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Summary: Seven years after defeating Voldemort, Harry Potter has moved to the United States to teach DADA at Ilvermorny, taking his godson, Teddy Lupin and Teddy's grandmother, Andromeda Tonks with him. What will happen when Fawkes the Phoenix pulls the happy family back in time for a better future? Set before the breakout from Azkaban in book five, Order of the Phoenix. No time paradox. Edward Lupin -aka Teddy Potter is seven years old.

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Pairings: Harry Potter (age 24) and Nymphadora Tonks (age 22). Andromeda (age 49) and Ted Tonks (age 43).

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Chapter 1

Pontoosuc Lake was about a mile by a mile. Set in a valley in Berkshire County, Harry Potter could see the lake like a silver disk from his classroom in Ilvermorny Castle. The lakefront house he had purchased for himself and his godson, Teddy was Harry's idea of home. None of the houses in their neighborhood were identical and the view of the water, mountains, and state forests was far from the landscape of Surry. The house was two stories, three bedrooms, the kitchen/dining room/living room was the safest and warmest place Harry had ever known. He adored not having to live in Ilvermorny like most of the other professors, having road his broom to work.

"Daddy!" Teddy screeched running towards him. Harry smiled and opened his arms to scoop the boy up.

"What trouble have you found?" Harry asked the boy, whose hair had turned a startling shade of reddish-orange.

Teddy tucked his head against his godfather's shoulder.

"TED LUPIN POTTER!" Dromeda's voice called from upstairs.

Harry rubbed his son's back in soothing motions. It still amazed Harry how fast Teddy was growing. The baby he had brought to this new world, who couldn't sit up on his own had turned into a boy that ran everywhere and had an insatiable curiosity. His curiosity may have been partially Harry's doing, as his number one house rule was always, always, ask questions.

Dromeda came down the stairs in a fury that reminded Harry a bit of her elder sister Bellatrix as she pointed a finger at both of them. "Put that little boy down, he's in trouble."

Harry did his best to swallow his smile and did as he was told. When it came to Teddy, there was very little that could make him angry, the child had saved his sanity after the war. Andromeda and Teddy were the sole reasons Harry had survived the death toll and destruction of the war. In fact, the only thing that could anger Harry in recent years were people's safety. Harry could not abide life-risking behavior, the irony of which did not escape him, but as he told Dromeda there is no reason for children put themselves in danger if adults do their part in their communities and society.

"What did he do?" Harry asked, mouth twitching.

"He drew on the walls," Dromeda said, glaring at him not to laugh.

Harry gave her innocent eyes, "Which walls?"

She glared at him harder, "In the hallway."

Harry pulled the sponge from the sink, a handful of paper towels and some soap. He handed the load to the small boy. "Go clean up best you can."

"But Daddy-" Teddy began.

Harry shook his head and kneeled to make eye-contact, "You made the mess, you clean the mess. It was rude of you to draw on the walls without asking Grandmama or me. Had you asked I would have let you paint on the walls in my bedroom, but you didn't ask so you need to be respectful and go clean up."

Teddy stared at his toes and dragged his feet towards the steps.

"What do we say?" Harry called after him.

"Sorry," he muttered, tone sullen.

"Teddy," Harry chided.

Teddy took a deep breath and looked up at his grandmother. "Sorry, Grandmama, for drawing on the walls."

Dromeda, hands still on hips, folded at the big green puppy-dog eyes he gave her. She sighed, "I will accept your apology after you clean the walls."

Teddy gave her a shy smile, hair turning back to his usual messy black and hurried up the stairs.

Dromeda sighed again, taking a seat at the table that faced out onto the lake. "I'm growing soft, I'd have grounded Nymphadora for a month for that one."

"He's only seven," Harry reminded her, pulling out leftovers from the fridge to warm up for dinner.

"Seven is old enough to know better," Dromeda said.

Harry shrugged. When he was seven he had been cooking meals while his cousin smashed his toys in the living room. Teddy had never had a hand raised to him and had never been as ungrateful and spoiled as Dudley, so as far as Harry was concerned, they were in the clear. Teddy smiled and laughed more than he cried or whined, their household was a happy one. Besides Harry was teaching eleven to eighteen-year-olds; he only wished Teddy could stay seven forever.

