Vamps Being Vamps

The ride to the Bluff was as terrifying as I thought it would be. Not a good first experience if you ask me, since 90% of the time I keep rotating between almost passing out in fear or questioning Marko if he was secretly trying to kill me. I was not comforted when my only answer was a laugh that was joined by Paul on some occasions.

Once I began to notice that David and Michael was know ahead of us, I braced myself for what was about to happen next. Watching as Dwayne, Paul, and Marko came to a complete stop as David and Michael pushed forward towards the edge of the cliff before they to slam on the brakes which mainly only lead to Michael falling off his bike.

"That's got to hurt," I said while resting my chin on Marko's shoulder who smiled at my statement.

"Aww it's not that bad babe," Paul said while throwing and arm around my shoulders, pulling me off the bike and to his side.

"Oh, I know but knowing Michael it's more of a pride thing," I said and just on time since Michael then proceeded to punch David which lead to the boys moving to hold him back as he continued to call out David to fight him.

It was then that David surprised the others who thought that he was about to end Michael by simply smiling at him before asking.

"How far you willing to go, Michael?"

After all of that we are know walking into the famous Lost Boys hideout, and just like in the movie the entrance was filled with signs that read. 'Condemned,' 'Unsafe,' and 'unlawful to go past this point.'

As we entered the opening in the rock Michael's eyes widen at the sight before him, I mean who can blame him the Victorian style hotel lobby was pretty cool...although it can't beat the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's lair from the 2014 movie on down.

"This was the hottest resort in Santa Carla back about 80 years ago. Too bad they built it right on top of the San Adreas fault," David said with pride once he saw our facial expression,before adding.

"In 1906, when the big one hit San Francisco, the ground opened up and this place took a header into the crack."

"Man, you wouldn't believe the cool stuff we've found in here," Paul said from his place on the fountain while lighting a joint before beginning to walk around the fountain's edge in amusement.

Talking a seat next to Marko who begin to play with his pigeons while every know and then he would show off a little which caused me to chuckle every know and then.

"I never took you as a bird lover," I said which to tell you the truth it was a surprise for me when I saw it in the movie.

"Well we have been known to surprise people," he said while giving me a secretive smile which caused me to smile since it wasn't that much of a secret to me...not that he will ever know.

It was then that I noticed that Michael was staring at Star who was returning his stare.

"C'mon, Michael. I want to go," Star said causing Michael to smile and me to frown since she totally forgot about me.

"Tch, its not like I wanted to hang with you anyway," I mumbled which caused Marko to chuckle and playfully bump into my shoulder.

"Don't worry sweet thing I enjoy your company," Marko said with his signature smile which I returned while saying.

"Sure you say that know," before turning my attention back to Michael and Star.

"No. Stick around," David said while taking a seat in his wheelchair all while keeping his attention on Michael while every know and then glancing at Star.

"We were gonna grab some food," Michael tried to explain while still glancing at Star before turning his attention to David.

"Good idea," David agrees before turning to Marko and saying, "Marko, we're hungry." Was all he had to say before Marko nodded and stood to leave. Yet, not before asking if I wanted to go.

"Sure why not," I said before getting up and following him out, but not before waving at Paul and Laddie who was now racing around the fountain as Dwayne sat in a chair who nodded.

"So where are we off to?" I asked already knowing the answer as I eased myself onto the back of Marko's motorcycle.

"Chinese, unless you are craving for something else," he said while glancing back at me while I wrapped my arms around his waist.

"No, Chinese sounds good," said with a smile while leaning closer into him as he nodded before taking off.

Once we where there Marko got a ordered both Noodles and rice for the group before turning to me and asking what I want.

"I don't know why you guys only eat noodles and rice. You should try some of the other things that they have to offer," I said while ordering pork stuffed dumplings mixed with rice and a spoon cause I can not eat with chop sticks.

"Pork...dumplings?" Marko asked while giving me a funny look with a smirk.

"I didn't stutter , how about once we get back I'll share with ya?" I asked as the Chinese woman handed us our food while offering to put it in a box to make it easier to carry which we agreed to.

