Authors notes

Hi this is my first time making a fic I've always enjoyed reading some the great stories on this site so I thought I would give a go. This fic was inspired and influenced by one my favourite RWBY Fate crossovers called Fate stay Arc by Destaza even though it's not in the crossover section for some reason and it hasn't been update for about two years sadly.

I honestly don't think this will be anywhere near as goods as that story but I wanted to try so tell me if I should just give up after this or keep going. I also think I stuck when it comes to my spelling and grammar as well as my story telling, hell It probably all sucks but fuck it lets give it a go.



Disclaimer I don't own RWBY or the Fate series.


It was just another peaceful afternoon in the town of Dragontail. You could hear the musical chirping of birds in the trees and the small talk of the townsfolk but if you were to listen carefully you could almost make something out in the distance.

"ALEXANDER JULIUS ARC!" A terrifying screamed came from a woman on the bed as she crushed the nearby man's hand. "I'll kill you for doing this to me!"

She continued as the man seemed to almost collapse in on himself while under the woman's intense glare.

The man was Alexander Arc who could be considered to be a very handsome man with his blond hair that at times could seem like it was made of golden paired with deep blue eyes that you would ever see and add in his dark natural tan it would be easy to see why he captured the eyes of many women in his life. Sadly, for them, only one woman had ever managed to capture his heart which was the same women who at this moment was trying break his hand.

"Come on dear you all most done it" Alex spoke softly to his wife.

"SCREW YOU Alex you did this to me!" She spat back at him.

His face scrunched up a bit in pain as his wife put more pressure on his hand. 'She always gets so violent when she's pregnant.'

The woman who was laying on the bed at the moment was in pain having to go through the miracle of childbirth as some called it. The pregnant women had beautiful platinum blonde hair that looked closer to white than blonde, had light grey eyes that a bit of shine to them as well as having flawless pale skin. she could be considered to be gorgeous even while her face was scrunched up in pain.

This woman name was June Arc the wife of Alexander Arc and previously mother of three.

She was breathing very heavily with sweat all over her face as she near the end only to give a few more pushes before her second child today would finally, be born. That right she was having twins she had already given birth to a healthy young girl and now was trying deliver the next one.

"Another one... this makes four now." She thought to herself.

This had been there forth daughter in a row now, don't get them wrong they loved little girls dearly but Alex and June would like it if they could have a son maybe just to change things up a bit. Alex wanted to teach a son how to be a man and get the girls just like him and his father had done when he was a kid and June would just like to have a little boy she could spoil.

"Just one more push come, honey, you almost done." The nurse's voice broke through to them stopping their little daydreams.

"That's easy for you to say!" June shot back her, she always got very aggressive when she was in labor it was one of the things she hated the most about it.

"WAH AH" The screams of a newborn baby filled the room. The nurses quickly took the child and cleaned it up before wrapping it in a blanket then one of the nurses come over with a child in each arm as she gently gave them both over to their mother.

"Congratulations you two have a healthy boy and girly." The nurse told the parents of now five.

The mother and father look down to the twins.

"Oh, Alex look there both so beautiful." Her words were filled with so much love as all of the pain she had gone through in the last couple of hours seemed to just wash away as she looked at her two little bundles of joy.

"Yes... yes they are." He breathlessly replied as looked he looked at his children while rubbing his now freed aching hand from his wife nasty grip.

The twins had quieted down their cries and were now just taking in their new surroundings. They both had the signature Arc golden blond hair which seemed to be a dominant gene in all their children and they both had gotten Alex's deep blue eyes.

"What are we going to name them?" Alex asked his wife.

He always left the naming up to her since he thought it was the least he could do for her for all the pain she had gone through. June had snapped out of looking at her children and gain a thoughtful expression before she nodded and looking back at the two babies.

"Jeanne Arc and..." she looked at the girl and then to her little boy "Jaune Arc."

Alex looked at his wife with a deadpan and asked dryly.

"Won't that get confusing?" The glare he got in return made him wisely shut up sometimes his wife could be scarier than the Grimm.


