The Situation

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Note: Okay I know this one is kind of short but I've been working on it for a long time and it's never fallen into place quiet as easily as the other seven chapters.

Chapter Eight: Valentine's Day Blunder.

The word had spread rather quickly that Jackie Burkhart was staying with the Foremans, along with several reasons why she was doing so. Cynthia said that she and Eric Foreman were like distant cousins or something. Pam quickly quelled that rumor, saying that Jackie just couldn't be related to the scrawny neighbor boy, Kelso would have said something at one point or another. Rodger thought that maybe child services had deposited Jackie there, you know with both her parents always gone. Then of course there were the rumors about Jackie dating Foremen, Donna shut those up rather quickly, only to have threesome rumors pop up in their place.

Then there was Kelso, who was now not only single but considering himself his most man prettiest ever with a perfect Florida tan. When he came over to the house and found Kitty having tea and coffee with the beautiful sociality, he freaked out. It didn't take a second for the man to automatically assume she was there for him. He made his move faster then John Wayne could draw. Who could've guessed the brunette hit just like Hyde.

Of course that didn't really stop Michael Kelso, prettiest man whore in Point Place. Jackie was now seldom seen around the house.

Hyde had enough frustration with Red Foreman and the new house rules. With the addition of a non related female, Red decided to crack down on his rules. This included adding a few more. For example after ten o'clock Jackie Burkhart was not allowed in the basement and Steven Hyde was not allowed on the second floor. That meant no extra make out time with Jackie; in fact it rather cut down on their existing time. And god damn if the man didn't have sonar hearing and night-vision. Hyde concluded it must have be some side effects from his war experience and the government testing.

Now Hyde was extremely pissed off. With Kelso cutting into Hyde's daytime plans with her by constantly driving the brunette to seek escape with her leggy bimbo blonde cheerleaders, he'd barely seen Jackie at all this week. And that had made for an even more moody, wisecracking, violent Hyde. He knew that no good could come from those bloodsucking blondes. All they did was try and set her up with stupid jocks. She was slowly regressing into her former evil ways, and that had to be stopped. However, the only way to do that was to either kill Kelso or tell the world that he, the bad ass Zen Master, liked making-out with a certain brunette cheerleader.

Hyde was currently in the planning stages for project, "Murder Kelso."


The Situation. The Foreman Residence, the basement:

"Okay little buddy.." Foreman declared, handing the white bed sheet to the foreign exchange student the scrawny neighbor boy backed away. "Donna will distract the victim with the squeaky dog toy." Donna squeaked the small dog toy in response.

Fez nodded "And when he comes in I am to jump him with the sheet."

"Right! Okay everybody, take your places. Operation Restore Hyde is about to take place." Foreman ordered grabbing the foam bat as Fez nodded holding the sheet up, ready to pounce. Donna squeaked the toy a couple times in preparation.

The door opened. "Attack!" The sheet flew over the culprit as Fez pounced, the squeaky toy was attacked by Donna's lumberjack hands and Foreman swung the foam bat, hitting the creature repeatedly. "Jackie is bad!" Donna yelled.

"No more talking to more flowers, no more candies." Fez squeaked in pain at the last comment. "No more pawing Jackie!" Foreman added as he continued to beat the figure mercilessly.

"What the hell?" Hyde's voice demanded from underneath the sheet.

The room froze, the squeaky toy ceased its annoying squawk.

"That was not Kelso!" Fez declared quickly backing away from the sheeted figure.

Absolute horror crossed Foreman's face as he dropped the foam bat and kicked it under the couch, thanking god that Fez had managed to get the sheet over Hyde's head. "Abort!"  He pulled the sheet off, revealing an angry yet confused Hyde.

"What the hell are you idiots doing? I thought you got over the whole Jackie is evil phase!"

Donna sighed, "Damnit Fez. You said Kelso was coming down the stairs, you were supposed to keep an eye on Kelso." She slumped down to the couch beside the abused squeaky toy.

"Sorry man, though Jackie will always be evil to me. even being the whole Jedi pilot and all, we where supposed to be pounding Kelso." Foreman explained taking a seat beside Donna.

Hyde smirked, "Too bad you screwed it up." He stalked across the room, grabbing a Popsicle from the fridge before taking his custom seat. "Any of you seen Jackie lately?" Fluffy cakes trotted down the stairs, his growing legs impeding his progress. The Doberman gazed around the room, failed to spot his mistress and trotted over to Hyde, whimpering.  

"I left her with her psycho cheerleaders after school." Donna explained, "It's not looking to good. I just got someone to talk to, that is other then you losers, and now Kelso is running her off. So okay she's absolutely annoying and I can't stand half the stuff that comes out of her mouth but that's not the point."

"Hey Mr. Foreman!" Kelso called from outside.

"Everybody take your places!" Eric ordered grabbing the bat from underneath the couch.

"Give me the bat Foreman! You hit like a girl!"


