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A week after arriving on Dubrillion, Harry and Fay both wake up in the same moment. Held tight in each other's embrace, neither moves as they look into the other's eyes. Harry cocks an eyebrow up.

"So then, you feel it to?"

Fay lets out a shaky breath.

"Never have I felt it more strongly… the Force speaks to you directly, Harry. It is not usually so blunt."

Shrugging his shoulders, the wizard chuckles lightly.

"Well, something is certainly guiding me. I guess we have to go now, don't we?"

Fay's lips press together and then curl upwards into a slight smile as she wiggles a bit, rubbing herself up against his crotch and provoking an almost immediate reaction.

"Well, we don't have to leave right away…"

Harry grins at her. It's clear he's rubbing off on the beautiful Jedi Master through their Force Bond, but if she doesn't mind, he certainly doesn't. Leaning in, his lips meet hers and they kiss heatedly, even as their hands begin to explore each other's bodies. She's right after all, the feeling to get up and go elsewhere is strong, but it doesn't have the same urgent quality to it that the draw to Queyta had had to it.

They have time… and Harry is fully on board with making use of that time.


"… I do believe you've brought us to Tython Harry."

The trip here had been… tumultuous, and had required more than a few helping hands from his magic, but in the end here they were indeed. The planet below looked monstrous though, even as two moons, one light and one dark, drifted above it. Harry eyes the stormy world beneath them for a long moment and then glances in Fay's direction with a lifted brow.


The Jedi Master is a bit pale as she stares down at the world as well, not actually looking at him even as she explains.

"According to the histories, it is the birthplace of the Jedi Order. But the planet is practically Force Sensitive, and without a perfect balance of Light and Dark, Force Storms lash out and make it almost entirely inhabitable."

That causes Harry to frown slightly.

"Balance eh? I thought the Jedi didn't have anything to do with the Dark Side."

Fay shakes her head back and forth.

"I can't tell you much more, only that I know there was once a time when the Jedi were not as they are now. The countless millennia have seen our Order change more times than you can imagine. We have risen, and we have fallen… but this is where it all began."

Harry nods slowly, looking back down to the world with slightly more appreciation. He's always been a sucker for a good bit of history and this promises to be fun.

"Well then, time to head down there I suppose!"

Fay immediately goes wide eyed as she reaches out and grabs Harry's arm.

"Wait! This junk collector can't possibly get down to the planet below in one-piece Harry. I know the Force is calling to you, but we're going to have to go and get another vessel if we hope to explore Tython as it is now. The Force Storms are covering the planet's surface, blanketing it even."

Harry looks at her and lifts a single eyebrow. After a moment, Fay blushes and then scowls.

"… Don't say it."

The human male can't help but grin at his near-human lover. His amusement slips over their bond and despite the difference in age, Fay grows even more embarrassed and petulant.


The wizard snickers.

"But don't you want to know how we're going to get down to the surface below intact?"

Fay gives him an aggravated look. Despite everything, she's still more than a little iffy about a certain word, a certain new reality she's had to come to terms with.

"Harry I swear to the Force if you use the M wor-!"

"Magic, my dear. Magic will get us where we need to go!"

His smugness is undeniable and Fay growls before launching herself at the human in a manner that is quite uncharacteristic for the centuries old woman, and also quite unbefitting behavior for a normally serene Jedi Master to engage in. Harry goes down laughing, but he quickly counter-attacks, his hands sliding to her ribs and tickling her, a surprising weak point he'd discovered during their time together on Dubrillion.

Fay squeals at this surprise move and ends up pinned down a moment later as Harry flips them over. Her wrists end up captured in his grip and pulled over her head as their eyes meet and his laughter trails off. They stare at one another for a long moment and then Harry begins to lean in, unable to resist the urge to kiss Fay, especially with the Jedi Master biting her lower lip like that.

At the last moment, the near-human turns her head to the side and his lips land on her cheek instead. The force pushes Harry back gently as he gasps in mock outrage and she gives him a wicked grin of her own. In the end though, Harry just chuckles ruefully and wags a finger at his lover, conceding this round to the Jedi Master. After she takes a bow, she waves a hand at the cockpit.

