Disclaimer: This is my first seriously written story. To this point I was just roughly making ones while working to keep my mind busy.I dunno how English native people write their stories, but I'll base my on how books are written in Poland.My character is basicly my alterego. She's absolute opposite to what I am. From start that I'm a guy and she's a woman. To that she's super strong while I merely tap to strong while fully berserk...I'm more informed of Dragonball Universe than Star Wars universe, so if something doesn't fit the SW cannon (now Legend Cannon) then tell me. I'll try to correct it without making Dragonball-like plot-holes.As for my character. Consider she wasn't part of DB, DBZ nor DBS but was trained at least a bit my main characters (you can refer to Xenoverse games for her training, I haven't played those so I'm making a wild guesses there too). She has access to SSJs, maybe to SSJ4 and godly forms (she's going to be OP without them anyway). I'll see how her usage of forms will be usefull in story.I'm planning on keeping the SW story similar to original 'till the SW3. Anakin won't go full evil cyborg here.Chap 1.

Like many planets supporting life, this one was greenish and cloudy. Reminding Naboo. Which wasn't really that far, considering time it was needed to discover the planet.

Master Dooku was looking through the window at the planet they were approaching when through doors entered another person. While his hair was short, except the one strand of hair reaching his chest, the newcomer certainly wasn't youngest one.

The doors closed as silently as they oppened when Qui-Gon stood next to his Jedi master. He took the same pose as his master. Legs slightly spread, ready to ship shake a bit on turbulances of entering the atmosphere of the planet, hands hidden in robes that looked like too big for wearer, with fingers going around palm of other hand and concerned look on face.

- I feel troubled we didn't at least sensed this planet before. - Qui-Gon spoke up

Doku stood next to him, without making even slight move. Like he didn't hear his padawan.

- The Force always says the truth, we don't understand it too well most of the times... - Jedi master said.

Young Jedi looked confused at his master. The answer wasn't really the one that should come up after this question. His master certainly said his thought out loud unaware of doing so.

Dooku looked at Qui-Gon. His eyes focused on eyes on younger human after mere second of checking his padawan from toes to head.

- I see you slept well. - Dooku said - Did the disturbace in Force woke you?

Dooku was aware that Jin set his alarm to wake him mere minutes before landing. Young Jedi had impressive tendency to get ready in few minutes after refreshing sleep without loosing any degree of his skills or connection with the Force.

- I did. - padawan replied - I can feel really strong presense on the planet. How we never sensed that before?

- You think someone tried to hide this system from our senses on pourpose? - master asked

- I feel it's very unlikely. - Qui-Gon said - It's more like it all appeared out of nowhere. Don't you think, master?

- Hmm. - Jedi replied reconsidering the thought.

When ship landed, next to it stood two humanoids covered in very dark blue robes. Somewhat reflecting the clothes of newcomers that just left the ship.

Faces of welcoming commity were covered in shadow, but not completely so the Jedi saw the two were women.

The calmnest of two women reminded the Jedi themselfs.

- Welcome on Sayia. - one of woman spoke when Jedi came close - Please, follow us to the palace. The queen is expecting you.

The woman sitting on the throne seemed to be a super realistic statue. Not even breath was suggesting that was a living beeing. Only the tail belonging to the person said otherwise. Like it couldn't hold the calmness of owner or was a way to went the anticipation of meeting.

Her black eyes were looking ahead, but weren't really focused on anything. She didn't need her eyesight right now. Other senses were telling her what she wanted to know.

Her red hair was reflecting the rainbow colors of sunlight that was going through colorful wi dows of the throne room.

Her unique hair color was both her trade mark and point of pride. Sayians almost never had any other color of hair than pure black. Her red hair was pointing her belongence to royal family of Sayians before Great Split.

She felt the two newcomers getting closer to her, following one of her trainees/servans.

While she was the only Sayian on this planet she had her own small order which contained only women. They're trained in arts of Ki usage and fighting by Queen Toma, but their own knowledge about control over body was included into training. Generally the Bene Sayiadins were peanacle of human abilities. Better than their Queen in understanding people and in remaining calm and calculating, but lacking her durability amd connection to the Power.

The two Jedi entered another room following the woman that welcomed them on arrival.

