Sabaody Archipelago (6 Days Later):

Rayleigh had gotten back to Sabaody first with Zoro and now they were waiting for the rest to arrive. "Maybe I should've gone to get all of you. They might have gotten lost." Rayleigh said to Zoro as he drank sake straight out of the bottle.

"Even if they got lost then wouldn't the others be here? They'll get here soon." Zoro said pausing in drinking for a moment.

Not even five minutes later there was thunder and the door to the Rip-off Bar opened to reveal Nami. "Hey, guys I made it," Nami said moving over to the bar to get a drink.

A couple minutes after Nani's arrival they heard a loud bird call, "What was that? Are there even any birds on Sabaody?" Nami asked and Rayleigh shook his head.

"Then let's go see what it was," Zoro said heading outside of the bar. When they walked out they found a ginormous bird.

"What is that!?" Nami yelled with a terrified look, "A bird." Zoro replied nonchalantly and pulling out his swords.

"Wait don't kill him he's my friend!" a familiar voice said from behind the bird. "Chopper!" Nami said and Chopper poked his head into view. "Nami!" He yelled and ran towards them.

"Zoro! I said don't kill him, he's my friend!" Chopper yelled and Nami hit him in the head to make him put the swords away. "Geez, you witch. You didn't have to hit me." Zoro grumbled out and Nami turned to him.

"Did you say something?" Nami said threateningly holding a fist up. "Nothing, I said nothing," Zoro replied nursing his bump.

"How about we head back to the bar? I'm sure that the others will be here soon." Rayleigh suggested and they all nodded following Rayleigh back to the bar.

Off the coast was the former bandits and Straw-Hats were rowing nonstop since they picked up the last crewmate.

"ROW LIKE THE WIND! WE HAVE TO GET BACK!" Dogra yelled as Brook, Franky, Usopp, and Sanji rowed faster than before.

"Why aren't you guys Rowing with us!?" Usopp asked and Dadan smirked, "Because we did our share in rowing when we went to get you guys." Dadan said and Usopp grumbled while rowing as fast as he could.

After a solid ten more minutes of rowing, they made it to the island, "Oh thank the heavens! We're here!" Brook and Usopp said as they kissed the ground.

"Shut up guys we have to get back to the others to figure out the plan," Sanji said kicking the two over the head.

"Super! Shakky's bar, RIght?" Franky said and when Ivankov nodded they headed straight for the bar where everyone else was waiting.

Back with Rayleigh, they were silent when they heard a screech and a 'SUPER' from outside the bar. "Looks like they're here and they found the bird," Zoro said after taking a drink for his sake.

"Let's go Chopper!" Nami said excitedly but before they could go outside the door almost flew off because Sanji spun in and landed in front of Nami.

"Nami-Swan~! I've made it back to you! Do you love me now?" Sanji said and Nami just gained a sweat drop and waved him off. "yeah, yeah."

"I'd hate to ruin your reunion but we have bigger things to worry about right now," Rayleigh said successfully bringing all the Straw-Hats to attention.

"So how are we going to save him?" Sanji asked seriously bringing the mood to a dark one.

"I have a transponder snail and I'm going to connect it with three other snails. the Whitebeards, Red-Hairs, and the Revolutionaries. As I went to get Zoro here I called each of them and told them to make a plan. this meeting will be about the plan."Rayleigh said with everyone nodding along.

"Where's Robin?" Nami asked and Rayleigh smirked, "She is with the revolutionaries so she'll help from there." Rayleigh said. Nami accepted the answer and started getting ready for the call.

Impel Down (Same time):

For the past six days, Luffy has been sent to every level of the famed Impel Down and know he is awaiting being moved to his execution. During the six long and torturous days he had made friends with a warlord that had been against the war. Jimbe is a Fishman that is captain of the Sun pirates.

"I hope you're ready to move to Marineford. Zehahahaha!" Blackbeard said and laughed as Luffy looked up at him from his place on the wall.

