Usually when you've anticipated something for so long, as long as years and years, almost twenty years to be exact, life has this funny way of letting you down when the thing actually comes along, right? Like I think there's a real science to this, even if I've never come across it in any of my studies and readings. I guess you'd know more about the social psychology of expectation and excitement, but I think it's pretty safe to say that the prospect of something is usually better than the something turns out to be.

Except when it comes to marrying you. But then again, you've always been an exception Iris, so why would marrying you be any different?

Wait-that doesn't make any sense-I basically just said marrying you isn't an exception to you being an exception…

I'm starting to sound like I do when I speak out loud, and writing this was supposed to help me NOT sound like that during our wedding ceremony, so let me just try to say what I mean again: almost two decades of waiting for this moment (most of those years spent wondering if this was ever even going to happen), for the day I would actually be writing my wedding vows to you, for the time when I'm preparing to become your husband and make official my promise to love you as long as my heart is beating (and maybe even after that-who knows what's possible anymore after everything these last four years have shown), all that time hasn't diminished the happiness or thrill I'm feeling right now.

In fact, I would say the wait has heightened them, because what's better than the anticipation of the best thing in the world? Finally getting the best thing in the world, and Iris, the wait has been worth it and even more.

I haven't been putting this off-writing my vows I mean. I'm aware that our wedding is next week, and I know you would forgive me anyway if I HAD been procrastinating this, because I have so much on my plate compared to the average person, and because you're the most understanding person the multiverse has probably ever known, but I think I would have wanted you to scold me anyway if I had delayed this, because this is just as important as my work as a CSI, or my quests as The Flash. In fact, I'd say it's even more important.

From now on, being your husband is my biggest priority, responsibility, and privilege, and all that starts with my vows to you, with the care and effort I put into crafting them. So please believe me when I say I haven't been putting off writing them, because I've been thinking about them ever since I knew I wanted to marry you, and that was years and years ago. More accurately, I've been putting off materializing them in some sort of concrete form, tangible like paper, making them formal, something legible that I can share with you in front of our guests, the people closest to us.

I'm guessing maybe that two-week suspension from work came at a good time then. You're the one who's always teaching me how to see the bright side of things, how to handle strife and make the most of it, how to take advantage of a negative situation, so maybe this was fate's way of telling me to slow down-to just focus on you and reflect on what marrying you is going to mean.