Dinner was eaten, the plates placed in the sink. Lotta and Jean were sitting at the table.

Lotta was eating chocolate. Jean had brought it back for her after an inspection in another district. It wasn't the cheap acidic kind, it was the more pricey creamy kind. Both could take food from the palace to eat, but Jean disliked depending on his relatives for food.

Lotta was looking at the chocolate in her hand. 'Probably thinking of Nino,' Jean mused. 'We haven't seen him for a year...'

"Jean?" Lotta asked, her large eyes looked at him sadly. "Yeah?" "Where do you think Nino is right now?" "I don't know-"

Jean stopped as he heard the door down the hall open. Jean and Lotta looked at each other, there was only one other person who had a key. But wasn't he... The two siblings eyes widened at who walked in. Lotta grinned.

"Well, speak of the devil." Jean remarked drily. A dark blue haired man was in the doorway, waving at the two.

"No Jean, you can't just speak of me to have me appear. You have to have chocolate too." Nino said, trying to suppress a smile.

Jean smiled and Lotta continued to grin as Nino sat at the third chair, his designated seat for over a decade.

Lotta broke off a piece of chocolate and gave it to Nino. "Thanks, Lotta." With that acknowledgement, the bluenette took a bite of the sweet.

"Are you back for good?" Jean curiously asked. Lotta looked hopefully at the former spy.

"Eh, I'll stay for the chocolate." Nino joked. Lotta's grin grew wider. Jean shook his head in exasperation at his friend.