"Bastard," Luffy croaked out and Blackbeard just laughed and walked away. "I know they'll save me. Whether it's here or not." Luffy said out loud to himself.

"Don't stop believing in that. Luffy." Jimbe said from beside him on the wall. "Yeah, it's almost time. I can tell call it instincts if you like." Luffy said staring off into space.

Jimbe was about to talk when Luffy's head turned to him, "Jimbe, I want you to join my crew!" Luffy said with a big grin shocking Jimbe. "So your gonna have to get out of here, yeah?" he said and jimbe nodded dumbly.

"Great! Then I want you to say that you're ready to fulfill your duty as a warlord. After that, you can choose what you want to do." Luffy said.

Jimbe thought about it for a while and finally agreed, "Okay, HEY GUARD GET OVER HERE!" Jimbe yelled. "What is it prisoner?" he asked rudely. "I've decided I'm going to fulfill my part in the execution that is coming up soon," Jimbe said.

The guard left and came back with Magellan, "Finally given in, Jimbe?" Magellan asked with a smirk clear on his face.

"Yes, I've realized the uselessness in resisting. It's not worth it." Jimbe responded grimacing on the inside.

"Then you're free to go. Just get to Marineford as fast as you can." Magellan said as a soldier unlocked his cuffs. As he passed by Luffy he saw excitement and then he whispered something so that only Jimbe would hear.

"Don't think I didn't see that Straw-Hat! What'd you say if you don't tell me then you're going up to level five until your execution time." Magellan said and Luffy looked at him with no expression as he made sure that Jimbe was out.

"I'm not telling," Luffy said sticking his tongue out successfully making Magellan irritated.

"Isolate him on level five, don't bother with seastone he'll last longer with it," Magellan growled out and the marines dragged him out of the cell and up to level five.

As soon as they stepped inside Luffy immediately started to move around but the soldiers stopped him. And eventually, he stopped struggling to try to save his energy as they put him in the cell.

Outside with Jimbe:

As soon as Jimbe stepped out of Impel Down he noticed a huge fleet forming 'looks like they know who they're picking a fight with.' Jimbe thought as he scanned the water for any kind of ship that wasn't marine.

"Ah, I see it. how'd Luffy known that he was here? it's so far out, and if you didn't have a trained eye then you couldn't see it." Jimbe said now speeding towards the ship.

When Jimbe got close to the ship he jumped up and out of the water landing with a big bang. instantly Jimbe was surrounded by revolutionary soldiers. "Who are you!? Wait he's that Warlord he's probably here to try and stop us." They yelled and attacked Jimbe much to his dismay.

"No! I'm one of Straw-Hat Luffy's comrades. I'm here to help him he helped me get out of there." jimbe said trying to talk some sense but they didn't listen.

"Stop!" a commanding voice said walking out of the galley with a woman. the man and woman were Dragon and Robin. "You said you wanted to help. is that true?" Dragon asked.

"Yes, I was going to stay in that prison for a long time but he got me out of there," Jimbe said and Dragon nodded and gestured for him to follow him and Robin into a room.

"We're about to discuss the plan over Mushi's. Your welcome to join but if you do hear then you can't go back until the war is over." Dragon said and Jimbe nodded before sitting down.

"If you don't mind. Would you tell me Luffy's condition?" Robin asked with Dragon secretly listening in. "I and the rest of the crew were wondering," Robin said with a Den-Den Mushi in her hand.

"Then your part of his crew, hmmmmm. Well over the past six days he's been sent to the levels over and over again. Especially the Frozen Hell, and the Boiling Blood hell." Jimbe said and there was a growl of anger from the mushi.

"Anything else?" Zoro asked, "Yeah they put him in sea stone and beat him, whipped whatever you want to call it. But there's one thing that could be troublesome." Jimbe said taking a deep breath before continuing.