6 years later


The blaring sound of an alarm clock could be heard going off before a hand from under the sheets of the nearby bed stretches out before it slammed the button to stop the annoying beeping. Groaning came from the lone occupant of the bed as they started to get up. When they finally had the effort to get out of bed you could see that the person was a six-year-old boy.

Jaune arc was a fairly average boy for his age just about reaching three feet and ten inches he was a bit on the small side with his lanky build and small arms. The only stand out features he had were his messy blond hair and deep blue eyes with the slightly pale skin so all in all he didn't look like much.

'I hate waking up early' He grumbled internally to himself.

His mom wanted everyone up early today for a "family day" as she called because his second oldest sister would be going off to one of the many combat schools all over Remnant since she turned 13 recently. He was pretty jealous of his second oldest sister Arturia. She got to start her official training to become a huntress while he had to wait another seven years before he could even go.

He made his way to his wardrobe and got dressed then went to brushed his teeth. When he finished he lazily made his way to the door of his room. As he opened it he saw his neighbor across the hall was closing her door before turning to face him.

"Good morning Jaune!" Came the happy and pure greeting from his neighbor and Jaune couldn't help but smile when he saw her and returned the greeting.

"Good morning to you to Jeanne." If possible, her smile got even bigger.

Jeanne arc his twin sister they both looked pretty similar if you just counted them both having blue eyes and blond hair that only they and their oldest sibling had that type of combination of hair and eye color.

His sister had her hair flowing down the sides with a small ponytail at the back. She was wearing a cute pink hoodie that was a bit too big her with some jeans with all that his older twin looks very adorable.

Feeling a bit awkward staring at his sister for so long he tried to make conversation.

"So you um... doing ok?" Jaune cringed as the words left his mouth but his sister did not seem to mind as she kept a small smile on her face.

"I'm fine but I err... I'm just going to miss Arturia" she told him with a frown that makes its way on her face.

Jaune could understand why she was feeling a bit down since she got depressed when their oldest sister Olivia went away to combat school when she became thirteen. Jeanne always liked to be close to everyone so even if someone went away for a little while she got upset but his parents believe she'll grow out of it when she matures a bit more.

Jaune couldn't see much of problem since his sisters would come back and home on the holidays and the weekends because they don't really live close to one of the combat schools for them to make simple trips so his sisters stay at the schools but come and visit during the holidays and sometimes the weekends.

*BANG! *

Their thoughts were taken away by a slam of a door down the hall the twins turned their heads so fast it was surprising they didn't get whiplash. They could see their third and last older sister Mordred walking down towards them with a scary scowl on her face.

Mordred arc had the blond hair like the rest of the arcs with it being done in a high ponytail but unlike the arc twins, her eyes were green which apparently, she had got from their grandmother on their father's side.

The young Arc boy didn't get along with Mordred that was meanly because he thought her to be loud and too prideful that it just rub him the wrong way but she was still his sister and he did love her. But If there was one word he would use to describe her it would either be a tomboy or better yet rebellious.

Mordred looked at her two younger siblings. "What are you squirt's doing blocking the hallway if we don't hurry her "Majesty" will be displeased with us." She told them with annoyance clear in her tone which had switched to sarcasm when she referred to their older sister.

Mordred left the two of them before they could respond. They both then looked at each other before they ran to catch up as they did not want to upset their mother or the older sister let alone both of them.


They came down the stairs to see that Mordred had just walked in and immediately sat down with slouch not giving a damn about the pair of emerald eyes giving her disappointed look.

Those eyes belonged to Arturia arc the second oldest sister who looked like a near older copy of Mordred but with less of a wild and rough look and more of a naivety and elegance. She was wearing a blue knee-length skirt with a white shirt with a blue ribbon.

Her gaze shifted from her rebellious sister and moved to the twins. Jaune and Jeanne backs both straightened up when their sister looked at them. There was a reason why Mordred referred to her as "Her Majesty" and it was because with how Arturia acted and how it felt like her eyes were judging you it gave the impression that she was sometimes part of royalty.

