"Talking" and 'thinking'

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Chapter 1 The Dream

A 10-year-old Videl was walking home from school. It was a warm spring day and Videl couldn't wait to get home so she could have some of her moms great cooking. Videl sped up her walking a bit so she could get home faster and see her family. All of a sudden it started to get very dark. Not the night time dark but very dark for the daytime. She didn't know why but she started to make a mad dash for her house. When she arrived she expected to smell her mothers delicious cooking. She didn't expect to see her dad because he was at work. She called out to her mother once and then again. It seemed oddly strange that it was dark inside. She didn't know why but she felt some force pulling her to her room. She looked around her room and everything seemed fine, but then she saw her toy box. She went to her toy box and saw a thick red liquid dripping on her carpet; the trail of this red substance was coming from inside her toy box. She gathered up all her courage and opened the toy box. There in all her glory was Videl's mother lying in a pool of her own blood on top of all her favourite toys.

Videl woke up screaming. Once she gathered her wits together she realized that she was in her room. She also realizes that she had broken out in a cold sweat.

"It was just a dream." She told her self and tried to steady her breathing. "Mom wasn't murdered, she died naturally.didn't she?

' Even if she was murdered who would do that to her? The only one who could of possible been home who had a key to the house was my dad, but he would never' She caught herself in that thought as she remembered the beating she had received not more then a couple hours ago.

She decided that she would try sleep for another few hours, but anytime she closed her eyes pictures of her mother laying in her old toy box would flash each one more gruesome then the last.

'Well I'm not going to get any more sleep so I might as well clean up from dads last beating' Videl said to herself.

Videl went into her bathroom turned her shower on as hot as it would go. She striped out of her pj's and stepped into the shower. She let out a sigh then winced when the hot water hit her open wounds. Then she started thinking, 'he's never left a mark on me that I couldn't cover up with pants or a long shirt, how can anyone miss this black mark on my face? I guess I could just tell them it was in my line of work, yeah that'll work, but I don't think it will work on Gohan. He's so protective, you'd think we were dating or something! ~*Sigh*~ I wish!' "Get a gripe Videl, someone like Gohan will never like you as more then a friend, he will never go out with someone like me. So stop fucking wishing it!" she scolded her self.

After a long shower she felt a little better because she had cleaned up her cuts. She wrapped her hair in a towel then wrapped her small figure up in a fluffy white towel. She walked out of her bathroom and made sure her bedroom door was locked. She went to her drawer and got out some jeans and a black turtleneck. She brushed her hair and left it down to cover up a little bit of her bruise. She gathered up her things for school and walked down stairs. She walked into a kitchen grabbed a bagel that the cook had already prepared for her. She put on her coat, because it was in the middle of December and, took off for school. She walked outside and was met with a cold blast of winter. The strong wind froze videl head to toe. As she was walking it started to snow lightly. "This is gonna be a long day, I can tell right now!"
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