This'll probably be a good experience for you as well."

"…But I'm a kid, who pretty much skipped from being a middle schooler, and gone straight into high school. That doesn't exactly sound right in the ears of a normal person." He retorts.

Ben didn't had much to carry, but Tukson gave him a duffle bag, allowing him to hold a bunch of useful things. The Mundvridi's strap was now tied around Ben's waist, with the weapon itself resting behind said part.

"Yes, but this isn't Earth." Blake counters, leaving Ben to retort once more, but he was unable to find a sound replacement of words. Blake then shrugs, and carries her suitcase again.

"Why don't we check around a bit? See who's on board with us?" Ben changes the subject. Blake gazes around.

"Well…" She hesitates. Ben raises an eyebrow, and then realizes why she was glancing around.

"Oh… You don't want to attract any possible suspicion to you I guess." He surmises. The cat girl nods. "Well, let's stick together then. I'll cover for you."

"I guess that can work. Just make sure not to cause any trouble this time." She replies. Ben smiles, and they start to walk around into other parts of the airship.

Taking their luggage with them, as they exit the area and turn around a corner, immediately Ben's eyes start to wander around, gazing at the other individuals who were with them. Blake noticed that he wasn't actually at the person in specific, but rather their equipment.

"…Ben. You're doing it again." She glances down. Ben's glittering gaze zipped back to hers.

"But I can't help it! All of these weapons, armor, all that good stuff! There's so much that I could probably do to them with Upgrade…" He mutters that last sentence.

"Upgrade? Is…that another one of your aliens?" Blake questions the boy. He nods.

"Yeah. I'll tell you about it later!" He smiles. Blake couldn't help but succumb to that pure face of emotion, and pets him unconsciously. Ben frowns initially in surprise, but decides to take the gesture as they continue to walk.

As they pass by another viewing gallery, before they left the area, Ben notices a girl with long bright golden hair. He blinks a few times, before quickly wiping his eyes.

'Long golden hair… That must be hard to take care of.' He notes as the girl's figure escapes his line of sight…

…With said girl…

"Yay! I can't believe my baby sister is coming with me to Beacon!"

The blonde gives Ruby a bear hug, making the silver eyed girl gasp in defeat as she taps her back.

"Yang… Can't breathe… Pwease staph…" She whimpers. Yang grins, and releases her sister from the clutching hold.

"But this is the best day ever!" Yang replies.

Yang was a fair-skinned young girl with lilac eyes and bright golden hair, which was faded to a pale gold at the tips with a cowlick sticking out at the top. Wearing a tan jacket that bears her lower stomach, she also wore golden brown piping and short, puffy sleeves with black cuffs that feature two gold buttons. Underneath this, she had a low cut yellow crop top with her emblem on the left breast in black.

A brown belt covered by a pleated brown piece of material reaching from hip to hip was worn around the back of her waist, with her emblem emblazoned on the right-most pleat in gold. Underneath that was a longer, white, asymmetrical piece of material reaching to her knee on the right side, as well as a pair of black mini-shorts. Wearing brown, knee-high boots and orange over-the-knee socks, the right sock was pushed down just below the knee. A lavender bandana is tied around her left knee. To complete her outfit, she wore an orange scarf, and black fingerless gloves.

That was Yang Xiao Long, Ruby's half-sister.

"This is something that makes me so proud of you!" She starts. Ruby responds with a head shake, having a reluctant look on her face.

"I don't think it was anything special though." She tries to say. Yang places her hands on her hips in a defiant pose.

"Nothing special? Whatcha mean, that was incredible!" The blonde replies instead. "You're already on a fresh start to making an image for yourself here! Everyone at Beacon's gonna think you're the bee's knees!"

She wraps an arm around Ruby, motioning over to all the other people in the room with them. The silver eyed girl frowns instead though as she pulls Yang's arm off herself.

"But I just want to be a normal girl, with normal knees!" She yelps. Yang raises an eyebrow as she folds her arms.

"Come on, aren't you excited though?" She asks. Of course, Ruby nods, but she sighs as well soon afterwards.

"Of course… But I don't want anyone to think I'm special just because I skipped two years of school. Just telling the professors at Signal earlier was really awkward ya know? Do you think Uncle Qrow would say something?" She batters a bit. Yang shrugs.

"Uncle Qrow's a different type of guy Ruby. And besides, you are special!" She smiles at her as she gives her a hug with one arm. Ruby smiles, but the two turn their heads to a projector located near the window, which was beginning to sound off.

A screen pops up, and a man's voice starts to speak.

"The recently attempted robbery was led by Roman Torchwick, the nefarious criminal who has continued to avoid the capture of authorities. We're glad that he didn't succeed as well this time. Information regarding his whereabouts is critical, and if you have any to report, please come to the Vale Police Department. Off to you now, Lisa."

A mugshot of Roman was shown for a moment, before flashing to another screen. Yang, Ruby, and the others watch as a news reporter stands by.

"Thanks, Cyril." A woman with white hair replies. She then coughs, before reading off a paper.

"Next up, we have recent news about the Faunus Protest that had recently taken place from this Saturday."

Next to her, an image of people with various animal features appeared, carrying protest signs and attempting to perform a protest, and a nonviolent one at that.

"This event turned rather dark when members of the White Fang disrupted the gathering, leaving the entire area in an aura of despair. The once peaceful organization has now disrupted the…"

Before she could finish her report, the screen blinks away, and after a few seconds, a hologram of Glynda starts to form in the various viewing galleries. Ruby, Yang, and everyone else aboard the ship watches at the Beacon Professor bows.

"Hello there, and welcome to Beacon Academy." She starts as her voice echoes throughout the ship. Yang glances at the glasses wearing woman.

"Who's that?" She tries to ask Ruby. The black and red haired girl turns in attempt to answer her, but Glynda quickly speaks once more, interrupting her.

"My name is Glynda Goodwitch." She indirectly answers her. "You, and those among you, are a part of the rather privileged few who have received the honor of being selected into this prestigious institute of learning."

"Our world is experiencing quite the incredible amount of peace, and as future Huntsmen and Huntresses, it is your duty to uphold and maintain that privilege for the people you love, and the rest of the world." She continues on. Yang rolls her eyes.

"You have demonstrated the valor needed for this dangerous and dreadful task, and now, it is our duty to provide all of you the knowledge and training needed to protect this land." Bowing once more, her hologram fades away, leaving everyone a bit more interested in the current situation.

