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When the unthinkable happens on the way to visit her brother, Bella finds herself in terrible danger. More than just the elements are against her and the others as they fight for survival on a deserted island. She finds not only safety in Edward, but also her soulmate. Will that be enough if they aren't rescued in time? Will danger continue to follow them?




To commandeer an aircraft, usually at gunpoint during flight, forcing the pilot to fly somewhere other than to the scheduled destination



"Edward, look." Bella's quiet hiss made me look up, already aware something must be wrong from the tone of her voice. Although the edge of the water was some distance away from where we stood, the figures already walking from the ocean's edge were unmistakable.

"How the fuck did they find us here?"

"I'm not sure they did, Edward," Bella murmured from beside me, her hand sliding into mine. I could feel the sweat gathered on its palm, telling me she was nervous. Their arrival—whatever they were here for—could not be good.

I had to admit, they didn't exactly look as if they'd come prepared. They were almost as tattered as we had been those few weeks ago. What they did have, I noticed with interest, was a life raft, which two of them were drawing up to the beach, out of the reach of the waves.

We hadn't been here long enough for me to let down my guard and I was grateful I'd had the foresight to tuck my gun into the back of the waistband of my cut-down shorts.

Both Bella and I had makeshift knives, a far cry from those I had in my survival pack and not exactly fashioned for protection. They were, however, perfect for their purpose, which was to strip the palm fronds for their eventual use.

The five men we had last seen disappearing toward the horizon almost two weeks ago had not yet seen us and I was about to suggest we move inside the tree-line when Alice stepped up behind us out of the shade and into the light.

"Hey, you two. Why didn't you wait for me?" Her exclamation was loud, and at the sound of her voice, the heads of all four men turned in our direction.

"Damn it, Alice. Don't you ever notice your surroundings?" I whispered harshly.

However, the damage was done, and the wide smile on the face I recognized as that of the leader, told me we were in a very bad situation.

"Both of you get behind me and move back slowly under the trees. Do not move from there until I tell you to, and if you get the chance, run."

Alice, ever the 'look after yourself first' type of person, of course, did as she was told for the first time ever. But Bella? Somehow, I knew she wouldn't.

"I'm not leaving," she murmured. Wryly, I had to acknowledge that at least she'd stepped behind me, if nothing else.

"Well, well, didn't think we'd find you here." Jacob snarled as he squinted against the harsh sunlight, heading right for us. "Stop right there. Don't leave on my account girls, we'll be getting better acquainted later, I'm sure."

He strode up the beach toward us, followed by his minions, the wide grin back on his face. I stepped toward him, hoping to prevent him from getting any closer to Bella. She was fast becoming very important to me and I felt very protective of her. Alice, not so much, but there was no way I'd allow him to lay a hand on either of them if I could help it. I'd seen the results of his intentions on those other women; the ones I should have been able to protect.

"There's nothing for you here, Jacob" I boldly stated, getting right in his face. "You've got the means to get to safety," I continued, pointing at the life raft, "So it would be better for you to just leave."

Despite our desperation to leave this place, I knew we would be safer if they took the means of escaping they had drawn up away from the waves, and went back to wherever they had come from. I had a sneaking suspicion that wouldn't be happening.

"Ah, my friend. But you have exactly what we want." Jacob's chin jutted toward the girls as his eyes slid over them, his intent clear. "It's not what we came looking for, but they'll do for starters."

He motioned to his men behind him. "Take them."

"Over my dead body," I grunted as I took one step back and swung my fist, hitting him squarely on the edge of his jaw. Knowing it was unlikely one punch would do it, I followed that with another to his gut, causing him to fold in front of me and drop to his knees.

Paul and Riley, the two who'd been heading for the girls immediately changed direction to assist jacob. Knowing I had only a short time to head this confrontation off, I pulled the gun from behind me, pointing it at the head of the man on his knees in front of me.

