A/N: A series of one shots that don't follow the show's timeline completely and are A/U...ish. Please read and review!

Scully was exhausted. Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually. She could barely put one foot in front of the other, barely think, and yet somehow she'd made it here. She leant on the heavy wooden door, managing, only just, to knock 3 times. When Mulder opened the door, he managed to catch her with only a second to spare. Lifting her carefully into his arms, neither of them uttered a word as he kicked the door shut and walked with long strides to the bedroom. There, he placed her onto the edge of the bed and knelt to take her shoes off. Scully leant forward, wrapping his shoulders in a loose embrace as she rested heavily on him while he undressed her. He was checking her for injuries because of the blood on her clothes, though she didn't consider this at the time, as once she was in Mulder's arms, her brain just stopped it's whirring and a white static overcame her.

Soon he was lowering her into a warm bath that tinged pink. A patient's blood, Scully wanted to tell him, but words were too difficult. Mulder cleaned her tenderly, even washing her hair, as Scully lay with her eyes half open, taking nothing in.

When she was finally clean, he lifted her from the bathtub, first drying her body, then settling her on a chair to dry her hair, made difficult by her resting her forehead against his stomach. He had so many questions- he hadn't seen her in months. Now was not the time, though. Instead, he slipped one of his t-shirts over her head and carried her back to bed. It was as he tucked her in that she uttered the only word her mind could hold onto. "Mulder."

Shushing her, Mulder climbed in beside her and held her close. He felt the moment she fell asleep, her tense muscles finally relaxing.

Scully didnt know hw long she slept, only that she was woken at least once by Mulder to eat. She couldn't say what she'd eaten, and neither had said a word.

When she woke properly, she had no idea of the time or the day. It was dark outside, and all she could hear was the rhythmic breathing of Mulder beside her. Turning onto her side, Scully looked down at him in the darkness. She could barely make out his features, so she lifted a hand to trace them. She knew them almost better than her own. She knew when he awoke, for his breathing changed, became quicker. Scully continued her tracing in the dark until she was done, then pulled back only briefly to slip the t-shirt from her head.

Neither spoke as they made love, but it was slow and caring and finally Scully's missing senses began to return to her. She could feel, she could smell, she could taste. Mulder held her close, his strong arms protecting her, helping her, offering her whatever she needed. It was after, curled into his side tracing him once more, than Scully uttered the only other words she would say this visit. "I love you."

"I know." Came a gentle reply. It was all that was needed. She knew, everyone knew that Mulder loved her, that Mulder would love her forever. It was her love that she worried was more in doubt, fearful that Mulder might think she'd used him.

Mulder was still asleep when she left, one arm splayed out as though he would stay that way waiting for her return.

Usually he only appeared at birthdays or Christmas, and sometimes it was only the scent of him left behind and a gift on her desk that indicated he'd been there, but from that visit on Mulder began to appear more often. Some times Scully would merely acknowledge him with a nod or a smile, sometimes they would talk, sometimes she didn't even notice him walking a few paces behind her. Except suddenly life didn't feel quite so desperate and overwhelming any longer. She had fought so long to be seen as someone who needed no one, but now she found comfort in knowing that she would be looked after no matter what happened.

One evening at the grocery store, Scully was dismayed to find only one box of her favourite beer (Mulder's favourite, but somehow when she tasted it she always felt calmed), and it was right up the top, much too high to reach. She looked hopefully around for an employee, but the aisle was empty but for her trolley.

"…Mulder, can you please get this down for me." She called, shutting her eyes tightly. Just as she was deciding he must not be around today, he walked sheepishly around the corner.

"How did you know I was here?"

"I hoped." Scully replied, pointing up to the box. Mulder reached up to get it, holding it under one arm as Scully began pushing the trolley again. "What do you want for dinner?"


"Not pizza."


"Mulder! We are at a grocery store where you buy the ingredients to make things so you don't have to order take away!"

"Can I borrow your phone to look up a recipe for chinese?"

"Why can't you use your own phone?!"

"Aliens." When Scully turned to glare at him, Mulder gave a faint smile and a shrug. "I dropped it while out sasquatching."

With a sigh, Scully pushed her phone into his chest. "I sincerely hope you mean looking for big foot and not tall women."

"Tall women?" Mulder was walking a step behind, watching the sway of her hips as she walked.

"Urban dictionary, Mulder."

"Is that a store?"

Rolling her eyes, Scully pushed Mulder down the next aisle in front of her. "I will show you later."

From that day forward, a man who had been hiding in a house and a woman who had been hiding in plain sight made their way back into the world together.