Eyes in the Void

- o -

Strange eddy currents of dark matter muddied the clarity of interplanetary space. Ripples and swirls in the ether that seemed at once well-defined and blurry - there, and yet, not there. The currents seemed to trace the outline of a colossal, winged form, many times the size of Earth's moon.

Nearby, an ultra-long-range satellite picked up the approaching disturbance on a near-collision course . In accordance with its programming, it fired its manoeuvring thrusters, bringing its sensorium array to bear. As the distortion came ever closer, gigabits of data were captured, analysed. A stream of compressed burst transmissions pierced through the growing EM disturbance and into the void, its destination a relay satellite several light-minutes away in high orbit.

The maelstrom surrounding the satellite reached a crescendo. Implacably drawn in by buffeting gravitational waves, solar panels were torn off, the chassis buckling, imploding on itself. Then, a blinding flash as the fusion containment vessel gave way. Ionized plasma obliterated all in its wake. Slowly the light faded, and the satellite was gone, reduced down to its component elements.

With no perceptible change in trajectory, the shape continued on its course.

It was heading directly for Earth.

- END -


Behold, I live!

What to say... There has been a lot going on the past twelve months, which I'm not even going to go into. Fuck. This snippet is basically just an acknowledgement that I'm still here, this story still exists, and if fortune should favour I will finally get off my lovely pert backside and start writing it again. Soon. I hope. *grins*

As always... thanks for reading!