Ruby gasps in awe. "That was so cool! Hey, check it out, you can see Signal from here!" Running to the front, she and Yang watch as the ever growing area of urban civilization starts to cloud their views.

"I guess home isn't that far off." Her excited nature tones down to a small smile. Yang smirks as she pats her shoulder.

"Yeah, but for now, Beacon's going to be our home." She adds. The two enjoy the view, but suddenly, the sound of someone about to vomit interrupts the peaceful moment.

A tall teenage boy with dark-blue eyes and short, messy blonde hair runs by them, clutching his mouth as he does so. Ruby notices that he wore a white diamond-shaped chest plate cut off above his lower abdomen and white spaulders with rerebraces set under them. Underneath the armor, a black short-sleeved hoodie with detached reddish-orange sleeves and a dark brown image of a bunny rabbit trimmed in white with cute black round eyes hidden was seen underneath the chest plate. He also wore blue pants with a white patch on the left knee, as well as black sneakers with "left" and "right" written in black on the respective shoes' soles.

To finish it off, he had a longsword, which was strapped to his left hip in a sheath that doubled as a collapsible shield. He whimpers as he struggles to run out of the room, most presumably the reason being as to look for a trash can or something similar to vomit out into.

"Well, the moment was fun while it lasted." Ruby shrugs. Yang nods a few times.

"…Yep. Guess the view isn't for everyone." She adds. "I wonder who we'll meet though."

"At least someone other than 'Vomit Boy'." The two agreed on that. Turning back to the view, they watch as the airships fly over a giant lake, and prepare for landing on pads in front of them…

"…I think I'm gonna hurl."

Two boys say that as they immediately dash out from the airships. The moment the doors open, they run out, quickly running to vomit inside a trash can. As Blake exits the pad, she shakes her head in disapproval.

"Oh God…" Ben groans. The blonde next to him whimpers.

"I know, right? I didn't think my motion sickness would be this bad…" He chortles as he releases another load. Blake simply opens her book again as she waits for Ben to finish.

It takes around a good half a minute before Ben rejoins the cat girl, leaving the blonde to recover on his own. Blake pats the area behind his neck. "We gotta work on your motion sickness. All that running around finally caught up with you."

"I-I can see that…" Ben grumbles as he sluggishly walks with her. Walking at his pace, Blake joins him as they start to walk into the mainland. "Maybe I should've gone Upgrade and rested on your weapon…"

"On Gambol Shroud?" Blake asks. She glances at her weapon, which was attached to a magnetic pack on her back.

Gambol Shroud was a VBCS, or a Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe, and Blake's weapon of choice. It had a thick, gray sheath with a sharp edge, similar to that of an oversized cleaver. Although serving as a sheath, it possessed a cutting edge and could be used effectively as a weapon.

When unsheathed, it appeared to be a dark gray katana with a functioning pistol mechanism on the grip.

"Upgrade allows me to…" Ben was about to explain the properties of said alien, but before he could, an explosion makes their eyes dart over to a scene between Ruby, and another girl. A vial of red Dust lands near Ben, who picks it up.

"Dust? And what's this symbol on the bottle?" Ben glances at it. Blake looks down, and looks forward.

"Dust from the Schnee Company." She says as they walk towards the two. Ben heard of the name from a book he read at Tukson's store. He looked over at the girls as they began approach them.


The yelling of the other girl triggers both of their eyes to look at her. The owner of said voice belonged to a pale skinned young girl with pale blue eyes and long white hair pulled back into an off-center bun tail and pinned with an icicle shaped tiara. Ben noticed that she had a crooked scar that went down her left eye in a vertical motion.

She wore a thigh-length strapless dress with a faint color gradation from white to pale blue at the hem. A small piece of black lace sits in the front of her neckline and the hem of the dress was scalloped and stitched to resemble snowflakes, with layers of white tulle under the skirt. Over this she had worn a bell sleeved bolero with the same color gradation as her dress from shoulder to wrist, lined in red and with a ruffled collar. A symbol was located on the back of her bolero.

What Ben also noted was her weapon, a sliver grey rapier mounted on her left side, presumably with Dust capabilities, as evidenced by several marked spots of color.

"This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about!" She yells at Ruby. She was covered in soot, which was soon blown away by the wind, though it didn't take her foul mood along with her.

"I'm really, really sorry!" Ruby yelps as she pokes her fingers together in a nervous point. The girl scoffs.

"Ugh… You complete dolt! What are you even doing in a place like this?! Aren't you a little young to be attending Beacon?" She continued to yell at her. Ben looks at Blake with lazy eyes.

"See, she thinks about someone that looks younger." He says. Blake remains silent though.

"Well… I…" Ruby struggles to find the right words to speak, but the two could tell that tension was starting to build up in her eyes.

"This isn't your ordinary combat school, you know! It's not just sparring practice and games for little kids!" She rants on as she folds her arms into a lecturing mode. "We're here to fight monsters… So, watch where you're going!"

Ruby's eye twitches as a vein pops onto her forehead. Stomping the ground, she glares at her. "Hey, I said I was sorry, Princess!"

Blake suddenly pulls Ben with her, approaching the two. "Actually, it's Heiress." She then says, making the two girls glance over.

"Blake?" Ben almost trips from the sudden yanking. Blake and Ben stop in front of the two, with the cat girl holding the bottle of Dust in her hand.

"Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Dust Company, one of the largest producers of energy propellant in the entire world."

Weiss nods triumphantly as Blake hands the bottle back to Ben. He doesn't really know what to say, but he certainly didn't like her Ice Princess attitude.

"Finally! Some recognition!" She says. Ben then frowns at the bottle as he compares the quality of it to the one he saw at Goto's place.

"…But isn't the Schnee Company also the same one that's infamous for their use of otherwise controversial labor forces? I also heard about some rather questionable business partners, according to what I've read and heard about." He suddenly says, and rather causally at that. Weiss's face goes a bit red in reaction to the claim.

"What?! How dare yo—wait a minute, a child?! Why is a child here in Beacon?!" She suddenly realizes Ben's short stature. The Omnitrix Wielder sweat drops.

"Eh… There were…circumstances that brought me here." He answers vaguely, confusing Weiss. "And bringing back the topic to your family's work, can't you guys think of better ways to mine Dust without having to risk the lives of your workers? They aren't slaves you know."

"S-Slaves?!" Her face was now fully red from embarrassment. She couldn't find the right words to say, so instead she begins to dash away in rebuttal, taking the rest of her luggage along with her. Ruby gasps as she tries to reach out to her.

