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Chapter Seventy Six: Discoveries of Loss

"WAIT REALLY?! YUKI AND MOTHER FUYUMI ARE COMING HERE TOMORROW?!" Isamu shouted in shock yet excitement was present in his voice before Yuukan reacted quickly by slapping his hand over his dark green haired pink skinned brother's mouth.

"Don't shout that aloud you idiot!" The future son of Izuku and Momo exclaimed at the Acid and One for All-Quirk user. Seriously did he want to grab everyone's attention and have them hear that or something?

By some miracle most of the others were back in their practicing and thus were too focus on their current activities preparing for the Culture Festival tomorrow to pay attention to what the black suited wearing male shouted for many to hear. The only ones not doing much other than their other siblings who had deadpanned expressions from the shouting of their two brothers were Shouto, who was standing before them informing them of what Isamu shouted out, and Itsuka who blinked in puzzlement, not having heard it correctly despite how she was close by.

"What did he say?" The orange haired Big Fist-Quirk user questioned, tilting her head in puzzlement as Tensai quickly came to help the cover up.

"Nothing! Don't worry about it." The crimsoned armored suited male told her.

Itsuka merely raised an eyebrow from this before accepting that answer for the time being. Wanting to see the dance practicing of some of the Class 1-A students up close, the Class 1-B representative walked over away from the future kids and the Half Cold-Half Hot-Quirk user. Who knows maybe she will learn a thing or two about how to dance herself. Cause honestly she wasn't that good at it if she was going to be honest.

Seeing her walk away and out of hearing got the five future children of Midoriya to relax and breathe a sigh of relief, before Yuukan glared at Isamu who glared back at his mask wearing brother. After all he did not like having someone shove their hand over his mouth thank you very much.

"Uh, anyway, Uncle Shouto, is Yuki and mother Fuyumi really coming tomorrow for the Festival?" Sawako asked once more to make sure that they heard that right from the white and red haired student, who casually nodded back in confirmation.

"My sister called to see if she and my suppose niece could attend. I called Principal Nezu and he was alright with it. So I told them they could, and so they should be here tomorrow." Shouto informed them once again in slightly better detail than he did before. To be honest even though he didn't show it, he was kind of interested to meet Yuki himself in person, wondering what the child of Izuku and his older sister was like. Was she like Fuyumi? Or did she take after Izuku? Or does she have a personality that's completely different?

The future kids were surprised to hear how this arrangement came to be, while at the same time were also excited. Not only will they be reunited with one of their siblings but they will also see mother Fuyumi also.

"This is great! We'll finally reunite with Yuki since we got separated! And we will get to see mother Fuyumi also!" Isamu exclaimed happily, glad to hear that they will be able to see their sister again.

"I already saw them the other day." Suimin reminded them with a grin on her face, as he and mother Nemuri ran into Yuki, mother Fuyumi, Nylocke, mother Ryuku, Sumire and mother Yuu yesterday when they went out to grab a bite to eat.

"Yes we know Suimin, no need to rub it in." Isamu responded to the white suited wearing black haired with a small glare, while the future son of Izuku and Nemuri merely grinned in a cheeky manner in returned, annoying the future son of Izuku and Mina.

Shouto, figuring that since they were talking about his sister, went on to speak up again which grabbed the five future siblings' attention once more.

"May I ask about something?" Todoroki asked, as the five future siblings raised eyebrows in puzzlement, though Yuukan and Tensai's expressions couldn't be seen due to their respective head pieces covering their faces.

"About what Uncle Shouto?" Sawako replied back in confusion.

"Since my sister ends up with Midoriya, can I ask how exactly did that happen? Since you all seem to not mind sharing secrets about yourselves or about your father's relationships with those he ends up with, I'm curious as to how they managed to start dating." Shouto requested to know, curios as to how his older sister ended up with his friend and classmate.

'We never meant to share who we are and our parents' history to everyone.' Yuukan wanted to say but didn't, knowing that it was futile to complain about their current situation about constantly letting things slip for everyone of this time period to hear and learn about.

Suimin was the one to speak first, willing to answer their Uncle's question about how mother Fuyumi and father Izuku first met and how they started to get closer.

"Oh that's easy," The black haired white suited teen went on to share, planning on telling him the same thing he told his mother yesterday about how their dad and Yuki's mom got together, "Now this is simply going on by what we were told, but the two just happened to ran into one another while shopping for whatever. They had a small chat before a random villain showed up and started to cause chaos all around. Since no other Pro-Hero was around our father took action and took the bad guy down, but not without being injured and saving mother Fuyumi from having a building collapse down upon her. Seeing the heroic action to save her, mother Fuyumi decided to spend more time with dad and, well, the rest is history I suppose."

The other future siblings smiled as they too remembered being told by their parents how they all met, which included how mother Fuyumi met and started to fall for their dad. Shouto was surprised to hear this. So Midoriya saved her life and they hit it off from there? That's what he got from that. Sounds like something that would come out of those Harem Manga that has the main guy save one of the side girls and get her to fall for him from the heroic action. At least he assumed it was like that, since he didn't really read that kind of stuff.

As this conversation was happening, the rest of the Staging Team that Shouto is apart of were sitting on the ground going over everything that they have planned to make sure nothing was off. Itsuka was near them now after looking and analyzing the dancers, curious to see how those who would plan the staging part of the upcoming musical performance by Class 1-A were doing.

"So Aoyama is going to be like a disco ball?" Kendou questioned, finding that a bit interested to hear. It was creative for sure; she will give him and the others that.

"Yeah, it was Mina's idea to corporate an idea like that. She kind of gave ideas for a few other things we also plan for the performance." Sero informed the orange haired female from Class 1-B.

