Chapter 1 This Can't Be Real!
[Before you continue I just wanted you to know that if you want a better experience then please check out this story at wattpad since this has picts to show both the place, clothes, ect. If you don't want to do this then you can use your imagination since its not really important. Anyway hope you enjoy the story!]

You know the day I died I thought I would see a number of things. One being maybe a white or red light at the end of a long tunnel or maybe just darkness. So imagine my surprise when I didn't see none of that but what I did see was the wall to a bed room. At first I was confused since I was positive I was originally on my death bed in the hospital. So how did I end up in a bed room, not to mention that I felt amazing, not weak or tired like before.

Slowly pushing myself up from the bed I was on while quickly closing my eyes since my head started to hurt a little from the sudden movement only to jump in shock when I saw that my hand looked way younger then it was supposed to be.

"W..What," I mumbled in shock and it only grow worse when even my voice sounded younger then it was originally. Slowly getting up I slowly made my way towards the mirror that sat on the dresser that was in front of the bed I was just lying on. There in the mirror was a girl I only remember from pictures of my past.

"I..I'm young again, I'm young again," I mumbled in shock before I was hit with a wave of memories that I can only assume are the memories of my life in this world so far.

"This is like one of those fanfics I used to read as a teenager," I mumbled with a small chuckle while collapsing on the bed behind me...

'Well as far as I know I am currently in the guess room of my adoptive grandpa's house waiting for my aunt and her two sons to show up to help out with the move. And surprise, surprise I am in a movie and here is a hint.

My aunt name is Lucy Emerson and her two sons are named Michael and Sam Emerson. If you guessed the Lost Boys then you are correct! Just the thought of the Lost Boys or in this case Marko, Paul, Dwayne, and David makes me giggle at the cool dudes who in my opinion got screwed over by Max's plan.

'Well this time I hope that I can prevent them from dying cause that part of the movie really bummed me out like no tomorrow. With one last sigh I gave a silent prayer to my family I left behind in my original world along with the family I can't join in the afterlife before getting up to prepare breakfast for my grandpa in this world.

"Hey gramps," I said with a lazy smile as I walked into the kitchen to start cooking since from my memories I always made sure to get up early so that I could drive here to prepare food for him since if I didn't he would mostly eat double stuffed oreos and root beer all day everyday.

"Hey kiddo," He said while never taking his eyes away from his TV guide which is something I never understood, not from my original life or the life I apparently lived here.

'I really need to get him a TV,' I thought while shaking my head as I prepared breakfast while silently wondering when Lucy and the others are going to show up.

'Man I can remember the key parts of the movie but I am still a little rusty on it,' I thought while silently pouting at my crappy memory. After both serving and eating breakfast, [I may helped myself to another plate...what I like to eat] I headed outside and smiled when I saw my car...dude I have a car!

'Dude I am what 20 years old! I didn't even get my first car tell I was 27 years old!' I thought with a large grin on my face before it flattered a little since I remember that my mom and little sister was with me during that was amazing and happy. Life was always happy with my family even thought I never got a lover or had kids I was always happy with just being with my family.' I thought while wiping away a tear that fell from my eye while attempting to ignore the tightening of my through as the need to cry grew. Luckily I was able to push it down since I know they are happy were ever they are and are hopefully waiting for me.

Taking a deep breath I slowly walked towards my car and was already impressed with what I saw. Now I don't know anything about cars but I can tell you that it was 1970 chevrolet Chevelle.

"My oh, my what a beauty," I mumbled with a smile as I ran my hand over the hood as I walked along it before opening the door and getting in, and just like the last time I could only sit it silence as a smile formed on my face.

"This is my car. This is my car," I repeated from the exact words I said from my original life. Taking another deep breath I put the key into the ignition and cranked the car on, which caused me to smile as it released a soft purr as it came to life.

With one last smile I pulled off, planning on driving around a little before returning, Hopefully the Emersons will be here when I come back.