"When he fought Akainu and the other admiral, he got punched in the chest with magma. They didn't treat it but they did give him bandages so there's no telling how it is. His devil fruit is the only thing that saved him at that moment." Jimbe finished and there was a deadly silence floating through the air.

"I see. Let's get this meeting started." Dragon said and the Mushi clicked signaling that it was connected. "You're on Whitebeard, go ahead." Dragon said and he spoke.

"We've decided that as you probably already know you'll be at Impel Down thinning out the forces and then helping with the escape. The Whitebeards will be the front lines and the Red-Hairs will come in after us helping with the marines. And the Straw-Hats will be where their specialties lie. Everyone understand?" Whitebeard said and got a bunch of confirmations.

"One more thing." Shanks said, "Are there any details that we should know?" Shanks asked and Jimbe stepped up.

"Luffy is heavily injured from the fight and torture," Jimbe said and the air became thick for a moment before it faded. "Okay, let us know when they start to move him," Shanks said concluding the meeting.

After the meeting, the revolutionaries plus Robin and Jimbe prepared themselves and the ship for the upcoming fight. They were almost done when various lookouts yelled out that it was time, "Warden is escorting target to the ship farthest from us!" he yelled and the ship moved towards them.

Over with Luffy the marines just noticed their attackers and jumped into action. "Everyone fightback from your ships! Just escort the prisoner!" Magellan yelled as he put his poison hand in the water preventing any Revolutionaries from jumping into the water.

Magellan could deal with the enemy when they were not making much progress but when they were barreling through the warships one by one it was a problem. And now they only had a few guarding the main ship.

'Who is attacking us?!' Magellan thought as he changed his poison form to a more deadly one, "Venom Demon: Hell's Judgment." he murmured and shot the poison into the water straight toward Dragons ship.

Instead of hitting the ship hit the water and was now melting the ship, "FALL BACK! WE"LL BE OF NO USE IF WE LOSE A SHIP!" the second in command yelled out and just like that the ship was moving towards the calm belt.

'We can only get there as fast as we can son.' Dragon thought as he looked in the direction of Luffy's ship.

With the marine ship, they had finally gotten Luffy fully secure in sea-stone and were heading full speed to Marineford. "Hey, do you think the captain will let us have some fun with the prisoner? I mean he's about to be executed." a Marine said.

"I don't know but we can try." the other marine said and they both walked off only to come back with weapons. "Alright you better not do any resisting shit," they said and started beating him up taking turns trying to make him cry out in pain.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" the Captain said pulling the two marines off of Luffy, "Get out of here and clean the whole ship! NOW!" he yelled and they ran off like they weren't ever there.

"I apologize for them. If I had any idea of what they were doing then it wouldn't happen." the Captain said as Luffy weakly looked up to him.

"I-it's not y-your fault." Luffy said, "Why're you here?" Luffy asked and the captain pulled out some seastone cuffs.

"It's time to get to the platform." He said releasing Luffy and then putting him in the cuffs. In no time at all Luffy has chained atop the execution platform that overlooked all of Marineford.

'I wonder if they'll come. I know Dad tried, but…' Luffy thought vaguely sensing his gramps coming.


"Finish up anything you need to prepare! We're surfacing, we got word from Dragon Straw-Hat is here and on the platform." Marco yelled and the ship was bustling.

"Someone contact the Red-Hair ship," Marco ordered and Thatch ran off, "On it Bro!" he yelled.

"You guys might want to get off the figurehead -yoi. The bubble will start to shrink." Marco told Ace and Sabo who was staring at the surface.

"Oh sure, sorry," Sabo said pulling Ace to the deck. "Hey what do you think his condition is?" Ace asked and Sabo shrugged even though he was equally worried.

"Shanks is following us and we're about to break the surface. So be ready." Thatch said and just as he said it the ships bubble popped and they got a taste of fresh air.