"Huh, that's interesting to hear." The Big Fist-Quirk user admitted.

"So we're good to go for everything then?" Koji asked in a slightly nervous tone, since he was always kind of shy for the most part.

"I believe so. We should go over everything before we put it in practice to make sure that we all got it down. So we should make sure Todoroki also knows." Kirishima stated, wanting to make sure that the Half Cold-Half Hot-Quirk user has it down before they try anything else. While the Hardening-Quirk user highly doubted that the white and red haired teen forgot anything since he was pretty serious about remembering anything important, the red head wanted to be safe.

"I can go get him for you if you want." Itsuka offered, as the others smiled at her from her offer.

"Thanks Itsuka, that will do." Eijiro thanked the orange haired girl, who smiled back at the red head male before she turned around and walked towards where Todoroki and the five future kids of Izuku were at, leaving the Staging Team to their own devices.

Itsuka had a smile on her face as she closed in on the six, who were still in their usual spot chatting about who knows what.

'I wonder what they are talking about.' Kendou couldn't help but thought to herself as she closed in, slowly getting into ear shot to overhear what they would be saying.

The others, completely unaware of the orange haired Representative of Class 1-B approaching them, continued their conversation without a care towards Shouto, who continued to ask questions about the kids and their parents as they answered them, figuring there was no issue since Todoroki was asking pretty normal questions.

"Yuki almost set the park on fire?" Shouto questioned with a raised eyebrow, as he was learning a bit more about his niece and how one of her quirks first appeared.

"Yeah, it was pretty funny when looking back on it." Isamu told him, recalling how their whole family went into a panic all while they tried to put the fire out to prevent it from spreading to the rest of the park.

"...You all sound like you were quiet chaotic during your younger years." Shouto couldn't help but point out, getting the five future kids to chuckle slightly.

"Yeah… we were kind of crazy back then. It's not entirely our fault though, it's not like we knew our quirks were manifest during those moments." Sawako informed the white and red haired son of Endeavor.

"Yep, like this one time when our brother Kenichi first manifested his Titan Arms quirk when he tried to swat a fly with his hand. He ended up enlarging his entire hand and completely smashed the dining table. Ah… I miss those days." Suimin shared with a content sigh. Gosh he wished things could have remained so simple, so carefree and innocent.

Shouto looked puzzled from hearing this.

"Huh, that sounds similar to Kendou's own quirk does it not?" He noticed the similarities, since it sounds like this Kenichi guy who was clearly one of their still missing siblings have similar abilities to enlarge their hands.

"Oh that's because Itsuka is Kenichi's mom and one of our mothers. Kenichi's Titan Arms quirk does more than enlarge his hands tho- OW!" Isamu shared and went on to explain.

At least he was before he was cut off by Yuukan who punched the back of his head, getting the future son of Izuku and Mina to shout in slight pain and clutch his now sore head with both hands. Yuukan and the others aside from Suimin meanwhile had tick marks on their foreheads.

"Isamu what the f**k?! You're not supposed to reveal that!" Tensai shouted at his black suited dark green haired pink skinned brother. Because of that now Shouto knows who another of their mothers was and thus who would end up with their father.

"Oh? Kendou is one of your mothers?" Shouto asked in slight surprise, not expecting the orange haired female to be one of Izuku's lovers. If he recalled, the confirmed girls who would end up being with Izuku in the future were Ochaco, Mina, Midnight, his older sister Fuyumi, Nejire, and Mei. Now Itsuka was among them? 'That's seven girls Midoriya gets with. How many women does he end up having? I should just ask them that.'

Yuukan, Sawako and Tensai sighed in defeat as they slump their shoulders, seeing it was too late to try to cover it up. Not like it would have done much though even if they tried.

"Yeah… she is one of our mothers." Yuukan admitted, seeing yet another thing they didn't want to let anyone else know get found out.

"At least she wasn't around to hear that though. Who knows how she would react to finding that out." Tensai tried to lighten the mood with a grin on his face, though his bulky helmet made it impossible for anyone to see.

Shouto merely gave them a blank expression, which naturally puzzled the five future siblings before him.

"…What?" Suimin asked in confusion, not understanding why their uncle was giving them such an expression.

Todoroki continued to give them the same blank expression… before the realization kicked in as their eyes widened in a comical manner while donning poker faces.

"…She's right behind us isn't she?" Sawako responded, having the same expression.

Shouto merely nodded, getting the five siblings to slowly turn around behind them.

And like what they expected to see, a now surprised yet extremely red faced Kendou was now standing right behind them, completely shocked from what she just found out. The others could have sworn they saw her shaking slightly also from the shock and embarrassment of what she just discovered.

"W… Wha… What…?" Itsuka could barely stutter out, steam emitting from her forehead as her brain slowly processed what she just heard, as well as making the connection about Izuku's reaction to her from earlier after her talk with Momo, 'I'm… I'm one of Izuku's lovers?! I end up having a… a kid with him?! Is that why he looked so nervous around me earlier?!'

It was getting too much for the orange haired female to bear as her mind was slowly shutting down from the shocking and embarrassing knowledge of her learning that she ends up with Izuku also and has a kid with him. And before anyone knew it…


Kendou was out cold, steam still emitting from her head while her face was still beet red like the color of an apple.

The five future kids and Shouto merely looked at the now fainted orange haired girl, with either poker faces or blank expressions, with no one else noticing since they were too far away from the group and were still busy doing their own things for their upcoming performance for tomorrow.

"…We're really awful at keeping secrets aren't we?" Isamu questioned, his gaze not leaving the fainted form of the Class 1-B Representative.

"No sh*t Sherlock." Was Yuukan's simple answer to his brother.