I'LL… I'LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU, MISS SCHNEE!" She tries to yell at her, but is duly ignored by the Ice Princess.

"…Guess I'm not the only one who's had a rough day." She mumbles. Ben pops in front of her, seemingly in the mood to get this gloomy atmosphere away.

"I guess she really left us, in her dust…! Eh, get it?" Ben poorly puns again, making Blake face palm in response. Ruby however recognizes that matter of speaking.

"…Wait. That horrible punning… Are you related to that crystal/fire guy from before?" She suddenly asks. Ben's expression turns to surprise. Now that he was getting a good look at Ruby, his eyes widen in remembrance.

"…Hey, you're that girl from that other time!" Ben recognizes her finally, and turns to Blake. "Blake, this was the person who I was talking about at first, the one with that High Caliber Sniper Scythe!"

"Really now?" Blake's eyes wander onto Ruby, who flinches a little from the cat girl's stare. "I see."

"Hey, how heavy is that scythe? How were you able to manipulate the recoil into your movements?!" Ben then suddenly asks Ruby. The girl was surprised to hear someone so interested in weapons, which in turn lightened the mood around.

"Ah! You see, the Crescent Rose utilizes a high caliber sniper function that grants a vast amount of recoil. Depending on how you angle it, you can make the tightest of moves around in a fight!" Ruby quickly blabbers, now becoming interested in the weapon talking. She takes out the compressed weapon, allowing Ben to look at it in detail.

"Ah, my name is Ruby Rose by the way. Nice to meet you!" She quickly remembers to greet herself. Ben smiles.

"Oh, so that's how! Oh, my name's Ben! Ben Tennyson" Ben nods in understanding. "Man, I gotta take notes of this… Hey Blake, mind if I go around with her for a bit? Not for too long of course!"

Blake folds her arms, and simply gives the boy a smirk. "You really are the type that seems to be attracted to older women, you know. "She jokes. Ben blushes a bit, but then grins smugly.

"E-Eh?! Well, at least it's not like of one things from that book of yours! What was it called, "Ninjas of L—"

Before he could finish though, Blake's ears go red as she quickly covers Ben's mouth. She gives the boy a dirty look, scaring Ruby a bit as she takes a step back. As the other two fight with one another, she accidently bumps into a familiar 'Vomit Boy'.

"…We don't talk about that." She quickly tells Ruby. The boy groans in his muffled voice, and Blake releases her hold. Ben chuckles nervously as he glances at the cat girl.

"Hehehe… I know it's not really smutty. I'm just messing with you, Blake." He teases the amber eyed girl. Her cheeks go a bit rosy, and she sighs.

"…Tukson probably taught you that." She mumbles, and then stands up. "Well alright. You can go with Ruby and…the other Vomit Boy. Let's meet up later though alright? Don't be late this time."

"I gotcha." Blake nods, and he watches as she starts to walk off in another direction. Ben turns around, only to see Ruby comforting said Vomit Boy.

"…I don't think I'm gonna ride an airship again." He whimpers. Ben walks towards them, and he and Ruby help him up. "Ah, thanks."

"No problem, 'Vomit Boy'." The teenage boy's heart cringes from the fact of shattered pride. Ben sweat drops at the fact that she wasn't being merciful with her insults.

"Hey, what's your name?" Ben asks him. As he recovers finally, he breathes in, before looking down at him.

"Ah…finally. I'm Jaune. Jaune Arc." He greets him with a goofy smile. Ben nods as they exchange handshakes.

"Ben Tennyson." He responds. Ruby grins as well.

"And I'm Ruby Rose! Nice to meet you guys!" She greets with a bow. Jaune and Ben nod. Looking around, Ben's eyes wander to parts of the campus of Beacon.

"Hey, shouldn't we get going?" He asks. The two also look around, and literally no one is nearby. The airship behind was already gone as well, leaving no single thing around.

"…Yeah, let's get going." Jaune says awkwardly as they begin to walk together in a random direction…

A little while later…

Jaune, Ruby, and Ben were already starting to get accustomed with one another. Walking around the campus of Beacon, they continue to chatter as time passes by.

"See? I always think that motion sickness is a common deficiency that no one these days takes seriously!" Jaune complains. Ben nods in conjuction.

"Definitely! You never know when it'll do something like throw a plane out of the air or something!" He tries to imagine. Ruby merely giggles at the two's talking. Unbeknownst to them, people were running past them in the opposite direction.

"So…what kinds of weapons do you guys have?" Jaune switches back. Ruby blinks, and slips out Crescent Rose. The blonde steps back slightly as the weapon reveals its true appearance.

"Woah! Is…that a scythe?" He blurts. Ruby nods.

"It's also a customizable, High Impact Velocity Sniper Rifle!" She utters at blinding speeds, making his eyes wander in what seemed to be crazy talk to him.

Ben then tugs his pants as she reloads a shot. "It's also a gun."

"Oh! That's cool!" He nods. "What about you?"

"Oh, me? I got this." He says as he pulls out the Mundvridi. Ruby's eyes shine as it reforms into its sword form. Jaune looks at it in awe as well.

"Oh my gosh! Is that a MASBS?! What model is it?!" Ruby squirms around Ben. The boy smiles as he swings it around.

"The latest. I got this as a gift. Oh, MASBS stands for a Multi Action Spliced Broad Sword, Jaune." Ben notes Jaune. The blonde then looks at it in detail.

"So, it's also a gun?" He guesses. Ben and Ruby smirk. Turning the pommel, the Mundvridi turns into its rifle form.

"It's also a high function rifle with both a semi-auto sniper and auto machine gun functions! Check it!" Ben brags as he hands Ruby the weapon. The girl practically drools over it as she inspects every single part.

"The sleekness! It's also the latest grade of metal! You can customize this weapon in so many ways, it's brilliant!" She reveals with a cheerful squeal. As the two continue to talk, they then turn to Jaune.

"So what've you got?" Ruby asks the blonde. Jaune blinks, and then reacts finally.

"Oh—uh, I got this sword here." He says as he unwraps it from the sheath. Ben notes the design of it.

"A longsword." He says as he moves for a closer inspection. "And a highly durable one at that. A good grip made from that blue handle as well." He notes. Jaune was speechless from his explanation.

"It's just a hand me down. My great-great-grandfather used it in the war. Oh, I also got this shield as well." Taking his sheath out, Ben and Ruby watch as he places it on. A moment later, it springs out to form a heater shield.

