A few days ago…

Walking out to the podium of the highly anticipated press conference that would change the WFA forever was none other than the Jack of Masks, Victor Constantine of FXW. He was wearing a suit that was half purple with black stripes while the other side was black with purple stripes and an American flag colored skull mask. When he removed the mask he had a devious smile on his face as the music stopped and everyone waited for him to speak.

"Good evening ladies and gents. I come before you all bearing news of the state of the WFA. A little more than a week ago was the unfortunate end of UWA. We as an alliance were stunned by this sudden change and grief stricken to see one of our own and greats close its doors forever. And so I went to Richard Ryder with a proposition. The WFA is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest collection of wrestling feds in the business today. So knowing that both me and Mr. Ryder looked at the landscape for a replacement to try and fill in the shoes of UWA. None were of the level at this time. So I came up with an idea a while back in case FXW failed. Thankfully that didn't happen. But the work I had put to the side was just sitting there, waiting to be utilized. Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come: made official today is the Warrior Wrestling League. This fed showcases the best that was once outside the WFA or a second opportunity that they didn't get in the other feds. After spending days with interviews I finally found a GM to run WWL, to take it to heights the WFA hasn't seen before. The WFA is complete again. This project was approved by Richard Ryder and was funded by me. I will be there for the beginning stages, but starting today will be the talent search and yes we will sign some of the big stars of the WFA, but only a select few. The WWL will be made up of those who weren't signed or given a chance to make an exciting, new roster to one day come out of UWA's shadow and become a wrestling phenomenon. Now with that said I bid you all a good night." said Victor Constantine as he had a wicked smile on his face when he left the podium leaving everyone buzzing.

A lone spotlight shines in a large, but otherwise empty arena, and in the center of the arena there was a wrestling ring with black ropes and the red and gold words of Warrior Wrestling League emblazoned on the ring's apron. A black leather jacket was draped over the ropes.

There was a figure who was sitting in the center of the ring on a steel chair, with his head bent low. He was bald, and was wearing a plain white singlet and faded jeans, and was built rather well physically. His elbows rested on his knees and his hands were clasped together tightly. He seemed to give out an aura that implied he was powerful, and not to be trifled with just by looking at him. As he spoke, his weary, rough baritone echoed throughout the arena, a sermon to a non-existent crowd whose attention would surely have been piqued.

"For years…I have been in countless battles with tenacious fighters, headstrong upstarts, experienced veterans, ferocious berserkers, charismatic villains and imposing monsters alike. I never left the ring without finishing those battles even when my spirit and body were torn and broken. The sake of of carving a name…to settle vendettas…to tear and bleed your way through anyone for the thrill of it can leave anyone scarred and bruised beyond measure to a point where he can never return to anything remotely resembling normality…and yet this war still rages on today without me in on the frontlines."

As he spoke, various scenes played out in between his words to show a young bald man in leather pants and boots wrestling in a ring with various names like Bobby Lashley, Abyss, Prince Devitt/Finn Balor, Hirooki Goto, and many more…

The man then looks up straight at the camera. It was the same person, only much older. His furrowed expression hid a tantalizing hunger beneath that of an aged fighter who still thirsted for the thrill and spills of battles unreached and unknown.

"And now the war…" He thin lips hidden beneath a full beard smiles crookedly, "…has come here. Once more there will be a convergence of personalities who will all do battle in a myriad of broken bones and bloody tears...in this damned ring."

"You can fly higher than the angels up above...you can maul with brute force...you can outwit them with your specific set of skills... you can break their spirit and make them suffer in any way possible...you can destroy them by any means necessary..."

The man smirks. "But it all comes down who can survive to be the last one standing amidst this unpredictable battle for supremacy..."

"Do you have what it takes? Will you fight? Or will you…fall?"

The man then gets up from the chair. He walks over to the ring ropes and takes his jacket before going back to the center of the ring, and dons it while speaking. "Either way...I'll be there to witness it all."

He flops the collar, zipping the jacket up. He returns his attention to the camera, and says with finality. "Good luck."

The man then takes out a revolver, a shiny Colt. 45 from behind him, and shoots at the camera.

*The scene abruptly cuts off...with an indistinct laughter accompanying for a few seconds before fading out*

Coming soon…

Warrior Wrestling League

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