"I'm so excited!" Yuki exclaimed happily, as the mostly white with traces of red and green haired future daughter of Izuku and Fuyumi was running happily around the house full of energy with no signs of stopping.

Fuyumi couldn't help but sweat drop from seeing the sight, as the oldest daughter of Endeavor was sitting on the couch in the main living area of the building while watching her future daughter running around the residence with no signs of slowing down. It was clear that being given the okay to go to the Culture Festival tomorrow thus having the chance to meet some of her other siblings that she got separated from a while back once more, not to mention being able to meet her father there also.

'Ah right, I'm going to meet him tomorrow officially huh?' Fuyumi thought to herself, unsure on how to feel about that. While she knew that she would have to eventually meet the dark green haired hero in training face to face eventually, she didn't think it would be so soon.

As she continued to think about that, she grew more and more nervous, as slight sweat started to form on her head as worry grew in her.

'What if I mess something up and embarrass myself in front of Midoriya? Not to mention in front of my little brother and everyone else there? I don't want to make a fool out of myself! And what if I just make things awkward between us? What if I end up making him feel uncomfortable? What if my breasts aren't large enough for him to like-?' Fuyumi found herself delivering a slap to her own face as her own eyes bugged out in a comical manner, 'WHERE THE HECK DID THAT THOUGHT COME FROM?!'

Steam emitted from her head while her face was as red as the crimson streaks in her hair, covering her face with her hands out of embarrassment.

'Great, now I'm becoming a pervert…' She thought in a depressing manner. Maybe the fact that she and other women end up sharing one guy and how they had his kids numerous times got the more… adult ideas… to start forming and taking over. She did always like to have a large family of her own one day, and it seems like it would be accomplish with Izuku. Her mind couldn't help but slowly wonder how good it must have felt when they did the deed to have children with him, she wondered if he was really that good in the bed-, 'DANG IT THERE I GO AGAIN!'

"You okay mom?"

"GAH!" Fuyumi jumped in shock before she crashed directly onto the floor and onto her butt, as a now present Yuki who was no longer running all over the place merely blinked in confusion from the sudden action her mother made.

'Huh, déjà vu.' The future daughter of Izuku and Fuyumi thought, recalling something like this happening before after she had her talk with Grandpa Enji. Pushing that to the side, she figured she would speak up, "You alright there mom?"

After calming down and recovering from her rather embarrassing moment, Fuyumi got back up and sat back onto the couch as her face was still red with an expression of embarrassment.

"I'm… alright. I guess I'm just nervous for tomorrow that's all." Fuyumi admitted, figuring that she would at least share that with her future daughter.

"Oh," Yuki responded before a smile formed on the mostly white haired female's face, "I can understand why, since it's going to be the first time you will see dad. Don't worry, I'm sure once you meet him than all of your worries will vanish."

"Are you sure? What if I do something and make it awkward?" Fuyumi asked. If she was going to apparently meet the love of her life there she didn't want to make it uncomfortable between them.

'Nah I doubt it. If anything your awkwardness will help him be more at ease with you. I remember how you and my siblings' other mothers would tell us how he was pretty shy and awkward with women." Yuki informed her, surprising her a little bit from hearing this.

"He is?" She asked to make sure, as her future daughter nodded in confirmation.

"Yep! Trust me; you will have nothing to worry about. I bet the two of you will hit it off quite well." Yuki assured her mother, who did feel slightly better to hear about that.

A small smile formed on Fuyumi's face as she heard this. Maybe Yuki was right, the daughter of Endeavor was sure she was just overreaching and over thinking it. She could do this. She was an adult for crying out loud, she can handle anything that gets sent her away. She was going to meet Izuku at the Festival and make it work between them!

"Now if you want to show off then I suggest wearing clothes that will no doubt draw dad's attention. I bet he would love it." Yuki told her with a grin on her face.

And like that the embarrassment returned in full force as steam erupted from Fuyumi's head once again.

"What?!" She exclaimed out loud as Yuki continued to have a cheeky grin on her face.

"Yeah, I'm sure you have some kind of clothing that will definitely show off your figure. I can imagine it now, dad sees it and goes beet red in the face! I remember you telling me how you and our other moms would wear clothing that showed off yourselves that got dad to get flustered easily. Then maybe after the Festival you both can go on a date or something, since I'm sure he wouldn't mind doing something like this after it's over. Oh or maybe-?" Yuki then went on without stop as she fantasized and planned to see how the time between her parents will work out.

'Since when did she become a date planner?!' Fuyumi contemplated in her head as Yuki continued to mutter and say all kinds of things to herself to come up with a plan for both of her parents.

However the sound of the door being opened rather harshly grabbed the two's attention and out of their thoughts and muttering before they saw not only Endeavor rushing into the room but to their utter confusion many police men and women with him also as they spread out over the building.

"What the heck?" Yuki muttered to herself in confusion before she saw her Grandpa head towards the two of them, a look of relief was present on his face.

"Fuyumi, I figured you both would still be alright." Endeavor stated, since he figured his granddaughter from the future would have protected herself and Fuyumi if something did appear to cause harm.

His words got the two to be puzzled once more as they quickly got onto their feet.

"Dad? What's going on?" Fuyumi question, confusion and worry present in her tone.

"I'll explain in more detail on the way, but the two of you need to come with me." Enji told his daughter and future granddaughter, preferring them both to be with him to help keep him at ease in case something did go wrong.

Turning towards a head police guard, he motioned him to spread his forces throughout his property and begin to stay stationed here as the police man nodded before headed elsewhere in the Todoroki residence.

"Grandpa, what is wrong? Did something happen?" Yuki asked, also getting concern and puzzled by the whole thing.

