Mauro: Ladies and gentleman welcome back to Battlefield and we are about to witness the main event of tonight, but we just got a call from our GM earlier during the commercial break that we will have a guest with us at commentary, and as you can see next to Nigel that guest is none other than Jason Sabre.

Jason: Just here to spectate this main event close Mauro. Nothing more.

Nigel: Either way it's an honor to able to commentate with The Ace right here.

Jason: Bask in it Nigel. You don't know how long this is gonna last.

Wherever I May Roam by Metallica plays on the speakers and Zane walks out of the crowd and he jumps over the barricade with his trademark smile as he rolls into the ring, climbs on top of the turnbuckle and extends both his fists to the crowd and yells "I'm here to play!"

Mauro: Rest assured that Zane Walker plays destiny like a fiddle, for he is the one man can legitimately lay claim to winning, almost, every wrestling promotion top title there is in existence. NOAH, PROGRESS, RPW, Impact, PWG, CMLL, NJPW, and many more!

Nigel: He never sticks around for long however, preferring to leave his mark as the unpredictable challenger whose presence spells the loss of your title to him.

Matt: And he's always on the prowl for some new gold for that waist of his...and he will journey anywhere just to claim it for himself.

Nigel: Is he purely avaricious or are his ambitions too lofty? We can't tell, but keep your eyes peeled because this man is a born winner. It's only a matter of time before he snatches up another title!

Sabre: That's alright I guess.

Matt: Alright? The guy's won tons of championships before –

Sabre: Fair enough but how long has he held any of them? How long Striker?

Matt: Uh well…

Sabre: About as long as coming up with an intelligent answer. It's a no brainer Striker.

As Zane prepares himself on his corner, DNA by Kendrick Lamar start playing from the speakers, and the crowd goes nuts with the arrival of The God of War himself! A sole spotlight shines on Mason Strong, who smirks and shouts "Mason Strong, ICHIBAN!" causing a wall of pyro to erupt behind him, and he then walks to the ring.

Mauro: Embedded in his DNA indeed, Mason Strong is born and bred for the wars he's always relished for.

Nigel: Like Brock Lesnar, he's one of few crossover stars we have here in wrestling who has done his dues in UFC and has won heavyweight gold there, though that was a tale of yore.

Matt: If that wasn't enough he's a former member of Suzuki-gun, and it's thanks to his involvement with the group did he claim the IWGP Heavyweight title in dominating fashion.

Nigel: And he's only 23 years old! This young man has only scratched the surface of what he can accomplish in a decade!

Mauro: Actually Nigel Mr. Strong has said that there were nothing but ceilings to break every time he steps foot for a new challenge, and he has confidently assured that he is more than capable of breaking everyone if necessary to achieve that!

Sabre: *makes jazz hands* Scary big angry dude. Dealt with his kind. Why is there always a scary big angry dude in every fucking wrestling company? Y'all ever thought about that? Nevermind. I'll give Lashley Jr. the benefit of the doubt because he's tight with Suzuki.

Nigel: (contains laugh)

Strong entered through the second rope, and stood up to Zane. Both men eyed each other, though Strong's expression filled with was relish at the prospect of beating his opponent to a pulp. Zane keeps his confident smirk, and the referee had to separate them so that he can start the match.

Mauro: Matt, Nigel, who do you think is going to come out of this with the victory?

Nigel: It's hard to say Mauro. At one corner we have the powerhouse of a human who's also a well versed mixed marital artist, and the other a technical wrestler who's quite proficient in striking himself. Strong definitely powers Mr. Walker out in spades but The Wanderer is definitely the more crafty competitor of the two. How he utilizes it however against a relentless beast like Mason Strong remains to be seen. I think I'm going to give this one to Mr. Strong as a safe bet.

Matt: Zane has pulled off miracles before, I think we'll see another one tonight.

Mauro: Mr. Sabre can we get your thoughts in this match?

Sabre: Mauro I don't really need to think about this match until I actually need to. Which, spoiler, I really don't. (He licks the inside of his cheek, staring at both Zane and Strong lazily)

Mauro: Ok then… (trails off)

Barely after the bell rang, Strong charged akin to a wildebeest at Zane and speared The Wanderer on the corner, and followed with a series of hard corner thrusts on Zane's abdomen until the referee had to pull him back from the five count. Zane slumped, gasping and wheezing for air, and Strong carried him back to his feet and proceeded to hit a series of stiff forearms and knees and then threw Zane back to the middle of the ring like a rag doll. A cruel smirk adorned Mason's face as he advanced on his opponent.

