A/N: I know…don't beat me. Sarah vs The Life Unexpected is almost over. Chuck vs The Uprising is not going to be more than 15 chapters. This, this is a story I have always wanted to do, but didn't have the guts. Today being the 6 yr anniversary of the last episode, has got my mind thinking about it again. I bounced it off of Steampunk. Chuckster for over an hour, and as usual, she said go for it. I'm going to try it, and if it's a bomb, it's a bomb. This is a short introduction, I hope you enjoy it, Ch 1, I Only Work on Macs

Buy More 2005

"Nerd Herd, Chuck Bartowski speaking. Hey, Ray, what's up. I see. I mean I can, but Harry is going to lose his mind. Wait let me get a pen and write all of this down. So, Truffaut Industries network install. What do they do? They're a security company? Don't they have their own tech guy who can help. He only works on Macs…I see. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Ray. I can't just go do an install and get none of the sale. I see. 60/40. You get the 60, and I do 100% of the work? I don't think so Ray. Ray, I went to Stanford, I'm not stupid. Getting kicked out is beside the point. Yes. That's right I want 60. You know what, you talk to Harry Tang then. I'm in the system now, I see it, pleasure doing business with you Ray." Chuck hung up and looked at the phone, satisfied.

"You could have got 70," Morgan said wondering by.

"That would just be greedy," Chuck replied, trying to find Harry. "Think I can get to Big Mike before Harry finds out?"

"Bartowski!" Big Mike yelled. "What did you do?"

"I got a sale?" Chuck replied.

"That's exactly what you did, Son," Big Mike said, slamming his fist happily on the Nerd Herd desk. "You've made me extremely happy, Son. Do you know what would make me happier?"

"What's that, Big Mike?" Chuck asked.

"To go complete that install," Big Mike said. Chuck nodded.

"You got it."

"And take Jeff with you," he said as he headed back to his office. Chuck dropped his head.

"I'll go get my can of cheese," Jeff said. Chuck stood there and nodded.

"Take your time, Jeff," Chuck said looking around and noticing how everyone had scurried away. He sighed, at least he could get out of the building for a while.

After a discussion about whether to take Jeff's van or the Nerd Herder (more of a begging on Jeff's part, and Chuck's refusal) the two found the building in Simi Valley. It was obvious they weren't open for business yet, but it didn't look like it was far from opening. Chuck opened the door, and went inside, followed by Jeff.

"Hello, we're with the Nerd Herd," Chuck yelled.

"Do you think aliens took them?" Jeff asked.

"Don't be preposterous," a thin man said coming up to them. "They would have left doppelgangers if they had."

"How do we know you're not one?" Jeff asked.

"You don't," the thin man replied. Jeff reached out, and sprayed his can of cheese on the man's head. The man looked at him, reached up, got some of the cheese, and put it in his mouth.

"Sharp," the thin man said. "I approve." He reached out with the same hand that had the cheese on it to Chuck. "Lester Patel." Chuck just nodded at him.

"Chuck Bartowski," Chuck replied. "That's Jeff, and I'm assuming you only work on Macs." Jeff shook Lester's hand and then licked the palm where some cheese had transferred. Chuck closed his eyes for a split second, trying to regain some semblance of control.

"I only work on Macs," Jeff said. Lester nodded.

"Why would we work on anything else?" Lester responded.

"Oh, I don't know, because your employer doesn't have Macs," Chuck replied.

"You could come work with me," Jeff offered. "I can get you hired." Chuck shook his head. Not because Jeff was wrong, because if Jeff told him too, Big Mike would hire him. "Do you like 80s music?"

"I love 80s music," Lester replied.

"We could be a band," Jeff said.

"Do either of you play an instrument?" Chuck asked, trying to stop the out of control freight train.

"Charles, do you hate unicorns?" Lester asked. Chuck shook his head.

"Come on," Jeff said. "Let's get you hired." The two walked out the door, got in the Nerd Herder, and left. Chuck pulled out his phone, and made a call.

"Morgan," Chuck said. "You owe me $20, he just took the Nerd Herder." Chuck laughed at his friend's response. "Listen, he's bringing someone to get a job. No, he has no business being at the Buy More. He only works on Macs. I agree, Big Mike will probably hire him on the spot. I'll call you, Buddy." Chuck hung up as he saw a lady look down the hall at him. "Hello?"

"Hi, are you with the Buy More?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm Chuck Bartowski with the Nerd Herd," he said. "I think your IT guy just quit. He and my coworker just took my car and left."

"Oh, thank God!" the woman exclaimed. She came towards him, hand outstretched. "I'm Emma. Emma Truffaut," she said. "I made such a mistake of hiring that fool. My daughter really wanted to give me grief over it, but she's been too kind."

"Gwanny," a cry came down the hall.

"Oh, could you come this way please," Emma said. "I'm watching my granddaughter until my daughter gets back."

"Dad at work?" Chuck said.

"I have no idea," Emma said. "I've never met the father."

"Oh," Chuck said. "I hope you'll forgive me, I have a terminal case of foot in mouth disease." Emma gave him a smile.