"Oh, that's cool! It's also a sheath and a shield!" Ruby notes.

"Cool. Hey Ruby, did you make your weapon?" Ben asks. The girl nods. Jaune reacts with a shocked expression.

"Wait, what?" He exaggerates. Ruby glances at him with a shrug.

"Of course! Signal Academy students always forge their own weapons." She reveals. Ben cups his chin in interest, with Jaune's jaw dropping a little.

"I've gotta get me some tips. Can you give me some pointers later on, Ruby?" He then asks.

"Sure!" She says. As three start to go off again, Jaune looks around with a weird expression.

"Hmm… Hey, where are we going?" He asks suddenly. Ben and Ruby then look at him with tilted heads.

"We don't know. We were following you." They both say. Jaune blinks, and he facepalms.

"…You think they have a directory? Or…maybe a food court or recognizable landmark?" Ruby struggles to hold a giggle, while Ben starts to sweat a little.

"No, I don't think so…" She finally snaps, laughing a bit. Ben cautiously looks around.

"Ah man, Blake's gonna kill me! Let's run!" He suddenly says. "I think I saw some students running back somewhere."

"Y-Yeah!" Jaune stutters as the three start to run. Ruby gulps as they try to follow some path that the others went onto. As they do though after a while, they notice a main street.

"Over there! There's an Amphitheater over there!" Ruby points out.

When arriving, new huntsmen and huntresses are deposited on a long, wide avenue leading up to what appears to be the main academy buildings and their large, impressive main doorway, which opens up to a large amphitheater surrounded by a double ring of colonnades bisected by the main avenue with the outer ring rising high over the main entrance to the academy itself. Ben and the gang strayed off, and so they hurry towards said building…

Inside the Amphitheater…

Jaune, Ben, and Ruby enter the theater. Sighing in relief towards the sight of all the upcoming students, out from a corner in the crowd, Yang comes running out.

"Ruby, over here! I save you a spot!" She calls out.

"Oh!" Ruby glances over to her, and then back to the two boys. "Uh, gotta go! I'll see you guys after the ceremony!" Jaune tries to reach out to her as he rejoins Yang, grumbling a bit.

"…Ah great. Where am I supposed to find another nice, quirky person to talk to?" He groans. Ben pouts, pinching him.

"Hey… I'm not a quirky person? That breaks my heart!" He complains, seemingly acting hurt. Jaune naively reacts with guilt, but he then sees a growing smile on his face.

"Ah, you got me there…" He grunts. The two share a laugh, but Ben then notices Blake a bit far away.

"Well, gotta run. I see a friend in the distance, so I'll see you later!" He says as he waves away. Jaune waves back as he watches him leave, and behind him, a girl with red hair observes the two.

With Ruby and Yang, the two talk about the recent events. Yang giggles at the mentioning of Ben, wondering if the little rascal was just as she said she was. However, when she started to talk about Weiss…more trouble brewed over. Said girl appeared behind her just when she was going over the part about explodies and Dust, causing another lecture from the Ice Princess to occur.

Ben stumbles around the crowd. Looking around for a while, he finds Blake quietly standing in a corner while reading her book. Smiling, he goes through the swarm of people as quickly as he could.

"Blake!" He yells. The cat girl glances over, seeing the boy pop out like a popcorn kettle. Landing next to her, she closes her book.

"Well, at least you weren't late. You didn't get into any trouble, right?" She asks. Ben nods. "Perfectly fine. Nothing to worry about."

Blake nods, and just as he places his bag down, a man's voice was heard from the stage. Ben looks up, and surprisingly, he's actually looking at him. Stepping back, the man, revealed to be Ozpin, smirks as he moves back to a microphone. As he was about to speak, Blake notices the suspicious look from Ben.

Ozpin taps the mike a few times while clearing his throat, and then stands in front of it.

"…Ahem. I'll…keep this brief."

Pushing his glasses off, everyone's attention spans back to him. Noticing everyone's look, he begins anew.

"You have all traveled here to this location for a search of knowledge. To hone your crafts and to improve your skills, as well as obtain new ones. And I assume that once you are finished, you plan to dedicate the rest of your life into protecting the people of the world."

The crowd initially reacts with positive chipper and chopper, but Ozpin coughs, allowing the crowd a moment to silence themselves as he moves on.


"All I see right now, at this very moment… is wasted energy. Energy, that is in need of proper guidance and purpose. You must assume that knowledge will free you from this, but be aware, your time at this school will prove that knowledge will only carry you so far."

"For it is you, and you alone, who must take the first step."

Allowing the people a moment to take his words to heart, after a few seconds pass, he bows, and begins to walk off stage. Glynda then appears and speaks.

"You will all gather in the ballroom tonight, and tomorrow, your initiation test will begin. I advise you to prepare now, and be ready when the time comes." She says. "You are dismissed!"

Yang gives Ruby and Weiss a strange look. "That guy…he felt a bit off."

"Like he wasn't even there almost?" Ruby guesses. Weiss wonders about the person that Ozpin is, but keeps it to herself as she and the others leave the theater.

"…That man." Ben narrows his eyes to the person who just left. Blake picks her suitcase up as he continues to look.

"What's up?" She asks. Ben shakes his head, and the two leave the Amphitheater together.

Glynda watches as everyone leaves, and once she walks off stage, and arrives in the room in which Ozpin was in, she tilts her glasses up.

"…He's here?" She simply asks. Oz shrugs as he takes a sip of coffee.

"Lucky for us. He actually tried to apply for Beacon Academy. Probably at the request of a close friend." Ozpin guesses. "All the more better for us"

Glynda gives him a scowl. "You better hope your right."

Hours later, night time. Location: Beacon Academy's Ballroom

The Beacon Academy Ballroom serves as a temporary living area for new students. Before the initiation test, and before students are assigned proper quarters, they dwell here instead. Given that it's quite the large facility, there was plenty of space for everyone.

"Hmmm…" Ruby hums as she begins to write out a letter. She had changed into her pajamas, which consisted of a black tank top featuring a heart-shaped Beowolf design on the chest and long white pants decorated with pink roses. She also wears a black sleeping mask decorated with triangular red eyes.

As she does so, Yang rolls next to her dressed in her own night wear, which consisted of an orange tank top with her emblem on the front in red, and black boy shorts.

"This is like a one big slumber party, ain't it sis?" She grins. Ruby gives her a blank nod as she continues to write.