Her gaze eventually softens and she sighed "Jaune, Jeanne would you both please stop standing there and come take a seat."

They both didn't need to be told twice and they made their way to the table and took their seats.

No really said anything and all you could hear was drumming of Mordred tapping the table in boredom, Arturia was back to glaring at her while both Jaune and Jeanne just sat there drowning in the semi-silence.

'This is awkward.' Where the thoughts of the twines.

After a few minutes of wanting anything to kill the silence they wish was soon answered when the door to the kitchen opened and in walked their mother. She was still as beautiful as ever it would seem that not even giving birth to and raising seven kids could ruin her beauty.

That was right seven kids, June had given birth to another pair of twins, two lovely girls about four years ago.

The two youngest members of the family were Lily who seemed to follow Arturia and Mordred with their shades of blond hair and green eyes. The other little girl was Lucy who as well had the arc blond hair but she had gotten her eyes from her grandfathers on her mother's side which were a warm brown colour and in Junes personal opinion the best eyes but only because they were the only thing that seemed to be inherited from her side the family since it seemed that all her other child took after her husband's side.

"Good morning everyone." June greeted her child with a smile as she walked in with the breakfast and her two little girls right behind her.


"Hello mother"

"Good morning mom"

"Hi mom"

Where the replies she got from them all as she started to hand the breakfast out on the table, while the two young girls took their seats by their mother's spot.

Everyone started to eat and talk around the table. Jeanne was making light conversation with her mother, Mordred and Arturia were bickering about who was better at swordsmanship but they were always like that since they seemed to have some type rivalry going on. While Lily and Lucy watch them go back and forth as all this was going on Jaune was sitting silently as he ate and sneaking looks to the empty chair next to his mothers.

Alexander arc was not home a lot of the time with the job of being a full-time huntsman left him with very little time to be at home with his family and while Jaune did understand that his father couldn't be with at home all the time because of his profession it doesn't mean that it doesn't upset him sometimes.

Jaune always looked up to his dad he was everything he wanted to be which was a hero. When his dad was at home he would spend some time with him and his sisters telling stories about his adventures or about the how people from the arc family always became heroes like chivalrous knights from the old fairy tales. That's way Jaune couldn't wait to start training he would not only get to spend some one-on-one time with his dad but he would also make his dad proud by continuing the arc legacy.

Everyone was pulled out of what they were doing when they heard the front door of the house open.

They all looked to the doorway to see their Father walk in with his huntsman gear on which consisted of some type of lightweight silver knight armor around his body, he had a cape around his neck that went down his back with the Arc family symbol on it.

When your eyes reached his face, you could see had grown out his blond hair that it now went down to his neck and he started to grow a beard. All this made Alexander arc look a lot those knights you would hear stories about.

When everyone had finally caught up they greeted him with things such "DAD!" And "Farther" before they went to meet him. Alex chuckled as Lily and Lucy both threw themselves at him so he had to catch them in a hug. He had a smile on his face as the rest on his family went to him by the door, all of them shouting questions as to why was he back early and about what great adventure he had been on.

"Ok ok slow down don't all of you lose your heads now." He had managed to get everyone to a reasonable state so he was able to tell them that he had finished his mission early so he could see his little girl off before she went to the combat school.

"Now come on taking on the hordes of Grimm has made me hunger" That had earned him slap on back of the head from his wife as his kids went off again asking about his mission.


It was now late in the day after all the commotion had died down. Jaune was sitting on one of the sofas in the living room with one the many books of different fairy tales that the Arcs had in their collection. He had always like to read them learning about all the legends and myths like the tales of the dragon knight or the winter Valkyrie.

"Man, this day has been so tiring..." The boy said to himself as he thought about the rest of the day, after his dad came back home everyone had been trying hear about his mission but his dad told them that it was something secret that headmaster of beacon himself had sent him on.