Mauro: Zane just got hit by a freight train!

Zane crawled towards the ropes, but gets pulled back up hair first by the former UFC heavyweight and Strong hits a full nelson suplex on Zane. He goes for the pin, 1,2 - but Zane kicks out. Strong wastes no time, and carries Zane back up on his feet, and still having that cruel smirk on his face goes immediately for his finisher Divine Wrath (Cradle Piledriver), but Zane flips him over and goes for a jackknife pin, but Strong kicks out quickly, and charges at Zane again, but misses and nearly hits the corner. When he turns back, he receives a stiff chop from Zane, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the God of War. Strong glares at him, daring him to try again. Zane wisely backs off, before leaving the ring via the bottom rope in haste when Strong charged at him again. Strong followed suit and he chased after Zane, who reentered the ring, and went for the ropes, bouncing off it and just as Mason got on the apron Zane hits a dropkick that sent the God of War crashing back first on the floor. Zane took a moment to recuperate after he did that.

Mauro: A wise move for Zane Walker to recuperate for a bit and figure out a new strategy.

Nigel: Indeed but it's also equally unwise to leave an opponent like Mason Strong unattended for too long.

Mason Strong was already back to his feet and Zane challenged him to come back to the ring. Strong entered via the second rope and charged at Zane, but Zane dodged the right hand and went for the ropes, bouncing off it and slid down under Strong and yanked the God of War's legs, causing him to fall down on his face. Zane followed up by applying a half Boston crab on Strong's right leg, but Strong was able to go for the ropes after barely more than 10 seconds into the submission. Zane released the hold and backed away as Mason got back to his feet, but The Wanderer quickly hit a low dropkick on Strong's leg, causing the God Of War to fall down once more. Strong still was on his feet, albeit retreating to a corner and grimacing and holding his right leg at the unexpected attack, and Zane followed up with a running elbow at the corner with a series of elbow strikes. Strong shoved him back with force but Zane charged back, and received a uranage slam for his troubles. Strong took a few seconds to catch his breath before refocusing on Zane. He picked Zane back on his feet and hit his signature God-plex (multiple suplexes with variations), going for a tiger suplex, followed with an X-plex, and finally a German suplex with a pin, 1,2- but Zane is able to kick out. Strong slaps the mat in frustration and tries to pin Zane again. 1, 2 - but again Zane kicks out in time. Enraged at his resilience, Strong rained a merciless series of hammerfists and jabs upon Zane's body and face.

Nigel: Good Lord, this is exactly what exactly you should be afraid of from Mason Strong.

Matt: You can hear Zane's flesh being mashed echoing in this place.

The referee had to again pull Mason off but Strong shrugged the official off and dragged Zane back to his feet, and hoisted him up for the Cyclone (Spinning release crucifix powerbomb), but Zane managed to slip out of the crucifix position and retreated to the corner. Mason charged at Zane once more but Zane dodged him again, and hit him with an enzuigiri that stunned the God of War. Zane wasted no time, going for the ropes and used the momentum to hit Mason with a running dropkick that knocked spit out of the God of War. He followed up quickly with a similar dropkick that brought Mason down on the corner. Zane once again went for the third dropkick, yelling as his feet connected with Strong's face. Zane scrambled to get back on his feet, panting heavily. His body and face was already marked with fresh bruises.

Mauro: For all the punishment that he has endured in this relatively short time, Zane is still able to be on his feet.

Matt: I really really hope Zane has a plan before Mason subjects him to another beating

Zane wiped his face and advanced on Strong, who was beginning to stir at the corner. He propped Strong up on his feet and delivered a series of hard chops on the former Suzuki-gun member.

"You feelin' it now Strong?!"

Strong defiantly grinned back at Zane. "I don't feel nothing bitch!"

Zane chopped him again, and the sound echoed louder in the arena. The crowd went OOOOOOOH as Strong licked between his teeth, nodding and headbutted the stupefied Zane. Zane wobbled back for a moment, stunned. Strong, though feeling the effects of the headbutt, quickly applied the Strong Hold (Coquina Clutch) on Zane on the middle of the ring.

