Tatakai Yuki

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I woke up long before daylight, too anxious to sleep.

He was coming home.

I remember going to bed with very mixed feelings. I was happy Mokuba was coming home and that Yukio was leaving, but I had heard that although that Malik kid was ok, his sister died. I was pretty shocked; Isis Ishtar isn't the kind who'd give up on life that easily.

So anyway, I set out very early, too early for anyone to be around to chauffeur me to the train station. So......I walked.

The train was due at 8:30, and it was only 7, but I didn't care.

The morning was cool and crisp, leaving me with my thoughts.

Somehow I ended up thinking about Yugi and his whole gang. Man, things have been so crazy for them ever since those Pokemon kids showed up a couple weeks ago.

I mean, that Yami, the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, has a sister, who shows up out of the blue, and then all of her little friends come from some parallel universe......

I still don't get it.

I don't get what has happened with Malik, either. I don't know that he was even back in Domino until me, Mokuba, Yami, and Yugi discovered him and the others without their souls. Then, just a few days ago, he supposedly commits suicide......but I guess his yami played a pretty big part in that.

I also have trouble grasping the fact that his sister is actually dead. Not that she was my friend or anything, but still.......she was a kick-butt duelist, for one thing, even if I did beat her.

I kinda thought she was crazy for risking so much for her little brother, when he honestly seemed like an ungrateful little snot to me. But now I see, he actually does care deeply for her, even though he was kind of an idiot back in Battle City.

God......how is Malik gonna get through this?

It was bad enough for me when they carted away Mokuba, but at least he was still /alive/........

And then, wouldn't you know it, as I'm walking down the sidewalk, I see a couple people laughing and talking. It's Yugi, Malik, and......Isis!?

I stopped, mouth hanging open, for once totally speechless. I blinked, then turned to Yugi. "I'm really confused," I stated.

Malik shrugs, looking ecstatic. "Isis is okay!" he grins.

Yugi shrugs too. "Yami says it has to do with the Millennium Items, and how much Malik cares about his sister, but I don't really get it."

I bet Yami's rolling his eyes in, well, wherever he is right now. I collected myself, and turned to Isis.

"I should've known being dead wouldn't sit with you for very long," I said smartly. She smiled.

"I couldn't leave my brother," she said quietly. I nodded.

"Speaking of which, I've got to go pick mine up."

Yugi gaped at me. "Your brother-!?"

I smiled. "Yeah, I've got custody of him now. Mokuba's coming home."

Yugi smiled too. "That's great news, Kaiba!"

"Yeah......I guess it is."

We went our separate ways, and I found myself thinking again.

Everything's ok......it was hard, but we all got through it.

We held on, didn't lose sight of the important things.......

Never mind. I guess I'll just leave Yugi to give us the moral crap.

I hopped from foot to foot, all dignity forgotten, as the train pulled into the station. My eyes darted everywhere, my stomach full of butterflies. Where was he?

Then......I heard it: "Seto!"

I looked to the side, and there was Mokuba.

He weaved through the crowd, running as fast as his legs could carry him, waving frantically.

"Seto!" he called, tears filling his blue-grey eyes. "Niisama!!!!"

Then he reached me, and threw his arms around my waist. Smiling, I picked him and up and held him close in my arms.


"Seto...." he whispered, choking on suppressed sobs, snuggling against my coat. "I missed you."

I buried my head in Mokuba's disheveled hair so no one would see I'm crying too.

(Kaya POV)

Things have been weird.

Well, ok, thing have always been weird, but this was weirder than normal.

I mean, Malik 'died', Isis really did die, I found out about some of the stuff my necklace can do, Yami and Malik's newfound friendship is tighter than ever........

There were times when I, and probably everyone else, too, thought we wouldn't get through it.

But we did.......we held on to our fighting spirit, our 'tatakai yuki'.

And who knows what's next?

But whatever it is, we'll face it together. Because, not to sound schmaltzy or anything, but we're friends, and we're gonna be friends till the end.......no matter what.

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