The Situation by Lady Cleo

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Note: This is an alternate universe where Jackie never dated Kelso, so a lot of stuff hasn't happened. For example: Jackie never set Donna up with Casey, so Donna and Eric never got back together.

Chapter One: The Unattainable Jackie Burkhart

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"Man she's hot," Hyde had once heard Kelso laugh, "the hottest chick on the cheerleading squad." But, when pushed on why she hadn't dated him- "She called me a man whore when I asked her out."

That was Jackie Burkhart, the Snow Queen of Point Place High, its most popular cheerleader, and most sought after beauty. She was the only junior in the history of Point Place to make Captain of the 'Varsity Cheerleading Squad'. The only junior in Point Place history to be crowned 'Snow Queen' two years in a row, with a definite shoe in for her third year of running.

When she walked, the boys dropped before her, bowing to her every whim. She was the perfect unattainable date, rumored to be a hot little number in bed. The girls followed behind her, picking up the stragglers that Jackie didn't take. They worshipped the ground she walked on, trying at all times to be just as perfect, just as beautiful as Jaclyn Beulah Burkhart.

No one questioned the order; there was nothing to question. That was how it'd been and how it was going to be. Long after graduation, they would undoubtedly look back, remember her, and wonder whatever happened to that one perfect girl that everybody wanted to be.

Someone had once commented to Donna, who intern had spilled the beans to Eric, who had commented casually to Hyde: that if Jackie had said yes to Michael Kelso- it would be a vastly different world.

Like he cared.

The only thoughts that Hyde ever spared for the Point Place Snow Queen was that: Yes, she was hot, but not worth the trouble. Yes, she was a spoiled rich bitch. No, he didn't ever dwell on her shallow being or anything that revolved around her shallow world. Yes, she was very hot. And, (something he'd never admit to thinking) she did intrigue him.

Mostly the perfect unattainable Jackie hadn't given Steven Hyde a second thought. After all, Burkhart hadn't talked to Hyde since middle school, and that had only been a shallow burn to the older boy about his lack of taste in woman. Now, in his senior year, she was the junior who ruled over the varsity cheerleading squad, dated all the cute football players and the occasionally student body president.

Hyde's only comment to this- silence.

The Situation: Point Place, Wisconsin: The Hub.

It was your normal Friday night in the small suburb of Point Place. The Hub teemed with teenagers smacking on fries and hitting on the opposite sex. It was a situation that Steven Hyde usually didn't succumb to, after all peppy crowds weren't his style. Unfortunately, Red Foreman declared it a "night without you dumb asses around" and promptly booted all humans under twenty out of the house.

Kelso was laughing over his latest score with some slut of a chick, Fez sat munching on candy and laughing over Kelso antics while Donna and Eric continued giving each other forlorn 'why aren't we dating when we want each other so much' looks. Hyde sat silently at he end of the table, watching the proceedings with little to no interest. Damn, why hadn't some idiot brunette set her up with some bad influence like say, Casey Kelso, so they could realize that they really wanted each other. Where the thought came from bothered Hyde for only a second, but he pushed it off. Probably a side effect from being around Foreman too much.

Out of the corner of his eye, Hyde caught a glimpse of 'The Snow Queen' and her flock of cheerleaders giggling around their little table. Jackie had wrapped herself around her latest boy toy, some idiot named Chip. The couple appeared to be having a minor dispute and Hyde guessed that Jackie's three week dating period was about up; the current idiot was about to be dumped for being in too much of a hurry to get under her skirt.

Hyde looked away for just a second. When his gaze returned to the couple Jackie was storming towards the door, Chip in close pursuit. Her blond followers watched their retreating backs with atypical confused expressions.

"And their goes another one of Point Place's Annual Snow King Nominees down the drain. And who do you expect to be the next nominee for this year Kelso?" Foreman laughed, Donna rolled her eyes and punched him in the arm.

"Personally," Fez declared eagerly, "I' am hoping that I'm the next candidate. After all she's running out of men to date."

Hyde rolled his eyes, getting sick of the pushy crowd he stood, "I'm out of here." The group barely noticed his departure. They were too busy making jokes about the next nominees for Snow King and how long Kelso could continue dating the entire cheerleading squad without causing a cat fight.

