Disclaimer: Naruto and it's characters aren't mine. This story has been inspired by Vixen Tail's story Deja vu No Jutsu and Hermionechan90's Inoue Shiori. Both authors have given me permission to use ideas and themes from their stories.

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Human nature is an unusual thing. It has potential to be good and evil, and is capable of twisting either to be seen in the opposite light. Human nature says to protect and comfort children, but it also says to place blame on anyone, or anything, else except oneself.

During the Warring Era, clans blamed other clans for the faults of the world-ignoring the fact that they themselves contributed to said faults. In times of peace, villages blamed each other and their ruling lord/kage/daimyo for their lack of security and comfort. So, in a similar line of thought, villages blamed children for the faults of their parents. Such children either died quickly, fled their village, or fell into hatred.

Shojikina Aioka chose to leave.