"Go on then Harry. Use your unnatural and terrible powers to get us to the surface in one piece."

The wizard inclines his head in thanks for her 'vote of confidence', and proceeds to do just that.


Hours later they've landed in the most enclosed bit of ruins left of the Temple that the Force has led Harry too. Much of the Temple no longer exists above ground. In fact, the only part of the original structure left even remotely intact was the hangar that Harry had ultimately set them down in. Supposedly, that was made out of slightly tougher materials.

Regardless, having cast plenty of magic to make sure that the ruined hangar STAYED intact, and that his ship stayed unburied, Harry was ready and able to follow the strange urge down into the darkness of the ruined Temple's catacombs. Standing at the entrance alongside his Jedi lover, Harry lifts a brow as she frowns. Fay shakes her head after a moment.

"We're going to have to go to back to the ship to get a glow rod Harry. This is the first time in a long time that I find myself wishing I carried a lightsaber, if only for the light it could provide…"

Harry chuckles at that and the Elder Wand slips out of his sleeve with barely a thought. He holds the stick up and Fay's eyes drift to it right as he speaks the name of a spell he learned oh so many years ago.


The Jedi Master ends up averting her gaze at the sudden brightness, causing Harry to chuckle and her to smack his shoulder as she growls at him. After a moment, he conjures up a flashlight as well for Fay to take, without ever ending the Lumos spell currently affixed to his wand tip. Harry had long since learned how to do both and the Elder Wand, being the strongest, most versatile magical weapon in existence, was happy to multicast for him, it's owner.

With both he and Fay equipped with sources of light, the wizard leads the way forward down the stairs into the catacombs, his wand held out before him, his eyes alert for any threats. The potential for giant spiders to jump out at them came to mind. That which lay below ground was a bit more intact than that which lay above it. Though there were still plenty of cave-ins and blocked passages, there was always a path, leading him and Fay deeper and deeper in.

It was about twenty minutes later that they finally ran into something, or perhaps it would be better to say something ran into them. Out of the darkness ahead came a group of slavering, monstrous creatures. They were distinctly alien, their skin tone entirely pink and their eyes set wide apart. They were also distinctly bipedal, walking upright on two legs. Harry was definitely more interested in their claws and their mouths, full of sharp teeth as each was.

Fay's hands come up and the group of monsters basically hits an invisible wall as Harry holds the Elder Wand at the ready in case her strength depletes.

"Fay? Any idea what these things are?"

The near-human female shakes her head back and forth, grimacing as the creatures beat hard against her Force Wall, essentially translating their physical violence into attacks on her mind.

"No… no clue. Like I s-said, I did not learn much more than I already told you about-gah!"

The rest of her sentence was abruptly cut off as the bipedal creatures finally broke through her concentration. Harry's wand swishes and flicks and the entire group suddenly lifts up into the air, slamming into the ceiling hard enough to make it crack, only to land back down again on the ground below equally hard and completely unconscious.

Regarding the work of his over-powered Levitation Charm for a moment, Harry then proceeds to cast stasis spells on the creatures, before nodding in satisfaction. As the groaning things freeze up, Fay looks on in fascination.

"What did you do Harry?"

The wizard shrugs as he moves forward, the tip of the Elder Wand still glowing brightly as he leads her past the fallen beings.

"Freezing Charm, Fay. They'll stay put until we're done here."

The Jedi Master inclines her head in agreement and they continue on, still not quite at the place that the Force is guiding Harry towards, seemingly far underground as it is. The first group of monsters is not the last, and Harry ends up paralyzing three more before they finally arrive in a larger room than any before it. So large in fact, that the light at the tip of Harry's wand and the flashlight he'd given Fay don't fully illuminate the place.

Fay frowns and looks to him, and Harry gives her a knowing glance. The Jedi Master won't say it, but he knows what she wants. Far too interested in what all this is about to tease her any further, Harry lifts his wand up into the air and fires off the Lumos at the tip of it, creating a mini-sun of magical brightness up near the ceiling of the giant antechamber.

The whole place is lit up after that, and Fay looks around with her mouth open and her eyes wide as Harry regards the walls with curiosity in his own gaze right alongside her.