"Yes; and the Shadow Cult is behind it." Endeavor informed her.

That alone got the future daughter of Izuku and Fuyumi to widen her eyes.


'I don't like this one bit.' Nylocke thought to himself in wariness, as he along with Ryukyu, Sumire and Mount Lady were all present in the large chamber surrounded by the high police officials, among them being the Commissioner General himself in the center of the desks around them who stared at the humanoid dragon-like male and his blonde sister with narrow and cautious eyes.

Due to the discovery of an assassin of the Cult apparently being sent to target the families of those who attend U.A., at least that is what they believe from the evidence so far, a meeting was called to discuss further detail about the situation with the future kids present. All they really had to do is basically wait until Endeavor arrives before things can properly begin.

Sumire looked around at the officials before them, glancing at each one sitting behind their desks with narrow eyes. To her, they all gave off a feeling that was really ticking her off, and she did not like it one bit. Not to mention the wary stares she and her brother were receiving from them.

'What's their problem? They're looking like as if we're the enemy they need to watch out for.' The future daughter of Izuku and Yuu thought to herself in bitterness and slight anger, hating it all already. She can understand that due to them being from the future was odd, but it didn't mean that they needed to look at her and her brother like a predator to a prey.

Ryuku and Yuu also couldn't help but notice the tense atmosphere, which was a given considering the situation they all were in with this new discovery of slaughter the Shadow Cult was bringing down upon innocents, more specifically the families of mere students. They didn't really know what to say to try to at least ease the tension one bit, but anything they could think of to say fell from her tongue before they could go through it.

Thankfully it didn't last too long before the doors to the large room opened up, getting practically everyone's attention as Endeavor himself walked into the room, with Yuki and a nervous looking Fuyumi in tow. The sight of their sister got Nylocke and Sumire to widen their eyes, as Yuki did the same when seeing two of her siblings.

"Nylocke! Sumire!" Yuki called out as she ran over towards her brother and sister.

"Yuki," Nylocke started to respond, as the mostly white haired female that was his and Sumire's sister arrived at where they stood, "I take it you know why we're all here right?"

That got a frown to form on the Ice Mists and Hell Flame-Quirk user, having been told on the way here by her Grandpa.

"Grandpa informed me and mother about it. Mother Nejire's family was really killed?" She asked with a sorrowful look, wishing that this wasn't the case.

Both Nylocke and Sumire nodded with frowns on their own expressions, getting Yuki to grit her teeth as she clutched her fists. She couldn't believe it, as sorrow and rage filled her being. Rage not just at the Shadow Cult for their horrific actions but at herself. She should have seen something like this coming, yet she got too all into being in the past and staying with her mother, goofing off and staying at once place that the Cult managed to do such a vile thing.

They were drawn from their small talk as the Commissioner General spoke up, grabbing everyone's attention in the room as they looked at the middle age and serious looking man.

"Endeavor, may I ask why your daughter is here among us? I believe this matter should be discussed between us and the future kids." The man questioned, seeing Fuyumi as a mere innocent civilian who shouldn't hear anything that they would discuss.

While not aimed at her, Fuyumi couldn't help but looked worried as she saw an expression of annoyance and slight anger appear on her father's face before the current Number One Hero calmed himself down before speaking back towards the man behind the desk.

"The enemy is out there plotting to harm those who have connections to U.A., which would include the life of my daughter. She has the right to understand and know the danger that she may be in." Endeavor told him with a stern expression and with a tone that showed that he will not be convinced otherwise.

The Commissioner General sighed from hearing this, but nevertheless didn't argue with it since the Hell Flame-Quirk user did bring up a good point there.

"Very well. Now that we are all together, we have updates on the families after our forces were spread out all around the nation to investigate and keep guard over." He went on to start the talk between the police force and the Pro-Heroes and the future kids present.

As he finished saying that, another of the high officials started to speak up with papers in hand.

"From what was reported and shown, the good news that many of the families of those who attend U.A. High were all accounted for and was safe. Which meant that other than a very few, most of the families are currently safe and are now under watch by police and Pro-Heroes alike." The high official informed those before him standing in the middle before them all. As such, families such as the Bakugous, the Jirous, and the Monomas for example were all accounted for and are now under protection and were safe.

As good as it was to hear that, the words of a very few being exceptions got the future kids and the heroes to worry, while Fuyumi also noticed their choice of words when explaining the reports.

"Other than a very few? So the Cult has managed to get to more than just Nejire's family?" Ryuko questioned with worry in her eyes. As much as she didn't wish to hear more about others who may have lost their lives, the blonde woman knew that they have to know who the other victims were.

"Unfortunately that is true," Another high official took over as he raised papers before him before sharing the details of the papers to those in the room, "A few other families aside from the Hados were found completely butchered in a horrifying manner in their own homes. These victims were the Urarakas, the Ashidos, the Hatsumes, and the Kendous. Four of these families having someone who are in U.A.'s hero courses with the Hatsumes having one in the school's Support Department. From the parents to the children, none were spared by whoever from the Cult was directly behind these attacks that were carried out."

Nylocke, Sumire and Yuki felt their hearts shatter when they heard the other name family victims, their eyes widening in shock and horror while Sumire started to form a few tears in her eyes despite her attempts to fight them back.

"No… not them too…" Sumire muttered in horror, as Nylocke and Yuki gritted their teeth once again and clutched their fists in raw anger.

"So that's their game… targeting those who are part of our family first in their path of slaughter." Nylocke managed to say through gritted teeth, having to hold back from wrecking anything that was close to him to vent his frustrations out from hearing this.

"What about other relatives? Grandparents? Cousins? Uncles and Aunts?" Yuu spoke up, trying to keeper her own anger in check as she tried to get more information from the police officials, hoping that other relatives to those families were alright.