"Go my sons! Save Straw-Hat" Whitebeard yelled and with a large battle cry, the pirate's charges as Shanks' ship surfaced.

Ace and Sabo could vaguely hear Sengoku yelling out orders clearly not expecting two yonkos to show up, they bulldozed through the marines with their eyes on Luffy. "What. did. They. do to him!" Ace growled out as he looked at Luffy's condition.

"Ace!" Sabo yelled punching a vice admiral away from Ace, "Look I'm worried about him too. But, focus on the task! You almost got cut in half by that haki!" Sabo yelled at Ace's shocked face.

"Your right I'm sorry. Let's go save our little bro." Ace said and they continued to run, "Hey! Ace, Sabo, We'll make a path for you guys." Zoro said and when the two brothers turned around they saw the whole crew save from Robin and Franky.

"Just continue, we'll take the marines that will take to much time," Sanji yelled as he kicked away a whole squad of marines.

Whitebeard saw what the Straw-Hats were doing and decided to help. "Making them focus on you huh? Well, good idea." Whitebeard said activating his devil fruit and making the ground shake creating a tsunami in the process.

"AOKIJI!" Sengoku yelled but he was already on it. He touched the wave and ice started spreading making it solid ice.

Usopp was at the best advantage point he could find but a couple marines were able to get behind him. By the time he noticed them they were about to cut him when they were suddenly shot down from behind. When he looked to who saved him he teared up and saw that it was his father.

With a deep breath, he turned around and resumed backing up his cremates.

Now the fights were between groups, the Straw-Hats suggested the idea because their captain always did it with them.

The two pirate crews were beating down the marines relentlessly and strangely easily when there was a deafening sound. And the many gates surrounding Marineford opened letting out thousands maybe even millions of trained soldiers that immediately started making trouble for the pirates.

They began to get overwhelmed and some of the pirates started falling out of exhaustion. Everyone had to fight with their all then the Thousand Sunny breached the surface with Franky and what looked like a bunch of cola barrels.

"SUPEEEER, GAON CANNON!" Franky yelled and when the beam was fired it wiped out the marines in the path making it clear for the pirates to fill.

"TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS, GURARARARARARA!" Whitebeard yelled jumping off of his ship along with Shanks. "I think it's time to get my little anchor back," Shanks said and then smirked because he sensed the revolutionaries nearing them.

There was a strong wind and a cloaked Dragon appeared next to Whitebeard and Shanks. Another Gaon Cannon went off and the three powerful men charged beating the Marines like nothing and helping their injured allies in the process.

"Des Fleur: CLUTCH!" Robin said walking calmly towards her crewmates. The marines fell around her with a cracking noise.

Jimbe jumped out of the water next to Robin fighting marines off while heading to the now regrouped Straw-Hats. "Push your body to the limit. For our Captain." Zoro said as blood ran down his arm but the rest of the crew wasn't better off. They all had an injury of some kind.

They charged taking out as many marines as they could providing cover for Ace and Sabo.

"MARCO! NOWWWWW!" Ace and Sabo yelled and with a cry, Marco swooped down in his bird form grabbing the two brothers and throwing them to the top of the execution platform.

With a sigh, they both stood up straight and looked at their heavily chained brother, "You always manage to get in trouble, don't you? Huh, Luffy." Ace said and they both smiled at Luffy's sunny smile.

"The smile faded and a frown replaced it you guys have a key, right?" Luffy asked and dread was shown on their faces. A magma ball flew in their direction and just as they started to panic a gust of wind blew it off the path.

Whitebeard hit Akainu into the water with his bisento getting him out of the picture. Then a light beam came out of nowhere only to be blocked by Shanks' haki covered blade.

"Get to Jimbe, he has the key," Shanks said before getting going after Kizaru.


Jimbe was racing through the halls of Impel Down trying to get to the exit as fast as he could. "PSSSTTT! Hey Jimbe!" Hannyabal whisper-yelled getting Jimbe's attention.