The Situation. The Foreman Residence, the kitchen:

Red Foreman sat quietly at the table, the newspaper spread out in front of him as the elder man attempted to find some quiet time to himself. The glass door creaked open, and Jackie poked her head into the door way. "Mr. Foreman is Kelso here?"

Shouts suddenly erupted from the basement, the loud barking of Fluffy Cakes resounding off the kitchen walls along with Kelso's shouts demanding to know what was going on. "Does that answer your question?" Red questioned turning his eyes back to the paper.

Jackie sighed with frustration, stealing her shoulders she walked into the kitchen. "You know if Steven would just tell him that we're going out he'd stop his incessant pawing." The small brunette sighed taking a seat across from the older man. "I don't understand why he doesn't want to tell anybody about us. It's not like he really even cares about what they think."

Red rolled his eyes, but the only way to get her to shut up and leave him alone was to bring Steven into the picture. "Maybe you should go ask him yourself."

"You're right. I mean, I pretty and popular and beautiful, even if he was worried about what everybody would say he shouldn't want to hide the fact that were dating." Anger began boiling up within the small girl's chest. "I'm tired of his being ashamed of me or whatever is going on in that big head of his. I mean boys bow down before me, he should be grateful that I love him so much."

Red grunted, not really paying attention to the small girl, a habit he had developed over the several weeks she'd been staying with them. However, if her father didn't show up soon he was going to personally track the basterd down and give him an earful.

"You're absolutely right Mr. Foreman. In fact I think I'm going to go talk to him right now, Kelso or no Kelso!" standing the small girl marched over to the Basement door and steeled her shoulder for a battle.


The Situation. The Foreman Basement:

Jackie walked down the stairs and took in the situation. Donna was abusing a squeaky toy while trying to contain her laugher. Foreman sat on top of what she assumed was Kelso covered in a sheet. While Fluffy Cakes chewed on the victim's shoe, Fez stood watching with an amused expression. And Steven stood holding a foam bat, laughing as he occasionally hit Kelso with the bat. They all froze at the sight of the brunette cheerleader walking down the stairs. 

"Jackie!" Hyde greeted almost cheerfully as he dropped the foam bat and started towards the small brunette. Eric reached out grabbing Hyde's arm and frantically motioning towards the covered Victim. The Zen master reappeared, Jackie frowned.

"Steven, we need to talk now!" She declared angrily, ignoring the other people in the room she started to rant. "Look I'm tired of this whole stupid hiding crap. Look if you would just let me tell everybody about us we wouldn't have half the problems we have right now. Stupid Kelso wouldn't by incessantly pawing me and my friends would shut up about setting me up. I don't understand why you're so against us going public, is it to much to ask that we go to just one dance together, maybe do something I want to do once in a while?"

"First off," Hyde interrupted, "I don't believe in the whole boyfriend girlfriend conformist crap, so we have nothing to tell the school. Secondly I don't give a damn what those blonde bloodsucking friends are telling you."

"Don't call me friends that, I don't go around calling your friends stoners or idiots. Ugh, I don't understand why you're so afraid of telling someone other then this little group that you might actually like me. Just go to one stupid dance. That's all I'm asking!"

"Get this thru your little Easy Bake Oven head; I'm not going to any stupid school dance!"

"Fine!" Jackie yelled angrily. "If you don't care enough about us to go to one little dance then you can consider this relationship over."  Turning on her heels she charged up the stairs. The room remained quiet as Hyde turned away walking back into his room and slamming the door shut.

"Donna!" Jackie screeched from upstairs, the red head jumped charging after the high pitched voice, leaving the three male alones.

"Well since there's nothing to hide anymore!" Eric mused as he stood, pulling the sheet of Kelso. The man pretty man had curled into a ball and fallen asleep at some time. "What the hell?" Eric demanded. "You mean to tell me that he slept through that entire shouting session?"

Fez shrugged his shoulders. "At least now Jackie is free." The forging exchange student quipped with an odd unenthusiastic voice. "Yet for some reason this does not make me happy!"

The Situation. The Foreman Residence:

Hyde stormed angrily into the Kitchen. "That did not just happen!" He yelled, taking a seat across from Red. "I just got dumped because I don't want to attend a stupid school dance!" A small nagging voice suddenly asked if that wasn't what he wanted in the first place, wasn't she supposed to leave him thus making him free? But Hyde ignored the voice, the whole idea of being dumped because he wouldn't go to a dance ridiculous.

"You can't dance, can you?" Red demanded, startling the younger boy.

"I can dance." Hyde defended.

"Not one step, right!" Red insisted setting his newspaper down.

"Not one step!" Hyde reluctantly admitted.

Red smirked turning his gaze towards the rebel, "Well, then you got a problem, women wanna dance."

"What the hell for?"

"It's something to do with that romantic stuff, plus they can get close and wiggle their bodies around in front of a man in a safe atmosphere."

"Why would I want to wiggle around in public just so she can feel all romantic?"

