Tatakai Yuki

Summary: After Pokeduelsmon, Yami becomes Kaya's legal guardian. Pegasus is in jail, Isis has enrolled at the local college (Isis on campus......O+O) and Kaya and Malik have joined Yugi and the others in tenth grade at Domino High. Everything is perfect.

But for Seto Kaiba, things are going downhill. A mysterious man comes to Domino and Kaiba is forced to face the one thing that could destroy him - his past.

While Kaiba is busy facing his past, Malik is becoming more and more withdrawn. Until one day, tragedy strikes - and Malik is gone.

Kaiba's world is collapsing around him, Malik is dead, and Kaya has lost her brother's support. But how exactly did Malik die, and who is this mysterious man who seeks out Kaiba? Will the group be able to hold on despite the tragedy around them, or will they lose faith in everything they have known, including each other? Will they be able to hold onto their tatakai yuki, their fighting spirit?

Chapter 1
Nothing's Perfect For Long (Mentions both plotlines) (I know, that doesn't make sense but it will)

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(All you never-read-the-author-notes people, you need to read 'em this time, because there is vital information!!)

Mojobubbles: Konnichiwa, minna-san, welcome to "Tatakai Yuki"!

Kamilah: Tatakai yuki is Japanese for "fighting spirit".

Mojobubbles: More references to the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh movie. Everybody runs around and says "Tatakai yuki!" all the time. Especially Shogo. ^_^U

Kamilah: Ok, this is the sequel to "Pokeduelsmon" so you really ought to read it. If you absolutely won't read the whole thing, you have to at least read chapters 1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11.

Mojobubbles: If you have, then welcome back! *waves* I'm hoping some of PDM's loyal readers will show up here, like Daricio, Europa, Katiekat1414, BMMW, and Luna*Ruby. By the by, there is no more Poke- ness. I mean, there will probably be no more Pokemon characters. They'll probably still talk about Pokemon and stuff, but I doubt the characters are coming back. Ever. Anyway, this is going to be much darker than "Pokeduelsmon", I think, because Malik dies, and other things. And Kirstie, don't you dare tell what is happening in the end. I only told you because you would kill me otherwise. ^_^U

Mojobubbles: Guess what? You get 2 stories in one!

Kamilah: What she means is there are two plotlines, which we have named the Kaiba plot, and the Malik plot.

Mojobubbles: The Kaiba plot is about that mysterious guy that is looking for Kaiba and what happens after the guy comes. The Malik plotline is about Malik's death and what happens after he dies.

Kamilah: At the beginning of each chapter, we will put in parentheses which plot that chapter focuses on.

Mojobubbles: Ok, time to introduce our cast of characters, the ones that run around and wreak havoc in the author's notes! From Yu-Gi-Oh, we have Yami Yugi, Yugi, Shogo, Kaiba, Malik, Isis, Kaya, Bakura, and Y. Bakura.

Kamilah: From .hack//SIGN, we have Tsukasa, and occasionally Mimiru and Subaru will pop in too.

Mojobubbles: And last but not least, from Inu-Yasha, we have Inuyasha, Kagome, and Sesshomaru!

Kamilah: We're in for a story full o fun, surprises, and SPONTANEITY!!!!!!!! So sit back and enjoy the road folks, because here we go!!!!!!!!
Symbol thingies:
/blah/ hikari to yami

//blah// yami to hikari

~blah~ Kaya to either Yami or Yugi

~~blah~~ Yami to Kaya

++Yugi to Kaya++

'blah' thoughts


"Yugi! Kaya! We're all waiting!"

"I'm coming! Bye grandpa, see ya later!" Yugi Moto called over his shoulder as he and his friend Kaya Tanaka ran outside.

Kaya yawned as they walked down the street and stretched, wacking Tristan in the face by accident.

"You couldn't get up this morning?" Bakura asked in his quiet voice. Kaya nodded.

"I guess late sleepers run in the family," Tea joked. Now, someone who didn't intimately know the group would've been quite confused, as to an outsider Kaya didn't seem related to any of them.

Kaya's only living relative was her older brother. Or, a better way to put it would be to say her only relative was her older brother. Because Kaya's brother was actually a 5000 year old spirit.

"Yeah, guess it does," Kaya nodded. "The servants would be absolutely terrified if they were going to go wake up Yami. He did not like getting up early."

"So I guess late sleepers also run in the, uh, reincarnation line.........thing," added a new voice, prompting a sweatdrop from everyone.

"Interesting choice of words, Malik," Yugi said, raising his eyebrows at the speaker.

The Egyptian shrugged. "Well, it's true........."

"You'd think that we'd find something more interesting to talk about," Tea remarked.

"Yeah," Joey added, "'cause everything's totally changed. I mean, Kaya's here, and Malik's enrollin' in Domino High......"

"And Isis and I got our own apartment," Malik added.

"Well, maybe that's exactly why we can't think of anything to talk about, because things are different," Bakura said.

"You know, in a really weird way, that makes sense," Tristan said thoughtfully, and they all laughed.

