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01 Air: Don gasped as he broke the surface and tried to get his baring; he saw lights in the distance just before something (or someone?) grasped his ankle and pulled him back under.

02 Apples: Alan threw a dishcloth at Don, "If you two don't stop eating all the filling, I'm eating what's left of the pie myself."

03 Beginning: Don didn't really get Charlie when they started working together, and while five years later he couldn't safely say that he did now all the time either, this was much better than the alternative.

04 Bugs: Don really did need to stop telling Charlie there were bugs in his hair all the time when they were camping- Charlie never believed him when he was telling the truth.

05 Coffee: When the first thing Don did upon waking up was ask for coffee, Alan gave a shaky laugh and knew he would be fine.

A/N: This is a challenge I found probably on LiveJournal a very long time ago, and it's been sitting in my documents… uh, just as long. Possibly before the series ended? But my goal this year is to do something will all the half-finished fic I've been sitting on, so here goes! Xposted to A03, posting in sets of five once a week to give myself time (and incentive) to actually finish. I'm up to 25 at this point, so it's actually looking pretty good!