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Warnings:. . . . Seifer X Squall X Zell . . . The POV changes every chapter, but I'll warn you before you read... no need to panic. ^_^

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-One (Distraction)-

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What the hell is wrong with me?

I am definitely not the most studious person in the world, or at Balamb Garden for that matter, but I do believe I have some brains. It's almost like my I. Q. is dropping rapidly and wants to leave without me. I was always the smartest person in class, that is, behind Squall Leonhart. He was always at least one fucking point higher than me when we were in grade school. But even so, I had never made a bad grade in my life until recently.

Part of my half failing this class was definitely because of my long nights out on the town. I'd go out and get drunk while I was supposed to be cooped up in my dorm room studying for a test or a quiz. Sometimes being known as a real page turner got boring. I found that I liked it best when no one knows of me of my brain. Besides, nights on the streets definitely beat nights alone. I'd often frequent gay bars, looking for company.

That's right. Seifer Almasy's a pansy ass faggot. I like to suck cock. I have rules about my "Homo needs"; I never take it in the ass. There's AIDS lurking about to thank for that. There's no way in hell I'd ever be caught dead trying to fuck some random slut guy without a fucking condom. It doesn't matter where I go, day or night, I always carry a few. Boy pussy may come at any time. Although I do take pride in my preference at night, there was no one at Garden who knew of it. No one but Squall Leonhart.

Squall Leonhart not only knew of my sexual orientation, but he helped me find it. There were times I would just stare at him during class, not really thinking. I would admire the sexy way he walked, or the way he wore his clothes; tight in all the right places, his ass shaped and molded by his pants.

I didn't always welcome these strange feelings with open arms. At first, I thought it was a phase I was going through, but then I thought; I'm eighteen fucking years old. It's too damn late for goddamned teenage phases that only confuse the mind. I came to learn that homosexuality was not just an illusion, but was apart of who I am.

"Mr. Almasy, did you, by any chance, give one ounce of effort to pass this test?" Quistis scolded, pushing my test paper against my chest. I stared in bewilderment at the big red 'F' on the top left corner of the paper. I let my wide eyes trail over the x's that marked many of the questions.

"Umh... I'm sorry, Miss Trepe... Maybe I didn't get enough sleep that day," I said, painting a smirk over my face.

"Well, get more!" she yelled, slamming the papers on my desk in front of me, causing me to jump. I sighed heavily, leaning over my bag to get a pen and my notebook.

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A/N: The whole thing will probably be short, but I really wanted to do this. thx.