"This is… this must be absolutely ancient."

"Can you read it at all?"

Harry tosses the question out, already expecting a negative answer. Fay gives him an incredulous look and he just shrugs, grinning.

"Thought I'd check."

Reaching over, he taps the tip of the Elder Wand to Fay's forehead and then to his own as well. The Jedi Master gasps as she looks upon the carved walls once more.

"What… what did you do?"

Harry just shrugs as he eyes them up and down himself, brow furrowed in concentration.

"Translation Charm. I put a lot of power into it, and it seems to have worked. Working for you too right?"

The Jedi Master just stares at him for a long moment.

"… That's bullshit."

That gets Harry's attention, an actual expletive leaving the beautiful, wise Jedi Master's mouth. Fay blushes slightly as Harry regards her with a single lifted brow, but ultimately she turns away from him and moves towards the nearest wall, beginning to read.

"Yes. It's working for me."

He just chuckles and turns towards another wall entirely. There's still an urge, tugging at his mind, pulling him towards a certain section of the room… but Harry is nothing if not stubborn and that would just be far too easy. Instead, he starts from the beginning and reads what the walls of the room have to tell him, enjoying all the juicy details like one would a good, long book.

In the end, he does end up where the urge wants him to go anyways, but by the time he gets there, Fay comes to his side.

"Harry, these walls, the carvings on them… its ancient. They speak of a Je'daii Order, the precursor to my own order. And more than that, they explain the balance as well. Rather than embracing one side of the force, these teachings counsel that one should take in both Light and Dark. It is… unorthodox to be sure, yet at the same time this is the original orthodox, in a way."

Harry inclines his head to show he's listening, his eyes remaining fixed on the wall before him.

"And what do you make of this bit Fay?"

The Jedi Master looks to where he's looking, her brow furrowing in concentration.

"It… it is a bastardized version of the Jedi Code… no, more than that. It is the original code, ours is built off of it, obviously."

Taking in a deep breath, the beautiful near-human female begins to intone the writing upon the wall.

"There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no fear; there is power. I am the heart of the Force. I am the revealing fire of light. I am the mystery of darkness. In balance with chaos and harmony, Immortal in the Force."

A shuddering breath leaves the Jedi Master as she finishes speaking, and when Harry looks at her she's staring at him as if she's only seeing him for the first time.

"… What is it Fay? This is why we're here you know, this is where the urges led me."

Fay swallows thickly and nods in agreement.

"Yes, I can see how that would be. The words that I just spoke, they felt like they resonated within me. This is indeed why we are here, why the Force guided you… and me to this place. I understand now what I must do."

Staring blankly, Harry waits a beat before coughing into his hand.

"… And what must you do?"

Fay gives him a rueful smile as she rolls her shoulders.

"I must adopt this philosophy for myself. Ancient as it is, it is still new to me though, and it will take time for me to properly balance myself as the teachings describe. At the very least, I know where I must go next."

Harry lifts a brow and Fay answers after a short pause.

"The dark moon above the world Harry. I must find balance between dark and light there. It will not be easy either, after spending centuries living in the Light Side of the Force. But if I am to truly embrace the Living Force as I have always claimed to, I now see that I must embrace ALL of the Living Force, not just the facet of it that the Jedi teach on Coruscant. You have shown me the light in a way, my lover. And to chase it, I must go into the dark."

The wizard gives his companion a deadpan stare as Fay grins a little wider. Her puns do not go unnoticed, but in the end Harry just shakes his head and rolls his eyes.

"Very well, let's go back, shall we?"

Fay bobs her head in agreement.

"Indeed. We have all we need from this place."

With that, they leave. Of course, Harry has ways of looking back at his memories of this event, meaning that the massive room with its carved walls will always be there in his mind's eye, if he ever wishes to peruse it some more. On the way out, he sets the freezing charms to begin to weaken, and by the time they're walking up the ramp into the ship, the enraged sounds of the violent creatures fill the catacombs and get closer and closer.

There's no grand escape though, in the end, no danger to either of them. Harry knows what he's doing, and by the time the descendants of the ancient Flesh Raiders make their way to the partially intact hangar, the spaceship is already rising high into the air, and there's nothing the sharp-teethed pink-skin creatures can do about it.