Then the day got a bit more upsetting meanly for Jeanne and his mon when they had to say goodbye to Arturia when she left but his second sibling managed to get them to calm down when she told them that she will call home when she got there and that she their oldest sister will be at the school to take care of her.

Nothing much happened after that his mom and youngest sisters went into town with his twin. His dad and Mordred were out back training like his dad done with his two oldest daughters before. Jaune had chose to watched them for a while but he started to get a horrible feeling within him as he saw his sister and dad bonding together and he didn't like it since it was not fair on his father or sister. His sister would be starting combat school in few years as well to continue the tradition of their family which was to complete your huntsman training and then you could go on do whatever it is you wish to do.

Besides Jaune knew that in few years he and his twin will have to step up and continue the tradition of the arc family.

He could not wait he was looking forward to the day that he could get his chance to get closer to his father since it was hard at the moment with his parents having seven kids. It was tough to look after them all especially when one of your parents is away a lot.

He didn't blame anyone of course since his mom did the best she could, having to look after children and teenagers is not easy and his dad did what could when he was around with taking care and training the older one in the family.


"Hey, Jaune!" A deep voice shouted out from behind him.

Jaune screamed as he jumps out of his seat and spun around to see his dad who looked to be silently laughing about nearly giving him a heart attack.

His dad was now wearing more casual clothes just a simple shirt and jeans. He noticed that his father looked a bit winded with sweat on his forehead most likely due to the sparring match he had with his sister.

"You alight their son I don't mean to scare you." Alex started patting his son on the shoulder. He had just come from spar with Mordred and it seemed that she had a lot of aggression to let out and decided to take it out him.

"Yeah-h I'm f-fine" Jaune hated he couldn't stop himself from stuttering and look down to the ground.

The head of the Arcs looked at his son and noticed something on the ground next to him.

'I don't know he was so into them old fairy tales... then again, he was always asking about old stories about the arcs and our legacy.' Alex thought to himself as he picked up the book.

"So old fairy tales huh." He said to his son as Jaune look embarrassed about his dad finding his book. "Which ones your favorite?"

His son did not answer straight away as he his face had gained a look of shocked before he frowns thinking of his answer.

Jaune didn't know which one to pick from the dozens of stories he had looked up. There was just so many like the love spot knight, the son of summer or maybe the king of the cavern. But there was one tale he felt maybe more strongly than others it was about a man who would stop at nothing to active his dream of saving people and would be trying to get closer to his dream even with the odds against him. Although Jaune had not read the full tale as he only had bit and pieces of this hero's story which only at the beginning so he did not know how it ended but he could admire the will to never give up.

"It would have to be..." He tailed of having to thinking if this was the answer he wanted to give until he decided to go with it. "The crimson stained hero!"

The reaction he got from his father was not what he was expecting his dad's face seemed to go through different emotions that the young boy could not make out before Jaune could even ask what was wrong his dad walk right of the room.

Jaune was stuck where was he did not know what to do, what had he done to make his father leave like that. 'What did I say wrong?'

Before more depressing thoughts could make it way into his head his dad had returned to his room but this time he had something with him.

"What you got dad?" He asked a bit more quietly hoping not anger his dad. The older arc ignored his question.

"Jaune come and sit down." As soon as he heard how serious he sounded, Jaune did as he was told.

"This son is something that has been pass down from the arcs for generations, my Father and his Father before him and so on, it has become the tradition for an Arc to pass this to another Arc." He told the Young boy and then show him what seemed to be a long sword with a blue handle and golden cross guard with it was a shield which was white with a golden trim proudly displaying the Arc family symbol on it.

Jaune seemed to be almost mesmerized by it before he took his eyes off it and looked back to his father. "It's beautiful but um what is it?"

His dad just smiled and said, "This is Crocea Mors and it was used by your great-great-grandfather in the last great war." Jaune eyes nearly popped out of his head and his jaw dropped. This was the legendary weapon that his ancestors had used in their journeys to become heroes.

The young boy was so star struck that almost didn't hear the next words his father said.

