The Dream: Chapter 2 Some say Kos, I say Mother

I walked into the darkness waiting for the illumination of green behind me to signal to me the end of my life. I walked three more steps and hesitated,'Shouldn't he of casted it by now?' I thought. I turned half way and stopped. The forest that had been behind me that Voldemort and his followers had occupied was gone. In its place a cobblestone wall so tall that i couldn't see the top and extended to either side beyond my sight was in place were it had not been before. Was I dead? Surely i would have at least seen the flash of green of the killing curse?

'Calm down' I thought to myself, I just had to stay calm. Maybe Voldemort was messing with me, trying to get something out of me before he killed me, seemed like something he would do. I scanned my surroundings with a critical eye that would of made McGonnagal proud. Were Voldemort had been standing seemed to be the base of the wall, on it were crawling vines of ivy that hinted at a age beyond at least a decade.

Further from the base of the giant wall were Harry expected the roots of the ancient tree's in the forbidden forest to be was grass you would expect to see at the homes in private drive. The stark contrast between the ancient tree's and the perfectly manicured grass was startling to Harry, 'But, Voldemort will have to try harder than that if he wants to trick me with some illusion.'

Cautiously Harry stepped forward towards the wall, each step bringing him closer to the wall and further from the spot he had expected to die. As he approached the wall he started noticing a slight change in the air, the heavy all invasive scent of the forbidden forest was replace by clean air that Harry could honestly say just made it easier to breath. Harry was within arms reach of the wall now , he could see now that the ivy that grew on the wall was almost as thick as his arm , the distance from earlier hiding the true age of the plant.

'With ivy this old the wall must be ancient.' Harry thought, thanking Nevel's strange insistence to help him in herbology during the tri-wizard tournament. A snapping sound behind Harry cought his attention. In a blink of a eye Harry turned, scanning the surrounding tree's for anything that would betray whatever had made the strained his ears in hopes that it would help him react to whatever was in the forest near him, just barely he could hear heavy breathing. Something big was out their.

'Their!' Out of the gloom came the biggest wolf that Harry had ever seen, at least it resembled a wolf. It was in all truth very similar to the form his former Defense against the Dark Arts teacher Remus Lupin had taken on during the full moon with the small exception being it was covered in blotches of fur the skin that showed being almost rotted with disease. Huge sores that leaked blood and pus mixed in with what little fur that still existed on the beast in front of Harry. Its eyes were a startling blood red. In a instant it was running towards him and Harry turned and ran along the wall desperate to get as much distance between him and the beast behind him.

It was for ought tho, fast harry may have been on a broom but on foot he was no faster than the young adult that he truly was. A impact on his left slammed him against the wall and filled his vision with whit along with the sharp pain in his ribs letting him know something had to be broken. As fast as he could Harry turned towards the direction of the impact to stare at the beast as it lunged at him to kill him. With a shout Harry closed his eyes and waited for the pain.

It never came, after a few seconds of not experiencing litterly being eaten Harry opened his eyes and once again his surrounding's had changed. Instead of the mysterious wall and the forbidden forest, Harry was now in a small boat in the middle of a lake that stretched in all direction's. Above him the moon hung in the sky. Larger than he had ever seen it and the color of blood that shouldn't be possible the moon illuminated the sky. The star's in the night sky shone with a dull light in comparison to the moon above, around him the lake while still obviously water shone in a sheen that could trick those that didn't pay attention into thinking that it was actually blood.

After a moment of taking in his surrounding's Harry felt incredibly tired, even though he knew that it wasn't safe to sleep he couldn't resist. Sliding down from the only seat in the rowboat he was in Harry lay down as best he could before his eyes forced themselves close.

Unseen to Harry and all that weren't of otherworldly origin, below the blood red of the water a giant creature circled slowly around the boat, occasionally swatting unseen horror's away from the boat. Whatever its intention's were they were for the moment in Harry's favor.

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