Dropping Fay off on the darker of Tython's two moons is a relatively simple task. Though shrouded in shadows, there is not nearly as much tumultuous weather on the moon as there is down on the unbalanced world it orbits. Setting her up with an endless source of food and water is not difficult either, and while Harry hangs around for a bit, it becomes obvious that whatever Fay is doing is not something he can or even needs to do.

In the end, another pull from the Force (even he has to admit it's probably the damn Force dragging him around at this point) has him leaving Fay behind on her orders. While she works on balancing herself, Harry is once again zipping across the galaxy to find out whatever the hell the Force wants him to find out.

The ship abruptly alerts him that the hyperspace trip is ending, and Harry pulls the lever that will drop him out of the strange faster-than-light method of travel. The wizard has to bite back a curse as he finds a massive ship right in front of him, but in the end he manages to pull the junker up over it. Where ever he's ended up landing, there's a large, automated blockade of the place.

Of course, thanks to Harry's magic and a number of spells placed on the ship, the blockade doesn't 'see' or 'notice' him in any way. Harry is within the automated perimeter in minutes, and he's angling down to the planet below a short time later. A frown on his face, the wizard pulls up his navigational data. Supposedly, he's near a place called Moraband. From the looks of things, as he enters the planet's atmosphere, Moraband is a pretty shitty place.

More than that, Moraband is supposed to be quarantined and empty… but it's most definitely not. The world below is not fully lifeless, despite being rocky and arid across its surface. In fact, there's a fully operational space port that Harry ends up navigating towards. It's set up on the edge of a cliff of all things, which in turn leads into a valley full of crumbled ruins and tombs and even a massive temple.

Angling the junker down onto an empty landing pad on the far right of the platform, Harry frowns as he feels the urge pushing him to go investigate the valley before him. Slipping out of the cockpit, the wizard equips himself and heads down the ramp, leaving his ship just as a group of robed figures rushes out to meet him.

"You! Who are you?! The blockade ignored you and we can't even direct the damn turrets to fire upon your ship!"

Harry blinks at that and smiles politely. In the end, he decides that just telling the truth will probably piss off the people before him more than anything else… and these feel like the kind of people that need to have their noses tweaked a bit.

"My name is Harry Potter. I've come to this planet at the urging of the Force. Apparently, I have business in the valley beyond. And how are all of you doing this fine day?"

The cloaked figures stand there for a long second in silence, and then the one in the lead draws a blaster. This prompts his companions to do the same and Harry's wand comes up just as bolts of energy fly through the air. They bounce off of his silent Protego and there are shouts of 'personal force field!' as the robed figures begin to run forward. Harry lifts a brow… and promptly sweeps them off of the platform.

There are screams as the majority of them fall to their deaths below (or perhaps they'll live, Harry's not overly concerned about it) but the leader's screams are loudest… mainly because he's not actually fallen, instead he's hanging over the empty expanse, his legs kicking out under him as Harry holds him in place.

"Confundo. Legilimens."

The two spells back to back give Harry unfettered access to the man's mind. He discovers quite a bit about just who he is and who he works for. It seems the Sith aren't nearly as extinct as the Holonet would have Harry believe, not if this one's meetings with a Darth Sidious are real and not the imaginings of a mad cultist.

More than that, apparently Moraband is the birthplace of the Sith and the valley that the Force is urging him towards is in fact properly known as the 'Valley of the Dark Lords'. The world itself was also called Korriban in the recent past at some point, given that the mind he's rifling through still views it by that name.

Korriban, Moraband… whatever it is, it doesn't matter. Harry takes what he needs and tosses the cultist off the platform as well. He then proceeds into the facility, which is mostly staffed by droids as it turns out. Almost the entirety of the small Sith cult had come out to 'greet' him on the landing platform, and with the right passcodes ripped from their leader's mind, Harry was easily able to access and take control of the small spaceport he'd found himself at.

Within the hour, the wizard is leaving the spaceport behind and heading towards the tomb that the Force is urging him towards. It seems to be the largest and most extravagant of the tombs, and from what he's learned, that's mostly because it's the most recent built. The Tomb of Darth Bane, built inside the remains of what had apparently once been an academy for Sith.

