The Reason Why

You want to know the reason why

I couldn't let you go?

I'm surprised you had to ask

I thought that you would know


Ninny-Hammer was my name

Never knew what to do

But I know I did one thing right

That day I followed you.


But there must be a reason

What makes devotion strong?

Why did I come this far with you

And travel for so long?


"Don't you leave him Samwise"

I heard Gandalf say

He didn't have to tell me.

I'd have followed anyway.


You always gave me friendship

Though I did not deserve it

Friendships not a random thing

I knew I must preserve it.


I'd lay my life before your feet

I'd wipe up every tear

I'll watch over and protect you

And drive away your fear


There's nothing that I wouldn't do

And now our journeys nigh

I see that you have understood

Love's the reason why


By Michelle Frodo


Hope you enjoyed it. Now please, do me a small favour. I don't think I need say any more.