"Well, I don't think dad would approve of all the boys." She then says. Yang grins.

"I know I do~!" Yang purrs. "And besides, didn't you say there was a boy that was younger than you? What was his name again?"

"Ben." Ruby answers. The blonde snaps her fingers. "Right, that little marshmallow!" Noticing Ruby's lack of response, she realizes that she was writing.

"What's that?" She then asks.

"A letter to my friends at Signal. They wanted to know what it was like here at Beacon." Yang gives her a Cheshire Cat smile.

"Aww, that's so adorable!" She giggles, receiving a pillow to the face from Ruby, who was now mildly annoyed.

"I didn't get to take any of them with me to Beacon. It's weird not knowing that many people here." Ruby grunts. Yang takes the pillow of her face, and lays next to her.

"Well, what about Jaune?" She suggests. He's pretty…nice. That's a friend added! Plus Ben as well!"

"Weiss basically cancels all of that out though." Ruby replies with a stale sound in her voice. "Minus 100…"

"Eh, then that just means you've made two friends, and an enemy. Nothing that can't be helped." Ruby pouts, and throws another pillow at her sister, who catches it this time.

Yang sighs, and leans with her arm. "Look, it's only been one day sis. You've got plenty of time to make friends. You already got a few of them today, so you're already starting to adapt to the school life. And for all of those other friends, well…you just haven't met them yet, ya know?"

The two lay down on their sleeping bags for a moment as Ruby takes her words into meaning. I mean, she was technically right. She already made friends with Ben and Jaune, and plus, it was only the first day. She had plenty of time to do stuff.

"…I guess." She mumbles to herself, so softly that Yang couldn't hear it. As the quiet room continues to move along, Yang and Ruby hear small footsteps going around them.

"…Hm?" Ruby sits up, and she sees Ben causally walking around the place, and going towards a corner. The lad was dressed in his own nightwear, which was a dark green long-sleeve shirt, and black boy shorts.

"What's up?" Yang sits up as well, and looks in the same direction. Upon seeing Ben, her eyes flicker with a scheme all planned out. "Hey, is that the kid you were talking about?"

"Uhm, yeah?" Ruby wondered what her sister was thinking of this time.

"He looks like…he could use a cuddle!" She squeaks as she gets up. Grabbing Ruby's arm, the girl yelps as she starts to go towards him. What they then noticed was that Blake was a fair bit away from then, sitting next to a small desk that had a lit candle.

"Yang, what're you doing?!" Ruby yells, but not so loud that it disturbs the other people trying to sleep. Yang looks over her shoulder and grins.

"Come on! You can't tell me you're not interested in the reason why someone so young, even younger than you, is here at Beacon right?" She suddenly pulls a thought out. Ruby actually begins to think about it, despite how reluctant she was in coming over.

As Ben comes over near the pajama dressed Blake, he sits next to her as she reads her book. Blake smiles under the cover of her book, but she then glances over once Ben starts to fiddle with the Omnitrix.

"…Ben, what're you doing?" She asks. The boy glances over to her.

"Oh. I'm just checking out some new entries for the Omnitrix. Recently, I got a…redone of the system, which caused some changes." He tries to explain. The girl simply looks at the watch like device, but soon goes back to her reading.

Ben presses a few buttons on the Omnitrix, and some beepings were heard as he tries to input some manual commands. Carefully putting in a specific one, Ben then waits for some kind of response, but…

"This function is not available." The Omnitrix AI voices off with a low volume. Ben frowns, and tries to input the same code again, but only to get the same response.

After trying a few more times, Ben groans in irritation. 'Stupid recalibration got rid of the Master Control… Oh well. Let's check the new aliens.'

Prior to this, Ben had tried to access the various changes the Omnitrix provided since its recalibration process. As he went through the data log, the system had told him that the number of selectable genetic entries increased by ten from his previous count of aliens.

Activating the Omnitrix, as the core spun out, he tapped a few more buttons, which then brought out a dark green screen of data.

"Alright… Genetic Display is on… Let's check out these new entries." He then looks down at the device.

"Omnitrix, display data entries enabled after system recalibration, Code 10." He utters clearly into the device. The Omnitrix beeps periodically to the keywords, and as he says the last of it, a small beep of confirmation was heard.

"Displaying genetic entries unlocked subsequent to recalibration process." The AI responds. A few moments later, the Omnitrix dial pops back in, spins a few times, and then pops back out. Shortly after, a hologram of an unfamiliar species of alien appears.

"Hm…" Ben observes this new form. It had a blob like body, and was composed of dark green mud. Looking to the display, Ben read off the traits of this species.

"Let's see…" He starts.

"Genetic Sample: ID: Lenopan"

"Native to the planet Squalor (taken from the latin word for grime)."

"Basic traits include: Shapeshifting, Elasticity, Liquification, Size Alteration, Regeneration, Sludge Projection, and Voice Changing."

"Oh… That's pretty cool." Ben blinks in surprise.

"What's pretty cool?"

Looking up, Ben sees Yang and Ruby looking above him. Ben yelps, and quickly deactivates the Omnitrix. The blonde giggles as Blake lowers her book.

"Ah, you're so adorable!" She crouches in front of him. Ben blushes from seeing the older girl, and glances at Ruby, as if asking 'who is this!'.

"Uhm, sorry Ben. This is my older sister, Yang." She gives him a sympathetic chuckle. Yang checks the boy out, nodding every so often.

"Fluffy brown hair; check. Adorable emerald eyes and perfectly smooth skin; check, check!" She lists off. Blake merely shakes her head as she goes back to reading. Ben practically groans upon seeing her desire to stay out of this conversation.

'Blake, you traitor…!' He whimpers inwardly. Blake turns away.

"Hey, what's that watch you got there? That looks pretty cool." Yang says as she sits cross legged in front of him. Ben opens his mouth, but he fails to utter out any words. Ruby notices this, and pulls the blonde back a little as she sits down as well.

"Yang, can't you see you're making him uncomfortable? Give him a little room for crying out loud!" She scolds her. Yang realizes how cherry Ben's face was, and how it basically cooled off as she got further from his face.

The two wait for a moment, and he finally regains his composure.

"Er… I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Ben, Ben Tennyson." He starts. "This…is just a little gadget from back home. I'm not from around here…"

"Are you from another Kingdom?" Yang asks. He shakes his head.

"I'm from outside the Kingdoms." The two then soften their faces.