Those hopes were shattered as the high official shook his head; before he went on to explain further.

"It seems like which ever agent of the Cult was behind the slaughter, they made sure to target every member apart of these families. I'm sorry to say it, but for the students of these families they're all basically orphans now." The official stated, though he was slightly sorrowful to admit such a thing.

That shocked the heroes, the future kids and Fuyumi. Not one family member other than the students at the school was spared?

"GOSH F**KING DANG IT!" Yuki roared out without warning, subconsciously activating her Hell Flame quirk as flames emitted all around her, catching everyone by surprised from hearing this, "HOW THE F**K COULD I HAVE BEEN SO BLIND?! I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THEY WOULD HAVE TRIED TO DO SUCH A DIRTY TRICK! I SHOULD HAVE BEEN OUT OF THERE HUNTING THOSE BASTARDS DOWN! YET INSTEAD ALL I DID WAS GOOF OFF AND DID F**K ALL!"

"Yuki! Calm down! Getting mad and blaming yourself isn't going to do anything to fix this!" Endeavor tried to calm his future granddaughter down, knowing that loosing their cool wasn't going to do them any favors.

"Yuki..." Fuyumi muttered in worry, wishing that she could do something to help calm her future daughter down. This was the first time she believed to see her and Izuku's future daughter get so angry during the short time she knew her.

Thankfully, the fire around her calmed down as she deactivated her quirk, yet it was still clear that the mostly white haired female was still greatly upset as she clutched her fists hard once more with enough force to draw blood.

"This… this wasn't supposed to happen. …many of those in our extended family had died years later… they were not meant to die so soon… and not by the hands of those bastards!" Yuki managed to get out of her mouth, taking deep breathes to try to ease her anger and sorrow.

Her words got the Pro-Heroes, Fuyumi and the police officials around her to raise an eyebrow or look surprised. Not meant to die so soon? Did much of those who were apart of the future Midoriya family end up loosing their lives in the future regardless?

Figuring that was something for another time, the Commissioner General cleared his throat, getting the rest's attention once more as he went on.

"We should quick to inform the school about the identities of the other familiy victims; I'm sure the students who were apart of these families will want to know their fate." The Commissioner General offered, figuring that it was currently the best and only thing they could do right now about this whole nightmarish situation.

That however got the three future kids to widen their eyes in fear.

"NO! WE CAN'T DO THAT!" Nylocke shouted out, catching everyone else off guard as their mothers looked the most confused.

"Nylocke, what do you mean we can't? We can't hide this from them, you know that right?" Ryuko told her future son, who gained another frown before looking down towards the ground.

"I know we can't hide it forever… but don't they have a big day tomorrow with some Festival? That's a day for them to be happy and make others smile. A day where they can relax and just be themselves and have fun throughout it all. We can't ruin that. It may be cowardice and shameful to hide something this big from them, but we can't shatter them and their big day tomorrow with this bad news," Nylocke looked up towards the Commissioner General, "You and the police are good at hiding things from the public are you not? I know we can't keep it hidden forever, but please, at least until after tomorrow passes, but until then we can't tell them. Let them be happy and spread that happiness to everyone else attending, don't ruin it, I beg you."

Silence filled the area as Sumire and Yuki were in agreement, knowing that such horrible news would no doubt flat out ruin the Festival and the performance that their father and some of their mothers and others were planning to do tomorrow. Endeavor was just utterly puzzle, did they really want to go out of their way to hide it just because it would ruin the Festival his son and his class would be doing tomorrow?

Eventually, the silence ended as the Commissioner General sighed once more before rubbing his forehead.

"It will be a pain, but if you're so bent on this, we will withhold this information from the school for a while longer. I doubt it will last too long however, but for your own sakes we will try." He told the three future kids. Did he personally like it? Of course not, this information should be given as soon as possible and let the students know of the losses of their families. But just because of that Festival that Nezu was so bent on still having, he will oblige unless anything major changes.

The three future kids smiled softly from hearing this, thankful that the man was at least giving a chance to let those go at least one more day of happiness before bringing the bad news to them.

"Thank you." Nylocke thanked the man.

"Uh… I hate to be a downer, but you know that they will find out eventually right?" Yuu pointed out, knowing that this kind of horrific news won't be able to be hidden forever. Besides what if something happens that has this news be leaked out for those out there in the public to find out regardless.

"I know, but if they can go at least one more day happy and not burden by such loss, then that will be alright with me." Sumire told her mother. It may not make much sense, but for the sake of their time in the Culture Festival tomorrow, they can hide this discovery of loss for a little longer.

Yuu only looked in worry, only hoping that her future daughter and her siblings knew what they were trying to do here.


"What's up with Kendou?" Ojiro asked in puzzlement, as he along with most of the other students noticing the orange haired girl, who woke up not too long from her apparently fainting for some reason looked nervous and embarrassed over something.

"Beats me. Maybe she heard something Yuukan and the others might have said? Shouto did say she fainted when she came over towards them." Satou answered, being just as confused as the Tail-Quirk user was. Sadly Shouto didn't tell them the main reason; since he simply said they were talking about random things.

Right now, everyone was once more taking a break after more dance practice, band practice and practicing for the switch to doing the props with their quirks and themselves like Aoyama being pulled around like a disco ball by Izuku up above for example. Most of them were sitting down to relax and getting some water while others were still on their feet and chatting to one another.

The five future kids of Izuku were seen sitting down in a small circle as they were privately discussing on what to do their own musical performance once Class 1-A was done with theirs, mainly so they can keep quiet about what they just told Shouto and unintentionally Itsuka about her being one of their mothers and thus one of Izuku's future lovers.