"Sure but its on you if I don't like it," Marko said as he handed the box to me as he got on his bike with me following after.

"Trust me, I'll take full responsibility. Anyway please drive carefully," I pleaded while trying to get into a comfortable position as I wrapped one arm around his waist while the other held tightly onto the box of food.

"The last thing I need is a visit to the hospital." I said with a nervous chuckle.

"Don't worry babe I wouldn't let anything happen to you," He said while gently patting my hand around his waist before taking off back towards the cave where the others were.

"Chow time!" Marko called out as we walked through the entrance while David took two cartons out of Marko's hands before heading back towards where Michael was sitting.

"Guests first," David said while holding the carton full of rice out to Michael who hesitated.

Chuckling softly as I handed Dwayne and Laddie theirs while Marko gave Paul his, the two of us made our way back to where we sat at first to eat our own food.

"It's only rice. Don't you like rice? 300 million Chinese people can't be wrong," David said egging Michael on, who took the carton of rice warily and began to eat.

"So pork dumplings?" Marko asked teasingly as he shifted closer to me while wiggling his eyebrows causing me to chuckle before scooping one up on my spoon and lifting it to his mouth.

"Well go on," I said with a smirk since I know he's going to like it, I mean come on they are litterly eating PLAIN rice. Plain, so anything is better.

Watching with a growing smile as he took small but satisfied bites, I couldn't help but giggle at his face of awe.

"Not bad," he said as he helped himself to another dumpling.

"See I told you, also if you mix it with rice or noodles its way better," I said while taking a dumpling for myself as I shared my food happily.

"So how do you like those maggots, Michael?" David asked causing me to pause as Michael looked at David in confusion while the others [minus Star] looked up in amusement.

"What?" Michael asked David.

"You're eating maggots. How do they taste?" David asked while smirking as he waited for Michael's reaction who looked into his carton before jumping up and spitting out the, 'maggots' while also throwing the carton onto the floor.

This caused the boys to laugh at Michael's horrified expression which Star didn't like.

"Leave him alone," Star demanded which earned her a look from David before he turned back to Michael.

"Sorry, Michael. No hard feelings, huh?" David asked in false innocents before offering Michael a carton full of noodles, which causes Michael's face to twist into disgust since he thought he was looking at a carton full of worms.

"Here, try these noodles," David said with a smile as he moved the carton closer to Michael.

"Worms!" Michael managed to shout out as he turned away from the carton.

"Worms?" David asked before tilting his head back and pouring the noodles into his mouth which causes Michael to know gain a sick expression before grabbing David's arm.

"Don't, stop!" Michael yelled.

"Why? They're only noodles," David says while holding the carton out to Michael again showing him that it was just noodles,which caused the others to laugh again at his expense.

"That's enough!" Star shouted which earned her both a look and a, 'chill out girl,' from Paul.

It wasn't long before David told Marko to get the, 'wine', and well you already know what happened. With Michael taking a sip, [I was offered but I said I didn't drink] and the boys leaving me, Star, and Laddie behind as they left to go celebrate with Michael.

It was then that I spent about 20 minutes waiting for them to return...well just the boys since they already dropped Michael off, or that's what they told me.

It was then that I was taken home by Marko as Paul came with us but only to bring Michael's motorcycle back and drop me off at my apartment.

"Well I'll see you tomorrow," I said with a smile as I gave the two of them a hug, while adding.

"Also if you ever get tired of the same old same old, I'll happily cook you something," I offered since I really would like to have some bonding time with the group since in the movie they wasn't around a lot/shown a lot.

"Sure thing," Marko said with a smile before driving off towards Michael's house.

"See ya, sweet think! And I'll hold you too it!" Paul yelled out with a smile before driving off on Michael's bike while waving happily.

Returning the wave while laughing I quickly headed into my house while planing to wake up early so that I can shop for groceries in the morning just encase they do take me up on my offer sooner rather then later.

'They are not as bad as the movies make them out to be...well if you ignore the fact that they are vampires.' I thought before moving to get ready for bed.

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