"I would like you to have it." Jaune's whole world froze as he heard that before he eyes rush to his fathers.

His dad chuckled "I'll plan on giving it to you once your strong enough to passed my training before you go off to combat school in a few years, just like my father did with me, it's tradition after all."

Jaune knew he meant it because his father took things like family legacy and tradition very seriously. He looked at his dad as a fire of determination started to burn deep within in his eyes.

"I swear dad that I will become strong no matter what," He told him with as much conviction as a six-year-old could make but to show his dad he meant it he added. "you have my word!"

He dad just smiled although Alex would one day find out because all the focus he put into installing things about legacy, tradition and about NEVER going back your word to his children. That Jaune had taken all of that on board especially the last one So he will one day learn about what it would cost for his son to become strong just as he promised.


5 years later

The sound of two combatants could be heard sparring in the back of the Arc estate.



"Again!" Alex shouted out with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

The two opponents got into their positions and then continued to spar against one another with the outcome being the same with Jaune down on the ground and Alex getting more irritated. This had been going on for some time until Alex finally called a stop to it.

"Jaune, come on that's enough for today we are getting nowhere. "Alex sighed out trying to relieve himself from the irritation that he had built up during the spar.

He couldn't understand where they were going wrong no matter how long they want at it, Jaune seemed to be making little to no progress at all. He had started Jaune and Jeanne training when they had both turned nine and they had both been fine at the beginning but seen it had become apparent there was a big difference between his older pair of twins. When it came to Jeanne she was natural at the progress of the training just like her older sisters were but her brother...

Jaune was if Alex was being honest horrible his footwork was not strong enough so someone could easily out maneuverer him or just knock him down. Then there were his defenses which had so many opening in them that it was not even funny how easy it was to exploit them. His sword swings were ok but no were near fast and strong enough compared to his sisters. The one thing that Alex could take some pride in his son was his determination, no matter how much Jaune went down he keeps coming back up over and over again it was like his son was made out of some unbreakable steel... but just because you had lot will-power did not mean anything if you can't back it up with something.

Alex sighed to himself he didn't know what to do with Jaune they been training for two years now and he had little to show for it. Jaune was just progressing too slow when they were together and his son was making nearly no headway at all when he trained by himself, while Alex had to go out on more long missions.

Alex just did not have enough time between training Jeanne, his duties as a husband and he would have to start getting ready for the younger twins training in a few months when they turned nine. Not to bring up that June had gotten pregnant again so this would make it their eighth child now together. That was all without mentioning the missions that Ozpin was sending him on and the time between them kept getting shorter while the missions themselves were getting longer.

He hated to think it but with how Jaune was doing he was starting to think that maybe his son just wasn't cut out for being a huntsman.


While Alex was lost in his own thoughts Jaune was feeling downtrodden with his own depressing thoughts plaguing his mind.

'I don't understand.' He cried internally as he kept replaying the failures of his training session with his father over in his head. 'What am I doing wrong.'

Jaune could not understand why this was happing to him he had finally gotten to spend some one on one time with his father but for all the wrong reasons.

He had been so happy when they first started he could barely contain himself but all that joy soon turned to self-loathing when it became clear that he was inferior to his sisters. He and Jeanne had to have separate training sessions because of him being so far behind than his sister.

What he had learned in about two years was not even half of what she could do in her first year. Jaune hated the feeling of the knot that twisted in his chested evetime he would see his and sister training with a smile on their faces. His dad had tried to hide it but Jaune knew he had seen the looks his dad would give him in the corner of his eye, it was a looked of disappointment. That's all his dad would see when he looked at him a failure of the arc name.

Before Jaune could go to much deeper into his self-loathing his dad's voices broke him out of it.

"Jaune...I have come to a decision I..." His dad's voices seemed uncertain before he steeled himself and looked his son dead in the eyes. "I do not believe that you don't have what it will take to become a huntsman so we will cease your training from now on."

Jaune's eyes widened and he breathed in sharply, his eyes began to water but fought it back he refused to cry in front of his father.