"And those big green eyes, he knows, knows that no one can say no to them," Dromeda added with a huff, accepting the tea Harry gave her in her rose-porcelain teacup. Tea was the one thing Dromeda seemed to be unable to reconcile with America. So much so that she refused to go out to breakfast, seeing as no American restaurant in Berkshire County knew how to serve tea. Lipton tea is an affront to the human race, she said anytime Harry jokingly suggested they go out for breakfast. Harry would argue that there weren't many options for restaurants in the area as a whole. Harry preferred cooking and Dromeda was no slouch in the kitchen either. If they wanted to go out to eat, Harry liked to make a trip to the magical communities in Salem, Massachusetts or New York City.

"My big green eyes never got me far," Harry said.

Dromeda scoffed, "I think your many, many admirers would argue differently. Merlin, Harry, if I weren't old enough to be your mother I might be interested."

It was Harry's turn to scoff, "You are about as likely as I am to go out on a date. Anyways those girls-"

"And lads," Dromeda interjected with a smile.

"-are only interested in my fame."

"You underrate yourself and overstatement your fame. Americans don't all recognize you, the No-Majs have no idea and there is a line, my dear, maybe rows of lines ready to fall at your feet."

"I'm scrawny, Dromeda," he said turning his back to get the silverware to set the table.

"You're lean, and since I got the nutrition potions in you, you reclaimed those inches. A six foot, in shape, intelligent man with thick black hair and the greenest eyes on the planet is quite the catch. Once they figure out you're a family man, intelligent professor, a seasoned veteran, and a fantastic cook as well as baker, there are precious few who would not be interested."

"I am not interested in dating. I am quite content with the life I have," Harry said, exasperated as he began to grow tired of this discussion.

"Perhaps Teddy would like a mother."

"I thought I was the mother," Harry quipped, "or so you keep telling me."

She smiled, her brown eyes warming at their old joke, "You are certainly the best wife I've ever had, but Harry, Teddy wants you to be happy."

"I am happy," he tried to assure her.

"You don't think he hears you wake from your nightmares?"

"I haven't forgotten to put a silencing charm on my room since he was two."

"He still knows."

"As he spends most nights climbing into bed with me from his own nightmares, I am aware of that," Harry said, jaw tight. "I doubt dating will help. Nothing can erase the past, we just have to learn to live with it."

"Maybe if we visited Britain-" she began.

"No," Harry said.

"The Weasleys-"

"Can go turn themselves. I tried having Christmas with them. Ron and Hermione... well I was not surprised when they got a divorce last year. Ginny was… unaccepting of my career choices to say the least. Being around them all just reminds me and them of everyone we lost. And I cannot take another backhanded comment about Teddy's name," Harry said, running a hand through his hair.

Dromeda sighed, "I don't understand why they refused to understand it was so we didn't have to constantly explain to strangers about you being his godfather. Especially when his default features are a direct reflection of yours."

Harry flushed, "I still feel a bit bad about that. He is Remus's son."

"I would have preferred you being his birth father."

"I was barely seventeen when she got pregnant," Harry remarked.

"Still legal," Dromeda retorted.

"You just didn't like Remus."

"It wasn't that I disliked him, so much as I didn't approve of him with my daughter. But I am not my parents so I wasn't going to argue with her heart. Teddy came from a place of great love," Dromeda corrected.

Harry nodded, placing the food on the table. Harry couldn't help thinking of the night Remus had run out on Dora. Harry would have never abandoned Teddy. Even if the war started again, Harry would have done everything he could've to keep his family together. He'd done anything so he could return each night to tuck his son into bed and prepare for class on the couch as Dromeda read her novels.

Harry never wanted to give this life up and he would never run from it.

"Teddy food's ready!" Harry called up the steps. Teddy ran down the steps seconds later.

"Wash your hands," Dromeda reminded.

Teddy skidded to the downstairs bathroom sink before racing back to the table and seating himself at the table in a flurry of motion. "Thank you, Grandmama and Daddy," he said as he lifted his spoon to dig into the rice.

Harry and Dromeda grinned at each other. In addition to Teddy being a growing boy, his condition made it so he burned calories faster than most, which meant he was always hungry. He was lucky both his guardians loved to be in the kitchen.

They had almost finished, Harry and Dromeda their first portion, Teddy his third when a flash of fire had Harry out of his seat, Teddy behind him, with Andromeda at their backs.

"Fawkes?" Harry questioned.

The firebird sang at him.

Harry didn't lower his wand completely, his pulse still racing, "I haven't seen you since Dumbledore died. How are you?"

