"Layton Mystery Journey: El Château Misterioso" - I

レイトンミステリージャーニー:神秘的な大邸宅ー - I

T'was the morning of the first day of Summer and Ernest Greeves was scurrying around the office of the "Layton Detective Agency" and Sherl was - obviously - just sprawled out on the chair without a care in the world. A little white later, Katrielle walked in and said:

"Good morning, Ernest"

"O-O-Oh! G-Good morning, miss!" - Ernest hastily replied while a little flustered

"Oh come on now, Pinstripes" - Sherl said in a raspy voice to Ernest- "There is no need to act all flustered"

Katrielle proceeded to walk up to Sherl and she gave him a quick pat on the head

"Good morning, Sherl!"- She said in her sweet toned voice

"Hey! I'm not just some dog!" - Sherl replied with

After that, Ernest and Katrielle just giggled and looked at each other

"So miss" - Ernest began saying - "Why are you a little later this morning than usual?" "It's not like you to be late usually~"

"Ah yes about that Ernest…" - Katrielle proceeded to say - "I received an odd letter at my house and I was spending a bit of time trying to read it and understand what was being said…"

As soon as this was said, Ernest and Sherl started slowly walking towards her with their heads tilted like confused kittens.

"What are you talking about?" - Sherl sat on the floor still quite confused

"Here, Ernest, can you read it aloud for me?" - Katrielle politely asked

"Ah yes! Of course I can, miss! Anything for you!" - Ernest enthusiastically said while smiling

After taking the letter off of Katrielle, Ernest began reading out loud with a serious expression on his face

"What happened to your father? Who knows;

But alas you must follow him, wherever he goes;

You also may be wondering why you have received this;

But then again, I am quite facetious;

And usually I'm benevolent;

But you were definitely set on getting relevant;

So you went and investigated because I'm prevalent;

Do you know what that meant?

Deep this;

You're facetious

I'll leave you speechless;

I know your secrets;

Now listen to what I say about this;

I know the whereabouts of Professor Layton, your father, no?;

All I can say is that he has orchestrated this whole mystery, he has orchestrated this entire scenario and puzzle; isn't it your duty as an investigator to check this out? Or do you want your father to be gone…forever…?"