Authors note: I'm going to make the assumption you have basic knowledge about both halo and RWBY. Also It's worth warning you now it will take about a dozen chapters before the actual crossover event happens, I've decided to do this for various reasons that I hope are obvious. That was all.


City of Kilner

January 4th, 2537, 1200 Military Time.

Lance Corporal Dean Austin was not particularly happy with his assignment. Not that he minded working In the UNSC recruitment corp, it was just that this assignment in particular was at least in his mind, morally questionable. Before today he had no idea where Spartans came from, he had actually been convinced that they were in fact robot bodies controlled by artificial intelligence, which was one of the rumors spreading around the UNSC. But once he had been covertly pulled away and asked to find a five year old kid for something called the SPARTAN-3 Program, it made a little more sense as too why the Spartans were so good at fighting, apparently they were all taught from young ages. He didn't know why ONI wanted this specific kid, but that honestly wasn't a question he was willing to ask. At least they weren't going to conscript him, ONI had been very specific, he had to volunteer to fight. After a short shuttle ride too the planet Dali-Six and a short taxi ride later, he arrived at his destination, a worn down two story building in the middle of the overcrowded low income city of Kilner. The building had a plank of wood nailed above the door with writing on it. It read, "Kilner Orphanage."

With a deep sigh of regret he walked into the building. Before he could even take in his new surroundings he heard a voice coming from a lady behind a deteriorating wooden desk that at one point was probably ornate.

"Oh, hello there, how are you doing today?" The lady asked with a nervous tone in her voice. At first Dean was confused, but then he remembered he was wearing his UNSC dress uniform. The poor lady probably thought he had come to close her orphanage.

"I'm doing well, don't worry I'm not here for any negative reason." Dean explained, hoping to calm the woman down.

"Oh, that's a relief, I'm Lucy, are you looking to adopt?" Lucy asked with a suddenly hopeful expression.

"I'm actually looking to talk with this one kid, his names Benjamin Oliver, is that okay?" Dean asked.

"Absolutely, I will warn you however to just call him Ben, he hates his formal name." Lucy said.

"Fair enough, where is the lad?" Dean asked.

"Right this way." Lucy said as she stood up and began walking down the hallway. Eventually the two came to a large room with a handful of children of all ages either sitting or playing.

Malnourished Children Dean realized, he could even see some of their ribs, it was unsettling, he knew that food was getting scarce with the covenant destroying colonies... but he hadn't realized they were incapable of feeding their own children.

"Ben!" Lucy called out into the crowd, all the kids stopped and looked at her before they all went back to what they were doing, except one who closed the book which he was reading and walked up to Lucy.

"Yes ma'am?" Ben asked, Dean took a moment to take in the kids features. Grey eyes and short curly blonde hair. Along with a burn scar from what was obviously plasma along his left cheek.

"This man, who's name I now realize I haven't gotten... yeah, he wanted to speak with you." Lucy said gesturing toward Dean.

"Is there somewhere we can speak privately?" Dean asked Lucy.

"Yes, follow me." Lucy said and the three walked to another room, this one has a broken chandelier hanging from the ceiling over an old wooden dining table with some foldable chairs set up around it.

"I'll be outside" Lucy said as she walked out of the room and shut the door. Both Dean and Ben sat down at opposite ends of the table. After a few seconds of awkward silence Ben spoke up.

"Your not here to adopt me are you." He said, with surprisingly little dejection, but Dean could still feel the disappointment radiating off him.

"Well at least I don't have break the news to you the harsh way, look kid, I'll skip the crap and cut right to the chase." Dean said. "You lost your whole family to the covenant, right?"

"Yes sir." Ben said with bitter anger in his voice. "I was the only survivor."

"Your not crying, in fact you don't even sound that sad." Dean stated.

"I'm done crying, I'm angry, when I grow up I'm going to kill all of the monsters, so nobody has to go through what I did." Ben said, with a surprising amount of determination in his voice.