Teddy peaked around his godfather's leg and said, "Oooh! A phoenix! Grandmama, look a real phoenix!" Teddy had a special interest in magical creatures that might put even Hagrid to shame one day.

The bird preened.

"What do you need, Fawkes?" Harry asked. "Who sent you?"

And to Harry's astonishment the phoenix spoke, "I need you to go back and fix the future. I do not enjoy it. You will never return to this time, this space in your life."

"Excuse me?" Harry asked, dumbfounded.

The next thing he knew he was throwing up the strongest shield charm he knew around his family before turning and crouching to wrap himself around them as a physical shield. It did none of them any good as Fawkes's fire engulfed them. It hurt to be burned alive, to be reformed, but Harry didn't feel like he was dying, dying hadn't hurt like this, this- this must be what it felt to be born; no wonder the first breath babies had they spent crying.

Harry's knees rammed into a bench and he only just kept Teddy from hitting his head on the table. Harry jiggled his sobbing son onto his hip, one arm firmly around him the other he had his wand pointed at… George and… Fred Weasley who were both gaping at him as the flames cleared. Andromeda was nowhere to be seen. Harry spared a thought that he was glad the flames hadn't left them naked and dead, followed by a stream of curses that only six years as a professor restrained his tongue. He never thought he'd want to kill a phoenix but as he assessed his surroundings he thought he wouldn't mind plucking every cursed feather off Fawkes, one by one. Watching, said bird circle him and fly across the great hall to Albus freaking Dumbledore made something dark clench in Harry's heart.

"Shhhhhh, Teddy, shhh," Harry whispered to crying Teddy as he held him close. "It's alright. It's over now. It's going to be okay." Which, of course, was an absolute lie because they were at Hogwarts, judging by the frizzy mess of Hermione's beautiful curls they must be back before his sixth year.

"Hem, hem," a voice disturbed the unnatural silence of the great hall.

1995, Harry thought, perfect, just frigging perfect.

The sound of clicking heels on stone had Harry pointing his wand at the pink toad.

"Get away from us." The demand was the first thing out of Harry's mouth.

"For burning one of the students alive I am afraid you must surrender yourself to the ministry," Umbridge screeched.

Harry didn't lower his wand. Teddy had muffled his sobs against his robe. "Madame Pomfrey," Harry called over Umbridge. "Could you take a look at my son?"

"You will both be going to prison," Umbridge sneered with curled lips.

Harry's eyes narrowed, "He's seven years old you daft toad."

"Then I'll take the child and you will submit yourself to the dementors," Umbridge explained calmly.

No one around Harry misinterpreted his expression of bared teeth as a smile. "No," Harry said, eyes glowing faintly with power as the word rang through the room. Minerva, Severus, Poppy, and Dumbledore were finally moving toward them. The other professors standing guard at the house tables.

"You killed Harry Potter," Umbridge said, her own sickly sweet smile unfaltering.

"I am Harry Potter," he said, teeth clenched as annoyance filled his veins.

"We all witnessed Harry Potter screaming as he burned to death just before you appeared out of that flame."

"You can blame Dumbledore's buzzard for that, but I am Harry Potter. I've got all the scars to prove it," His last sentence said with more bitterness then he had intended. He needed to calm down, he was not helping Teddy calm down. His petite shoulders were shuddering, he was nearly hyperventilating.

"How old are you, Harry?" Hermione asked, her voice small.

Harry eyes flicked to her, "Twenty-four."

"Time travel is illegal," Umbridge sang.

His attention zeroed back in on his old DADA professor, "Again, it was the buzzard."

"Perhaps, Mr. Potter we should take this to my office?"

Albus's voice chimed through Harry, his real voice not some portrait on a wall. For all the mixed feelings he had about the man he had missed the old fool.

Harry took several steps backs until he was even with Severus and Minerva before turning his back on Umbridge. "I think that would be wise," Harry said, striding as quickly as he could away from the hall and all its memories. The last time he'd been here the dead had outnumbered the living. The images of bodies under sheets laid in neat rows, most far too small to be adult, filled his mind. It made his dinner churn in his stomach.

"Fawkes spoke?" Albus asked in clarification looking at his familiar.

Harry was calmer now, at least outwardly. Poppy had looked over Teddy and aside from a little magical exhaustion, he was fine. Teddy had fallen asleep against Harry's chest, and it awed Harry that Teddy trusted him that much. It made the notion of failing him, of letting him come to harm in this world somehow more abhorrent to him.