Harry can't imagine it. It's one thing to have a school for wizards and witches to learn witchcraft and wizardry, but a school for learning how to be evil? Even Slytherin had been subtler than that, dressing it up in terms of 'ambition'. He could only imagine what a Sith Academy would look like. Backstabbing, more than likely. Backstabbing and death and potential cut off and wasted before it's time due to idiocy and shortsightedness.

The acolytes he'd disposed of back at the spaceport had venerated such things, while also living in constant fear. At least, the leader had anyways. Harry couldn't help but wonder at how twisted a mind had to be, to believe in force of power and rule by might with one half of his brain, yet work to sabotage and hinder his own students' progress with the other half. The cultist truly had been mad, and he'd been a fairly terrible teacher as well.

The two didn't necessarily go hand in hand after all, some of Harry's best teachers had been fucking bonkers…

Ah, but he's here now. Staring at the massive double doors leading into the old Sith Academy before him, Harry lifts his wand and a concussive blast sees them blown open. He heads inside of the Academy-turned-tomb, keeping his eye out for anything unusual. There are no monsters like there were on Tython. Instead, there's something that Harry is actually even better equipped to deal with.

The first time a specter rises to greet him, ghostly glowing lightsaber in fist, Harry lifts a single brow. The fallen Sith Warrior rushes at him and while he lifts his wand to deal with it, he also lifts his other hand, upon which sits the resurrection stone. As expected, the Hallow governing that of spirits and ghosts works immediately and the Sith Warrior vanishes two feet from swinging at him with that spectral sword.

He finds more of this as he goes deeper into the tomb, until eventually he comes to the place the Force has been urging him to. There are inscriptions on the walls… but this place is not as old as Tython. Instead, Harry is guided to a hidden space behind one of the walls, where he pulls out a small holocron. Lifting his brow as it glows bright red, He holds the device in his hand and watches in surprise as a small holographic hooded figure appears atop it.

"Greetings, acolyte. If you have discovered my holocron, it means you are worthy of what I have to tell you. My name is Darth Zannah, Dark Lord of the Sith after my Master, Darth Bane. I was an accomplished Sith Sorceress by the time my Master and I faced each other in battle, and it was that sorcery that allowed me to defeat him, despite his overwhelming physical strength and skill with a saber. Ask of me what you will."

Harry cocks his head to the side, and then looks around the tomb he's in for a long moment.

"Greetings Darth Zannah. I wish to know about these runes. There's a certain power to them, isn't there? Tell me everything."

A grin spreads across Harry's face as the holocron begins to speak.


Days later, Harry has learned all he needs to know, or so he feels. It's time to leave this place. In the end, it turns out that Sith runes are very similar to the magical ones he was familiar with back home. Though, ultimately magical runes had a lot more versatility than their counterparts, just as his own magic seemed to be far more versatile than the abilities of most force-sensitives in this galaxy.

There was also a focus on illusions in regard to Sith runes, which he found quite interesting. Ultimately, the specters and spirits and ghosts of the Valley of the Dark Lords had not hindered him overly much. His status as Master of Death had left them unable to affect him in any meaningful way. With the Sith holocron tucked away in a bag and Darth Bane's tomb behind him, Harry looks off into the distance at the spaceport his ship is docked at, ready and even happy to finally get off this blasted rock.

He misses Fay, if he's being honest. Even now he can feel the woman at the back of the mind, all the way across the galaxy. It's an incredibly faint connection, and it's more a sense of 'she lives' than anything else… but it's a constant reminder that she does exist, and that Harry has already found something in this new universe to hold and cherish. He enjoys his time with the Jedi Master more than he cares to admit, in the end.

A smile on his face at the thought of returning to her soon, Harry is nonetheless jarred by the sudden urge to turn left instead of carrying on forward. He grunts as the Force practically blares at him to go in that direction. The wizard manages to catch himself before he can fall to his knee, and then he snarls and scowls as he places a hand to his forehead.


He's screaming at no one, or so it seems, but he doesn't stop as he rants at the very air itself.