Mauro: The Strong Hold! He's got the Strong Hold locked in!

Nigel: Zane, you goofed it. You bloody goofed it!

Zane clawed at the python like hands of Strong, his eyes bloodshot and his mouth agape. Strong would not relent. Zane pushed off his feet, and reversed the Hold into a pinning attempt but Strong released it quickly. Zane stumbled around to a corner, and booted Strong who tried to charge at him. Zane got up the turnbuckle and hit a blockbuster on The God of War. He then crawled over to the opposite corner, willing himself up, and waited for Strong to get back to his feet. He pointed at his opponent and tried to hit Sleep Time (superkick), but Strong evaded him and caught him again in the Strong Hold, but Zane reversed it by going for the ropes and out of Strong, and followed up with the Sleep Time before Strong could attack! Strong fell to one knee, staggered. Zane followed up with another swift Sleep Time and Strong was down. The crowd clamored for Zane.

Mauro: Somehow, somewhat, Zane Walker is able to bring Strong down.

Nigel: He's being rather lucky to be honest.

Zane went for the cover. 1, 2, but Strong kicks out. Zane wasted no time in going for the Croc Grip (Dragon Sleeper), and locked it in tight.

Nigel: There you go Zane. Now you're doing something right!

Matt: You kind of critical of Zane throughout this match Nigel.

Nigel: That's part of my job Striker. I observe things as they are. And from the looks of it, Zane hasn't been able to anticipate Strong properly up till this point. He might have him down now, but for how long?

Strong reached for Zane's face, but Zane shrugged it off, his expression wild. His gaze fell towards Sabre, who was staring at him with an unreadable expression. Strong rose to his feet much to Zane's stupefaction, and he let go of one arm to slap the chest of Strong with abandon, but The God of War managed to reverse the sleeper for the Rage of Sparta (Vertical suplex with a powerslam) but Zane kneed him on the face and Strong dropped Zane down. Zane tried to follow up with another Sleep Time but Strong caught it, and hit a spinning backfist on Zane. Zane clutched his mouth in pain, and promptly received the Godplex (German, Dragon, Tiger and the X-plex) and finally Zane got an X-plex for his troubles. Strong went for the pin, 1, 2, but Zane kicked out! Strong bit his lip, frustrated at Zane's tenacity. The crowd suddenly lead chants of encouraging Zane to keep fighting.

Mauro: Zane Walker has been really toughing it out throughout this match.

Nigel: Look at Strong however. The man still has the strength to dish out more punishment.

Zane tried to push himself up but Strong pushed his foot down on Zane's neck. The referee had to break him off but Strong started stomping on Zane several times and then dragged his battered opponent up by his hair, and was rained down with boos from the audience. He mouthed, "All day!" at them, before glancing over at Sabre and The Ace merely smirked at him. Strong looked down at Zane and then back at Sabre. Strong smirked back at him and prepared to hit the Divine Wrath on Zane, but Zane suddenly went for a jackknife cover! 1, 2, - Strong kicks out. Zane immediately rolled to the outside of the ring. Strong was indignant that Zane was still able to fight back. He rolled himself out of the ring on the other side, ignoring Sabre and the commentary table, and advanced on Zane, who unsteadily backed towards the steel steps. Strong suddenly charged towards Zane and he barely avoided the freight train that hit the steel steps.

Mauro: And a malfunction from Strong who has been dominating this match!

Matt: This is Zane's chance to recuperate.

Zane's breaths were rapid as Strong stirred from where he crashed. He grabbed Strong by the head and threw him against the ring post. Strong's head made a ringing sound as it hit the post.

Nigel: Oh my word that was brutal.

Zane didn't stop there and brought Mason up to his feet, going for a Nova Destroyer (Canadian rack backbreaker). He aimed at the ring apron and slammed Mason neck first! The crowd started chanting "Holy Shit!" as Mason writhed and roared in pain. Zane scrambled back into the ring, as the referee started counting. 1, 2 -

Matt: Strong has to be out after that. Jesus Christ.

Mauro: Let's have another look at the grisly Nova Destroyer… you can see the way his neck bounces off…Oh God…

Strong tried to drag himself up on the barricade but fell on his face, groaning in pain. The referee was already counting to 5.