"Do I really need to answer that question for you?" Red asked. "You're a man, she's a woman! You're going to be doing a whole lot of stupid stuff just to keep her around for a little longer. Now if you want, I can help you out."


The Situation. The Foreman Living Room:

Kitty smiles gently at Hyde, directing his steps, "Ok, now, that was good, ok, let's try it again. Ok? Now. Left, right, left, turn and step." Hyde goes off to one side. "Ok."

"Now! You follow me. Ok. You can do this. Ok. Left, right, left, turn and step! Ha ha!! No! No! Look at me, not at your feet. Ok, you know what, now, now put your arm around me. Yeah, a little bit lower, put your hand in the small of my back. You feel how you can guide me?"

Hyde nodded

"Ok, ok. Left,'re leading! Ok, now. Tell me where to move with your hand. Uh-huh. Left, right, left, turn, uh-huh, ok, eye contact in the turn, ok, ok, and.dip!" Kitty leans back only to tumble to the ground. "Ok, well now let's just do it again."

The doors swung open admitting both Eric and Fez into the living room. "What the hell? Mom, are you teaching him how to dance?" Both Hyde and Kitty slowly turned to face Eric. "Oh my god, you really do like Jackie, your learning to dance so you can get her back!"

"No!" Hyde declared solemnly. "I just can't let those future tools of the government win!"

Kitty smiled politely "We'll I'm going to go get dinner started. We'll continue the lessons later." Trotting off to the kitchen she sang out happily, "Ohhh Jackie's going to be so surprised."

Eric turned to Fez, "It looks to me like someone went to Oz and got himself a heart." Eric grinned shaking his head.

"Shut up Foreman, I told you, I'm just saving her from those brainless blondes."

Fez furrowed his brow, "So you just plan on showing up and dancing?" The foreign exchange student questioned, Hyde shrugged. "You amateur! In order to win back your lady love you must show some spirit, sweep her off her feet."

"And how exactly is he supposed to do that Fez?"

"Show up and punch whatever basterd she is dancing with!"

Hyde smirked happily, "You now what little buddy, I think I just might take that into consideration."


The Situation. Point Place High:

Cynthia and Rodger glided across the floor, easily coming to a halt in front of the little Jackie Burkhart gang. "She and Daniel look so cute together!" Cynthia squealed happily as she watched the brunette twirl in her beautiful red dress. "I'm sure this is totally going to be the next big power couple. I mean Daniel is the Junior Class President, and a running back on the football team."

Pam however paid little attention to brunette or Cynthia's ranting. Her eyes were focused slowly on Kelso as he danced with Kevin's little ex Anna. The steam nearly billowed out of her ears. Kevin didn't seem to fare any better. "Sorry Kevin but I think were over!" The blond muttered before charging across the room to lunge for Anna's throat.

Jackie was bored out of her wits, dancing with this moron was taking every last inch of her patience, and consequently fueling her anger for Hyde by the second. She had started a running list in her head, calling him every dirty name she could think of and planning years of torture, which of course would never be executed but seemed somewhat comforting. But then again this was Hyde she was thinking of, mister show no emotions. He was probably having a ball with some new wild and anarchist girlfriend. The thought alone nearly made the little girl see red. But what had she gotten herself into. In the beginning she had known this wouldn't last, no matter how much she'd wanted it too. Hyde wasn't the kind of guy who settled down with one girl. No matter how much she wanted him too. She was so preoccupied with her own thoughts Jackie never noticed when she and Daniel stopped moving, or when her date turned away from her to address someone. "Can I help you?"

"You're dancing with my girlfriend!" Now that voice she did recognize, though she hardly believed her ears.

Daniel laughed, "In your dreams!"

Jackie rolled her eyes calling out to Hyde, "Oh just go ahead and punch the guy so I can kick your ass!"

"Lady's orders!" Hyde shrugged, socking the guy in the face. Hyde quietly stepped over the prone form to face of with the smaller brunette.

"You think you're off the hook?" Jackie demanded, "Just because you showed up at a stupid dance a couple hours too late." Hyde smirked glad to see that his little pixie was responding just like she ought to. At least the stupid cheerleaders hadn't totally warped her back into some freak. He took a step forward, slipping his hand around her waist and pulling her closely. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Dancing with my girlfriend."

"Hello! I broke up with you." Jackie declared, trying to pull free of his grip, but Hyde wasn't about to let go.

"We weren't going out before, at least not by you cheerleading friend's standards." That had taken a lot of self control not to call them bloodsucking blonds. "So now, Jaclyn Burkhart, do you wanna go to the hub and get a burger or something?"

The shock raced across her face faster then he'd expected, then came the squealing as she threw her arms around his neck jumping into his arms and peppering his face with kisses. "You asked me on a date!" She squealed happily, only to be interrupted when Pam's call for help shattered the air.

"Quick someone call an ambulance, Kelso's fainted."

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