Alex took in his son's reaction before quickly added "I know that you are upset but I think this is for the best for you and there are plenty of other options for you out there." His son didn't respond for a while and he could tell that his son was taking this hard but he come to understand in time.

Jaune finally managed to sort himself out for a moment before telling his father in a small and sad tone. "I-Its o-okay farther I understand I' just go." He then quickly left the backyard and his father while rushing to his room ignoring his mother and younger siblings on way.

Once he made it to the safety of his room he locked the door before collapsing on his bed trying to hold back his tears.


It had been about a week since his father ended his training and Jaune had barely left his room for all that time. It had gotten so bad that even his mother and sisters were starting to worry. They tried to get him to come out and interact with them but Jaune just wanted to be left on his own for now.

He knew what he was doing was not healthy and it was childish but being told that his dream of becoming a hero had been crushed by his own father had made him feel so empty and lost. His mother and sisters had tried to get their dad to rethink his decision but his father was not budging on the matter which had led to both of the Arc parents to argue which was happing right now.

It was late in the night so his parents properly thought that their children were all asleep but Jaune had trouble sleeping for the past week with his mind being distraught with what had happened a week ago, so with some time going past by Jaune finally decided to try and see what was going on with his parents.

Slowly opening to door to his room he pared down the hallway to see no one in the dim empty hall but the voices coming from downstairs became a bit clearer but was still unable to make them out. He made his way down the hall to the stairway as covertly as possible and as he went down he stayed as close to the wall as he could so he wouldn't be seen.

"For the last time June, I said NO." The voices of his father could now be made out.

"But why Alex you have seen what it's doing to him" The desperate voice of his mother was the next thing he heard replying to his Father. "Why won't you just go back to training with Jaune." She sounded tired like they had been going at this for a long time.

His dad was fast to respond saying "Because I don't have the time for it, with Jeanne needing more time to learn the more complex forms of the Arc fighting style and then I will need to start teaching Lucy and Lilly the basics soon."

"Maybe you would have more time if you weren't always god knows where on some stupid quest for Ozpin." His mom's voices started to rise at the end as she finished and continued with.

"You still won't tell me what he has you doing all this time and why you have to be away from your family for so long."

"The missions that I do for Ozpin are classified" A scoff from his mother could be heard when he said that.

"But I do them so I can ensure that I'm keeping everyone safe THAT is why I can't waste any more time with Jaune!"

As soon as those words were said there was complete silences.

Jaune could feel his heart stop he found that his throat had made it hard to swallow anything and he could feel his eyes water but he had to force himself not to sob otherwise his parents would find him.

"Is that how you see the time spent with your son?" His mother's voice was nothing but a whisper and you could have sworn that it had got colder when she spoke.

"I didn't mean it like" His father's voice still remained strong.




The sound of flesh hitting flesh ranged out and echoed all the evidence leading to that his dad had just got himself slapped. The sounds of heavy breathing and whimpering were now coming from down the stairs for a moment Jaune thought that his dad was crying from the slap but that theory was disproved quickly as the sound were definitely ones coming from his mother.

"I... I know o-okay I know he w-will get himself killed out there but... *Sob* I can't stand seeing him like this *Sob* he will barely come of his room and w-when we do see him you can see how much pain he's in and it hurts... it hurts not being to help him *Sob*." Jaune had never heard his mother sound so broken before.

"June it's okay it will be okay, Jaune will be fine and he'll get over it and move on." He could hear his Dad trying to calm his mom down and stop her from crying their argument was quickly forgotten.

Jaune decided that he had eavesdropped on his parents long enough and so as silent as he could he went back to his room as his mind was trying to processing what he had heard from his parents.


Walking down the streets on the way back to his house was a now twelve-year-old Jaune it had been six months now since that night with his parent's little-shouting match.

Somethings had changed for him since that time the biggest had to be the newest member of the family. That's right his mom had finally given birth to a girl again called rose and everyone one loved her.