"Oh… Sorry. I didn't know." The blonde apologies while scratching her head. Ben waves it off. "It's fine, it's fine."

Ruby then notices Blake. "Oh, you're the girl that came with Ben." Hearing her words, Yang nudges her to introduce herself.

"Uhm… I think I told you my name before, but let me introduce myself properly this time. My name's Ruby Rose. Nice to meet you!" She says as she sticks her hand out for a handshake.

Blake merely stares at her hand like a cat usually does to people. "…Okay."

Ben frowns a bit, giving the cat girl a confused face. 'And you thought I was being awkward at first? Come on, no fair Blake…'

Yang whispers into Ruby's ears. "The hell are you doing girl?!"

"I don't know, help me!" She whispers back in a frantic matter. Ben watches as Yang rolls her eyes, but then looks back at Blake.

"So… What's your name?" She asks with an attempt at be casual. Blake eventually moves her eyes off from her material and briefly at Yang's eyes.

"…Blake." She simply answers again with a monotone voice." Yang then motions to herself with an enthusiastic smile.

"Well Blake, I'm Yang! I'm Ruby's older sister! I…like your bow! Are…you Ben's brother or something?" She suddenly asks, making the cat girl's eyes widen a bit as she does a spit take. The two girls notice her face heating up a bit.

"Why does everyone think that…?" She mutters, but then looks back up. "We're…not related. When Ben came into Vale, I took him under my wing, and when I decided to apply for Beacon, I also decided to bring him along."

"But…he's even younger than me, and I'm only 15." Ruby states with confusion. "Er, Ben? How old are you?"

As the boy attempts to temper with the Omnitrix once more, he quickly turns back to Ruby. "Oh-Uh, I'm 12. My birthday was in late December."

"Anyways…your bow goes great with your pajamas!" Yang suddenly breaks the ice, albeit in an awkward way again. Blake's eyes slowly droop back to her book.

"…Right." She replies in one worded responses. Ben sighs as he scoots next to her.

"Blake, you're doing it again." Ben notes the girl. She narrows her eyes slightly, but bumps her body into a more comfortable position.

"…Yeah, this girl's a lost cause." Yang decides. Ben chuckles sarcastically, but Ruby then looks down at her book.

"What's that book's name?" She asks, and suddenly, Blake becomes interested. Ben's surprised that Ruby found the cat girl's weakness for books, much like his interest for weapons and the like.

"Huh?" She asked with a bewildered look on her face.

"Your book. Does it have a name? What's it about?" She continues with curiosity in her voice. Blake blinks, and lifts her book slightly.

"Well… It's about a man with two souls, each fighting for control over his body." Blake explains the summary of the current work she was reading.

"Yeah… That's real lovely…" Yang glances away with a pretend smile. Ruby however smiles as she walks a bit closer to Blake.

"Yeah, I love books. Yang used to read to me every night before bed. Stories of heroes, monsters… That's one of the reasons why I want to be a Huntress" She tells the cat girl. Blake actually giggles a bit.

"Oh? And why is that? Is it because you're hoping you'll live happily ever after?" She actually asks, now starting to have a bit of interest despite have a mocking tone in her voice. Ben silently gives Ruby a thumbs up for making Blake engage in a conversation as she continues.

"Well, I'm hoping we all will." Ruby giggles as she starts to fidget with her fingers. "Because… Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books. Someone who would fight for what's right, and who would protect people who couldn't do so themselves."

The answer was actually something Blake didn't expect, so she gives the girl the attention she wanted, and lowers her book, much to Ben's surprise.

"That's…very ambitious for a child. I can't say it's a bad one, but unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale." She then says. Ben mentally face palms upon her attempt at disrupting Ruby's ideas and dreams of her future, but the girl remains unaltered.

"Well…maybe that's why we're here then. To make sure that fairy tale becomes a reality." Ruby suggests. The girls actually contemplate about her words, and Ben thinks of a thought.

'Maybe it's the job of Huntsmen and Huntresses to bring the people out of fear. To have them provide hope and have them realize that there's still a good nature of the globe that's not so corrupted.' An innocent hum goes through his person.

He then looks back at the group, but they all seemed to be looking at him instead, making him raise an eyebrow. He looks around for a moment, and he hides his face in embarrassment as it finally dawned on him.

"That was a nice interpretation. Good job, Ben." Blake suddenly says with a cute smile, petting Ben's head. He mumbles some incomprehensible things.

"...I said that out loud, didn't I?" He mutters. Yang grins, and grabs him into a bear hug.

"Aren't you the most adorable thing?" She giggles. Ben squirms in her grasp, and Blake suddenly feels a tug at her chest. She didn't like how close and touchy she was getting with Ben.

Before she could do anything though, Ruby pulls her sister off the boy and tries to wrestle her away. "Yang, Ben's not a body pillow!"

The two get into a comedic fight that ends up generating a dust cloud. Blake scoots next to Ben, shaking him away from Yang's charming grasp. The boy lays motionless for a second, but then breathes back into reality with a gasp.

As the two continue their bickering, Weiss starts to come over with an annoyed expression on her already tired face. Her pajamas consisted of a sky blue blouse, and her hair was untied, allowing it to flow down her back freely.

"Gah! What in the world is going on over here?! People are trying to sleep!" However, as her eyes start to adjust to the dark, she recoils back a little upon seeing the people who she was yelling at.

Yang and Weiss glare and point at each other.

"Oh no, not YOU AGAIN!"

Ruby quickly brings a fingers to her lips in fear of the other people. "Shh! Guys, she's right! People are trying to sleep!"

"Oh, now you're on my side." Weiss remarks. By now, Ben recovered, and after shaking his face, he looks forward to see the three girls. Sighing, Ben droops a little.

"Yang, you're being a little too hot headed. And Weiss, can you try to be ice cold about this, please?" He says to them. Yang frowns, and Weiss tries to interpret his words.

"Hey, that pun's no fair! Alright, you're on!" She then grins as she sits next to Ben. Weiss's face shows an expression of shock, and Ruby merely bows in apology.

"I'm sorry. Knowing Yang, they'll probably be at it for a while… I guess you can wear earplugs while you sleep?" She hopes that satisfies her. Weiss looks at her for a second, and then sighs while shaking her head as she starts to walk away.