The time they spent walking the corridors of the palace seemed to both proove their spirit and to test their patience.

Master Jedi was pleased that his student was calm and rolling along the situation. He defenitely was ready for trails.

The room they entered wasn't the biggest throne room they've seen, but certainly best built to make everyone focus on housepower of this planet. The Queen.

They stopped 10 steps from first steps of stairs towarda the throne, their quide bowed to the Queen and left the room through the door that looked like part of wall as long they're closed.

The Queen rised gracefully from her throne looking downwards in noble way.

Young Jedi mistaken in his breathing procedure when queen of Sayia stood up and flee downwards to them. The Force didn't suggest she used it to do that, only that she was really strong being. Her clothes were rather revealing, showing her fit body that had few gracefull scars. Yet it wasn't something that could be considered clothes of woman that offers her body for money. It oozed with feel of not restricting the movement and showing that wearer is stronger than looks to be.

"Interesting" - Dooku thought. He seen plenty in his life, but he never seen someone wearing so obviously pointing all positives of wearer. Both in physical way and pure power.

- We're happy to meet you in person, Your Highness - Dooku said bending in respectful bow, seeing with corner of his eye that his Padawan was doing the same - We're representing the Republic and the Jedi Order that is part of it.

- Likewise master Dooku. - she responded, when seeing suprised look on faces of Jedi she added - Yes, I know who you are. As the Queen I pay close attention for everything that might be a danger to my people.

She didn't said she learned his name by being close enough to read his most surfaced thoughts. Neither she said that while she could read in his head, more or less, she allowed him privacy, only keeping barely focused sense looking for thoughts of physical offense from him or his appreatince.

- We're glad you know who we are. - Dooku said, after splitsecond of suprise that he felt on her words - We're offering some knowledge about our civilosation and proposition of joining the Republic.

- Very well. I'm happy to learn about this Republic you're talking about and sharing our history.

She stood up getting closer to the Jedi. In that distance it was easy to notice that she was almost as tall as Dooku. Toma pointed towards the big doors to the side of throne room.

- Shall we take a walk through gardens and city while sharing our stories? - she asked.

Qui-Gon noticed the swirl in the Force as she moved around. Her presense was suprisingly strong in it. Yet noticable stronger when she came closer, like she's hidding her power.

Dooku also noticed that, but unlike his Padawan, who was trying to feel out her potential, master was trying to sense her alligance to one of the Sides of the Force. She certainly wasn't evil, but he could tell that she often used Dark Side. More than he felt comfortable with.

The Jedi followed the Queen who opened the doors with slight move of the hand, using the Force.

The gardens were colorful, loud of sounds made by small fauna. Air was clean of smells of the city nearby, filled with subtle aromas of flowers.

- I see you appritiate the beauty of nature, your Majesty. - Qui-Gon said looking around

- Indeed I do. - she replied looking at the young Jedi, before focusing on older one - Is something wrong?

Dooku who was apparently looking for something in the garden turned his head towards the woman.

- I don't see anyone tending the garden. - he said. - Yet I sense like someone is there.

- Oh? - smirk appeared on her face - You can sense life energy, hm?

- Yes, Queen Toma. We Jedi, are experienced in understanding the Force.

Qui-Gon realized something that Dooku also noticed seconds before him. The garden was radiating with the same energy as the Queen.

"Does she use some kind of plants to gain access to the Force?" - Qui-Gon thought.

- I see. - she said and lifted her arms pointing towards deeper parts of garden - I rarely leave my garden under someones else care. Tending the garden helps me calm down.

- But why it feels... Alive, your Majesty? - Qui-Gon asked, having hard time finding good word - Can you feel that too?

- Of course. I'm channeling some of my energy to those plants to help them grow. Some of flowers you see here are really useful for our medicine. But the same flowers with my esence are extremely useful. When used by healer, a wounded person can return from the brink of death back to full health in few days. - Toma answered, grabing one of the flowers in her hand. It noticably opened upon touch - So when you said you feel someone, you felt basicly me, master Dooku.

- Interesting - Dooku muttered

They left the gardens talking about culture of the people who lived in city they're entering.

Author -So what do think of this opening? I made very basic "plan" for the rest of story, but I could refine the details in work if it's interesting enough. Plus I want to know how many mistakes I made already. ;)