Written for various things around Hogwarts, as well as the Conversation Starter Prompt challenge on HPFC.

No matter what Neville did, the souvenirs of his most recent detention showed through his white shirt. He knew they wouldn't go away for a while no matter what he did with them, but he didn't want them to be obvious and go around scaring small children. The Carrows did that enough for everybody.

Neville had known things would be different after Dumbledore died. He had even guessed that the differences wouldn't be good. But Neville hadn't expected different to come in the form of Alecto and Amycus.

Neville had never expected to be put in a situation not unlike Harry and Umbridge.

This wasn't the Hogwarts Neville knew. He gave himself a moment to remember when his worries concerned homework and Professor Snape, not the smell of blood never really leaving his nostrils.

Reluctantly accepting that his injury couldn't be hidden, Neville reached into his pocket and retrieved the fake Galleon he had kept with him since the day he'd gotten it, just in case. It reminded him that he couldn't just take this lying down. But nothing he'd tried had led to much more than his blood spilling onto the floor below him.

Then it came to him. Neville couldn't be the only one who still believed in the cause the Galleon stood for. It wouldn't be easy, but he'd have to reform it. After all, it had worked for a while as they suffered through the year of Umbridge, and it was worth a shot now.

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