Kendou meanwhile was sitting on her own; her face some reason being red as she, like it has been pointed out before, looked embarrassed and nervous over something. But unknown to many, she kept darting her eyes over towards where Izuku was at, who was currently chatting with Ochaco, Mina and Iida about something.

'I can't believe this. I'm one of Izuku's future lovers. I end up sharing him with other women and have his kids. …How did that end up happening?' Itsuka thought to herself as she tried to keep herself calm while keeping an eye on the dark green haired teenager a bit away from her. Sure she would admit that from what she has seen he was a nice guy, and he was kind of cute. And from what Momo told her about him in past conversations he seemed to be someone who one could always count on. And his fluffy hair worked well on him. And his freckles only added to his adorableness. And he did seem to have a very nice body, sure most guys at the school do but something about Izuku's stood out. She couldn't help but wonder how he would look without wearing any of it at all-.

Kendou found herself punching herself in the face as her face got even redder with steam emitting from her head, all while her eyes widened in a wide comical manner.

'HUH?! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!' Kendou shouted in her mind from the rather perverted turn her mind went towards. Gosh dang it what was up with her? She was fine with one moment involving Midoriya but now she can't help but act like a little school girl with a crush! She didn't have a crush on him dang it! …Did she?


The Big Fist-Quirk user nearly jumped into the air in shock before calming down, turning her head to see Momo standing next to her in slight confusion and concern. Seeing that it was just her helped the orange haired female relaxed a bit.

"Oh, hey Momo, what's up?" She asked, as the black haired rich girl looked at her friend from Class 1-B.

"Are you alright? You seem like something is bothering you." Momo pointed out, noticing her whole posture as if she found out something flustering.

'You're not wrong on that,' Kendou thought to herself, before the orange haired girl looked around the two of them, seeing everyone minding their own businesses for the time being, so it looked like she didn't have to worry about anyone eavesdropping on them. Figuring that she might as well tell Momo since she did trust her, the Big Fist-Quirk user started to speak up, "I guess you're right on that guess. Something did kind of came up."

"May I ask what that is? If it's a problem I'm more than happy to try to help you with it." The Creation-Quirk user responded as she took a seat on the ground next to the orange hair female.

"Uh… I don't mean to sound doubtful, but I don't know if you can…" Itsuka trailed off as her face gotten more red due to the situation she was in with a certain dark green haired student, who she took a quick glance at once more.

That merely confused Momo, not sure what it was that was now bothering Kendou that she didn't think she could help her out with it. She didn't have to wait too long though as Itsuka took a deep breathe before proceeding to tell her friend about what she found out.

"You see… I overheard from Midoriya's future kids that… uh…" Itsuka trailed off, loosing her confidence to inform the black haired girl before hardening her resolve once more to finish her words, "It turns out that… I'm one of the… mothers…"

She shut her eyes tight, too embarrassed to see what Momo might react to hearing that, assuming the worse.

However the only thing that came next was a hand being placed on her right shoulder, getting Itsuka to open her eyes and turn her gaze towards Momo, who looked surprised from hearing what Kendou admitted, the Big Fist-Quirk user also noticed what seemed to be… understanding?

"If… if it helps," Momo started to say, her voice being softer with a slight flustered tone being present, "I'm one of the mothers as well."

That got Itsuka to widen her eyes in shock, not expecting hear that from the rich black haired girl.

"Wait, really?" Itsuka managed to keep her voice low and not shout aloud for anyone else to hear, because that would have been awkward if anyone heard that. Or at least she figured it would. But wow, so Momo also ended up being with Izuku and having his kids in the future also?

Momo nodded in confirmation.

"But I'll admit no one else knows that I'm one of them, nor do they know that I will end up being with Izuku along with the other girls." Momo informed her, while Kendou was still surprised to see that Momo was in the same boat as well.

"So… no one knows. Not even Izuku?" Itsuka asked, as Momo also nodded to her question, "Man… well I didn't expect this. It's kind of crazy don't you think?"

"Yeah, I will admit it is rather strange. But… I don't really see it as an issue." Momo admitted, which got Itsuka to look over towards the black haired rich girl with wide eyes once more.

"You don't? But, I don't know, don't you find it weird?" Itsuka couldn't help but ask. She herself was kind of struggling to understand how it would all work. Like, for her she didn't know if she actually liked Izuku in that way or not. Plus, how did they and who knows how many other girls he ends up with agreed to share him and what not?

"I wouldn't say weird, but I will admit it's unorthodox compared to what would be normal. But, from what I have learned from Yuukan and the others, and from what I realized after a talk I had with Uraraka about this subject, if we're all happy, then it shouldn't be a big deal right?" Momo figured, recalling her talk with the Zero Gravity-Quirk user the other day. If they all really did love Izuku and all of them made him happy, and him made all of them happy, then it was worth it in the end wouldn't it?

"I… I don't really know still. I'm not even sure if I even like him in that regard. Sure Midoriya is a nice guy and I will admit he's kind of cute, but is that enough to show that I like him? Plus, considering how most people look down on such a kind of relationship, how would we deal with that?" Itsuka shared with worries with Momo, a small frown forming on her face from saying these words. She didn't mean to sound so negative, but she was just confused from it all.

Momo remained silent for a moment, not sure how to respond to such concerns. After all, before finding out about the future kids and what they have shared with them, she doubted that Itsuka and she herself would even be thinking of something like this when it came to the One for All-Quirk user. But regardless, she knew she had to at least try to give Itsuka a proper answer to help her ease her concern and confusion, even if it was just a little bit.

"Well… try to think of it this way," Momo started to say, getting Kendou to look over at Yaoyorozu with slight confusion and a raised eyebrow, "If you did love someone very much, and yet others think you shouldn't be with them, would you listen to them?"