"Well actually that's why I'm here, I wanted to see if you wanted a little payback." Dean said, he didn't like that he was manipulating a kid, but ONI had said they wanted him, and if Dean wanted to keep his job he had to follow orders.

"Yes sir, what do I have to do." Ben said with a hopeful expression on his face.

"Now slow down, it's not going to be easy." Dean said. "I'll be one-hundred percent honest with you it's going to be dangerous, you could die.."

"All I want is revenge sir." Ben said. "Whatever you need me to do i'll do, whats the first step."

"Easy, we leave this planet, and I send you off to begin your training." Dean said.

"When do we leave?" Ben said.

"Immediately" Dean quickly responded.

"That's okay, the only person who was ever nice to me here was Lucy anyway." Ben said as they both stood up. They both left the room and went back to the front desk where Lucy was sitting reading on an outdated computer terminal.

"Done already? So are you going to adopt him?" Lucy asked.

"Yes and yes." Dean replied. Ben looked at him confused before quickly understanding that Dean was lying because Lucy probably wouldn't be too enthusiastic about him going off to fight monsters.

"He is." Ben confirmed backing up the lie.

"So what do you need me to sign Lucy?" Dean asked.

Lucy laughed. "Are you joking? We sold the Printer for food years ago, no you don't have to sign anything."

Dean was more than a little disturbed by that, apparently things in the outer colonies were now so bad that proper documentation of pretty critical stuff like adoption couldn't be kept, which would just be a breeding ground for crime.

"Well, alright, my name was Dean by the way, thank you for your help." Dean answered. "And I'll see if I cant get some relief supplies directed this way, no child should go hungry."

"Thank you Dean, that would be greatly appreciated." Lucy stated. "And thank you, adoption is something that nobody can claim is bad, and you should be proud of what your doing."

"Thank you ma'am." Dean said with a foul taste in his mouth from the blatant lie. After he gave Ben a minute to say goodbye to Lucy they walked out of the Orphanage. About halfway back to the spaceport in their taxi journey Ben spoke again.

"So what do you need me to do?" Ben asked.

"Right now nothing, after that I have no idea, I'll let your new handler explain everything." Dean said.

"Well your in the military, do you have any advice for me?" Ben said.

"A few bits and pieces, for one if someone who looks important is yelling at you its probably a good idea to just let them get it out of their system." Dean said. "Also don't punch anyone important."

"Did you punch someone important?" Ben asked with a confused look on his face.

"Well I punched someone because they were drunk and being an asshole, I don't know if he was important." Dean said but noticed Ben looking at him disapprovingly. "Oh another piece of advice, everyone swears so your allowed to as well, unless your swearing at someone more important then you, then your not allowed too."

"Alright, what does drunk mean." Ben asked.

Dean remembered the person he was talking too was five years old and put his head in his palms. "It means they drank a lot of alcohol, which makes you act stupid." Dean said.

"Sorry to disappoint sir, I just didn't understand what it meant." Ben said.

"It's not that that bothers me Ben, its that I'm talking to a kid, I shouldn't be recruiting children to fight." Dean said. "It's just... wrong."

"But I want to fight sir, I'm going to stop the monsters from hurting anyone else." Ben said.

"I know kid, because if the guys in charge of me had asked me to just kidnap you I would of punched them too." Dean said.

"Well if it makes you feel any better, I probably would have punched that guy too." Ben said.

"Yeah who am I kidding, you seem smart enough, I'm sure you'll be fine." Dean said.

"Thank you sir." Ben said.

"And stop calling me sir, it makes me feel old." Dean said.

"Yes sir... I mean uhh... Dean." Ben said awkwardly. "Sorry my Parents taught me that I should always address people as Sir or Ma'am."

"Eh, I've been called much worse, by the way I should warn you that when we get to the transport I'm going to put you into something called cryosleep." Dean explained.

"I know that, when we were running away from the monsters the army put me into that for the journey here." Ben said.