The Situation: Hub Parking Lot.

Hyde made it nearly to the other side of the parking lot when a loud commotion caught his attention. Not a few feet away Jackie and Chip stood in heated argument, that sound to Hyde like it was on the verge of getting violent. Hyde pushed down any thoughts that popped up in his head and continued to make his way towards the El Camino further down the parking lot.

"You god damned bitch." Chip yelled, his hand rearing back as he slapped the small brunette violently across the face. Jackie stumbled under the force, her body slamming into a nearby car as she fell weakly to her knees.

Now as much as Hyde considered himself a cold unfeeling guy, he couldn't ignore that; no matter how bitchy the little cheerleader could be.

Hyde took the few steps separating him from the idiot quickly; he tapped Chip on the shoulder, and flexed his fist. A second later Hyde stepped over the unconscious form, nodding his head at his good aim as he moved towards the sobbing female form. She was clutching her arms, crying uncontrollably, her little form shaking violently from the force of her tears. Damn, Hyde couldn't stand it when they cried. It left him no choice but to act. He frowned as he reached down, wrapping his arms under hers and gently pulling her to her feet. Jackie's large eyes gazed up at him, questioning his presence as the tears continued streaking down her face.

Hyde tired to stable the shaking form on her own two feet, but found when he released his grip around her waist she didn't stand, but simply started crashing back down to the hard cement. He stood their awkwardly, her face buried against his chest, the tears soaking his favorite Led Zeppelin shirt. Damn, he couldn't let this continue. Reaching down he swept the small girl off her feet, pulling her tightly to his chest.

Where to take her? Defiantly not back to her little demon friends huddled around a table back in the Hub. Mrs. Foreman. Now there was a woman who had every answer to every question. Stepping back over the body, Hyde headed down the parking lot towards the El Camino, already forming a plan as to how he could sneak the small sobbing form into the basement.

The Situation: The Foreman Residence, The Basement.

Jackie sat on the couch quietly, her knees pressed to her chest, tears streaming down her face. Personally, she didn't know why she was so upset. She'd been planning on breaking up with Chip for sometime. And it wasn't like this was the first time she'd ever been slapped. Still, she sat there alone, waiting for the return of her- well, she wasn't sure if Steven Hyde was her hero or not. A smile crept across her face as she recalled Chip crashing to the ground. Now that had been the best thing that had happened to her all week.

Jackie wiped away the tears, trying to focus on the brief happy thought.

It didn't last for long.

Her life suddenly came pouring down on her shoulders. At school she was worshipped, but alone. When she went home it was the same, her parents always at work or out having fun in some other state. And her friends, what friends? Every single person that claimed to be her friend would socially destroy her if thought they had the chance.

The sound of footsteps interrupted Jackie's thoughts and she had to force herself to remain still, trying to control the urge to flee. Hyde walked over, setting a cup of tea and plate of cookies in front of her. "This is Mrs. Foreman-" Hyde started to say, but Kitty pushed past him, wrapping a blanket around Jackie and pulling her into a tight hug.

"You poor baby." Jackie let the woman embrace her, finding comfort in her motherly embrace. She sobbed into her shoulder, wanting what she didn't have.

"Kitty." Red yelled from upstairs. In response the woman gently released Jackie.

"I'll be right back honey. You just," Kitty paused for a second, her eyes wandering the room to finally rest on Hyde. "You just cry on Steven for a few seconds." She declared as she stood, then pushed Steven down to the couch. Jackie immediately latched onto him, her face burying into his shoulder.

Hyde sat there, confused by this sudden change. A wave of Déjà vu crashed through his head. Still, there was very little he could do in this situation. His arms came up, encircling the girl's small waist, his hand gently rubbing along her back.

Fervently he wished for the return of Mrs. Foreman. But, even as he sat there, gently rocking the unattainable Jackie Burkhart he knew something was changing. The situation, the unquestionable order somehow seemed twisted out of whack in the small basement. And the Snow Queen, she didn't seem to be sitting on such a high throne down here, crying in the arms of Steven Hyde. Yet, still he continued to comfort the small form, ignoring the nagging little voice that told him things were about to get very weird in Point Place.