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Hey! Thanks for first review man! :D

To be fair I understand why you think it needs work. I don't refine them from the version I writing on the go so I'm aware it's gonna lack in some places resulting in situations like me writing more Jedi Archive chapters if necesaary. Perhaps after the whole thing is done I'll revision it. As for Force and Ki relation, I'm planning to explain how they're related in the story. Toma certainly is Universal level if she would go full power, so to make up to that the Force users will need some buff to keep it interesting. But I don't want Toma be like the one who does everything.

And yes, inhabitants of Sayia do poses some degree of Ki control. The Queen... Maids? Trainees? I dunno how to call them. : They posses higher energy control which I'm planing on to use in story. But enough with spoilers.

pus in boots

Perhaps because they're scared of something new with such magnitude of power. Or because Dark Side is clouding the Force and their actions slowly become irrational, except few much wiser ones?

This is a placeholder atm. I'm considering writing whole stories with everything included in books with changes due crossover. Or roll with basic story for Jedi focusing a little more whenever something different than originally happens and go more with Toma's life in the Republic.

If I'll go with the first version I'd have to get my copy of SW1 book out of the mess I have in room.