"Hannyabal? What do you want?" Jimbe asked and Hannyabal gestured for him to get closer. "Here take the key, I bet if he 'loses' the key then he'll get fired," Hannyabal said and on the inside, Jimbe was smirking.

"So you want me to keep it a secret then?" JImbe asked and Hannyabal nodded, " Yeah? Okay then. I'll definitely keep it away from him." Jimbe said and headed for the exit again.


"I got it Ace stay here and I'll get the key to you," Sabo said and before Ace could say anything he jumped off the platform, "JIMBEE! KEY!" Sabo yelled running towards Jimbe.

Jimbe heard it and started heading towards Sabo with an idea of what it was about. They fought their way and eventually made it to each other. "Key… hah… Shanks said you have the key." Sabo said and when Jimbe nodded he almost collapsed in relief.

"Here take it and free Luffy," Jimbe said handing the key over once all the marines around them were unconscious. "Thank you," Sabo said and turned around building his strength up.

"ACE HEADS UP CAUSE I'M THROWING IT!" Sabo yelled and threw the key with all his power sending it flying towards Ace.

"I got it! Thanks, Sabo!" Ace yelled back once he caught the key, "You think that I'm going to let you just take that little demon!?" Akainu yelled now out of the water thanks to some marines.

"What'd you say?" Ace said turning around slowly making Akainu smirk. "A-ace, don't do it. Save it for another day." Luffy said and Ace turned to him.

"I'm sorry for making you wait for Lu. Here let me just unlock those cuffs." Ace said softly making Luffy smile back.

When Ace unlocked the cuffs the air around Luffy became heavy, "Ahh, I feel so relieved now." Luffy said purposefully letting his conquerors haki lose to distract Ace.

"I'm not going to let you go either, STRAW-HAT!" Sengoku yelled but it sounded distorted because he started turning gold and growing so that he looked like a giant. Nearby you could hear Garp planning to leave the Marines and retire.

Luffy grabbed Ace and jumped as high as he could into the air so Sengoku's giant fist hit the platform and not them. "Luffy! What are you doing I need to beat him up!" Ace yelled as they plummeted towards the ground.

"No! Ace think your crew, my crew Shank' crew, Even my dad's army is beaten up and tired right now we can not afford to fight an admiral. Think about the people who could die Ace!" Luffy yelled at Ace.

"He he, I guess you have a point. Look at me getting told off by both my brothers." Ace said shaking his head with a smirk. "Where's Sabo?" Ace asked and Sao touched his shoulder making him jump in surprise.

"Shishishishi you should've seen your face," Luffy said but it slowly faded out because every time he moved he felt pain.

"Luffy?" his brothers asked and Luffy shrugged, "LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" Luffy yelled so that every pirate on the battlefield could hear him.

"YYEEEEEAAAAHHHH!" the pirates yelled in agreement and started retreating back to their ships. Franky hooked the Sunny to the Moby Dick so that they didn't have to man it and started helping the injured onto the ships.

"Usopp, grab Nami I got Chopper!" Zoro yelled as they ran towards the Sunny keeping an eye on their captain on the way.

"Hey, there I'm not allowed to just let you go. So I need you to die." Kizaru said as he shot multiple light beams at the three brothers which they dodged. "How troublesome, all haki users huh? Well sucks." Kizaru said lazily and launched himself at the brothers.

Ace and Sabo pushed Luffy behind them and prepared to take the hit but instead, Luffy got around them and took the light. Luffy started glowing and then only his fist glowing, "Water-Water Beam!" Luffy yelled and shot a glowing beam back at Kizaru who dodged it.

"What!" Ace and Sabo yelled together, and Luffy didn't react, "Watch out, behind you is Aokiji!" Luffy said still focusing on Kizaru.

"You're not going to get my brothers," Ace snarled and Aokiji just looked at them with a bored expression.