"What? No of course not! If I love somebody then I will love them no matter what others might say!" Itsuka couldn't help but exclaim, a bit annoyed by the idea of people not wanting her to be with somebody she liked just for some unknown and probably dumb reasons. It wouldn't be like she and the person she loved would be shoving their relationship down the throats of others or anything of the sorts. If people had a problem with her loving someone then they can go screw themselves for all she cared.

"Then it shouldn't be a problem. If we do end up loving him and he loves us, then we shouldn't let others try to tell us how we should feel or how we should act. If others can't accept that or at least be respectful about it, then that's on them." Momo stated, a small smile forming on her own face while her cheeks went a bit red. Recalling the morning and last night when she and Izuku ended up falling asleep with one another got her cheeks to get redder.

Itsuka widened her eyes from hearing that before she relaxed. She guessed Momo was right, if she did really like Izuku in that way to the point that she was willing to share him with others who also like him, then who cares what people thing?

"You're right; I guess we wouldn't care what others thought if us being with him made us happy. But I still don't know if I really like him in that way or not." The orange haired girl still had doubts about being with Izuku. She didn't know if she would be able to really say that she loved him. Sure he was nice and kind, looked cute, had the drive to do what is right, always there for those he cared about when they needed it, was kind of handsome in his own right, and no doubt have a great body that just stood out from other guys-, 'Gosh dang brain don't go there!'

Yeah she guessed she did like Izuku more than just a friend after all if her brain's thoughts were any indication.

"Well, you can try to spend more time and hang out with him. Knowing him I'm sure he wouldn't mind hanging with you." Momo suggested, after all he would no doubt be interested in her quirk and would want to know more about her. Hearing her say that got Itsuka to snap out of her current thoughts and looked back at her friend once more.

"I… suppose that would work." Itsuka agreed, figuring that trying to get closer to the dark green haired male would help her really make sure if her thoughts and suppose feelings for the One for All-Quirk user were genuine or not.

As this conversation was finishing up, back where Izuku, Mina, Ochaco and Iida were talking to one another about their practices for tomorrow so far, the dark green haired male felt his phone start to buss, getting his attention as he look at his pocket where the small device was in.

"Huh?" Izuku muttered in puzzlement, before pulling his phone out to see who was trying to call him.

"Oh, who's calling you?" Mina asked, curiosity in her eyes as Izuku checked who the caller was only to smile when he saw who it was.

"Oh, it's Togata! I wonder what he wants," Izuku wondered aloud; before he quickly went on to answer the call with a smile still on his face, "Hello Togata!" He greeted.

As Ochaco, Iida and Mina looked to see Izuku listening to the blonde male on the other end of the call; they grew puzzled as Izuku's smile dropped form his face as a more concerned expression took over.

"Hold on, slow down please. What happened?" Izuku asked to the third year student on the other end of the call, seeing something was clearly amiss. As he listen to the teen on the other end further, the successor to All Might's expression grew into one of worry and shock, "…I see. I'll be there as fast I can!"

Hanging up, Izuku to the other's growing confusion and surprise didn't say anyhting before bolting off away from everyone else and towards the exit entrance of the gym, ignoring the calls that a few like Ochaco and Iida gave off at him.

This naturally grabbed everyone else's attention, including Momo, Itsuka and of course the future kids as they five future siblings saw their father running as fast as he could in a hurry to who knows where. Naturally, they knew something was amiss.

"What the-? Hey dad, wait up!" Isamu exclaimed at him before he along with Yuukan, Tensai, Sawako and Suimin bolted after their father to wherever he was heading.

"What's going on?" Momo questioned, having no idea what prompted the dark green haired male to bolt off without wring like that. Kendou on the other hand gained a more worried yet stern look.

"I know know, but we should probably go and find out." She suggested to the black hair female, who nodded in agreement before the two bolted off after Izuku and the five future siblings.

Seeing them taking after Midoriya prompted Ochaco and Mina to also take off after the otherse to find out what was going on, as Iida also took off but not before the bluish black haired Class 1-A president shouted out to the others that they would be back later. Not wanting to be left out in case this was something important, Bakugou scoffed before he too took off after them.

As they left, the rest who were left behind merely blinked or looked at one another in puzzlement.

"…What was that all about?" Denki questioned aloud.

Sadly no one had an answer for him.


Tamaki and Mirio were in their dorm building, or more specifically Tamaki's and Nejire's dorm building since Mirio was of another class in the third years, but that wasn't important at the moment. The two males of the Big Three were pacing around the main living area of the building, waiting for Izuku to show up. Since they along with Nejire returned to the school not too long ago, the blue haired girl requested to see Izuku. The two knew why, since he was now her boyfriend and no doubt wanted comfort from him. The two just hoped that Izuku would be here as soon as he could. The rest of Tamaki's and Nejire's class were elsewhere on the school, no doubt trying to prepare for whatever they were going to do for the Festival tomorrow.

'Come on Izuku, get here soon.' Mirio thought to himself in worry. As they stood around here, Nejire continued to suffer alone. No matter what they did, the sorrow and anguish she was going through did not diminish one bit. But he can't blame her. He would be shocked if she wasn't still in sorrow over what happened.

It wasn't right, that something so horrible happened to someone like Nejire. Her parents were dead, and from what Nejire told them she did not have any other known relatives, thus she was practically an orphan now. The two males of the Big Three swore if they ever found the son of a b*tch that caused this they would ensure the culprit paid for what they did to her.

Mirio was snapped out of his thoughts when he and Tamaki heard the door to the building open up only to see Izuku rushing in with a look of worry and concern on his face. Spotting the blonde and indiho haired teens, the dark green haired male ran over towards them.