"Well at least we know your not allergic to the crap they put in your lungs to let you survive the cold." Dean said.

"Yeah its not that bad, tastes yucky though." Ben said.

"Yeah that I can agree with, tastes like year old gum." Dean said.

"My mom said gum isn't good for your teeth." Ben said.

"Eh, its arguable." Dean said.

"I uh... assume you don't want me to tell the cops that your recruiting a kid into some military conspiracy" The driver interrupted from the from of the cab they were in.

"I'll cut you a deal driver, you ignore that and I'll ignore all the illegal drugs under my seat." Dean said.

"Fuck, thought I cleaned that up, you got a deal shady government man." The driver said as he turned his attention back to the road.

"Whats a conspiracy?" Ben asked.

"It's a word stupid people use to make them sound smarter." Dean responded.

"Oh, okay." Ben said. "Are those really drugs?" He said as he pointed under Deans seat at some suspicious looking pills and a syringe full of... something.

"Yes, don't do drugs, otherwise you'll die a long and painful death." Dean replied hoping to drill at least a few good lessons into this kid.

"Yeah my mom said the same thing, but she did drugs and lived." Ben said.

"That's called medicine, there's a difference." Explained Dean as the cab pulled up to the spaceport.

"Right here driver, and remember drugs are bad." Dean said.

"Yeah if I want to feed my family I deal drugs, I don't like it but that's life with you UNSC bunch hogging all the food for the inner colonies." The driver said as Dean and Ben got out of the car. They walked in silence until they walked to the large UNSC transport that Dean had been assigned to take Ben too.

"Here we are." Dean said as he walked down the hallway of the craft too the cryo bay, but Dean was confronted by a scene that made him catch his breath. Almost every single Cryopod was in use, in every other cryopod was a child, and in the rest were men in ONI uniforms.

"This is really fucked up." Dean said. "We're making an army of kids, man this is wrong." He slowly backed away but backed up right into who he was hoping to avoid, the ONI spook who had assigned him the mission, Agent Richard.

"Excellent work Specialist Austin, I'll take care of everything from here." Richard said.

"Agent Richard, this is fucked up and you know it, we cant do this, their kids." Dean said as he turned around.

"Yeah, and were losing this war!" Richard shouted right in Dean's face. "I don't like this either! But the covenant aren't giving us much of a chance!"

"The war isn't going that badly." Dean lied more to himself then to Richard.

"It's only been a couple of years! In that time we've lost most of our species! There aren't many outer colonies left!"

"Your right!" Dean yelled back. "But that doesn't mean we can just resort to shit like this!"

"Their all volunteers Dean, every single one of them, we may use child soldiers but at least we don't have slaves!" Richard said, finishing the argument. With that Dean sank his head and walked out of the room. Richard then turned too Ben and kneeled down to his level so they could speak face to face.

"Sorry you had to see that." Richard said. "Allow me to introduce myself, I'm your new Handler, Agent Richard."

"I'm Ben, nice to meet you sir." Ben said as he outstretched his hand, which Richard Shook with a strong grip. "Whats a Handler?"

"I'm basically the guy who keeps you on track while your learning to kick ass and whilst your kicking ass, most of you kids get one and we got paired up together." Richard said as he stood up and walked to the last two empty cryopods as Dean walked back into the room, it was obvious he had been trying (And failing) to hold back tears.

"Gonna need you too seal me in Specialist." Richard said.

"Ok sir, but can I ask a favor?" Dean asked as Ben's cryopod froze over and Ben entered cryosleep.

"Go ahead." Richard said as he climbed into his pod.

"Take care of the kid, he seems nice." Dean said.

"I'll keep him safe." Richard said. "Can I count on you to keep this classified?" he asked.

"I don't have much choice Sir, good luck with whatever your doing." Dean said as he punched in the code to activate Richard's Cryopod.

"I'm helping make Spartans." Richard said as he froze over and entered cryosleep.