"This is turning into one cold night." She unintentionally punned. As Yang and Ben start their pun war, Blake giggles, and blows out the candle. The two would go at it for not even ten minutes, before crashing down to slumber…

The next day…


Ben suddenly sits up, having cold sweat dripping down his face. His sudden yelp happens to wake up Yang, who moans a bit as she slowly sits up. Rubbing her eyes, she flinches upon seeing Ben's scared expression.

'Those eyes… They remind me when Ruby's mom died.' Yang glances at her sleeping sister. Looking back at Ben while slowing laying back down, she hopes to learn about the youngster's problem and maybe help as time passes.

Breathing heavily, Ben shakes his head, slapping his cheeks to get rid of the goosebumps. Looking around, he notices that it was nearing dawn. He looks next to him, and notices that Blake wasn't around. Getting up, after he packs his sleeping back, he makes his ways to a nearby room. A unisex locker room at that.

What he didn't know though was that two people witnessed his little episode.

One was a teenage girl with short orange hair and turquoise eyes. Her clothing was a mix and match of some sort, with different colors and themes. She wore a collared black vest that ends at her waist. Her signature emblem, a hammer with a lightning bolt, was located found on the back. Under the vest were two layers of clothing, colored red and light-blue respectively.

Underneath was a white sleeveless top that forms a tiny heart shape between her cleavage and collarbone, with a white detached sleeve on each arm. She wears matching fingerless gloves on each hand. She sports a pink skirt that starts at the waist and ends mid-thigh. Her shoes are a mix of pink and white with pink laces, displaying her emblem on their soles.

The other was a male teenager with long black hair tied into a ponytail that ends midway down his back. There was a magenta streak on the left side of his hair. His eyes matched the streak in his hair, and his clothing appeared to be influenced by Chinese culture.

His clothing consisted of a dark green, diagonally-buttoned, long-sleeved tailcoat that was red on the inside, with black and gold trimming and pink cuffs. The trimming went down the right side of his torso and formed into a black collar. He also a black long-sleeve under his suit, light tan pants and black shoes.

"Hey, Ren?"

"Yes, Nora?"

"Did you see that?" She asks, with Ben clearly in mind. Ren nods.

"I wonder what caused him to have that nightmare." Nora wonders. The magenta eyed teen wonders as well.

"Perhaps a memory of an experience with the Grimm." He mutters. Nora turns to him, and after a moment, he rubs his face away of sleep. "Well, that, or something else."

"But a kid like him, in the school? His parents must've been close with some of the teachers, or that must've been a relative of one of them and he lost his family." She guesses with a somber tone.

"Possibly. I guess we can watch over him, and maybe ask him what's wrong after getting to know him." Ren plans. Nora grins with approval as they begin to clean up their area.

Time passes, and Ben is shown being with Blake inside the locker rooms. The day was currently onto the next, which was the day of the initiation test. The students taking the test were assigned to a locker located in a unisex locker room, complete with washroom utilities. After the students ate, they spent the time after to prepare for the test. Each was given a locker to store their weapons, and any armor.

"I think you should use a rag instead of a q-tip, Blake." Ben advises. Blake gives the boy a deadpan look as she wipes the bladed part of Gambol Shroud. She wasn't going to change her mind, so Ben decided to leave the stubborn cat girl alone.

Walking further into the locker room. Ben starts to hear Weiss's voice. Peeking around a corner of lockers, he sees her talking to a girl with red hair worn in a waist length ponytail, and had light green eyeshadow around her green eyes. As a top she wore a brown overbust corset with a vertical strip of lighter brown in the centre. Additionally Pyrrha wore an elastic, black, A-line miniskirt and brown opera-length gloves on both arms, and additionally, she wore a red, ankle length sash that wrapped around her skirt.

There was a small circular bronze plate by her right hip opposite two pouches with both connected to a belt. A brown circlet adorned with a pair of small, green, teardrop-shaped emeralds on thin chains. She also sported a large bronze gorget around her neck, and a bronze bracelet on the upper half of her left arm.

"So, Pyrrha have you given any thought to whose team you would like to be on?" Weiss asks the girl in a very polite matter. "I'm sure everyone must be eager to have an opportunity to unite with a strong, well known individual, such as yourself."

Ben could tell Pyrrha was a bit hesitant to answer that question, as if all the good talk about her made the armored girl unsettled.

"Hm… Well, I'm not quite…sure." She answers. "I was planning on letting the chips fall as they would, and letting nature take its course."

"Well, I was thinking, maybe we can be on a team together." She goes for the killing blow. Pyrrha seemed to know what she was trying to do, but in order not to sound rude, she opens her mouth to voice her words, queueing Ben to come in.

"Uhm, excuse me? Does someone know where locker 340 is?" Ben peeks from the corner, interrupting Pyrrha and Weiss's talk. The snow girl grunts in slight annoyance, and Pyrrha seemed to breathe an ever so small sigh of relief.

"Oh… Hey Weiss. Who's this?" Ben approaches the duo. Pyrrha recognizes Ben from the ceremony, and introduces herself to him.

"My name is Pyrrha Nikos. A pleasure to meet your acquaintance." She bows slightly. Ben nods. "Ben Tennyson, likewise."

"Great. You don't even know who she is prior to this? Why'd they let a kid in for…?" Weiss mumbles.

"You know what else is great? Me, Jaune Arc. Nice to meet you." Jaune suddenly enters. Ben face palms, as he was about to ruin the break he gave Pyrrha.

"You again?" Weiss folds her arms and gives him a dirty look.

"Nice to meet you, Jaune." Pyrrha tries to greet him, but he pushes her out of the way, moving next to Weiss.

"Hey, overheard that little talk about me the other day ya know." He starts off with a 'confident' phrase. Ben face palms again. Weiss rolls her eyes as well.

"You have got to be kidding me." She says. Pyrrha looks at the scene, and tries to break the tension.

"Actually, I think the teams are comprised of 4 individual students each, so—"

"—yep, you don't say. Maybe if you're lucky hot-stuff, if you play your cards right maybe you can join the winning team—"

"—Jaune. Jaune please, restrain yourself." Both Ben and Weiss actually do this, surprising each other as they stand between the two.

Facing the blonde, Weiss sighs once more. "Jaune, is it? Do you have any idea who you're talking to?" She asks. Jaune raises an eyebrow.

"Not in the slightest, Snow Angel." He says. Ben would've shot him with the Mundvridi if he could. Weiss gives him a deadpan look, and then gestures to Pyrrha.

"This, is Pyrrha." She introduces her. Said girl quickly gives another hello to the two boys as she continues. "She graduated top of her class from Sanctum."