"Nejire! Where is she?" He asked in worry, having been told what happened through the phone call from Mirio. Not wasting time, Tamaki spoke up getting the One for All-Quirk user to look toward the normally social awkward Manifest-Quirk user.

"She's in her room, second floor third room down." Tamaki informed Izuku, making sure that he knew which room hers was located.

Nodding to this and thanking him, Midoriya headed towards the stairs and headed up to where Nejire was at, wasting no time. He had to make sure that she was alright. That she knew that he was here.

The moment he was seen disappearing to upstairs, the two third years then noticed the others who followed the hero in training busting through the door also, arriving in the dorm building as those of Class 1-A and 1-B widened their eyes to see Mirio and Tamaki.

'Oh, so those are the guys Tamaki mentioned. I wonder which one is Midnight's kid.' Mirio thought as he spotted the future kids, unaware along with Tamaki that they were from the future and were Izuku's kids.

However, he pushed that to the back of his mind for the time being, knowing that there were more pressing matters at the moment as Iida spoke up.

"Togata, Amajiki, I apologize for our sudden appearances, but where did Izuku take off too?" Iida asked, seeing how his classmate and friend came here before they all followed suit.

"He went upstairs, Nejire requested to see him. I suggest that you leave them be for now, Nejire… is going through a lot right now." Tamaki told them, puzzling the group even further.

"Why? What happened?" Itsuka found herself asking, as the five future kids looked at the stairs in worry for mother Nejire, wondering what was bothering her, unaware of the tragedy that has taken her family.

The two third years looked at one another before they sighed, figuring it was best to tell them what happened.

Back with Izuku, the dark green haired male didn't take too long before arriving at his destination, standing right in front of Nejire's dorm room. If the situation had been different, he would probably be a blushing mess due to being in front of and about to go into a girl's room alone with said girl. But that wasn't the case as only concern was on Izuku's mind.

Lifting his hand up, he gently knocked on the door in hope of grabbing the room's occupant's attention.

"Nejire…? It's me, Izuku." Izuku spoke in a soft and gentle tone, not wanting to accidentally upset her even further.

The door to her room opened up and before Izuku knew it he found himself being pulled in by a pair of arms as the door closed shut behind him.

Now, Midoriya founded himself in the middle of the room on the ground with a still tear stained Nejire holding onto him tightly, as if she was afraid that he would disappear and leave her alone if she didn't. Her quiet sobbing being the only thing heard in the air as she buried her face directly into Izuku's chest, curling up towards him as her tears continued to go down her face.

Normally being in such a position would have made his face beat red, but his concern far overpowered his nervousness as he was unable to see, Nejire's face due to her burying it in his chest.

"Nejire…" Izuku softly spoke, not wanting to scare or upset her, which got the blue haired girl to look up towards him.

The moment she did Izuku felt as if his heart shattered by how broken she looked. Tears were streaming down her face and her eyes were red and puffy from crying so much. She looked absolutely miserable. It wasn't right. She's supposed to be happy, not in anguish.

"Izuku…," She barely could mutter out before pulling him closer towards her, her face burying into his chest once more, "I… I'm sorry… f… for dragging you out here… I… I just wanted you here…."

Izuku frowned, concern on his face as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a hug that brought comfort to the Wave Motion-Quirk user as she continued to sob into his chest.

"Don't worry Nejire… I'm here for you…" Izuku muttered towards her, his soft tone holding nothing but worry and love for the older female before him.

Nejire only hugged him harder as the tears continued to fall, with Izuku hugging her back while softly humming a soft tune to her in hopes of helping her calm down. Other than that, no other words were shared. Izuku didn't mind though, knowing that his presence alone, the assurance that he was with Nejire and was here to comfort here, was enough for the blue haired third year student.

He being here for her was all she wanted at the moment. She couldn't help that despite her loss of her family, a part of her mind made her think she was being selfish to hogging Izuku at the moment, knowing that there were other girls that wanted to be with him and spend time with him. But alas her broken mind sought him, needed him.

Nejire could feel the warmth he gave off as they remained hugging one another as they were on the ground of her room, her tears continued to fall while Izuku continuing to hum softly towards her to help her be more at ease, refusing to leave her side. Nejire felt safer, protected in his arms, like he was a angel sent from above to protect and help her in her time of need.

She wanted him to stay with her… just for a little while longer. That was all she asked for.

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Here is the Izuku Harem with their kids next to them, as well as the quirks they have and revealed so far.

Izuku/Ochaco: Sawako (Female)*

Quirks: One For All, ?

Izuku/Mina: Isamu (Male)*

Quirks: Acid, One For All

Magic: ?

Izuku/Himiko: Chino and Chana (Twins. Male and Female)*

Chino's Quirks: Blood Manipulation, Portal Gate, One For All

Chana's Quirks: Fire Breath, Arm Blades, One For All

Izuku/Momo: Yuukan (Male)*

Quirks: Energy Manipulation, ?

Izuku/Fuyumi: Yuki (Female)*

Quirks: Ice Mists, Hell Flame

Izuku/Nejire: Nariko (Female)*

Quirks: Angelic Wings, ?

Izuku/Ryuko(The dragon chick): Nylocke (Male)*

Quirks: Dragon, Water Roar

Izuku/Mei: Tensai (Male)*

Quirks: None

Izuku/Yuu: Sumire (Female)*

Quirks: Gigantification, Atomic Breath

Izuku/Nemuri: Suimin (Male)*

Quirks: Sleep Gas, ?, ?

Izuku/Itsuka: Kenichi (Male)*

Quirks: Titan Arms, Black Mist

* = They have appeared

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