The other changes were more simple things such as Lily and Lucy doing there training with their father along with the help of Jeanne who would be on her way to a combat school in a years' time.

Just thinking about his sisters and training made him sigh since that night Jaune had mixed feelings on the whole matter. One part of him was bitter and angry that his parents didn't believe that he could become a hero and would only get himself killed while the other part of him made him feel guilty and sad about how his behavior was making his family fight each other. So, with his love of his family winning out Jaune just decided to hide how he felt but it didn't mean that it still did not hurt when he heard his parent bragging about how most of their children were prodigies where he was just normal old Jaune.

With things as they were, Jaune did not have great things to say about things at home with his father spending time with his sisters and his mother fussing over the new baby in the house which all meant they had little time for him. It was properly the worst when all of his sisters were back at home as they were all hunters or training to be hunters so they would all talk about Huntsman related topics which he had next to no idea on which only made him feel like an outcast. He did still love his sisters and his parents to a degree but it really hurt him knowing out of all them he came last, he was the black sheep and it made that fire inside of him want to prove that he could be someone worthy of there acknowledge.

But Jaune sighed and closed his eyes knowing that he had no way to do that, so maybe he should just accept his place and do something simple like a farmer or a blacksmith.

He crossed the street still trying to think of what to do with himself. Walking by an alley he stopped when he could hear the sound of someone groaning. He looked down the dark alley but could only make out the shape of a man in the shadows leaning against the wall.

Making properly a big mistake he made up his mind to see he could help the person seeing they were in pretty bad shape as he could barely keep himself up.

As Jaune got closer he saw that the man was facing away from him. The person in question seemed to have white hair and very tanned skin.

"Hey, mister..." Jaune hesitated before he went closer "you alright?"

The man turned around and Jaune's blue orbs looked into a pair of intense gold.

It was from this moment that a broken sword would forge a new and stronger sword to take its place.


"So, kid... you want to be a hero huh?" The man who name, Jaune learned was Shirou asked him.

After Jaune had offered his help to the white hair man which had it led to them making some small talk and Jaune quickly learned that even though the mysterious man looked and sometimes was intimidating there seemed to be something more to him so Jaune talked which had led to Shirou talking and asking him what his goal in life was.

Jaune knew that the way that Shirou had asked the question that there was more to it then it seemed so it made him think on his response for a few moments.

In those moments he remembered the promise he made to his dad all those years ago.

"Yes, I want to be Strong I want to be a hero," The young Arc told him with all the determination he could muster. "I gave my word that I would achieve it no matter the cost."

Shirou looked at him and the young man looked back him they locked into each other's eyes both unyielding.

After what felt like hours Shirou broke it and looked away looking like he confirmed something.

"You are a fool," he told Jaune like it was absolute fact "but... so was I," he said seemingly more to himself then Jaune.

"I definitely can't make you hero kid but..." The young arc attention was entirely on him. " I can teach how to get stronger and maybe by some miracle help you stop being such a fool."



Janue's sisters profile (ages are when Jaune is 12)

Olivia Arc

Age - 21

Hair - blonde

Eyes – light blue

Arturia Arc

Age - 18

Hair - blonde

Eyes - Green

Looks the same as Saber from Fate stay night

Mordred Arc

Age - 15

Hair - blonde

Eyes - Green

Looks the same as Mordred from Fate

Jeanne arc

Age - 12

Hair - blonde

Eyes - Deep blue

Looks the same as Jeanne from Fate

Lilly Arc

Age - 10

Hair - blonde

Eyes - Green

Looks the same as Saber Lilly from fate grand order

Lucy Arc

Age - 10

Hair - blonde

Eyes - Brown

Looks like Lucy heartfillia from fairy tail

Rose arc

Age - 6 months

Hair - very light blonde seemingly near white (from her mother)

Eyes - Blue

So yeah that's it, no clue if I will continue or just give up now since I have NO idea what I'm doing as you can probably tell but well I gave it a try anyway.

Well see you next time maybe.