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Warnings:. . . . Seifer X Squall X Zell . . .

-Three (Secrets)-


Sitting in class was quite unconfortable that day. Though my grades at school were relatively good, I was beginning to worry that I wouldnt be able to keep paying for it, as I had been doing on my one for as long as I can remember. I took out a few loans in the beginning of this year, and I've been struggling to repay it since. After a few years, I had gotten a job at the local dance club as a waiter. On occaision, when I needed the money, I would dance a few nights for the barking crowd of men that never failed to show up. Though the money I made waiting on costumers was okay, I felt that I needed an increase in my pay. A few weeks ago I put in a request for a schedule change. I had become a permanant dancer. This way, I was certain to have all of my loans paid off by the end of the school year.

I shoved the exam I had just gotten back into my bookbag (on which I had scored a 93.6) and made my way out of the classroom. Though it was lunchtime, I decided to head up to my room to get a little bit of sleep. I had a feeling that it would be a long night again tonight. On the way to my room, I heard shouts and obscenities down the hall. I had only assumed that it was a few underclassmen being rowdy as ever, although when I turned a corner, I caught a glimpse of Zell's little muscluar body pushed up against the wall, while Seifer assaulted him. I tried to keep my eyes locked on the floor, but I couldnt help but look up as Zell grunted roughly. As a passd by, Zell caught my eyes and I tore my eyes away from his and sped up to my room.

I couldnt help but frown in digust (or was it envy) as I entered my room. I went around to every window in the place and carefully drew the curtains closed to blocked out the bright light of midday. I removed my clothes and climbed into bed, savoring how the cool sheets felt on my legs. I reached over and set my alarm. Rolling over onto my back, I rested my hands behind my head as I stared at ceiling. I thought back to the scene I had witnessed just minutes earlier. I thought about how open the two were being and neither of them seemed to care. I wondered what I must've looked like staring at them, or what Zell caught in my eyes. I could see the fine lines of an erection in each of their pants, and if that werent embarressing enough, I could almost swear that I felt my stomach drop, almost in a fit of jealousy.

I had a thing for Seifer...

As far as I knew, I was the only person who knew he was gay, but from what I witnessed today, I realized that I wasnt to only one. I found out a few months ago, when I had to borrow a few supplies from him for a project I needed to complete. I knocked on his door for a good five minutes before I finally just walked in. I figured he was asleep, but as soon as I eased the door open, I saw that that was definately not the case. He didnt answer the door because he wasnt able to hear my knocks over his own loud noises. I saw that he was slouched over a dirty magazine with his hand in his pants. I could only assume that he was masturbating. I was too shocked to move. He looked up at me with wide surprised eyes and quickly attempted to hide what he was looking at. It was then that I noticed the naked man on the cover. I hadnt even said a word. I just slowly turned and walked right back to my room.

I turned my body over and snuggled down into my pillow. I could feel myself drifting off to sleep when I closed my eyes.

It was hours later before the screeching alarm clock pulled me from sleep. I looked over and focused my eyes on the little red numbers.


I had about 45 minutes to get ready for work. I got up to have a shower and about half an hour later, I was walking out of my dorm room, a duffle bag over my left shoulder. I made my way out of the building, hugging my jacket close to my body. A while later, I was stepping into The Sunset, the club that I danced at. I made my way straight to the back where my boss was waiting for me.

"Hey sweetness," he said, kissing my cheek. "You're 20 minutes early."

"Yea, I know, but I figured I'd do better by getting here early," I said, removing my jacket, revealing a tight fitting hot pink tank and black leather pants. I reached into my bag, and pulled out a pair of lime green platform boots.

"Well alright," my boss sighed, looking at me while I slipped my shoes on. "You're on in about 10 minutes."

"Great," I stated as I got up to go to my dressing room to do my make-up. That night at the club was just as rowdy and wild as any other night. The men were touchy and drunk, but they all knew not to get too close. I danced a few times, in various costumes. I had to perform three private dances. That usually pulled in the most money, because most of these guys found it absolutely necessary to jack off while I danced. By the end of the night, I had made about 700 dollars in tips.

I glanced at my watch as I finshed packing my bag. The club was just closing at 3:15, more than an hour past its usual closing time. I lifted my bag with my left hand after I threw my jacket on.

Making my way to the entrance, I shouted to my boss over my shoulder, "I'll see you tommorrow night, Tim."

I heard a faint goodbye as I walked down the front steps onto the street. Within 15 minutes I was back at the Garden. I looked down the hallways to make sure they were empty, as I always did. On the way to my room, I passed Seifer's room and the opening door caught my attention. I was there long enough to see Zell sneaking out of Seifer's room across the hall to his own room. I frowned when i noticed he was dressed only in his boxers.

And then I turned the corner and continued on to my room.

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