"That's ENOUGH! You do NOT control me, I don't care what the hell you are! I am Harry James Potter and I am my OWN man!"

The urge to turn left dies down into a whimper, though it's still there as Harry gets a sort of abashed sense back for his words. Oh good, at least the massive omnipresent thing that binds all living beings together across the galaxy is 'sorry'. Rolling his eyes, Harry turns to stare at the rock face that the Force is trying to guide him towards. He stares for a long moment in silence, and he's just about ready to start cursing again, when something barely there catches his eye.

Furrowing his brow, Harry steps forward and pulls with his magic. The Sith runes hidden cleverly in small crevices respond to his mental touch and he frowns as he cuts them off, and the illusion that they were creating dissipates. There's a small cave entrance hidden in the rock face, not at all adorned like the tombs lining the Valley, simply sitting there, waiting to be found.

The Force is urging him, though far more gently this time, to go inside. Harry lets out an exasperated huff and does just that, making his way cautiously down a narrow, winding pathway. From what he can figure, this path goes around the larger, more complex tombs, and then it descends deep underground. There are no ghosts to bug him here oddly enough, and no monsters or beasts to leap at him.

Instead, Harry finds another illusion of a rock face, behind which two large doors wait. Forcing his way inside is as easy as always, but he can't help but be stunned by what he discovers past the double doors. It's more technology than he's seen anywhere on this forsaken little planet, except for the spaceport of course. And in the center of it all, hanging, frozen in time, is a nude woman.

Harry doesn't exactly blush as he sees the blonde human female in all her naked glory, but he does feel a little guilty, not sure of how Fay would react to the immediate arousal he feels at the sight. Glancing around the room reveals some consoles and a few crates, but not much else. To take his eyes and mind off of the floating, frozen woman, Harry moves to the console and goes about trying to start it up.

It takes a spell to make it, so he can comprehend things, but once he does, he's able to navigate the interface easily enough. The woman before him is not an actual woman at all… or she is, and he's being a prejudiced bumpkin. Still, Harry's never seen a clone of anyone up close and personal before, so while he's heard about the massive army fighting for the Republic, this is still a pretty wild moment for him.

Pressing his lips together, he reads all he can about the woman. A Lana Beniko? The name doesn't ring a bell, but he imagines she's probably a Sith, given just where she's located. Why would anyone make a clone of a beautiful blonde, only to leave it here though? From what the console can tell him, she's a back up 'resource'. That rankles Harry something fierce if he's being honest. Even if it's hard for him to reconcile the clone as its own person… well, judging by the age of all of this, her progenitor has to be long dead. So, the clone technically is its own person, right? At the very least, it's the only one of itself… or herself, left in existence.

The blonde might be a clone of Lana Beniko, a back up 'resource' for whoever had created her, but that was undoubtedly a long time ago. There was no reason that she couldn't live a nice, full life now… and the only thing keeping her from that at this point was him. Letting out a low sigh, Harry begins to manipulate the controls on the console. Soon enough, the stasis field is deactivated and the clone is slumping down to the ground.

Harry casts a sleeping spell on the naked blonde woman just to be sure, and then conjures a blanket to wrap her in as he prepares to carry her to his ship. Before he can do so, one of the larger crates suddenly opens up to reveal a startling amount of well-preserved equipment. Robes, a lightsaber, and several other ancient pieces of technology stand out to him and from the looks of things, it's all meant for the blonde.

In the end, Harry shrinks it down and takes it with him as well, letting out a put-upon sigh as he does so. Getting this Lana Beniko back to his ship is fairly easy once he casts a feather-light charm on her, and with the Force no longer urging him in one direction or the next, Harry is finally able to get off of Moraband or Korriban or whatever the fuck the place is called. He's well on his way back to Tython when he finally decides to wake the clone up.

He makes sure she's dressed in more than a blanket when he does so, and then he ends the sleeping spell. Within moments, the blonde's eyes are blinking open and she's rising up off of the bunk he'd laid her out on. Her gaze tracks around the interior of the ship for several seconds before it finally lands upon him. She looks at him blankly for a moment, before standing fully. The blonde takes a single step forward and then falls to a knee.

"Master, I await your orders."

… Huh?