59 Minutes Later:

Luckily Akainu didn't participate but no one knew where he went, for nearly an hour an already injured and exhausted Luffy fought with Kizaru while his brothers fought his natural enemy Aokiji.

All the crews and even marines were watching in fascination on how the three brothers worked so well as a team. Finally, they all collapsed at once. But the three brothers got back up on their shaky legs and sprinted as fast as they could to the Moby Dick.

"Guys, I'm sorry but that last fight was too much," Luffy said slowing down to a stop. "L-lu?" Ace said carefully and then got wide eyes when Luffy started to collapse.

Sabo swooped in and caught him snapping Ace out of his surprise and they resumed running seemingly faster now set on getting medical attention. Not without grabbing his straw hat.

"We need a nurse!" Ace yelled once he got on the deck of Moby Dick and almost immediately Chopper appeared and took Luffy away to perform surgery on the Thousand Sunny.

A couple minutes later Chopper came out in tears scaring many people, "I d-don't have the equipment I need to save him!" Chopper cried out much to everyone's horror.

"Then let me take him, I was watching it all over marine broadcast and with the injuries he has he won't survive past tomorrow… but I can help him." Trafalgar Law said from the side of Sunny.

After a bit of hesitation, Zoro goes and picks up Luffy cursing how light he feels. "HEY, Zoro what are you doing!?" Sanji yelled but Zoro ignored him and gave Luffy to Law.

Ace was about to attack with Sabo but Zoro spoke up, "He won't do anything bad. He fought alongside Luffy at Sabaody." Zoro said and suddenly everyone seemed relieved that he was getting medical attention.

"What's our course Pops?" Marco asked after tying Laws submarine to the Thousand Sunny making a chain of ships. "Head for the new world," Whitebeard said and then starting to search for a sake bottle.

2 Weeks Later (New World):

"He's waking up!" Chopper yelled throughout the Moby Dick, in a matter of seconds there was a huge crowd on the Thousand Sunny but Ace and Sabo were already in the room. They have barely left Luffy's side since Law cleared him to be moved to the Sunny.

Luffy cracked his eyes open and was overcome with a sense of confusion until it all came back to him. Luffy snapped awake an sat up abruptly making his brothers panic. "Don't move! You'll hurt yourself more!" Sabo screeched out almost making Luffy laugh.

"Shishi, you should hear yourself," Luffy said with a smile and the door opened to reveal Luffy's crew looking serious.

"Hey, guys! What's wrong?" Luffy asked with his usual smile but then it turned dark at the explanation.

"Luffy. We have all decided that we're too weak for the New World. You might be ready and you've done all you can to train us in between islands. But…" Zoro said and the crew looked at the ground. "We all probably almost died in that war. if it wasn't two yonko's backing us up we wouldn't be here."

"You want some time to train by yourself right?" Luffy said losing the dark look he had shocking the crew, "Hey, I get it." he said making the crew even more shocked.

"Where are you going to go?" Luffy asked and they answered completely prepared, "Back to the island where we came from." Nami responded, and Luffy nodded, "How will you get there?" Luffy asked and this time Sanji stepped up.

"Ivankov and Rayleigh are going to take us. and the others we've contacted the islands." Sanji said and continued, "They should be here by now." he finished and Luffy nodded again.

"Okay, I have an idea how about we meet up in the place where it all began in two years. It will give you time to train and it gives us time to prepare and a place to meet up." Luffy said and they all nodded.

"Then we will meet again in two years." Luffy said and the crew left, "Can I stick around with you guys for about… hmmmmm, two years?" Luffy asked and the three brothers laughed together.

"Of course. Always. So what are you going to train?" Ace and Sabo asked and Luffy shrugged. "I'm not sure I guess I'll fully perfect haki and work on strengthening my devil fruit. maybe some other stuff"

'I'll see you in two years," Luffy said to himself, "Until then I'll be here."


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