"No worries," Emma replied. "I've never met the father, and I'm not sure he knows he's the father." Chuck gave her a look, and Emma realized she had said too much. "I hope you'll keep that to yourself." Chuck nodded.

"No problem," Chuck said. Emma gave him a look.

"I feel I've told you not enough to tell you as much as I have," she said. "Apparently they met at a football game around three years ago." Chuck's eyes widen just a bit. "They had a night, the way my daughter describes him, she had no regrets, he was a nice guy, and they used protection, but as she says, 99.2%." Chuck put a finger in his shirt and stretched the collar out a little.

"A little hot in here, don't you think?" he asked. "What did you say your daughter's name was?"

"Sarah, Sarah Walker," Emma replied. Chuck took a deep breath, smiled, and then nodded.

"I suspect there are many out there that could have found themselves in similar circumstances," he said.

"Gwanny," they heard, as they saw the toddler in her crib.

"She just woke up from a nap," Emma said. Chuck looked at the little girl. The long blond hair, the crooked grin, and the stormy blue eyes…if he didn't know better…

"Did your daughter go to Harvard?" Chuck asked. Emma nodded and pointed to the wall, where her degree hung. Chuck walked over and looked at it. It said Sarah Walker, plain as day. "Well, why don't you show me what's wrong and I'll see if I can't get this straightened out."

She told him what was wrong, and Chuck got to work. A few hours later, he found himself under a table, when he felt a presence behind him, assuming it was Emma or Sarah, he decided to ask for a bit of help.

"Could you please hand me that screwdriver?" he asked.

"Okay," the small voice came, and he felt the screwdriver in his hand. He looked over and saw a smile from the little girl. He tightened a few screws, and clapped his hands.

"I think it's fixed," he said to her. He got up off the floor, sat down in a chair, and turned the computer on. She walked over to him, and started to climb up on his lap. Chuck grinned, picked her up, and sat her in his lap. She looked perfectly content.

"Molly?" Emma's voice came down the hall again.

"She's with me," Chuck said, grinning. Emma came around the corner, and she looked quite surprised. "I hope it's okay, she was climbing up me so I thought I'd save her some work."

"It's fine," Emma said, a strange catch in her voice. "Molly doesn't have a lot to do with men. In fact she usually cries when one tries to hold her." Chuck looked down at her.

"Is it okay I hold you?" Chuck asked. She nodded. Chuck began to work on the keyboard while balancing the toddler on his knee. She started to reach for the keyboard. "Don't do that, sweetie," he said gently. She pulled her hand back. "If I tell you which button to push, can you?" She nodded. Chuck clicked the mouse a few times, and then pointed at which button. Molly pushed it with glee. "You're a smart one, aren't you?"

"She should be," Emma said, giving them a strange look. "Her mother went to Harvard, her father to Stanford." Chuck nodded. "Where did you go to school, Chuck?"

"Stanford," Chuck said, grinning. "But, I never met a Sarah Walker." Emma laughed, nervously. "Although I did meet someone once at a Stanford Harvard football game.

"Small world," Emma said. She heard the front door open, and rushed out of the room. Molly looked up at Chuck.

"Is your cheek okay?" Chuck asked. Molly felt it, and looked concerned. "Can I check it?" Molly nodded. Chuck stood her up, and raspberried her cheek, and Molly shriek with laughter. Down the hall, Emma caught her daughter.

"Mom, I thought I told you to only use the Thousand Oaks, Buy More," Sarah said.

"I did, dear, but they couldn't do it, so they sent the best guy they had from the Burbank one," Emma explained. Sarah huffed.

"I'm sorry, Mom," Sarah said. "I'm overreacting."

"Why is it such a big deal?" she asked. Sarah looked at her and smiled.

"Are you sure you aren't a former spy?" Sarah asked.

"Being a parent is a bit of spycraft," Emma replied, grinning. Sarah started toward the offices.

"I hope their best is good enough," Sarah said.

"Oh, I think he is," Emma said, deciding to just see how this played out. Sarah rounded the corner, and saw the technician holding her daughter. The way he held her seemed so natural. He was tall, had brown, curly hair, and she knew immediately who he was. She stopped mid-stride.

"Oh, Sarah," Emma said softly.

"Mama!" Molly cried seeing her mother. Chuck bent to put down Molly, and she hurried to her mother. Chuck turned around to introduce himself to Sarah Walker. There was the normal Bartowski smile on his face. It fell off halfway through his turn as he saw her. Shock covered his face. He just stared at her.

"Jenny?" he asked, just above a whisper. Emma shut her eyes, and Sarah gave a sad smile.

"Hi, Chuck," she said.

"Jenny Burton?" he said again. Sarah winced, and then looked on in shock as Chuck fainted onto the floor.

"Sarah," Emma began, and couldn't finish.

"Yeah, Mom?" Sarah asked as she bent down to check on him. She found a pulse and she sat in the floor holding his head. She looked up at her mom.

"I guess you did know where he was all along," she said. Sarah gave a sad smile as she brushed him hair with her hand.

"Yeah," she admitted.

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