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Chapter 1

The night had been long and unproductive for Jay as he sat up on the rooftop watching the rise of the morning sun. He had been unable to get any of the items his father requested. Not from lack of effort, but no one had them. After trying for so long, he meet with his girl for the night. Once she had fallen asleep, he snuck out. He decided to enjoy the sunset alone now since, once he informs Jafar of the news that he couldn't get his items, Jay knew he wouldn't see the light of day for a week.

Jay was the best thief on the Isle, and with the help of his friend, Carlos, there was usually nothing they couldn't get their hands on. He was the hands on guy, where Carlos managed all the technical stuff. They were a good team, when they worked together. Last night, Carlos was stuck in his mother's basement, surrounded by mouse traps, bear traps and any other trap Cruella can get her hands on. Breaking him out was near impossible, even for Jay.

When Jay saw Carlos below him, he made his way down. Grabbing a quick, on the run breakfast, they hid in the catwalk of the old warehouse to eat their small meal. When the girls showed up, beckoning the boys to join them, they swung out onto a beam, jumping down and out into the street. Causing havoc as they made their way through the marketplace until they were stopped by the biggest evil in the land, Maleficent.

Getting ambushed by Maleficent first thing in the morning after a long night of work and entrapment was not what the boys had in mind. Her and her goons informed them they have to go to school in Auradon, no warning, no time for goodbyes, no way to prepare. Jay glared at Maleficent as she told Mal her plan, basically leaving the other VK's in the dust. Their parents had arrived at Maleficent's place with their kids stuff packed and ready to go. You would think they would be sad to see their kids leave, but there were no sad goodbyes here.

Jay hung back, stayed quiet as usual. He couldn't sneak out to tell his current girl he was leaving. He felt bad, leaving her behind, but it wasn't like they were being given a choice. They had gotten together a few times, she was fun, wild and free with her willingness to please, which Jay appreciated. There was no commitment, no feelings to hurt.

Jay wanted to get off the Isle, it was something she wouldn't understand, Greta the daughter of Mother Gothel, liked the Isle. She liked no rules, running wild, scaring people and the ugliness that surrounds everyone. Jay hated it. He stole the same items, from the same people, just so he had a bed at night. In his seventeen years, it had gotten old. Sometimes there was a thrill, but it was rare.

Jay had been taught by his father to trust no one. Jay understood that. He had been taken advantage of, used, and disappointed too many times to trust anyone, especially an adult. He did only what he had to do for his father to keep from being punished. And there was always punishment, whether he got what was requested or not. There was never, ever praise.

He was old enough to be on his own and most of the time he was. Carlos was usually with him. Being the younger of the two by six months, Carlos was more immature, only because his mother had put fear into him of everything and everyone mainly her and dogs. Jay protected him, and the girls when needed.

Mal didn't need much in the way of protecting, she handled herself and used the threat of her mother when needed. Evie on the other hand was much more trusting and got into trouble much more often. Especially with other boys. She was always on the hunt for Prince Charming, but he didn't live on the Isle. He lived in Auradon.

Maleficent told the four of them her plan. She wanted off the Isle and take over the world. It wasn't anything new. He and Carlos had their own plans. They could continue just as they were but in Auradon. Better take, new buyers and new girls. Jay thought about it. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad or maybe it would be worse.

When the car arrived you would think they had royalty visiting. The way everyone stood around staring at the car like they'd never seen a car before. Jay frowned and walked around the hood. Pulling his beanie from his head, Jay took the emblem from the hood right in front of the driver. Oh, this was too easy, Jay thought as he slipped the take to his father before sliding into the back of the car.

If the food in Auradon was half as good as the chocolate that was in the car, they were moving to heaven. Now, only if the girls were as pretty, Jay considered this plan of Maleficent's again, he still didn't like it. As they drove into the school, Jay eyed the grounds. Everything was green and flowery, so not what he was used to. As they drove to the dorms and the limo came to a stop, Carlos and Jay looked at each other. What was with the parade route? You would think they were celebrities, the way everyone was acting. When they climbed out, a band was playing and with his arms full and Carlos wrestling with him for their stash from the car, Fairy Godmother stood before them, waiting them out.

Jay tried to play it cool, be cool. He looked at the beautiful brunette and gave her his best smile. "Hello Foxy," Jay raised his eyebrows and got… nothing. Audrey smiled, giggled nervously, but nothing. She was a cold fish. He never had this reaction from a girl before, it was like she didn't know how to respond when a guy hit on her. Apparently, picking up girls in Auradon worked differently than the Isle.

As Mal talked to Ben and did her little fake agreement with the cold fish, Jay quickly made his opinion of the princess. She was beyond fake, pretty but not his type. She sneered at Mal, had her opinion already made up about them and wasn't about to give any of the VK's a chance. If everyone was like her, then they were no different from the people on the Isle. Jay wasn't one to give others a chance, not easily at least. This princess had already set the tone of this place, Jay was no longer sure he wanted to give it a chance. Not if it was the same as the Isle.

They walked into the main hall, out of habit, Jay picked up phone, then a wallet. It was so easy, Jay was having a field day with it. He didn't have enough pockets for his loot. As Ben discussed the history of magic and that they no longer have it, Jay and Carlos hung back. None of this was of interest to them. They were along for the ride. Jay looked around, checked out a couple girls as they walked down the stairs. They smiled and waved at him, Jay nodded to them and gave his sexy grin. Okay, so maybe it's not so bad here.

He watched Evie flirt with the geeky dwarf and rolled his eyes, looking at Carlos, neither of them could roll their eyes back into their heads far enough. It was obvious that the dwarf had never been flirted with before, and Evie was the best. She could charm the pants off of almost anyone. Walking down the hallway, the clean wooden walls instead of cold brick, it was strange. Then they found their dorms, and wow, had they hit the jackpot.

Jay and Carlos walked into the biggest bedroom they had ever seen. They had their own beds, that was a first for both of the boys. They had never had anything of their own. A bathroom, a real bathroom, furniture and there were towels and stuff on their beds. Looking at each other, they had to wonder what the catch was. Nothing was ever just given without a catch to it.

"Can you believe this place?" Carlos asked walking into the room very uneasy.

"Seems too good to be true, doesn't it?" Jay hesitated. Everything always came with a price. What did this king to be, Ben, want from them?

"You think they'll let us actually stay here, like for the night?" Carlos asked. He wondered if they were just showing them all this just to take it away from them.

"I don't trust them. Be ready, we don't know what they want." Jay walked around the room, picking up thing looking at the knick knacks, the books that sat on the table, then the stuff on the bed. Did they actually expect them to use this stuff?

Carlos found the TV and video game system first. He loves technology and found the system easy to use and when he found the game, he was thrilled. It was the best thing he had found. Both of them had to wonder how long it would last.

When the girls came in to talk the big plan, Jay had just gotten back from a trial run. It was actually quite productive. He managed a laptop, which Carlos swiped as soon as he saw it, some geeky princes cell phone, some watches and food for later. Jay wasn't sure, they would actually feed them.

Mal, always had to be the boss. Sometimes when she tried to be like her mom, it really came off weak, Jay thought. Playing the goddess of evil wasn't her thing. But Mal did have a point, if they could pull this off, steal the wand, maybe his father would finally see him as something more. Maybe they could finally get something right.