This brought the both of them heading to help him to a standstill, though it lasted only a second or two. Caius, who until now had stayed close to the raft, cocked a gun I hadn't noticed, training it on Bella. It would seem that he'd quickly cottoned on to my protection of her, instinctively knowing I wouldn't put her in danger.

"Drop it," he grated. At my momentary hesitation, he fired a warning shot over my head. "Now."

A quick think and a look around didn't show me an alternative, so, with trepidation and regret, I did as he ordered.

Jacob stood slowly, his arm across his stomach. "You'll regret that, Cullen," he sneered.

Leaning down, he picked up my gun, and tucked it in his waistband before stepping toward me. Paul and Riley, who had been told to grab Bella and Alice, move to flank him, while the girls stood close to my back. I could feel Bella tremble and her hand tucked into the back of my shorts, anchoring us together.

Meanwhile Caius had not lowered his gun and made his way toward us, leaving the final member of his crew, Demetri, to guard their raft. "Who else is here?" Caius demanded. "Where are they? What's the set up?"

There was no way I would be giving him any information if I could help it, and I hoped the girls would stay quiet, too. At my silence he nodded at Paul and Riley, who stepped to either side of me, holding me still. Moving around me, Jacob grabbed Bella and roughly yanked her out from behind me. Gripping her arm tightly, I could see the pain flash across her face.

"Get your fucking hands off me, you brute," she cursed at him.

"Maybe we can persuade your boyfriend to talk," Jacob sneered. He forced her to her knees in front of him, moving his hands to her hair. Looking at the fucker to my right, he ground out, "Demetri" he yelled. "Get up here." Turning to Riley, he said, "Come here; hold her hands behind her back."

Demetri wasted no time and taking Riley's place they held me in place. Looking on in horror, I watched him start to unbuckle his belt, as Riley stepped behind her to grab her hands.

I had no idea how far he would go, and almost without a conscious decision, blurted, "Okay, okay, I'll tell you. Just leave her alone, please."

Jacob's smirk told me he knew exactly what he was doing, given other circumstances, he would take more than her mouth.

My eyes flicked to Alice, who was frozen in place, her hands over her mouth, trying to tell her to say nothing, and taking a deep breath, I told him what I hoped he wanted to hear, leaving out as much as I could as it was likely that the camp would almost be deserted with everyone out collecting food or away on the fishing expedition. "There are six others at a campsite around a mile straight in. We've managed to salvage some things that washed up."

"And?" Caius growled. "How many men and women?"

I had to think quickly and gauge what I could get away with telling them. Angela, Jessica, Nancy, and Mark had planned on a fishing trip and given the time of day were likely to be back by now, Jasper and his team would still be away from camp and finally Sam and Seth would be hunting - all of whom would usually be away all day.

"Seven men, one injured, eleven women, and two kids." I blurted out, hoping that Jasper would be aware enough to know something was wrong before he stepped into the camp. Sam and Seth were both experienced hunters so it was also likely they would be more aware of what was going on around them. I hoped that by the time they got to the camp, not everyone would be in sight and somehow we could work a plan to overcome these fuckers. I figured that if they saw a less threatening group of survivors they wouldn't wade in shooting.

Bringing myself back to the discussion I heard Jacob snigger, "Nice little harem you've got going on there, buddy."

I seethed inside at his crassness but said nothing.

He looked at me for a moment and then turned his head to speak to Caius and in that second, when no one was looking in my direction, I made my move, hoping that the element of surprise would let me get hold of the gun. Swinging my right arm, my fist smashed into Demetri's face, stunning him enough for me to yank my arm free and one step took me close enough to Paul. He was too busy leering at Bella to notice me, giving me enough time to lash out at him with my booted foot, sending him tumbling to the sand.

I'd almost forgotten about Alice and she chose that moment to let out a piercing scream. Jacob turned just as I was about to launch myself at him and swiftly brought my gun up. In slow motion, it swung toward my head. Already off balance from kicking Paul, my body had nowhere to go. An excruciating pain bloomed from my temple across my head, and with the last of my senses disappearing, I heard Bella's horrified scream before I succumbed to the creeping darkness.