War. Harry rubbed Teddy's back more to comfort himself than the slumbering child. Harry had no choice but to fight, Voldemort was alive and as the prophecy said they couldn't coexist, Tommy wouldn't allow it.

On the bright side, Harry knew where the Horcruxes were. Breaking into Gringotts again was going to-

"Mr. Potter, are you listening?" Umbridge asked.

Harry blinked, focusing on the room around him. It wasn't that he hadn't been paying attention, no he had been quite aware of everyone's movements and breathing. Their words, however, "Could you repeat the question?"

Snape snorted, "Haven't changed much, have you Potter?"

Harry leaned back in his chair observing his sour potions professor, the man who had saved his life as well as help Albus set him up to be a martyr. "I got my potions mastery certificate three years ago, sir," Harry said. "So at least my 'dismal' brewing skills changed."

"I don't believe you," Snape said.

Harry sighed, "Andromeda was more patient with me."

"Andromeda Tonks?" Snape asked frowning.

"That's the one," Harry said.

"The question, Mr. Potter, is where you will be staying," Fudge said, he had come at Umbridge's summons.

Harry desperately wanted to go home. Wanting nothing more than to apparate to the States and never look back, but where he went Voldemort would follow and the whole of Hogwarts had seen his son. Teddy was as much a target as Harry was now.

"He must be under observation," Umbridge announced.

"He and his family are more than welcome at Hogwarts," Dumbledore said, eyes twinkling.

"He must do something for the school. He can't stay here for free," Umbridge protested.

"I'll take the Defense Against the Dark Arts position," Harry said, pulling the Daily Prophet off Albus's coffee table, "Seeing as you got yourself a new job, High Inquisitor."

"You are hardly qualified," she sneered.

Albus's fireplace flared and Harry couldn't help but flinch slightly at the flames. Albus rose to answer it and pulled his head back to allow Andromeda and Ted Tonks through.

"Harry," Andromeda said in relief as she walked over to him. Harry held her hand out to her. She wrapped herself around his shoulder, one arm going to Teddy.

"He's alright, a touch terrified, but thankfully alright nonetheless," Harry said.

"Dora is alive," Andromeda whispered in his ear.

Harry froze, gaze darting to her brown eyes, her black hair shielding them from the onlookers. Fawkes had said they would not be returning to their time, but looking at Dromeda face, he realized quickly and with a hint of sadness that she wouldn't have wanted to return.

"Are you two lovers?" Umbridge interrupted rudely with an ever-present frown.

Andromeda pulled back from Harry, wand raised at the toad. "Careful, I may have married a Tonks but at heart, I'm still a Black, Dolores."

Umbridge opened her mouth to say something scathing but was cut off when Fudge spoke first. "Do you have experience teaching, Mr. Potter?"

"Lord Potter," Andromeda shot in quickly. "He's of age and legally he gets his parents' fortune including his father's seat in politics."

Fudge's jaw tightened. Harry kept silent, he had left his father's title behind him as well as the title of Lord Black when he left for America, but if they were staying those titles would certainly do well to help them now.

"Very well, Lord Potter, do you have any experience teaching?" Fudge asked again.

"I taught Defense Against the Dark Arts for six years."

"You broke the curse?" Minerva couldn't help but ask.

Harry smiled at her, "I did, but I was a professor at Ilvermorny, not Hogwarts."

"You moved to the States?" Fudge asked. He sounded insulted at the mere possibility.

"Explains the accent," Snape muttered.

"Well, Dolores will be quite busy, and I am sure Mr- I mean Lord Potter has quite abandoned his fantasies about the Dark Lord coming back from the dead," Fudge said.

Harry smirked, "The Dark Lord did not come back to life." Seeing as he never died, he added mentally.

Fudge clapped, "All's settled then."

"He cannot teach my class!" Umbridge screeched.

"I would have chosen Lord Potter to teach at my school had he been available early in the year, and the ministry was only permitted to choose a candidate as, until now, I had not found a suitable candidate," Albus interjected, eyes sparkling.

"Good, good, I really must be going, work to do," Fudge said standing.

"About the time travel-?" Andromeda asked.

Fudge shrugged, "Time travel isn't illegal so much as using time turners are without government permission. We can't control what birds do and as it was explained to me the younger Harry Potter burned up in flames. I would rather the papers print you time traveled then someone assassinated the Boy-Who-Lived."

Umbridge looked lost, "But the boy is unpopular, he's-"

Fudge shook his head, "No, Dolores, death changes how people look at children, even ones prone to telling false truths."