"Never heard of it." Jaune quickly replies. Ben gives the boy a livid frown, as the quick answer surprises Weiss a bit.

"Ah! Then you've heard that she's won the Mistral Tournament 4 years in a row…which is an all-time new record?" She goes for the second prestigious achievement. But…

"The what?" He simply replies. Weiss was about to break a blood vessel, so…

"She's on the front of every Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes box!" She yells, and this time, Jaune reacts with awe. Ben however.

"...Okay, that…actually crosses my mind." Ben finally enters the talk again. "I've actually never heard of Pyrrha or that cereal."

"WHAT?! You've never heard of Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes?!" Jaune shakes the boy. "Where have you been living, underneath a rock or something?!"

"Aaaaaaah…!" Ben eventually gets released, with Pyrrha supporting him. After shaking his head, he sighs once more.

"Well, I guess you can say that. I'm not from any of the Four Kingdoms after all." He says, much to the surprise of all three of them.

"Wait, what do you mean by t—"

"Would all first year students please report to Beacon Cliff for initiation? I repeat, may all first year students please report to Beacon Cliff for initiation."

Glynda's voice interrupts their talk, and a majority of the students start to exit the locker room. Ben quickly dashes away to his locker, leaving Jaune, Pyrrha, and Weiss together.

"Um, it was nice meeting you!" Pyrrha waves at Jaune as she starts to run out of the room. Weiss follows shortly, leaving Jaune alone.

"Yeah, likewise…" He mumbles. "…Oh crap, I think I made a mistake."

"Ya think?" Ben says as he quickly returns back.

Jaune notices he was now wearing a different set of clothes. Said clothes consisted of a green one-sleeved jacket that had grey linings on the collar. He wore a black shirt underneath. Wearing a pair of grey pants with black stripes, he kept his sneakers. The Mundvridi was strapped around his upper body, with an additional belt around his waist that contained a variety of pouches.

"Come on, we need to get going!" He says, running off to the exit. Jaune stumbles to his feet, and gives chase.

"Wait for me!" He yelps… Here we go!

Approximately an hour later…

"I see you are all here now."

As Ozpin says that, Ben gives the old man an unsure look. The main point of his new clothes was to hide the Omnitrix, or at least cover it up. As everyone approaches Beacon Cliff, Ozpin nods.

"For years, you all have trained to become warriors." He starts as he takes a sip from his coffee mug. Many people were wondering why he was drinking coffee at a time like this, but naturally, a majority were confused as to why Ben, a child, was currently with them.

"And today, your abilities will be evaluated in the Emerald Forest." He points down to the forest right beneath the cliff. Glynda then steps forward with her screen.

"Now, I'm sure many of you have heard rumors about the placement and assignment of your teams, and so, let us alleviate you about that thought, and put an end to your confusion." She starts.

"Each of you will be given a teammate… Today."

"Eh?" Ruby squeaks. Ozpin coughs.

"These teammates will be with you for the rest of your time here in Beacon. We recommend and say that it is your best interest to be paired with someone with whom you can work well with." Oz starts. Once again, Ruby makes a scared noise.

"And, that being said, the first person you come into eye contact with after landing will be your partner for the next four years." He finishes. He smiles at Ruby's psyche shattering to many pieces.

"Ha, I told ya!" Nora says as she turns to Ren. The magenta eyed teen simply shrugs.

"After you've partnered up, make your way towards the northern end of the forest. And just to let you know, you will be facing opposition today. Whether they be Grimm, or anything else, do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path that gets in the way, because otherwise…"

"…You will die."

Both Jaune and Ruby gulp.

"You will be graded for and through the duration of the initiation. However, our instructors will not intervene." Oz mentions. "At the end of the forest's path, you will find an abandoned temple which contains several relics. Each pair must choose one, and then return to the top of the cliff. That item will be regarded, as well as your standing. That, is what we'll grade you with." He finishes.

Oz takes a moment to let everyone sink that info in, and then he takes another sip of coffee.

"Now, are there any questions?" He asks. Immediately, Jaune raises his hand.

"Yeah, um sir—"

"Good! Now, take your positions!" Oz ignores Jaune.

On Beacon Cliff, there were sixteen launch pads. The last one was Jaune, who stood next to Ruby. The order consisted of the following after him and Ruby: Yang, a teen covered in armor Ben, Ren, Nora, a teen with gray hair, Pyrrha, Weiss, Blake, and six others.

"So uh, this thing sir… I have a question." Jaune asks as the catapults start to get launched.

"So, this landing strategy thing uh, w-what is it? Are you like dropping us off or something?" He stutters as he watches Blake and Weiss get launched off. Ozpin sips his coffee.

"Nope. You're falling down into the forest, simple as that." Ozpin answers as Pyrrha launches into the air.

"O-Oh, I see. D-do we parachutes or anything by any chance?" His voice starts to get a higher pitch as he asks that question. Once again, Ozpin shakes his head.

"Weeeeeeeeeeee!" Nora happily yells as she and the gray haired youth get launched into the forest. Jaune's face gawks from her enthusiastic response.

"Nope. You'll be using your own landing strategy." Oz answers.

Ren turns to Ben. "Hello there. My name is Lie Ren. The girl with the hammer was Nora Valkyrie, a friend of mine." He introduces himself. Ben nods.

"Likewise. Ben Tennyson, nice to meet you." Ben said as he and Ren get launched.

Ren smiles, and he slips his weapons into his sleeves. They were a pair of green FAMSPs, or Fully Automatic Machine Scythe Pistols. The name of these weapons were StormFlower.

And to be precise, Nora's weapon of choice was a DAWH, or also known as a Dual Action War Hammer named Magnhild. As the description said, it contained two forms, one was the hammer, while the other was a grenade launcher. Ben was reminded of a Nordic like feel from the orange haired girl.

Jaune chuckles nervously. "Ah… Yeah." The armored teen gets launched, and Yang winks at Ruby as she puts on a pair of aviator glasses.

"Time to ride~~~!" Yang sings as she and Ruby get launched. Jaune starts to sweat as his turn comes up.

"So, um, what exactly is a land strateGYAHAHAHAHAH!" Getting flung into the air, he screams like a sissy as he proceeds to follow the rest of the students.

Ozpin chuckles as he turns around. As he watches the 16 students fly off into the distance, he finishes the rest of his coffee. Tilting his glasses, he gives the group a rather interested smile.

"Now then, how will you all fare? And how shall you, Void Hunter?"

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