It shows the classic RWBY Chibi intro.


The four girls then look at the title before Ruby then said "Something feels off about this."

They then started suggesting things until...

(Cue Undertale: Sans *I'd recommend a music box remix*)

Suddenly they then some hear some calm lazy music as they heard footsteps and see the skeletal duo standing there as they then look at the title RWBY Chibi and then stares at them. Frisk then waved as they walked in as Frisk then looked at the text before whispering into S!Yang's ear as the later then lifted it into the air smirking as P!Ruby ran off and came back with Undyne as they carried some text that Said "TALE" in a mix between the Undertale font and the RWBY Chibi Font as they threw it inbetween the "RWBY" and "Chibi" as the Lazy Hoodied Yang smiled as the text fell into place with a "Perfect."

Undyne and P!Ruby hi-fived with a "YES!"

Team RWBY then agreed that it was much better now.

Yang then said "I guess you can say they..."

Everyone but the Yangs and Frisk all said "Don't you dare..."

"BLUE it out of the water" Yang said with a cocky smile plastered on her face.

Everyone but the Yangs, who were laughing so hard at the joke, and Frisk, who stiffened a giggle at the very least, all groaned at the terrible pun.

"Well I guess this show started off with a YANG?" S!Yang punned back. Much to everyone but the Yangs and Frisk's annoyance.

"Oum/God damn it, there's two of them now." Chara, Undyne, P!Ruby, and Team RWB realized in horror.

Well I hope you enjoy the preview to an pile of upcoming side stories that have no real impact to the story and imagine them as canon if you want. It's up to your interpretation. Either way hope you enjoy it when it comes out nonetheless. Goodbye.