Harry put his hand over his heart, "I must not tell lies."

Fudge saw the scar on the back of Harry's hand, they all saw it, clear as day. Snape frowned as Minerva glared daggers at Dolores, who put her chin up. Albus kept his eyes trained on Fudge, as the Minister put his head down saying, "Yes, yes, I really must be going." In a flash of green, he was gone.

"There is a spare suite of rooms near Flitwick's classroom on the second floor," Albus said. "Will your son be staying with you?"

Andromeda and Harry exchanged glances, neither of them could leave Teddy. "Would my husband be permitted to live here as well? We can afford to pay a stipend, of course." Andromeda wondered.

"No, we can't," Ted said, frowning at his wife, "besides we have a house."

"I can pay for them," Harry offered.

"You are not paying for our living, Lord Potter," Ted said firmly. He wasn't trying to be rude, but Ted Tonks had worked hard for their humble home, for some pureblood heir to come in and offer them room and board was not acceptable.

"Ted this isn't about us or even Harry," Dromeda said, putting a hand on Ted's arm. "It is for our grandson. Teddy has just been ripped away from his home, his friends, his time, his country, his very reality. I must stay with them and I want you with us."

Ted's expression fell and with a sigh, he released his pride. "I suppose it is alright, but I am not selling our house."

"Of course and maybe after the w-chaos Harry will move in with us," Dromeda caught herself after the near slip-up.

Ted raised a brow at Harry, "You'd move in with your in-laws?"

Harry could have said that he and Nymphadora were never together, but Umbridge was still in the room. "Dromeda keeps telling me I cook too much food, even with Teddy's appetite. I wouldn't mind more family," Harry shrugged honestly.

"He's the perfect wife," Dromeda quipped with a grin.

Ted grinned, "Impossible," he argued and wrapped an arm around her waist. Frowning she looked at him questioningly. "Because you're the perfect wife, Dromeda," he continued smoothly.

Emotions flowed across her face and she hugged her husband tight. Words could neither express the joy of having her love alive again nor the sorrow of remembering the pain of his passing.

"I expect you to start tomorrow, Lord Potter," Umbridge said intruding on the moment.

Harry rose, his height easily dwarfing her, with Teddy still soundly asleep in his arms. "Of course."

"Do you have a lesson plan?"

"I always have a lesson plan, besides it's like starting from scratch. Lupin and Crouch were the only two who taught the students anything."

"I've taught-"

"Taught them nothing," Harry snapped. "That textbook was retracted for impracticality and covering not even one-tenth of what was needed to pass the OWLs. Now, if someone would be so kind as to lead us to our rooms so I can put my son to bed properly, I would be much obliged."

Minerva stood to lead the way. Harry shot one last hostile glare at Fawkes before following, Ted and Andromeda saying they needed to go back to the house to pack.

Their rooms were modest. It housed three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a dining room that opened to a combined living room, library, and study style area. The bookshelves were depressingly empty. Harry was pleased that the kitchen and living area both had beautiful windows looking out upon the lake. His heart panged at the thought, he already missed Pontoosuc lake. Scotland had majestic mountains, but the rolling hills of Berkshire County had their own charm. Or perhaps he was biased by experience.

"We won the war?" Minerva ventured before exiting.

Harry had already put Teddy to bed, the boy so exhausted he hadn't stirred.

"No," Harry said with the shake of his head. "Voldemort died in the end, but Wizarding Britain lost, the Second Civil War as they call it, destroyed the foundation of what our culture and society could have been. Too much, too many scars, no one trusted anyone else."

"You left," she said softly, slowly coming to the conclusion after rethinking about all of the information from earlier.

"I could not bear to stay," Harry admitted.

Minerva shut her eyes and took in a long breath. "There is an Order of the Phoenix meeting tomorrow at your godfather's estate. It's a Friday and I believe you would be expected to stay the weekend."

Harry only nodded, "Goodnight, Minerva."

She left and Harry began to weave protection wards around their new living space starting with the windows. When he went to open them to draw a symbol on the outer sill a white owl came fluttering through the window.

"Hedwig?" Harry gasped.

Landing on his shoulder, his familiar nipped his ear with affection. For the first time since returning to 1995, Harry felt the small beginnings of hope.

Hedwig, his first and truest friend.

"Hedwig," Harry said smiling, "I've missed you."

She rubbed her fuzzy head against his cheek as if to say, "I know."

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