Kaya smiled at how much her life had changed in only a few weeks.

She had been nothing more than a struggling Pokemon trainer when she met Ash Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, and Brock Slate. (Wow I can't believe I remembered those.......) Then, they bumped into none other than Pegasus, who was helping Rocket Corp. with a secret project. He had taken them all to Domino, where Kaya and the others had met Yugi and his friends. The rest was history.

Yami and Kaya had remembered each other, finally, her Pokemon had been killed, Pegasus had taken all their souls except for the Kaiba brothers and Yugi, then she herself had been killed but a strange reaction with the M. Items had brought her back to life.

After all this turmoil, things settled down. Pegasus was in jail, Isis and Malik had rented an apartment and both enrolled in local schools, and as for Kaya.....

Yami had become her legal guardian, she had moved in with Yugi, and had joined in Domino High.

Yep, things had changed, but definitely for the better.


"Damn thing," muttered Seto Kaiba, as his cell phone lost its connection. He had been talking to the principal at Mokuba's school; someone had come to Kaiba's mansion to see Mokuba and Seto, and Kaiba was supposed to come pick up Mokuba.

He couldn't wait for the damn day to be over. It had started badly, when Mokuba knocked over the box of Trix.

Seto had been pretty mad, he wasn't much of a morning person. Maybe he'd take Mokuba to the arcade to make it up to him.

But he didn't know that in only a matter of hours, his life would become a living hell....


(Sutashi, Jisushika, and Rachiru are named after three preps I know, and the stuff that happens to them is my subtle way of getting back at them for all the odd looks they give me and my friends. I used a website to translate their names to Japanese names, which are the names I am using. If you know what those names are really are, and you have one of those names, don't take it to heart; I really really doubt that you would be one of those preps. If you /are/ one of those preps.........I LOATHE AND DESPISE YOU!!!!!!!!!)

"Who're the new kids?" giggled a voice from behind Joey. He turned and was face to face with Sutashi, one of the biggest preps in Domino High.

"They're my friends, Kaya Tanaka and Malik Ishtar," Joey said, slightly annoyed.

"Like, is Malik, like, Mexican or something?" asked one of Sutashi's friends, Rachiru.

Joey sweatdropped. "Actually, he's Egyptian."

"He looks kind of weird," Jisushika said, joining the conversation.

"Yeah, uh-huh," Joey said impatiently, cursing the bell for not ringing.

"What was that?!" Malik exclaimed moments when the familiar ding rang through the hallways.

"Malik, that's just the bell," Bakura said. "It means school's starting."


The rest of the day went off without a hitch.

But then, after school, things took a turn for the worse.

They were all at the local corner store, sipping sodas.

"I don't know how you can stand that history teacher," Kaya was saying. "I mean, she just talks on and on....." (Hey Kirstie, does it sound like someone we know? LOL)

"Which teacher do you hate, Malik?" Tristan asked. Malik didn't respond. "Malik? You ok?" Tristan asked, alarmed at the expression on Malik's face.

//I'm almost ready, to take over the world, kill your friends, and kill you. Are you ready, my /little aibou/?//

The soda slipped from Malik's hand.

"No......." he whispered. "Not him......"

"Malik, what happened!?" Yugi asked anxiously.

"N-nothing," Malik said. The voice was gone. He must have just imagined it. It must have been the stress of the day. "I just had a dizzy spell, that's all. I better be going."

"Are you sure you don't need help?" Tea asked. But Malik didn't answer; he had already driven off on his motorcycle. (*snort* Motorcycle......hey I just realized, Malik's wearing the Domino uniform thing.....lol.)

"D'you get the feeling there's something he's not telling us?" Kaya said, cocking her head to one side.

//No.....that can't be it.//

/What, Yami?/

//Nothing, Yugi. It's just......you remember Yami Malik, don't you?//

/You think he's back?!/

//I pray that he's not, Yugi.//

/Me too/ Yugi answered, cutting off the link.


Finally, Kaiba's limo pulled into the school's parking lot. Kaiba stepped out, and strode into the school. He made his way down the hall and to the principal's office.

He opened the door, and Mokuba sat in one of those orange plastic chairs, swinging his legs back and forth. "Hi, Seto!" he chirped when his brother walked in.

"Hey, kid," Kaiba replied, ruffling his brother's hair.

"Mr. Kaiba," the principal greeted. "Sign here, please." Kaiba swiftly signed the piece of paper, and he took Mokuba's hand and led him to the limo.


"Welcome back, Mr. Kaiba," greeted the butler.

"Who's here to see us?" Kaiba interjected sharply.

Just then, the foyer door opened and a man entered.

"Am I late?" he asked, then he saw Mokuba and Kaiba. "Seto.......Mokuba......." he said softly. Kaiba stared at the man, his throat suddenly dry.

"No.......not you.....father....."


Mojobubbles: OOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOO, his father!!!!!!! And is Y. Malik really back? Tune in next time, same bat-time, same bat-place! *grins* Sorry, I couldn't resist. ^+^

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