Matt: Could we see a countout victory? Is Zane really going for it?

Zane went towards the ropes, looking at Strong furtively. He licked his lips, and backed away from the ropes.

Nigel: He seems content with that.

Strong went up the apron and threw himself back in, just as the referee counted to 9. Zane started attacking Strong mercilessly, a far cry from his cautious approach in the match earlier, stomping at his neck and back the whole time. He brought Strong back to his feet and threw him shoulder first against the ring post. Strong could only groan in pain as Zane then employed another Nova Destroyer. He looked at Sabre and mouthed at him, "Watch", and he held Strong aloft on the submission hold. Strong, in spite of the pain, refused to tap.

Matt: Zane is sending a clear message to you Mr Sabre.

Jason: And?

Matt: Well how does that make you feel?

Jason: I don't remember giving you permission to say stupid shit like that.

Matt: Hang on. I'm just asking –

Jason: Nigel how the fuck do you deal with this…nonce? He's been saying nothing but stupid shit since this try hard (he glanced at Zane) has been blowing it on the ring.

Nigel: Well Sabre as much as I have to agree with you…Zane clarly wants something to prove tonight.

(Jason shakes his head disapprovingly)

Jason: He's got nothing. Mr. 'God of War' got nothing. Like many, many others…and I am stating this with a lot of conviction and evidence, don't know what it's like to actually achieve something in the WFA. Why do you think I came out here to watch…(he gestured with disgust)…this? All this just reminds an absolute fact that none of them come close to the numero uno of this business, me.

(He then points at Zane)

Jason: That one right there. One-trick pony. Flash in the pan. He ain't gonna hit it around here to catch up with The Ace. He won't at the rate he is going or this cheap ass spotilight stealing gimmick of his.

(Sabre took off his headset and handed it to Mauro)

Jason: He can win or lose or get his ass beat, but I'm done here. Thank you for letting me have a front seat with you two. Striker, again. Fuck you.

Mauro: Pleasure's all ours Mr Sabre…

(Matt gives Sabre a dirty look)

Sabre walked around the ring. Zane was clearly perturbed by this and failed to notice Strong's hand suddenly coiling on his neck. Both of them landed roughly on the mat, and Strong brazenly applied the Strong Hold again. Zane struggled for a moment before reversing it again to a pin. 1, 2 -, Strong kicks out. Both of them got back to their feet, and Zane reverses an oncoming lariat from Strong, into an inside cradle pin. 1, 2, 3!

Zane let go of the pin, blanching at the fact that he won. The crowd cheered heavily for The Wanderer's victory.

Anita: Here is your winner, Zane Walker - !

Zane barely had time to recuperate before the angered Strong clubbed the back of his head, and promptly gave him a spiteful Divine Wrath.

Matt: Oh come on the match is over!

Nigel: Maybe you should say it to his face Striker!

Not stopping there, Strong brought Zane up again and hit him with a Rage of Sparta. Zane was motionless as the referee checked up on Zane and barked at Strong for his actions, but Strong merely shoved the official aside and hit Zane again, with another Divine Wrath.

Mauro: Strong does not take kindly losing via a surprise pin and he's making that very very clear to Zane Walker!

Sabre on the meanwhile stared from the across the stage. Strong glared at him, wondering if he was going to pull anything. The Ace shook his head and merely walked back into the locker room.

Nigel: If there's anything to take note of tonight here, Sabre clearly doesn't give a thought about either Strong or Walker, and speaking of Walker over here he really needs some medical attention and probably some rethinking on his life choices.

Matt: But where does Strong fit in all this?

Mauro: Call me a little too presumptuous, but I have a feeling that The God of War is more than prepared to do any means necessary to put his name up for talks

Matt: Still kind of uncalled for…

Nigel: The competition in this company breeds the hungriest of beasts. Rest assured that Mason Strong is one of the hungriest today, amongst many more. And he has no qualms about it whatsoever.

Mauro: With that being said Nigel tonight's events have all but ended in a somewhat tumultuous fashion, but regardless we would like to thank you for joining us here in this Battlefield episode of WWL tonight folks. I'm Mauro Ranallo, and my colleagues Nigel McGuinness and Matt Striker, we bid you goodnight for now and we will catch you in Warfare next week!