The Dream

A Harry Potter and bloodborne fanfiction

I think, there for I am. A simple quote one that describes the state of being self aware thus sentient. I wish it had stopped there.

Once I was normal or at least as normal as i could be considered being in a school for magic in the middle of a war, one in which i was the center piece of which side obtained the ultimate victory. On one side the Light, though kind to there own, was feircelly unable to even allow anything that was considered dark or evil to exist.
On the other the Dark, cruel they maybe but their methods a desperate attempt to save what they saw to be their birthright and heritage. Both sides right, both wrong.
Then theirs me, Harry James Potter. I was called many things back then. The Boy Who Lived, Chosen One, Magical Britain's most Wanted, unspeakable number 1. All true in their own way, all completely wrong to the eventual reality that I would become.

I remember it clearly, the dusk that covered the forbidden woods was as complete as it had been in my second year when i traveled their to speak with Hagrid's friend.
I walked calmly to my death at the hand of my 'fated' enemy. Each step a small noise in the dusk, my breath came out in puffs in front of me reminding me of when a dementor attacked me in my third year at Hogwarts. My hands trembled in fear at facing some unstoppable force like in the first task of the tri-wizard tournament.
My heart was filled with dread at my friends reactions to my death, similar to when Hedwig died taking a killing curse for me in the desperate fight above muggle London.

Most of all tho my resolve was unshaking as the night Dumbledore told me his 'plan' to have Severus kill him, throwing everything i knew on its head.

It was time, I was here. Voldemort stood there surrounded by his followers all directing there sneer's towards me. 'Beast's on a leash, no humanity left to them.' I thought I turned my gaze to meet Voldemort's, his crimson eyes looking at me with a small amount of respect before it was crushed by a vicious sense of victory and cruelty.

"The boy who lived... come to die." he whispered. I flinched at the hiss of his tone, reminding me of my own ability with parseltounge.
"Any last words boy?" he asked. I was shocked i full expected the killing curse to have been his next words. I thought of all the things i wanted to say to my friends,
to my ally's who stood at the castle waiting for the next wave of death eaters to descend on them and end their lives.

"I ask that for ignorance to the truth that you don't punish any that stand against you at the castle." I said, desperate to at least spare my friends that had made these years at Hogwarts truly the happiest days of my life.

Voldemort stared at me in contempt, but their in his eyes was a begrudging acceptance of a fellow wizards last request, it put my heart at ease for what i knew was coming next.

"Granted, none will be harmed for the next 24 hours. After that if they continue to defy me then they shall be punished but not killed."

I turned and started walking way, I knew he wouldn't let me leave, but i preferred to walk towards my family as i died. I never heard the spell, i just walked into darkness.


A/N So um i know its kinda a small start and it might be a little confusing but i really like the idea for this story so much that i booted up my old computer to write it out.
As any that have seen my profile i wasnt always very articulate or really good at writing for that matter either, all of my old stories were really hash and go and didn't have a clear outline that was guiding it along a story path, that being said i hope i get some good feedback from everyone that reads. I hope to put a full sized chapter out next week, this is more of a pilot, a way to set the mood so to speak. Anyways obvious for the disclaimer I don't own Harry Potter or Bloodborne. review let me know what you think and ill be glad to reply to any messages i get. Thank you for reading

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