Giles has found it, the spell that would help to restore the soul of a vampire was now in his hands, the only problem was he only had two orbs of thesula to do the ritual and he had to work quickly. He knew that only the two vampires that were closer to his apartment at the moment of the ritual would have their souls restored, very few but at least the white hats would have new allies. He just hoped whoever vampire was close would be a very powerful one and not just a simple minion. "Nothing of this would have happened if the slayer had come to Sunnydale" he thought while he was preparing the ingredients. What he didn't know, was the fact that this spell was different from the gypsy curse that gave Angel his soul back. Not only it would give their souls back, but it would also transform whoever had the spell cast upon into a different kind of vampire

two dark figures were running in a deserted street, one looked to be a teenage girl with long red hear and dressed completely in black leather, the other looked slightly older and wore an old fashioned dress and had black raven hair. "Miss Edith says that food just went around the corner" said Drusila while an evil smile was forming in her red lips, "At least, it's been harder to find mortals these days walking by themselves at night" said willow to the mad vampire while thinking "I can't stand her, why does the master needs her? I just wish I could play with her as I did with puppy before he escaped".

The young couple they had been chasing made a mistake entering this street, it was a dead end and they had no route of escape. Willow and Drusila approached them smiling and with their game faces "Well well, what have we here?" said Willow with a smile, she was a little bored because they hadn't screamed during the chase, and she really liked them screaming. As both girls approached the terrified couple, they both felt a terrible pain and a strange light appeared in their eyes. Bending down with pain, they both gasped for a moment closing their eyes.

After a while they opened their eyes and confusion was written in their faces "Where am I??? Mommy, Daddy?" was the first thing Drusila said. "What happened to me??? Where am I?" said willow. Drusila looked at the red haired girl next to her but she just looked as confuse as she was, then she stared at the couple in front of her. She tried to approach them and ask them where she was, but stopped when she saw the look of horror they had. "What is the matter with them?, they look as if I was going to hurt them". Willow also tried to get closer and ask them if they knew where she was, but stopped when she got the same reaction "They are trembling, why are they so scared?".

At that moment, the memories came back to both of them, they just gasped and fell to the ground as images of the horrible acts they committed filled their minds. The young couple looked at them with wide eyes and then they ran away. "God, No it can't be" sobbed Willow "This is a nightmare". Drusila wasn't saying anything, she just cried hard for all the lives she has taken over the last century.

Through eyes filled with tears willow looked at Drusila and said "What do we do now?" she was again her old self, a shy innocent girl but now in the body of a vampire. Drusila felt more at loss than her, an innocent 19 century girl with strong religious beliefs now trapped in this body. "I Don't know who you are, however I have these memories of you, you were the lieutenant of the master." Asked Drusila. "Yes I was, and you came to Sunnydale with that vampire named Spike". Drusila said "William??? Yes I did, but I don't really know him, the demon did" Willow finally said after calming down a bit "We need help, we can't go back to the others" Drusila just shivered at that thought, "But where can we go??, Willow thought for a moment and said, "let's just walk for a moment and we will figure out something."

Oz and Larry were in trouble. They fallowed a vampire thinking that he was an easy kill, when in fact he leaded them into a trap. "What do we do now?" asked a very frightened Larry to Oz, while looking at the 10 vampires around them. "I don't know" said Oz while taking a stake in his hands, "But if I die, then I will do it fighting not begging".

As the vampires were about to attack them, they all heard a voice saying "Leave them alone". Vampire and white hats, all turned their faces to where the voice was coming from. "Oh, God, I have seen her before" said Larry looking at Willow with wide eyes, "Now we are going to die horrible. She is one of the closest vampires to the master, and I know she is very cruel". Oz looked at the other Girl and said "That's one of the new vampires in town, I heard her name is Drusila and I know she is one of the most powerful vampires in the world".

One of the leading vampires approached both girls and said "Well, Well, what do we have here, The master's whore and the mad witch." He laughed "these mortals will be ours not yours, remember that I'm the second in command after the master and I'm older than both of you. Perhaps I will teach you both a lesson" he said and raised a hand to slap them, but before he could do anything, Willow took out a stake and drove it through his heart so fast, that not even the other vampires saw her movements.

The other 9 vampires attacked both Willow and Drusila when they saw their comrade killed, but they were all dispatched in less than 10 seconds to the surprise of both Larry and Oz. "I didn't see their movements" said Oz to Larry. "Oh God, what are they going to do with us. As both girls finished the last of the vampires, they turned to face the white hats and the expression in their faces surprised them. They both looked as if they have been crying and there was also sorrow and guilt.

"What are they up to?" said Larry to Oz. "Maybe this is one of their games before they kill us. I heard Willow loves to play with her victims" Oz didn't say anything, but he noticed how she started shaking and tears were flowing freely in Willow's face after Larry said those things. "I don't know, They just look different, and not only in their attitude. Have you noticed that they don't have game faces but their fangs are still long and their eyes are not yellow, but glowing with their natural color.

Vampires and white hats stared at each other, then Drusila tried to get closer to them but they just backed away in fright. Drusila looked hurt and said. "Please, we are not going to hurt you,